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  • Curriculum Integration in Contemporary Teaching Practice
    Rina Bousalis / Susannah Brown
    Teaching and learning practices that are interconnected and value all subject areas benefit K-12 students by supporting creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration. Curriculum Integration in Contemporary Teaching Practice: Emerging Research and Opportunities is an essential scholarly resource that presents detailed information on the benefits and implementat...

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  • Teaching Without Testing
    Denny Taylor
    Teaching without Testing: Assessing the Complexity of Children’s Literacy Learning by Denny Taylor is the second book in Garn Press Women Scholars Series.  This book revisits Taylor’s seminal and influential work based on her Biographic Literacy Profiles Project. Teaching without Testing: Assessing the Complexity of Children’s Literacy Learning is a timely book that challenges ...

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  • First, Do No Harm
    Steve Nelson
    First Do No Harm: Progressive Education in a Time of Existential Risk develops a comprehensive argument for the importance of progressive education in light of the world’s increasingly severe challenges.  Current educational practices, particularly in the United States, instill conformity and compliance at a time when authority must be challenged, skepticism must thrive and our...

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  • Optimizing K-12 Education through Online and Blended Learning
    The integration of information and communication technologies in education is unavoidable, as an increasing percentage of educators embrace modern technology, others are faced with the decision to reevaluate their own pedagogical practices or become obsolete. To meet the needs of students, one must first define what stipulates a successful K-12 student, the best practices of on...

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  • Doggie Investigation Gang, (DIG)
    Kara Lynch / Shara Puglisi Katsos
    All proceeds from this book will be donated to PAWS New England, All Breed Dog Rescue. This book is an elementary school teacher's learning manual for the endearing book titled Doggie Investigation Gang, (DIG): The Case of the Missing Canine (ISBN: 978-1-4951-3677-1). The learning guide is meant to compliment a young reader’s experience as they navigate their way through th...

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  • Venetian Mask Coloring Book
    Julie Little
    Venetian Mask Coloring Book is a great book for kids and adults alike. So get out your colored pencils or crayons, and color them in using your creative imagination. ...

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  • Alphabet Olympics
    Michelle Stacey Sjodin
    Mastering the alphabet has never been so much fun! Bring your favorite young reader along for the ride as the Alphabet Olympics gets underway. From Baseball Batting Badgers and Kickball Kangaroos to Ping Pong Playing Pumas and Zip-Lining Zebras, children learn to master the sounds of early reading with easy-to-remember mascots and fun rhymes that serve as memorable building blo...

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  • Creating Home Economics Futures
    Kaija Turkki
    In 2012, the World Congress of the International Federation of Home Economics (IFHE), first established over 100 years ago, was hosted by Home Economics Victoria in Melbourne, Australia. As the profession commences its second century of influence, this collection of works presented at the Congress provides a platform for outlining what the future of Home Economics might look li...

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  • Simulation and Gaming for Mathematical Education
    Angela Piu / Cesare Fregola
    Technologic and virtual development is growing, creating an environment of online gaming that can be used as an effective and motivational instrument for math didactics in education. Simulation and Gaming for Mathematical Education: Epistemology and Teaching Strategies provides leading research on ways for various learning environments to be created referring to math didactics ...

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  • The Magic Flyswatter
    Aaron Shepard
    The storyteller stands beside the fire, swaying, dancing, miming, singing, reciting. With one hand he shakes a gourd rattle, with the other he swings a conga -- a flyswatter made with a buffalo tail on a wooden handle. Anklet bells tinkle as he moves. Three young men beat a wooden drum with sticks.  Listening to him is a crowd of men, women, and children. They sing along at a s...

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  • Fine Motor ABC
    Stacie Erfle OTR / L
    Bulk pricing available. Contact Stacie at for more information. 'I recommend Fine Motor ABC for all of my students. It's a valuable tool for kids with typical development and for those with delayed motor skills.' ~ Melissa Whitten, Preschool Teacher Build skills one page at a time with Fine Motor ABC; 26 targeted activities designed for children a...

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  • Livre De Coloriage Des Dragons Pour Les Enfants
    Neil Masters
    Produits de l'imagination, ces dragons sont là pour garder votre enfant occupé tandis que maman est en travail. Colorer ces créatures étonnantes formera votre enfant à penser au-delà des frontières. Il est une activité qui enseigne des compétences indispensables dans la vie comme la patience, la relaxation, la concentration et la confiance. Il fournit également une opportun...

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  • Easter Coloring Book for Kids (Kids Colouring Books
    Neil Masters
    It's Easter, and what great fun it is to hunt those decorated eggs in bushes and in trees! But before all that action, you should set the mood first. This coloring book will serve as an excellent introduction to what Easter is all about, and what is expected of your child during the occasion. Coloring is highly effective in understanding concepts and acquiring new knowledge...

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  • TABE Skill Practice!
    Complete Test Preparation Inc.
    Two sets of TABE practice test questions, prepared by a dedicated team of experts!    Includes FREE ebook version!  Suitable for iPad, iPhone, any tablet or smart phone.   Practice Test Questions for:  Reading Mathematics (Computational and Applied) English & Language Usage Geometry Algebra Practice Tests are a great way to study and prepare for a test!    Practice ...

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  • Higher Lessons in English
    Brainerd Kellogg
    The plan of 'Higher Lessons' will perhaps be better understood if we first speak of two classes of text-books with which this work is brought into competition. Method of One Class of Text-books  In one class are those that aim chiefly to present a course of technical grammar in the order of Orthography, Etymology, Syntax, and Prosody. These books give large space to grammatical...

