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  • Is This Your First Funeral?
    Jimmy Huston
    A gentle guide through the uncertain moments of a child's first funeral experience. What to expect. How to find a way through the process of grief. How to accept the moments and share feelings. Charming illustrations. ...

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  • Almost a Mother
    Christy Wopat
    "After my infant twins died, I couldn’t find anything on the shelves at the bookstore that was actually honest."I found books about grief, sure. Books written by psychologists on the stages of grief and books that assured me that I would find my answers in prayer. This isn’t meant to replace those. Those books are necessary, but in the raw, emotional weeks and months after losi...

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  • Inner Sky
    Steven Layer
    A conversation about life's experiences. If I had one afternoon to spend with my friend Lily, just diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, what would I say?  I had been where she is now, yet against all the odds found the way to experience a complete and spontaneous healing. The secrets I was shown are the opposite of what society teaches us. This was not...

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  • Spoiler Alert
    Jacquie Purcell / Korttany Finn
    One thing you can count on in life is the fact that you are going to die. How’s that for a buzzkill? Most people diligently ignore the reality of their future demise. Thinking about death somehow seems wrong. Luckily, a real life coroner challenged a few thousand internet strangers to do the thinking for you. The result is a collection of morbid and slightly embarrassing questi...

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  • Understanding baby loss
    Elspeth Whitby / Julie Ellis / Kate Reed
    This book offers an in-depth sociological analysis of parent and professional experience of baby loss, examining the role that post-mortem can play in the wider context of bereavement. ...

    145,09 €

  • Socio-Demographic Perspectives on the COVID-19 Pandemic
     The present volume undertakes socio-demographic analyses of four major topics surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic: Data Issues; Statistical Modeling; Analyses; and Policy Concerns. Regarding Data Issues, three chapters cover topics about obtaining reliable information; the production of summary statistics and using the geometric mean; and the importance of using a Demographic fr...

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  • Socio-Demographic Perspectives on the COVID-19 Pandemic
    The present volume undertakes socio-demographic analyses of four major topics surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic: Data Issues; Statistical Modeling; Analyses; and Policy Concerns. Regarding Data Issues, three chapters cover topics about obtaining reliable information; the production of summary statistics and using the geometric mean; and the importance of using a Demographic fra...

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  • Breathers of an Ampler Day
    Ian Bradley
    As death comes out of the closet in contemporary society, this book presents the views on heaven and the afterlife of a number of well-known Victorians, and others not so well known, in the belief that they may help us today. ...

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  • Elysian Hills
    Paul William Schmidt
    Paul William Schmidt’s stepmother, Mary Lou, intentionally chose to end her life and asked him and his father to stay by her side during her last forty-four days. In this poignant and insightful book, the author takes you on a transformative journey through the depths of loss, grief, and the remarkable power of embracing life in the presence of death and dying. The experience h...

    14,85 €

  • Pathway to the Stars
    David Turner
    In this poignant memoir, anthropologist and author David Turner tells of how he played the yiraga --- a musical instrument played by the aboriginal peoples of Australia --- for his friend and former partner Alexa, following her death in 2020. Turner describes the meaning of the yiraga within Australian aboriginal culture, and how he learned to play the instrument over the cours...

    15,08 €

  • The Afterlife Book
    Larry Flaxman / Marie D. Jones
    A profound and fascinating exploration of death and the afterlife! Christian and other religious beliefs, rituals from around the world, quests for immortality, scientists’ conclusions, ghosts, and more! What happens when we die? Many view it as a mystery, but there are tantalizing clues to be found in the Bible and other religious scriptures, scientific findings, historical w...

    47,78 €

  • Afterlife
    If you’ve ever lost a loved one, you know the pain and grief that can come with it. But what if there was a way to connect with those who have passed on and receive messages of love, comfort, and guidance? In "Afterlife: Understanding Signs and Communication from Deceased Loved Ones," you’ll explore the fascinating world of the afterlife and discover the signs and messages that...

    12,27 €

  • In Training
    Joan Luckmann
    Recovered and compiled from abandoned boxes of neglected materials after the author’s demise, this revealing narrative describes her traumatic early years and training that prepares her for eventually using her often frustrated talents to produce widely read, highly acclaimed textbooks in her field.Readers interested in learning about hospital life in the 1950s will gather some...

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  • Dead

    34,59 €

  • Dead
    Introducing 'dead,' a whimsically ironic book that challenges the reader to face life’s ultimate question with a smile. Crafted to accompany the captivating song by artist madelline, this book serves as a lyrical journey that fuses haunting existential awareness with vibrant, children’s book-style illustrations.What happens when madelline wakes up and is hit with the grim reali...

    21,54 €

  • Death-Bed Visions
    William Barrett
    First published in 1926, Death-Bed Visions: The Otherworldly Experiences of the Dying, constitutes the first known study of its kind. Written by Sir William Barrett and describing his experiences from nearly 50 years of psychical research, this book is an early collection of what are now known as 'deathbed phenomena, which include visions of living friends and relatives seen at...

    16,22 €

  • Pandemexplosion
    Mark Wheeller
    Pandemexplosion shares positive journeys through the pandemic, contrasted with the horror of the 2020 Port of Beirut explosion, as a verbatim play. Commissioned by International School of London, Pandemexplosion offers a diverse ensemble cast ample opportunity for imaginative theatrical interpretation typical of a classic Wheeller play. ...

