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  • Is This Your First Funeral?
    Jimmy Huston
    A gentle guide through the uncertain moments of a child's first funeral experience. What to expect. How to find a way through the process of grief. How to accept the moments and share feelings. Charming illustrations. ...

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  • Consumption Patterns of the Middle Class in Contemporary China
    Di Zhu
    This book, set against the background of accounts of globalisation, aims to figure out the consumer orientation of the middle class in contemporary China, in particular how the new elements in consumer orientation operate in the Chinese context. It focuses on the contemporary middle class. Data used in the book are taken from national representative surveys conducted in the rec...

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  • Almost a Mother
    Christy Wopat
    "After my infant twins died, I couldn’t find anything on the shelves at the bookstore that was actually honest."I found books about grief, sure. Books written by psychologists on the stages of grief and books that assured me that I would find my answers in prayer. This isn’t meant to replace those. Those books are necessary, but in the raw, emotional weeks and months after losi...

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  • Couples by Intention
    Elliott Kronenfeld LICSW CST
    Wouldn’t it be great if relationships came easy? What if we all just knew intuitively what to do to make our marriages and committed partnerships the absolute best and deepest that they could be?But the reality is that none of us are pros, and even our best relationships can go deeper. We often use love and sex as measurements for how developed our relationships are, but in rea...

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  • Inner Sky
    Steven Layer
    A conversation about life's experiences. If I had one afternoon to spend with my friend Lily, just diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, what would I say?  I had been where she is now, yet against all the odds found the way to experience a complete and spontaneous healing. The secrets I was shown are the opposite of what society teaches us. This was not...

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  • Spoiler Alert
    Jacquie Purcell / Korttany Finn
    One thing you can count on in life is the fact that you are going to die. How’s that for a buzzkill? Most people diligently ignore the reality of their future demise. Thinking about death somehow seems wrong. Luckily, a real life coroner challenged a few thousand internet strangers to do the thinking for you. The result is a collection of morbid and slightly embarrassing questi...

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  • Handbook of Research on Chaos and Complexity Theory in the Social Sciences
    The concept of 'chaos', and chaos theory, though it is a field of study specifically in the field of mathematics with applications in physics, engineering, economics, management, and education, has also recently taken root in the social sciences. As a method of analyzing the way in which the digital age has connected society more than ever, chaos and complexity theory serves as...

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  • Studies In Structural Sociology
    Frank W Young
    This collection of articles and essays embodies a new approach to sociology based on the original meaning of the word. Its central concept is 'community,' which is defined to cover units as small as the household and as large as the nation-state. Individuals are a special case of community. So defined, communities account for almost all the independent social organization of th...

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  • Surrendering to Marriage
    Iris Krasnow
    In the New York Times best-seller Surrendering to Marriage, Iris Krasnow offers a raw and penetrating portrait of modern marriage and the backbreaking work required to make it last. With joyous, sexy, and shocking stories of real marriages, real affairs, and real divorces, Surrendering to Marriage moves far beyond a how-to manual; Krasnow shows us that a successful marriage has...

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  • Mobile Information Communication Technologies Adoption in Developing Countries
    The mobile technology field is expanding with innovative research and discoveries that expand to all walks of life. Mobile technology may have its greatest impact in the developing world, because it brings telecommunication to districts that had never been reached before. Mobile Information Communication Technologies Adoption in Developing Countries: Effects and Implications re...

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  • Footy Grounds to Grandstands
    Sam Duncan
    Play in the Australian Football League is not what it was. At the game’s founding, Australian football was exactly what the AFL’s Latin motto tells us it is today – ‘the game of the people, for the people’. In its formative years it was played and watched by Australians who loved the game because they understood the way it was played. It was made by them, in the image of their ...

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  • The Wedding Ring - A Series of Discourses for Husbands and Wives and Those Contemplating Matrimony
    T. De Witt Talmage
    'The world never owned such opulence of womanly character or such splendor of womanly manners or multitudinous instances of wifely, motherly, daughterly, sisterly devotion, as it owns to-day. I have not words to express my admiration for good womanhood. Woman is not only man’s equal, but in affectional and religious nature, which is the best part of us, she is seventy-five per ...

