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  • Footy Grounds to Grandstands
    Sam Duncan
    Play in the Australian Football League is not what it was. At the game’s founding, Australian football was exactly what the AFL’s Latin motto tells us it is today – ‘the game of the people, for the people’. In its formative years it was played and watched by Australians who loved the game because they understood the way it was played. It was made by them, in the image of their ...

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  • Mediação e arbitragem aplicadas ao desporto e o Tribunal Arbitral do Esporte (TAS/CAS)
    André Augusto Duarte Monção
    Esta obra dedica-se a examinar os denominados meios alternativos de solução de litígios, em especial a mediação e a arbitragem, no âmbito desportivo internacional e, principalmente, no acompanhamento do Tribunal Arbitral du Sport - TAS (em francês) ou Court of Arbitration for Sport - CAS (em inglês). Entidade privada criada em 1984, com sede na Suíça, o TAS/CAS possui competênc...

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  • A responsabilidade social empresarial no âmbito de uma empresa estatal
    Eduardo Langer
    Desde os anos 1990, as empresas passaram a investir de forma voluntária em projetos sociais e culturais. Com o avanço do debate no campo da Responsabilidade Social Empresarial (RSE), a influência dos organismos internacionais, a pressão da sociedade civil e a diminuição do alcance das políticas públicas, grandes empresas passaram a atuar na profissionalização de agentes do merc...

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  • Off Road, a técnica por trás da emoção
    Norberto Catani
    Este manual contempla um apanhado geral dos pontos e conceitos fundamentais da engenharia e arquitetura veicular adquiridos ao longo de mais de vinte e cinco anos de trabalho desenvolvendo e conduzindo veículos, ministrando treinamentos, palestras, workshops, participando de competições, imersões em eventos, passeios, trilhas, expedições e viagens.Soma-se a isso a nata do apren...

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  • Student Athletes
    Frank P Jozsa Jr.
    Applying concepts, data, and other information from various sources in the literature when and where appropriate, the book reveals and examines the behavior, contribution, and impact of student athletes (SAs) on campuses of American colleges and universities. It highlights, in part, SAs' progress academically while they devoted time and resources to participate in one or mo...

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  • Kick-off
    David Pendleton
    What took place in Bradford, England in the latter half of the nineteenth century was nothing less than a sporting revolution. Kick-Off charts and analyses Bradford’s story to illustrate the importance of sport’s role in the development of the modern city. Bradford shows us how, from the burgeoning of the first industrial communities, personal and civic identities have been pro...

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  • El otro partido
    Aldo Panfichi / Gisselle Vila / Noelia Chávez / Sergio Saravia
    'El Perú acabamos de asistir a un mundial de fútbol luego de 36 años y el país entero ha vibrado de emoción y patriotismo deportivo. Sin embargo, es hora de preguntarnos: ¿por qué los logros del fútbol peruano han sido escasos o excepcionales? ¿Qué impide que sea más competitivo en el ámbito internacional? Si alguna se tuvo una «época dorada» de triunfos, ¿cuáles han sido las r...

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  • My Name Was Mickey Mantle
    Gary Kaschak
    For boys and girls growing up playing baseball in the 50s and 60s, one player stood out above all others—Mickey Mantle.Millions of kids copied his batting stance, ran the bases like he did, and pretended to be him on the sandlot, schoolyards and Little League fields all across the country. But for one young boy that fantasy went far beyond just pretending and believing—convinci...

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  • Shifting Sands
    The Middle East and North Africa are experiencing the most fundamental transition in their post-colonial history. It is a transition that is changing the borders of nation states as well as their political and social structures. Conflicting visions of what those structures should look like have ensured that transition will take years, and these deep-seated differences have ensu...

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    Massimiliano Angelucci
    ¿Qué es en realidad lo que hoy llamamos “deporte”? A pesar de ser ubicuo, es un fenómeno poco comprendido y, siempre por encima de cualquier sospecha, logra gozar de una opinión pública favorable o, al menos, indulgente. Sin embargo, en el ámbito deportivo nada, o casi, es como parece. El libro recorre, por tanto, un riguroso análisis de los aspectos sociológicos, antropológico...

