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    Dr. Graham McLennan / Thomas W. Rogers
     Darwin’s Replacement is a culmination of 3 decades of research including significant input from 20 PhDs, 3 MDs, 9 DScs, 3 Mathematicians, 2 MScs., and 8 Independent Researchers.  What this book reveals:    The proven essentiality of a super-intelligent force for creating and sustaining living cell-parts, cells, and entities, including us.  Our Governments and the majority of...

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  • Beneath the Scar
    Dr. Samone Brown
                                               The Inspiration for the Beneath the Scar Movie!Samantha Nicole Allen is the beautiful Mississippi debutante and daughter of one of the town's most notable preachers. Who would ever think that she would find herself entangled in a trap that has the potential to cause her to lose her confidence, beauty, and more tragically, her life?...

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  • Awe in Action
    Kevin Mr Long
    This message is concerned with approaches to pupil engagement and learning that stem from connected and relevant use of Outdoor Adventurous learning interventions. First and foremost, this collection of essays is concerned with values, specifically encouraging prosocial and humanitarian values in learning. By enabling students to find a greater connection we allow them to embra...

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  • Being Cyber Safe and Cyber Smart - Student Workbook
    Dolly Bhargava
    This  workbook is useful for primary students (Year 3 onwards). It contains lessons and activities that will help your student learn how to recognise cyber bullying on the various forms of technologies.  Some of the technologies discussed include:- Mobile phones                  -Instant messaging - Chat rooms                      - Email - Webcams                         - Soc...

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  • Project Management (PjM) ARE 5.0 Mock Exam (Architect Registration Examination)
    Gang Chen
    A Practical Guide & Mock Exam for the ARE 5.0 Project Management (PjM) Division!    NCARB launched ARE 5.0 on November 1, 2016. We always incorporate the latest information into our books. To become a licensed architect, you need to have a proper combination of education and/or experience, meet your Board of Architecture’s special requirements, and pass the ARE exams. This ...

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  • A Comedic Guide to Money
    Colin Ryan
    Your ability to manage your money directly affects your ability to build the life you want.Reading this introductory book on personal finance will teach you the skills that have changed not only my life, but the lives of hundreds of thousands of people over the course of my career.To keep it enjoyable even to those of us who would not be interested in reading a finance book, I’...

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  • ’Dignity of Labour’ for African Leaders
    Shoko Yamada
    From 1910 to the 1930s, educating Africans was a major preoccupation in the metropole and in the colonies of imperial Britain. This richly researched book untangles the discourse on education for African leaders, which involved diverse actors such as colonial officials, missionaries, European and American educationists or ideologues in Africa and diaspora. The analysis is prese...

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  • We Are Starving
    Dr. Danny McDermott / DrDanny McDermott
    There are two ways to be starving. One is to be lacking food. The other is to go without love, respect, recognition, support, and someone to care for and challenge you. When Danny McDermott came to Harriet Tubman School in Chicago as a teacher in 1994, he encountered children who were hungry for all these things. Coming from a background of teaching in privileged schools, he fe...

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  • Mary, Queen of Scots
    Jacob Abbott
    Hopefully, these books will be found, perhaps, after all, to be useful mainly in entertaining and amusing the youthful readers who may peruse them, as the writing of them has been the amusement and recreation of the author in the intervals of more serious pursuits. ...

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  • King Alfred of England
    Jacob Abbott

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  • Jonas on a Farm in Winter
    Jacob Abbott

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  • The Art of Literature
    Arthur Schopenhauer
    Collected here are eight short essays, On Authorship, On Style, On the Study of Latin, On Men of Learning, On Thinking for Ones Self, On Criticism, On Reputation, On Genius, by the world renowned philosopher Arthur Achopenhauer. ...

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  • Religion
    Arthur Schopenhauer
    Collected here are five short essays, A Dialogue, A Few Words on Pantheism, On Books and Reading, Physiognomy, and, Psychological Observations, by the world renowned philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer. ...

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  • Human Nature
    Arthur Schopenhauer
    Collected here are five short essays, Human Nature, Government, Free-will and Fatalism, Character, Moral Instinct, and, Ethical Reflections, by the world renowned philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer. ...

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    Leonel Dozza de Mendoça
    El Acompañamiento Terapéutico es un método de intervención que tiene lugar en los contextos comunitario y doméstico, lo cual impone la necesidad de conceptualizar acerca de las especificidades que conforman la estructura de su clínica. Si se compara con otras prácticas de tratamiento y rehabilitación, no sería equi¬vocado decir que el Acompañamiento Terapéutico se asienta en un...

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  • Preparing to Lead in a Crisis
    Peter Dunn
    The frequency of crises is increasing. What areas do senior leaders need to focus on to achieve the best possible outcome from the response they are leading? How do they prepare themselves? Based on over 15 years of work identifying the causes of poor responses to crises, four themes have emerged: poor planning, inadequate use of information and intelligence, ineffective resour...

