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  • Couples by Intention
    Elliott Kronenfeld LICSW CST
    Wouldn’t it be great if relationships came easy? What if we all just knew intuitively what to do to make our marriages and committed partnerships the absolute best and deepest that they could be?But the reality is that none of us are pros, and even our best relationships can go deeper. We often use love and sex as measurements for how developed our relationships are, but in rea...

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  • Surrendering to Marriage
    Iris Krasnow
    In the New York Times best-seller Surrendering to Marriage, Iris Krasnow offers a raw and penetrating portrait of modern marriage and the backbreaking work required to make it last. With joyous, sexy, and shocking stories of real marriages, real affairs, and real divorces, Surrendering to Marriage moves far beyond a how-to manual; Krasnow shows us that a successful marriage has...

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  • The Ten Pleasures of Marriage and The Confession of the New-married Couple
    A. Marsh
    'This small Treatise which I here present unto thee is the fruit of some spare hours, that my cogitations, after they had been for a small time, between whiles, hovering to and fro in the Air, came fluttring down again, still pitching upon the subject of the Ten Pleasures of Marriage, in each of which I hope thou wilt find somthing worthy of thy acceptance, because I am sure ’t...

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  • Modern Marriage
    Gerard Carlson
    When you’ve put into practice all the usual advice but your marriage still falls short of the intimacy and joy you want, what then? Are patience and perseverance your only hope for a better relationship? In a society where everyone is supposedly more connected, why do people feel so lonely? Even as marriage rates decline, recent studies find the overwhelming majority of single ...

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  • 无薪主妇
    [日] 上野千鹤子
    编辑推荐◆我对日本女性学的贡献就是引进了'家务乃是无薪劳动'的定义。--上野千鹤子◆从愤怒中汲取能量,用敌人的武器与之战斗。'教授真是一颗温柔的子弹!'◆脱胎于NHK高分纪录片《最后的讲义》,收录超60%全新内容,上野亲自整理补充。◆系统梳理上野过往理论体系,收录上野VS学生的精彩群辩,理论 实例,毒舌犀利,一针见血!◆一本写给东亚女性的觉醒之书,击碎'家务劳动'谎言,勇敢向无薪劳动说'不'!◆现代家庭为何注定'触礁'?一个孤立无援的女性背负了所有的照护负担,这种现象就是'超载的方舟'。◆母亲究竟为何不幸?母亲的不幸并不是配对的问题,而是母亲所深陷的结构性问题。◆照护的价值为何低廉?照护向来都是女人在家免费提供的东西。一定有人认为,不值得为这种事情付钱。◆为何人类孕育生命和为其送终的劳动被置于其他一切劳动的低位?这是一个根源性的问题。在解决这个问题之...

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  • How to Cook Husbands
    Elizabeth Strong Worthington
    How to Cook Husbands is a classic marriage guide by Elizabeth Strong Worthington. 'A great many husbands are spoiled by mismanagement. Some women go about it as if their husbands were bladders, and blow them up; others keep them constantly in hot water; others let them freeze, by their carelessness and indifference. Some keep them in a stew, by irritating ways and words; others...

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  • Cambridge Sociology
    Azhar ul Haque Sario
    ­­ 'Cambridge Sociology: AS & A Level 9699' is a reference guide designed to cover the entire syllabus of Cambridge A Level Sociology. With easy-to-understand language, it has been thoughtfully composed to expose learners to a wide range of social and global issues using sociological perspectives.The book begins with 'Paper 1 – Socialisation, identity, and methods of research'....

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  • Cambridge Sociology
    Azhar ul Haque Sario
    The book 'Cambridge Sociology: O Level 2251' is a reference guide designed to facilitate O Level students towards understanding sociology - the science of studying society and social behaviors. Spanning seven units, this exploration carries readers on an enlightening journey into all key areas of sociology.For Exams: 2023 and 2024.The first unit sets the foundation, introducing...

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  • Married Life
    T. S. Arthur
    THE highest, purest, best and holiest relation in life is that of marriage, which ought never to be regarded as a mere civil contract, entered into from worldly ends, but as an essential union of two minds, by which each gains a new power, and acquires! new capacities for enjoyment and usefulness. Much has been said and written about the equality of the sexes, and the rights of...

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  • The Etiquette of Engagement and Marriage - Describing Modern Manners and Customs of Courtship and Marriage, and giving Full Details regarding the Wedding Ceremony and Arra
    G. R. M. Devereux
    The word Courtship has an old-world sound about it, and carries the mind back to the statelier manners of bygone days. Nowadays we have no leisure for courtly greetings and elaborately-turned compliments. We are slackening many of the old bonds, breaking down some of the old restraint, and, though it will seem treason to members of a past generation to say it, we are, let us ho...

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  • Lifelong Partnership
    Title: Lifelong Partnership: Aging Gracefully as a CoupleBook Description:'Lifelong Partnership: Aging Gracefully as a Couple' is a heartfelt exploration of the journey of growing old together, written with the wisdom and warmth of experienced companionship. This book delves into the unique dynamics of aging as a team, offering insights, advice, and reflections that inspire cou...

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  • Building a Strong Foundation
    Title: 'Building a Strong Foundation: The Early Years of Marriage'Book Description:'Building a Strong Foundation: The Early Years of Marriage' is a thoughtful and comprehensive guide that delves into the intricate tapestry of marriage during its formative stage. In this insightful book, you’ll journey through the crucial initial years of matrimony, exploring essential topics su...

