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  • Immobilienfinanzierung für Eigennutzer
    Alexander Goldwein
    Kauf, Neubau und Finanzierung eines Eigenheims stellen langfristige und weitreichende Weichenstellungen dar. In diesem Ratgeber erhalten Sie umfangreiche Informationen und Checklisten für den Kauf einer gebrauchten Immobilie sowie für den Neubau in Eigenregie. Als Bonus ist ein Excel-Rechentool für Immobiliendarlehen verfügbar. Mit diesem Ratgeber werden Sie in der Lage sein, d...

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  • Economic and Geopolitical Perspectives of the Commonwealth of Independent States and Eurasia
    The Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) is a regional organization that formed during the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991. It has few supranational powers, but aims to be more than a purely symbolic organization, nominally possessing coordinating powers in the realm of trade, finance, lawmaking, and security. As such, it is vital to examine this region and its economic...

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  • Better Futures
    Andy Garlick
    Better Futures is not just a textbook on risk management.  It provides new perspectives to help you embed risk management into your organisation in a more natural way; the aim is to ensure you maximise your opportunity to enjoy ‘better futures’ rather than worse ones, taking account of the many aspects of uncertainty you and your organisation face.The book is based on the autho...

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  • Do We Need Managers?
    Geri Schneider Winters
    Google, Valve, W.L. Gore & Associates, The Morning Star Company, and Menlo Innovations have all experimented with more self-management, some more successfully than others. There are whole organizations dedicated to teaching company founders and executives how to create a flatter more self-managed business.Is this a feasible goal? Should companies be self-managed? Can companies ...

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  • There's No Right Way To Do The Wrong Thing
    Christopher Gilbert
    Trustworthiness is not a destination, it’s a way of life! -C. GilbertIn today’s rapidly-changing global society, do you wonder what it means to make honest decisions, and hold yourself and others accountable in your personal, professional, and family lives? Do you want to know how you can become: more authentic in your relationships more transparent in your organizations be...

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  • Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) of Civil Structures
    At the current time of writing, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) has awarded American infrastructure a grade of D+, meaning poor and at risk. Part of the reason for the low grade is due to the rapid deterioration of structural integrity and the inability of most places to safely meet future demands. Deficiencies in these areas may be remediated by advancements in ...

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  • A Comedic Guide to Money
    Colin Ryan
    Your ability to manage your money directly affects your ability to build the life you want.Reading this introductory book on personal finance will teach you the skills that have changed not only my life, but the lives of hundreds of thousands of people over the course of my career.To keep it enjoyable even to those of us who would not be interested in reading a finance book, I’...

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  • HR Interview Questions You'll Most Likely Be Asked.
    Vibrant Publishers
    225 HR Interview Questions Strategies to respond to interview questions Real life scenario-based questions 2 Aptitude Tests HR Interview Questions You'll Most Likely Be Asked is a perfect companion to stand ahead of the rest in today’s competitive job market. An Interview is the most crucial of all processes of recruitment as it concludes with either an offer letter ...

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  • It’s the Economy, Stupid
    Christos A Djonis
    Since the end of World War II, most people around the world regarded the United States as the land of opportunity. The baby boomers and Generation X knew it best as 'the land of milk and honey.' It was a place where people could easily raise a family and with hard work could achieve anything they set their mind to. The American Dream, a dream of a land where life is better, ric...

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  • The Complete Penny Stock Course
    Jamil Ben Alluch
    You can learn trading penny stocks from the masses and become part of the 90% of traders who lose money in the stock market, or you can learn from the Best. The Complete Penny Stock Course is based on Timothy Sykes’, various training programs. His strategies have helped individuals like Tim Grittani, Michael Goode and Stephen Dux become millionaires within a couple of years.Thi...

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  • Getting Started with KPIs
    Bernie Smith
    You may be in a panic over some tough business problems. Perhaps your business is expanding rapidly and it feels like the ‘wheels are about to fall off’ if you don’t get better control. Maybe you have seen KPIs used in other organisations and have a hunch that they could help you achieve your business goals.Trouble is, you don’t have any time.Getting Started with KPIs can help ...

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  • Agricultural Finance and Opportunities for Investment and Expansion
    Augustine Odinakachukwu Ejiogu / Augustine OEjiogu
    In the modern globalized economy, it is important for businesses of all sizes to take advantage of the opportunity to enter diverse markets around the world. Through an international presence, organizations can remain competitive. Agricultural Finance and Opportunities for Investment and Expansion provides emerging research on the sources and profitable uses of funds in agricul...

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  • The Toxic Boss Survival Guide Tactics for Navigating the Wilderness at Work
    Bill Adams / Craig Chappelow / Peter Ronayne
    What could you learn from a downed pilot struck behind enemy lines, a hiker lost on the Appalachian trail, or townspeople prepping for the zombie apocalypse? If you currently work for a toxic boss, the answer is A LOT. Your wilderness work calls for a strategy, and what you need in your pocket is this Guide (yes, it is pocket sized).Built on research from the Center for Creativ...

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  • Grow Fast, Grow Global
    Sarah Carroll
    Finalist in the Business Book Awards 2019Do you want more online sales? Seize the opportunity and sell to customers around the world.No business can avoid digital disruption. You either adapt, embrace it and then use it to your advantage, or you will get outpaced by a competitor that does. The time to act is now, so that you won’t get left behind.The internet has opened up the ...

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  • Corporate Life Is Hell
    Mike Caracalas
    Liberate Yourself!  The phrase Corporate Life Is Hell caught your attention because you've experienced it. You know the feelings of frustration, powerlessness, and despair working in a system that once held so much promise for you. There is a way out and it's not by abandoning the corporate world. Corporate Hell is not a place, it's an inner experience, and as such,...