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  • The Ten Pleasures of Marriage and The Confession of the New-married Couple
    A. Marsh
    'This small Treatise which I here present unto thee is the fruit of some spare hours, that my cogitations, after they had been for a small time, between whiles, hovering to and fro in the Air, came fluttring down again, still pitching upon the subject of the Ten Pleasures of Marriage, in each of which I hope thou wilt find somthing worthy of thy acceptance, because I am sure ’t...

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  • Understanding baby loss
    Elspeth Whitby / Julie Ellis / Kate Reed
    This book offers an in-depth sociological analysis of parent and professional experience of baby loss, examining the role that post-mortem can play in the wider context of bereavement. ...

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  • Modern Marriage
    Gerard Carlson
    When you’ve put into practice all the usual advice but your marriage still falls short of the intimacy and joy you want, what then? Are patience and perseverance your only hope for a better relationship? In a society where everyone is supposedly more connected, why do people feel so lonely? Even as marriage rates decline, recent studies find the overwhelming majority of single ...

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  • Matrícula del Curato de Ancasti 1806
    Gerardo Luciano Flores Ivaldi
    Matricula del curato de Ancasti - 1806 Reproducción Facsimilar En este trabajo, pongo a disposición de historiadores y genealogistas una reproducción facsímil de una matrícula o padrón registrado en el curato de Ancasti en 1806. El documento de referencia fue encontrado entre los expedientes de informaciones matrimoniales del curato de Ancasti, sin lugar a dudas, tras haber est...

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    Speed read people, decipher body language, detect lies, and understand human nature.Is it possible to analyze people without them saying a word? Yes, it is. Learn how to become a 'mind reader' and forge deep connections.How to get inside people’s heads without them knowing.Find shortcuts to connect quickly and deeply with strangers.The art of reading and analyzing people is tru...

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  • 无薪主妇
    [日] 上野千鹤子
    编辑推荐◆我对日本女性学的贡献就是引进了'家务乃是无薪劳动'的定义。--上野千鹤子◆从愤怒中汲取能量,用敌人的武器与之战斗。'教授真是一颗温柔的子弹!'◆脱胎于NHK高分纪录片《最后的讲义》,收录超60%全新内容,上野亲自整理补充。◆系统梳理上野过往理论体系,收录上野VS学生的精彩群辩,理论 实例,毒舌犀利,一针见血!◆一本写给东亚女性的觉醒之书,击碎'家务劳动'谎言,勇敢向无薪劳动说'不'!◆现代家庭为何注定'触礁'?一个孤立无援的女性背负了所有的照护负担,这种现象就是'超载的方舟'。◆母亲究竟为何不幸?母亲的不幸并不是配对的问题,而是母亲所深陷的结构性问题。◆照护的价值为何低廉?照护向来都是女人在家免费提供的东西。一定有人认为,不值得为这种事情付钱。◆为何人类孕育生命和为其送终的劳动被置于其他一切劳动的低位?这是一个根源性的问题。在解决这个问题之...

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  • Экологический микрорайон. Создавая будущее
    Мария Елена Орозко
    Данный текст представляет собой академический проект, который родился из потребности рассмотреть системный подход к социальной реальности, как к структуре общих смыслов, субъектами, которые строят свою повседневную жизнь в рамках группы, в которой они отражают свое существование через различные факторы: географические, образовательные, экономические, политические, культурные и ...

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  • Знание и применение биоудобрений производителями сахарного тростника
    Дханшри Нигаде
    Настоящее исследование проводилось главным образом с целью изучения знаний и применения биоудобрений фермерами, выращивающими сахарный тростник. Для исследования был выбран округ Латур, расположенный в регионе Маратхвада. Три талука (Латур, Ауса и Ниланга) были выбраны из района целенаправленно, и по четыре деревни из каждого талука были выбраны целенаправленно на основе площад...