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  • The Mind at Large
    Krzysztof Janoszka / Zofia Weaver
    During 1994-95, three men disappeared while on a business trip to Kaliningrad (Koenigsberg) in Russia. After the authorities failed to locate the men, their families asked a Polish psychic for help. Using a photograph of one of the men the psychic sensed that the man was dead - as were his companions - their throats had been cut and they had been decapitated. He saw three headl...

    17,26 €

  • A Near-Death Researcher’s Notebook
    Kenneth Ring
    Beginning with a hilarious account of the foibles and follies of a body that has expired before the author has, renowned NDE researcher, Kenneth Ring, in this collection of essays takes the reader on an exhilarating ride on the train whose destination is death -- yet the journey is anything but morbid or depressing. On the contrary, in these genial, entertaining, and often witt...

    16,04 €

  • Do Not Ignore Your Mortality
    Greg Barnsdale
    You will be hard pressed to find another book like this one.Greg has delicately pulled together a gripping message that so many adults need to hear.Only about half the adult population of Canada and the U.S. have a current and valid will.The fallout is immeasurable, wide and deep. The statistics are not improving much either.Some people don’t know where to start, while others h...

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  • A Gaping Wound
    Poetry has always maintained a particular relationship with mourning and its rituals, but what is it that lyric discourse has to offer in coping with death, grief, and bereavement? On the other hand, how does mourning become a central creative force in lyric poetry? How does this affect the nature of its discourse and the desires it performs? Focusing on poems by Giacomo Leopar...

    139,18 €

  • Last Scene of All
    Jessica Goodman
    Death in classical tragedy is an ending: a symbolic moment of catharsis, read by the audience according to theatrical and cultural tradition. Yet any stage death is also a non-ending: just one in a series of repeated (re)presentations, by an actor who will live (and die) again. Spanning six centuries and seven countries, this study considers how different dramatic authors have ...

    139,12 €

  • Embodying the Music and Death Nexus
    This edited collection offers a range of critical, analytic and personal reflections on how music provides a container and a medium for experiencing, processing and integrating embodied encounters with death. It showcases interdisciplinary case studies written by authors from across Australia, France, The Netherlands, Poland and the UK. ...

    136,01 €

  • 安然告别 (It’s OK to Die , Chinese Edition)
    Kristian A Murphy / Monica Williams / Shuang Wu
    人生到了最终阶段时,现代医学多半会让病人失望。医生们不知怎么传达'你正在死亡,我们应该停止积极的无效治疗,让死亡自然的发生,让你能经历一个好死'这样的现实。人们不知道好死是什么模样,不知道一个好死的意义是多么重大。在这本书里,莫尼卡•威廉姆斯医生和她的丈夫克里斯蒂安•墨菲有说服力地指导我们:为什么会有一个正确的时刻让我们说出'现在是让我上路的时候了(时间到了,让我死吧?)', '现在时间到了,让我的爸爸(或妈妈)走吧'这样的话。死亡终将降临到每一个人的头上,但是我们太多地让我们正在走向死亡的亲人承受无效而痛苦的治疗手段的折磨。让我们在走到生命尽头之前读这本书,汲取这本书中的热情和信息, 为自己做准备。当那个时刻到来时为自己抗争,为自己争一个好死:在亲人的怀抱里,疼痛症状被控制,焦虑恐惧得到抚慰,说了要说的再见,如果需要则寻求谅解,获得内心的安宁。如果...

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  • The Coming Death
    Richard F. Calichman
    Explores questions of death and mortality in several key texts of East Asian literature and cinema. ...

    42,35 €

  • Amaneceres
    Jesús Francisco De Asís
    Estas páginas son una invitación a vivir reconciliados con el hecho de la muerte, como un aspecto intrínseco a la vida que experimentamos. Para ello es necesario mirarla de frente y escuchar todo lo que nos quiere decir; quizá entonces descubramos revelaciones que nos sorprenden que no estaban ocultas, sino que simplemente necesitaban que les prestáramos atención, y sintamos un...

    14,00 €

  • A Life Continued
    Donna Marie Easter
    'Fear mixed with dread, combined with a heart racing, stomach-churning sense of panic . . .' Donna Easter’s reminiscence of her husband’s death to prostate cancer cuts deep. Even if you’ve never lost a partner, grief comes in all shapes, she explains in her memoir, A Life Continued: Living After Losing Your Best Friend. Whether you are working through divorce or a first respond...

    24,61 €

  • Sailing into the Light
    Susan Highsmith
    There is no better time to read a story to a friend or a loved one than when they are leaving this body and making their transition into the next Life. It is a time that can frighten us or fill us with sadness for our impending loss. If we can fill our hearts and minds with loving words and images of a Life beyond this Life, it can soothe us and the dear one we wish to help on ...

    25,45 €

  • VOICES-19
    Brenda Cortez
    Where were you when the COVID-19 pandemic hit and the world stood still? None of us could have ever imagined the tragedy this virus would bring and how many lives it would take. It changed many of us, but for those who lost a loved-one to Covid, life will never be the same. As the months went on, all we heard about were the numbers, but behind these numbers are cherished human ...

    21,59 €

  • Spectacle of Grief
    Sarah J. Purcell
    This illuminating book examines how the public funerals of major figures from the Civil War era shaped public memories of the war and allowed a diverse set of people to contribute to changing American national identities. These funerals featured lengthy processions that sometimes crossed multiple state lines, burial ceremonies open to the public, and other cultural productions ...

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