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  • Be the One for Kids
    Ryan Sheehy
    One person can make a difference.That person can be you. “I want to show others that one person can make the difference in a child’s life. I want all educators, parents, coaches, and everyone in between to know they have power to Be the One for Kids.” —Ryan Sheehy If you ever feel like you’re all alone or think that no one gets you, just imagine how your students feel. Kids wan...

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  • Book Signing 101
    Rob Watts
    Are you an author? Do you have a new book that you're looking to promote to potential new fans? Have you considered venturing out into the book signing circuit? Maybe you've thought about it for a while but haven't been sure how to go about it. Perhaps you're reluctant because you don't know what to expect. Book Signing 101: An Author's Guide gives you a...

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  • All 4s and 5s
    Andrew Sharos
    Passing “the test” is only one part of this story.When Andrew Sharos began teaching Advanced Placement US History (APUSH), the school’s track record on AP exams left something to be desired. The school scores averaged a 2.7 out of 5, and only 18 percent of the APUSH students passed the exam the year before. In his first year of teaching APUSH, 92 percent of his students passed ...

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  • Promoting Ethnic Diversity and Multiculturalism in Higher Education
    This title is an IGI Global Core Reference for 2019 as it provides the timeliest research on increasing cultural diversity and multiculturalism within institutions of higher learning. Featuring comprehensive coverage on classroom diversity, this publication is an innovative reference source for educators seeking to promote multiculturalism. Promoting Ethnic Diversity and Multic...

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  • Digital Technologies and Instructional Design for Personalized Learning
    Robert Zheng
    When facilitating high-quality education, using digital technology to personalize students’ learning is a focus in the development of instruction. There is a need to unify the multifaceted directions in personalized learning by presenting a coherent and organized vision in the design of personalized learning using digital technology. Digital Technologies and Instructional Desig...

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  • Creating a New Public University and Reviving Democracy
    Davydd J Greenwood / Morten Levin
    Public universities are in crisis, waning in their role as central institutions within democratic societies. Denunciations are abundant, but analyses of the causes and proposals to re-create public universities are not. Based on extensive experience with Action Research-based organizational change in universities and private sector organizations, Levin and Greenwood analyze the...

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  • Tu tipo de personalidad - Presentador (ESFP)
    Jaroslaw Jankowski
    «Tu tipo de personalidad: Presentador (ESFP)» es un extraordinario compendio de conocimiento acerca del presentador, uno de los 16 tipos de personalidad ID16. Esta guía es parte de la serie ID16, formada por 16 libros dedicados a los diferentes tipos de personalidad. De forma exhaustiva y clara responden a las siguientes preguntas: ¿Qué piensan y sienten las personas que pert...

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  • Tu tipo de personalidad - Protector (ISFJ)
    Jaroslaw Jankowski
    «Tu tipo de personalidad: Protector (ISFJ)» es un extraordinario compendio de conocimiento acerca del protector, uno de los 16 tipos de personalidad ID16. Esta guía es parte de la serie ID16, formada por 16 libros dedicados a los diferentes tipos de personalidad. De forma exhaustiva y clara responden a las siguientes preguntas:  ¿Qué piensan y sienten las personas que pertene...

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  • Engaging Adolescent Students in Contemporary Classrooms
    Prathiba Nagabhushan
    Preparation for university study and integration into the workforce is the academic goal in the final years of secondary education. This preparedness can only be achieved through the motivation and involvement of students in secondary education programs which will lead to successful outcomes. Engaging Adolescent Students in Contemporary Classrooms: Emerging Research and Opportu...

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  • Why Write? Why Read?
    Michael Rosen
    This booklet gathers together some recent talks and blogs on writing and reading, for use by teachers, librarians, parents, or anyone interested in engaging children and students in reading, writing, analysing why and how we do both. ...

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  • Sustainability
    With "Sustainability: A Comprehensive Foundation", first and second-year college students are introduced to this expanding new field, comprehensively exploring the essential concepts from every branch of knowldege - including engineering and the applied arts, natural and social sciences, and the humanities. As sustainability is a multi-disciplinary area of study, the text is th...

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  • Enhancing Knowledge Discovery and Innovation in the Digital Era
    With the dawn of electronic databases, information technologies, and the Internet, organizations, now more than ever, have easy access to all the knowledge they need to conduct their business. However, utilizing and detecting the beneficial information can pose as a challenge. Enhancing Knowledge Discovery and Innovation in the Digital Era is a vibrant reference source on the l...

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     This pioneering text contributes to the theory and practice of teaching and learning. The purpose is to unlock how key stakeholders of the spectrum of pre-universities in Singapore make sense of "knowledge" and "knowledge work", and endeavour to determine how their understanding of "knowledge" shapes their understanding of "knowledge work" and the conditions that affect their ...

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  • Differentiated Instructional Design for Multicultural Environments
    Diane Stottlemyer
    Modern technology is creating new challenges for teachers to keep up with today’s education and advancing teaching styles. The development of a differentiated curriculum is necessary and needed particularly for a diversified group of students. Differentiated Instructional Design for Multicultural Environments: Emerging Research and Opportunities provides emerging research on mo...

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