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  • Global Perspectives on Value Education in Primary School
    Aytekin Demircioğlu
    Global Perspectives on Value Education in Primary School is a comprehensive book edited by a renowned philosophy scholar from Kastamonu University Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. In this book, readers will find a comprehensive account of how value education can be effectively delivered in primary schools worldwide. It presents an extensive collection of case studies ...

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  • Global Perspectives on Value Education in Primary School
    Aytekin Demircioğlu
    Global Perspectives on Value Education in Primary School is a comprehensive book edited by a renowned philosophy scholar from Kastamonu University Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. In this book, readers will find a comprehensive account of how value education can be effectively delivered in primary schools worldwide. It presents an extensive collection of case studies ...

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  • A drámajátékok fejlesztő hatása az idegennyelvi beszédkészségre
    Seresné Horváth Cecília
    Amikor a gyerekek elkezdik a gimnáziumi tanulmányaikat már nem igazán gyerekek, de még nem is felnőttek. Nehéz ez az időszak, 14-18 éves koruk között még keresik helyüket a világban, próbálják saját magukat is megismerni, kiismerni, hiszen napról napra változnak és ezt nehéz kezelni nekik is és a pedagógusoknak is. Ilyenkor érzem, hogy nekünk pedagógusoknak kellene valahogy seg...

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  • Ben the Unpopular Mosquito
    CP Clark
    Ben’s unpopular this we know.He’s a pesky mosquito. All he wants is a friend. To be with him through thick and thin. It’s not as simple as it sounds. BEN the Unpopular 'Mosquito' is lonely, and he has no friends. Until one day, he goes on a friend seeking adventure. His adventure leads him into hazardous and dangerous territories. He has to run for his life, from unsavory creat...

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  • The Art Of Writing and Speaking English
    Sherwin Cody
    The way we talk, and write letters, largely determines our success in life.Now it is well for us to face at once the counter-statement that the most ignorant and uncultivated men often succeed best in business, and that misspelled, ungrammatical advertisements have brought in millions of dollars.As far as spelling is concerned, we know that some of the masters of literature hav...

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  • Neiron Is Just Like Me
    Natalie Ball
    Neiron Is Just Like Me is a journey through the life of an orphan who was raised by an untraditional family. Neiron is an athlete who goes on to graduate from college and obtain his dream of becoming a professional football player. Plagued by a serious health issue, AVM, Neiron overcomes this obstacle and reaches his goals. This book is an encouraging story for all kids who are...

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  • Boshlang’ich sinflarda so’z turkumlarini o’rgatishda smart ta’lim texnologiyalari
    Ergasheva Mehriniso
    This book describes the ways of organizing and effectively teaching vocabulary in primary education at Uzbekistan, in particular, latest and Smart educational technologies.Building a decent life for every person and every family living in Uzbekistan, relying on the power, potential, and intelligence of the people and to restore their dignity, pride, culture and traditions, reli...

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  • Our Sunburnt Country
    Arthur J Baillie / Molly G Johnson
    First published in 1964 this book was written by a young schoolteacher. It was a bestseller. It was updated and republished in 2013 by the original author who was still a passionate researcher of Australian history. Our Sunburnt Country tells the story of Australia’s heritage. It includes Aboriginal settlement, Dreamtime stories, European explorers, the First Fleet’s arrival, t...

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  • 13+ Comprehension
    Accolade Press / R. P. Davis
    Looking for a definitive guide for the Merchant Taylors’ School 13+ entrance exams? Accolade Press has crafted a resource specifically tailored to help your child ace the Merchant Taylors’ School Assessment.This volume includes four comprehension papers mirroring Merchant Taylors’ School’s unique exam style. With our book, your child will gain a comprehensive understanding of t...

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  • Get Ready For Kindergarten
    Daniela Nazario / OTR-L Daniela Nazario
    This school readiness activity book can be a wonderful way to help young children prepare for their journey into formal education. The activities in the book focus on developing various skills such as fine motor skills, hand-eye-coordination, cognitive abilities, and visual skills. Included are fun pages where children can find and circle or color objects that start with each ...

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  • Sequencing the Primary Curriculum
    Emma Lennard / Seamus Gibbons

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  • Sequencing the Primary Curriculum
    Emma Lennard / Seamus Gibbons

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  • Guide To The Kindergarten And Intermediate Class
    Elizabeth Palmer Peabody
    This study has more and more confirmed the conviction I derived from reading Froebel’s 'Essay on the Education of the Human Race;' viz., that no greater benefit could be conferred on our country, than the far and wide spread of Kindergartens, as an underpinning, so to say, of our noble public?school system, giving adequate moral foundation, thoroughness, and practicality to the...

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  • Master the ACT
    J K Arora
    Welcome to "The Complete ACT Prep Guide: 2023-2024 Edition." This book is designed to be your comprehensive companion in preparing for the ACT exam during the academic year 2023-2024. Whether you are a high school student aiming for top universities or an adult seeking to improve your test scores for college admissions, this guide is crafted to help you succeed. The ACT (Americ...

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  • Muslim Schools in India
    Abdul Rahman Qureshi
    In his book 'Muslim Schools in India: Successes and Dropouts,' renowned author Abdul Rahman Qureshi provides a window into the intricate and crucial environment of Muslim education in India. Qureshi carefully examines the triumphs and difficulties faced by Muslim schools, illuminating the path of both the children who succeed and those who encounter difficulties.This book explo...

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