• Teoría del Juego
    Colleen Cross / Cinta García de la Rosa
    Lo que el dinero no puede comprar, lo consigue el asesinato.Alguien está desviando fondos desde el fondo de cobertura de divisas del billonario Zachary Barron. Empeñado en procesar al ladrón con todo el peso de la ley, contrata a Katerina “Kat” Carter, la mejor contable forense en su especialidad, para seguir el rastro del dinero. Ambos se ven sorprendidos cuando lleva al padre...
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  • Take Us Back to Genesis
    Errol Fernandez
    Summer begins and so does our story. Let’s trek up North, where the weather is always perfect for bonfires with kith and kin. A place where even the little moments of joy become big memories. Pack your bags and let the summer Take Us Back to Genesis! ...
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  • Violet the Hugging Octopus
    Sherry Duquet
    Swimming with confidence and bursting with joy, Violet greets her friends Puffer Fish, Moray Eel, Jumbo Shrimp and Stinging Ray. She is outlandishly happy which excites their curiosity. What is her secret? How is she so happy? Can they be that happy too?Inside the book teachers and parents will find Seaside Chat discussion questions that can be adapted for all ages.  ...
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  • Africa 2.0
    Russell Southwood
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  • Global biographies
    Global biographies provides a comprehensive and concrete analytical framework for the use of biography as a method in global history. Over the last several decades, the biography has re-emerged as a legitimate and nuanced approach to history. Nevertheless, global history, long slanted towards structural processes and the macro-analytical perspective, has made limited use of bio...
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  • Settlers at the end of empire
    Jean P. Smith
    This ground-breaking study integrates the history of both emigration from and immigration to the United Kingdom. Drawing attention to the volume and longevity of British emigration, Settlers at the end of empire analyses the development of racialised migration regimes in the United Kingdom, South Africa and Rhodesia (present-day Zimbabwe), from the Second World War to the colla...
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  • The European Union in the Asia-Pacific
    Since the mid-1990s, the European Union has defined the Asia Pacific as one of its key strategic targets on its ambitious road towards a global power. Over the past decades, big changes have taken place on both sides and the wider world. It’s high time to evaluate the EU’s performance in its Asian policy. In fact, the EU is at crossroads with its Asia Pacific policy. On several...
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  • The Children of Never
    Christian Warren Freed
    FEAR NO DARKNESS!The War Priests have defended the world against the vile Omegri for generations. Staunch defenders of the Purifying Flame, the lone light capable of preventing the darkness from creeping in, they stand the watch for 100 days each year. It is the Burning Season. A time of strife where their power is sorely tested and there are constant dangers let loose in the w...
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  • Neighbours and strangers
    Bernhard Zeller / Charles West / Francesca Tinti
    Neighbours and strangers investigates social cohesion in rural settlements in western Europe from 700 to 1050, asking to what extent settlements, or districts, constituted units of social organisation. It focuses on the interactions, interconnections and networks of people who lived side by side - neighbours.The book offers a new approach to well-known problems of the early Mid...
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  • Bodies complexioned
    Mark Dawson
    This book examines how bodily difference was understood by the people of early modern England. Using an array of sources - from sermons, polemics, and newspapers to medical case-notes, almanacs, diaries, and dramas - it traces people’s attitudes to somatic contrasts, both among themselves and, as they ventured across the Atlantic, among non-Europeans.The book demonstrates that ...
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  • Disability and the Victorians
    Disability and the VictoriansThe prejudices and challenges that people with impairments face in modern society are a direct consequence of the medicalisation of disability that occurred during the reign of Queen Victoria (1837-1901). This collection investigates how and why the legacies of Victorian attitudes and interventions continue into the present century. Taking a wide ra...
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  • The Ultimate Script Book For Network Marketers
    Brian Fryer / Rob Sperry
    Discover the ultimate guide to the scripts you need most! Just take a look at the table of contents and you will know you need these SCRIPTS asap. Below are just SOME of the scripts covered. SECTION 1 Strategies-Direct vs. Indirect-Split testing method-TaprootingSECTION 2 First interactions and Invites -Someone you haven’t spoken to in years -First interaction with a stranger...
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