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  • The Gospel of Wealth
    Andrew Carnegie
    Andrew Carnegie (1835-1919) was a Scottish immigrant to the United States. He arrived as a poor child, but—as the epitome of the 'rags to riches' story, built himself into one of the richest men in the world. As a young man, who worked as a telegraph operator, and used his wits and business acumen to parlay his job into greater investments during and after the Civil War. Those ...

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  • The New Freedom
    Woodrow Wilson
    'In 1912, Woodrow Wilson was the Democratic nominee for President of the United States. He campaigned against the Republican incumbent, William Howard Taft, and Taft’s predecessor, Theodore Roosevelt, who had split off from the Republican Party to form his own Progressive, or Bull Moose, Party. Much of the campaign focused on the US economy, particularly the candidates’ views o...

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  • The Literary Handyman
    Danielle Ackley-McPhail
    Have a Dream of Being An Author? Frustrated with Banging Your Head Against the Publishing Wall? (Let's Face It...Why Else Would You Be Reading This?) Don't Worry. You Are By No Means Alone!Success in publishing is equal parts skill, determination, knowledge, and pure, dumb luck. If you have the drive, and you have the skill, but you're missing that little bit of ins...

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  • Multi-Sided Platforms (MSPs) and Sharing Strategies in the Digital Economy
    Sergey Yablonsky
    Rapid technological advancements have the ability to positively or negatively impact corporate growth and success. Professional leaders and decision makers must consider such advancements when designing and implementing new policies in preparation for the sustainable future of the business environment. Multi-Sided Platforms (MSPs) and Sharing Strategies in the Digital Economy: ...

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  • Leadership Brand
    David Magellan Horth / Lynn B. Miller / Lynn BMiller / Portia R. Mount / Portia RMount
    Everyone has a reputation. Whether good or bad, your reputation precedes you, and can inhibit or enhance your professional goals. However, how do you actively nurture, develop, and manage how others see you? In this book, we’ll discuss how crafting a brand can give you control of how you’re perceived at work. From proven strategies from CCL experts, to practical advice you can ...

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  • Extraordinary Leadership
    Cher Holton
    This transformational leadership book, grounded in state-of-the-art research and proven by real-life application in the trenches, moves beyond traditional leadership theories to introduce you to seven incredible Core Abilities and shows you how to connect with them to become an Extraordinary Leader who can bring out the very best in your people.All the techniques in the world w...

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  • Affordable
    Tayo Odunsi
    Affordable delineates the roles of the five essential participants in delivering affordable housing: the Government, the Private Sector, Professionals, the Community, and the Individual. Each chapter describes what the particular participant needs to do, or to view differently, so that sustainable affordable housing can be achieved.  Affordable is action-oriented, with the vari...

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  • The Formula
    Jai Stone
    Are you ready to leap into entrepreneurship? Are you an entrepreneur in need of a system that works? Are you looking for tools to help you win in business without compromising your lifestyle? Award-winning brand strategist and social media superhero, Jai Stone, has gathered 11 industry game-changers to share with you their proven success strategies, providing a roadmap to succe...

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  • The Formula
    Jai Stone
    Are you ready to leap into entrepreneurship? Are you an entrepreneur in need of a system that works? Are you looking for tools to help you win in business without compromising your lifestyle? Award-winning brand strategist and social media superhero, Jai Stone, has gathered 11 industry game-changers to share with you their proven success strategies, providing a roadmap to succe...

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  • The Making of a Medical Mogul, Vol 2
    Dr. Draion Burch
    As a doctor, you are expected to never make mistakes. You have studied, trained, and devoted all of your time to your work and your patients, and you have seen extraordinary outcomes—but the constant stress, long hours, and time away from your family are starting to take a toll on your happiness, and you have lost your sense of purpose. So how do you get it back?Returning with ...

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  • China’s Change
    Hugh Peyman
     China's Change injects timely, original ideas into the world's most important, if confused, debate over how to manage the twin challenges of anaemic economic growth and accelerating global disruption. Change is the cry from the US to Europe, Asia to Australasia. The snag is the West has no playbook to help. China however, to regain control of its future, has regularly ...

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  • A Different Kind of Leader
    Janet Poot
    WHAT IS THE RELEVANCE OF LEADERS IN A WORLD IN WHICH TRADITIONAL BUSINESS MODELS ARE LOSING GROUND AND INNOVATION IS DRIVEN MORE AND MORE BY CROSS FUNCTIONAL, SELF-MANAGED TEAMS? A Different Kind of Leader provides valuable insights for leaders who wish to increase their influence and facilitate ongoing progress in a disruptive, digitalised world. Janet Poot provides practical e...

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  • From Campus to Corner Office
    Curtis L. Odom / Curtis LOdom
    Many believe that grades are all that matter for admission to graduate school or to land a good entry-level job right out of college. That thinking is dead wrong. Colleges are the first to say that you need more than a degree. As a former hiring manager and current college professor, I can confirm that prospective employees with work experience are more attractive than those wi...

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  • Developing Organizational Maturity for Effective Project Management
    Despite criticism for their serious shortcomings, maturity models are widely used within organizations. The appropriate applications of these models can lead to organizational and corporate success. Developing Organizational Maturity for Effective Project Management is a critical scholarly publication that explores the successes and failures of maturity models and how they can ...

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  • Harnessing Human Capital Analytics for Competitive Advantage
    The workforce is considered to be the lifeblood within many major corporations. The ability of management to effectively utilize the knowledge and skills of their workforce is essential in ensuring the success of their corporations. Harnessing Human Capital Analytics for Competitive Advantage is a critical scholarly publication that explores the influence that workforce knowled...

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