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  • How to Cook Husbands
    Elizabeth Strong Worthington
    How to Cook Husbands is a classic marriage guide by Elizabeth Strong Worthington. 'A great many husbands are spoiled by mismanagement. Some women go about it as if their husbands were bladders, and blow them up; others keep them constantly in hot water; others let them freeze, by their carelessness and indifference. Some keep them in a stew, by irritating ways and words; others...

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  • 101 Original INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES That Make You Think
    Andrea Campbell
    If you are looking for a source of inspiration that goes beyond the ordinary; or you are seeking to deepen your critical thinking and leadership skills to inspire others and boost productivity, this is the book for you.Discover a treasury of wisdom that transcends the ordinary in '101 Original Inspirational Quotes That Make You Think.' These original insights are not the echo o...

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  • Cambridge Sociology
    Azhar ul Haque Sario
    ­­ 'Cambridge Sociology: AS & A Level 9699' is a reference guide designed to cover the entire syllabus of Cambridge A Level Sociology. With easy-to-understand language, it has been thoughtfully composed to expose learners to a wide range of social and global issues using sociological perspectives.The book begins with 'Paper 1 – Socialisation, identity, and methods of research'....

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  • Cambridge Sociology
    Azhar ul Haque Sario
    The book 'Cambridge Sociology: O Level 2251' is a reference guide designed to facilitate O Level students towards understanding sociology - the science of studying society and social behaviors. Spanning seven units, this exploration carries readers on an enlightening journey into all key areas of sociology.For Exams: 2023 and 2024.The first unit sets the foundation, introducing...

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  • Forschung für ausgebildete Problemlöser
    Hector Kuri
    Ziel dieser Untersuchung ist es, die Leistung all jener zuverlässigen Mitarbeiter zu bewerten, die in Six Sigma und Red X Shainin-Methoden zur strukturierten Problemlösung in allen Abteilungen eines Montagewerks von Electronic Components of Mexico in der Stadt Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexiko, geschult worden sind. Die Häufigkeit des Einsatzes strukturierter Problemlösungsmethoden i...

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  • Исследование для подготовленных специалистов по решению проблем
    Гектор Кури
    Целью данного исследования является оценка эффективности работы всех сотрудников, прошедших обучение методологиям структурированного решения проблем 'Шесть сигм' и Red X Shainin во всех подразделениях сборочного предприятия компании Electronic Components of Mexico в городе Рейноса штата Тамаулипас. Будет проанализирована частота использования методологий структурированного реше...

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  • African American Coping in the Political Sphere
    Jas M. Sullivan / Moriah Harman
    Explores the influence coping has had on African Americans’ political attitudes and behaviors. ...

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  • Метод и взаимодополняемость наук
    Армандо Д Камехо Руис / Исраэ Маркес Рамирес
    Эта книга основана на документальном исследовании, в котором предпринята попытка рассмотреть дискуссию о значении метода, его взаимодополняемости и валидности в социальных науках по сравнению с естественными науками для получения знания. С другой стороны, в ней предпринята попытка показать масштаб споров и дискуссий, связанных с актуальностью, валидностью и надежностью методов ...

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    Карпагавалли С / Сугантха Эжил Мэри
    Происхождение языка, его связь с эволюцией человека и ее последствиями являются предметом изучения на протяжении многих веков. Ученые, желающие изучить происхождение языка, должны делать выводы на основе таких данных, как ископаемые, археологические находки, современное языковое разнообразие, исследования овладения языком и сравнения человеческого языка с системами коммуникации...

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  • The Age of Decay
    Shamil Ismail
    Drawing on seemingly unrelated instances of essential worker shortages around the world, investment analyst Shamil Ismail connects the dots to build a compelling and well-researched narrative explaining why aging populations and declining birth rates are leading to a shrinking workforce of essential workers in developed countries, which could massively disrupt their societies a...

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