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  • The Wedding Ring - A Series of Discourses for Husbands and Wives and Those Contemplating Matrimony
    T. De Witt Talmage
    'The world never owned such opulence of womanly character or such splendor of womanly manners or multitudinous instances of wifely, motherly, daughterly, sisterly devotion, as it owns to-day. I have not words to express my admiration for good womanhood. Woman is not only man’s equal, but in affectional and religious nature, which is the best part of us, she is seventy-five per ...

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  • Resilience and Familism
    A highly comprehensive ethnographic analysis, Resilience and Familism demonstrates in a specifically Filipino context how strong familial ties can affect inner strength and outer determination. ...

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    Zabrina Hailey
    Introducing the ultimate guide to navigating the beautiful and complex journey of marriage: 'Marriage Survival Guide.' This empowering and insightful book is a beacon of hope for couples seeking to strengthen their bond and overcome the challenges that every partnership inevitably faces.In 'Marriage Survival Guide,' seasoned relationship expert and author delve into the very he...

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  • Marriage and the Family in American Culture
    Andrew Gehr Truxal
    This book provides an in-depth analysis of the cultural, social, and historical factors that have shaped and influenced marriage and the family in American culture.This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important, and is part of the knowledge base of civilization as we know it.This work is in the 'public domain in the United States of America, and possibly ...

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  • Marriage and the Family in American Culture
    Andrew Gehr Truxal
    This book provides an in-depth analysis of the cultural, social, and historical factors that have shaped and influenced marriage and the family in American culture.This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important, and is part of the knowledge base of civilization as we know it.This work is in the 'public domain in the United States of America, and possibly ...

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  • Marriage and Divorce
    Felix Adler
    Written in 1905, this book delves into the social and moral aspects of marriage and divorce. Adler’s clear and lucid style makes this work accessible to a wide audience, and it remains relevant and thought-provoking today, more than a century later.This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important, and is part of the knowledge base of civilization as we know...

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  • De L’amour, Selon Les Lois Premières Et Selon Les Convenances Des Sociétés Modernes
    Étienne Pivert de Senancour
    Ce livre explore les différentes notions d’amour telles que la passion, l’amitié et l’amour conjugal dans différents contextes sociaux et culturels. L’auteur Étienne Pivert de Senancour met en évidence les différences entre les lois de l’amour naturel et de l’amour moderne, ainsi que l’impact de la religion et de la philosophie sur la notion d’amour.This work has been selected ...

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    Clement Ekundayo
    By the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, the book of Golden Key to Happy Marriage and Duties of Christian Family is out to add value to the institution of Marriage. Couples would find it useful in the process of making their homes paradise on earth. ...

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  • The Road to Marital Success is Unpaved
    Allan R. Koritzinsky J.D. / Kenneth H. Waldron Ph.D
    This highly readable research-based book provides surprising answers to this simple question in plain language. Successfully married spouses have a realistic understanding of marriage and demonstrate effective marriage skills when compared to those in troubled marriages. The authors tell the reader those 'secret' understandings of marriage, but more importantly, describe the sk...

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  • Establishing Child Centred Practice in a Changing World, Part B
    Sam Frankel
    Furthering dialogues around the applied relevance of key principles in childhood studies, this diverse edited collection is an important contribution to the fields of education, sociology, childcare and youth policy and practice. ...

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  • Cultivating Connection
    Sander Jones / Sander T Jones
    Does communicating about needs and boundaries with multiple partners seem like a labyrinth of emotional landmines? Discover a comprehensive yet easy to understand method for communicating that will have partners compassionately making room for the needs of multiple relationships, and ethically defining and respecting each person’s boundaries.Are you tired of feeling like metas ...

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  • Conjugal Trajectories
    Multidisciplinary in scope and using predominantly qualitative approaches, Conjugal Trajectories: Relationship Beginnings, Change, and Dissolutions focuses upon relevant trajectories to better comprehend the evolving nature of conjugal relationships and its implications for family life moving forward. ...

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  • Youth Transitions Out of State Care
    Natalie Glynn
    An intimate account of the personal and socioeconomic circumstances that affect state care leavers, this book voices the distinct yet interconnected experience of these young people to reinforce the increasingly prevalent Irish model. ...

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  • Flexible Work and the Family
    Building upon the recent global escalation of the remote work phenomenon, Flexible Work and the Family provides timely insights into flexible work’s implications for the increasingly blurred work-life divide. ...

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  • All I Ever Wanted
    Jane Lo
    Norah, a vivacious ESL teacher in Hong Kong, deftly straddles two worlds: she is Chinese, but sees life through a western lens because of her upbringing. These two worlds collide when she meets sweet, chivalrous Ben and marries him against her parents’ wishes. Suddenly a wife and daughter-in-law in a traditional Chinese household, Norah is torn between speaking Chinese and Engl...

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  • Communication Miracles for Couples
    Jonathan Robinson
    Create lasting harmony, healthy communication, and everlasting love with Jonathan Robinson’s powerful couple communication book.Develop effective communication skills for a lasting relationship. ...

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  • Man Up and Love
    Fabian Starr
    "Man Up and Love: Advice for Men in Relationships" is a comprehensive guide that provides men with the tools and insights they need to build strong and healthy relationships with their partners. Throughout the book, readers will find practical advice and guidance on how to communicate effectively, understand their partner’s needs and desires, build trust, manage conflict, and m...

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  • 12 Marriage Safeguards
    Samuel Deuth
    Marriage is a gift from God! It is designed to be the great joy and source of life! If that’s true, then why does it seems like it can often be one of the greatest sources of frustration, pain, and often heartache? Why do so many marriages end in divorce? Is there a way we could better set up our marriages to thrive? Are there any ways we can SAFEGUARD our marriage?We’re glad y...

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