• Teoría del Juego
    Colleen Cross / Cinta García de la Rosa
    Lo que el dinero no puede comprar, lo consigue el asesinato.Alguien está desviando fondos desde el fondo de cobertura de divisas del billonario Zachary Barron. Empeñado en procesar al ladrón con todo el peso de la ley, contrata a Katerina “Kat” Carter, la mejor contable forense en su especialidad, para seguir el rastro del dinero. Ambos se ven sorprendidos cuando lleva al padre...
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  • A New Gold Dream
    Eric Gibson
    Nine corporations have controlled everything for centuries. Then, one company finds a new planet with the ruins and remains of ancient alien species. The discovery disrupts the age-old stability of the balance of power. An unlikely hero is thrown into the free-for-all. Is she the legendary leader that the galaxy needs? Intergalactic civil war ensues as a clandestine matrilineal...
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  • The Mariology of Saint Manuel González García
    Keith Jiron
    A Dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree Doctorate of Sacred Theology with specialization in Marian Studies ...
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  • Ahead of the Shadows
    A.B. Kyazze
    When a photographer witnesses war crimes, will she have to abandon her calling to save herself? As Lena and Kojo work in conflicts in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Darfur, Sudan and other places across East and Central Africa, there is immense psychological pressure, and it’s not certain if their relationship will survive. Eighteen years later, Bene walks the gritty back st...
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  • Alexander’s Song
    Paul F Olson
    For a time in the 1940s, Alexander Bassett was one of the brightest stars in the literary firmament, an acclaimed novelist, poet, and playwright, a voice for social justice. But the years took their toll, Bassett’s work fell out of favor, and eventually, the man himself dropped out of sight. By the time the world learned of his death in 1969, few noticed or cared.Years later, a...
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  • Murder is Delivered
    Shannon Symonds
    Murder is Delivered, Book 5 in the By the Sea Cozy Mystery SeriesWhen you don’t trust anyone, you risk everything.Would you rather eat school lunch alone, or be locked in with a killer? Esther and Sophie didn’t know there would be a multiple-choice test when they arrived at the ancient library of Oceanside High, or that the person with the answers would die when breakfast was s...
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  • Cate’s Christmas
    Olivia Higgins
    Everyone in Cate’s town celebrates 'The Holiday' with Santa, trees, candy canes, and gifts. Cate enjoys all these things but feels that something is missing. 'Do you think there is more to this holiday than trees, candy canes, Santa, and presents?' She asks the Baker, the Toy seller, the Tree seller, and the Mall Santa. None of them can give her a good answer, so she ventures o...
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  • Outside the Big Oak Doors
    Michelle Tocher
    When Alice Montgomery decides to tell the stories of her childhood, she sets herself up for a big surprise. She wants to express what it was like to be the only girl growing up with three brothers, an interfering aunt, and a distant, artistic mother. As a child who felt locked 'outside the big oak doors' of her mother’s heart, Alice begins to discover that there is more to her ...
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  • Green Apple Red
    James McDermott
    James McDermott’s Green Apple Red is a dazzling pamphlet which maps the speaker’s growth from shamed ’unnatural’ adolescent into queer adult proud of their nature. These majestic poems look towards a queerness of nature encouraging the inosculation of the reader and McDermott’s written word. ...
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  • Back Teeth
    Taylor Edmonds
    Back Teeth is the debut pamphlet from the phenomenal Taylor Edmonds, examining girlhood, the feminine body, and the dark place within that snarls and roars with veined gums. Edmonds uses these startling poems as vehicles for identity, nature, and womanhood, unearthing an enchanting and frightening landscape. Edmonds’ bold, fierce poems give way to discovery through her sharp, v...
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  • Home for Difficult Children
    Daniele Pantano
    Home for Difficult Children is a book based on personal and familial experiences and memories of exile, trauma, migration, immigration, refugeeism, translingualism, transitoriness, social justice, and writing one’s way home. Daniele Pantano writes with remarkable empathy and uncommon beauty. It is a book in defiance of solipsism. It is a book for us all. ...
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  • Narcissus
    Andre Bagoo
    Narcissus, from 2021 OCM Bocas Prize winner Andre Bagoo, is a typically brilliant work of poetry bringing together strands of the queer, nature, and the Narcissus myth, whether in ekphrasis or otherwise. In this powerful collection, Bagoo aexamines the varied dynamics of the body and mind with the narcissism of the soul, while fully embracing the work of art as a critical refle...
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