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  • Mega-events and social change
    Maurice Roche
    Contemporary mega-events like Olympics and Expos, together with the organisations which control them, can be risky and controversial projects. This book interprets how they reflect, mark and influence, deeper social changes in the media, cities and global geopolitics. ...

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    Massimiliano Angelucci
    What really is what we now call “sport”? Although ubiquitous, it remains a little-understood phenomenon, and - always above reproach - can enjoy a favorable or otherwise indulgent public opinion. However, in sports almost nothing is as it seems. The book therefore uses a rigorous analysis of the sociological, anthropological and historical aspects that characterize the sport ...

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  • Sport in the Black Atlantic
    Janelle Joseph
    An ethnographic study exploring the role of cricket in maintaining cultural connections between Canadians and other members of the Caribbean diaspora. ...

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  • Sociology of Sport
    The Sociology of Sport has grown since its inception in the late 1950s and has become robust, and diverse. Many countries now boast strong scholars in the field and this volume reflects the fascinating research being done. This innovative volume is dedicated to a review of the state of the area by region. ...

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  • Sport Sociology
    Peter Craig
    A long awaited new edition of this popular introduction to the sociology of sport. Fully updated throughout, it is an approachable, student-focused exploration of sport and society today. ...

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  • Sport and technology
    Roslyn Kerr
    How do new technologies come to be used in sport? This book moves beyond the idea of functionality to explore the many other important factors that athletes and sporting bodies consider throughout the process of adoption. Few would question the difficulty of producing an elite athletic performance. The high level of training, combined with intense competition and pressure from...

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    Jack Fitterson
    What you are about to read-and hopefully enjoy-are the views and opinions of an ordinary working-class guy, who is also a sports lover. A lot of my commentary and beliefs are based on how racially equality was-and still is-addressed in the United States. For whatever reason, fundamental fairness was something I was willing to fight for. I expressed my views on many occasions...

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  • The greening of golf
    Brad Millington / Brian Wilson
    This book is the first comprehensive study of the varyingresponses to golf-related environmental issues. The authors examine golf as asport and as a global industry, drawing on literaturespertaining to environmental sociology, global social movements, institutionalchange, corporate environmentalism and the sociology of sport. ...

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  • Sportsmanship
    Tim Delaney
    Sportsmanship is a broad concept: ethics, fairness, honor and self-control. Some people find it difficult to define what makes a 'good sport,' but state 'I know one when I see one.' This collection of new essays brings together the work of more than two dozen contributors from around the world who teach sportsmanship in a range of academic disciplines including sociology, psych...

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  • Fair and Foul
    D. Stanley Eitzen / DStanley Eitzen
    The sixth edition of Fair and Foul features a new chapter on mass media and sport, a revised introduction, and a chapter on big-time college sport. The book explores our love of sport as well as its darker side, with new material throughout on topics such as injuries in youth sports, fantasy sports, homophobia, and more. ...

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  • Sport and Religion in the Twenty-First Century
    This book examines the relationship between sport and religion with regard to twenty-first century topics such as race, fandom, education, and culture. The contributors provide new insights into the people, movements, and events that define the complex relationship between sport and religion around the world. ...

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  • Das sowjetische Fieber. Fußballfans im poststalinistischen Vielvölkerreich
    Manfred Zeller
    Womit identifizierten sich Bürger der Sowjetunion? Wie grenzten sie sich voneinander ab? Destabilisierten Massenaufläufe die sowjetische Ordnung? Wie entstanden informelle Gruppierungen in einer Gesellschaft uniformer Konformität? Welchen Einfluss nahmen neue Medien und mediale Vernetzung auf die Entwicklung der multinationalen sowjetischen Gesellschaft? Was blieb, als nach dem...

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  • No Ordinary Game
    Kirk Westphal
    This is a book of pure inspiration. Many of the sporting world’s most profound achievements and displays of humanity are never recorded. They happen on sandlots, asphalt, and backyards. Stories of well-known athletes and teams abound in popular literature--what is missing is an exaltation of the moments that can happen to any of the rest of us--and do. No Ordinary Game is the g...

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  • Fighting Scholars
    ‘Fighting Scholars’ presents insightful ethnographic research on a range of different martial arts and combat sports. Taking the habitus as a central theme of analysis, the different contributions of this volume are aligned within the same project that began to crystallize in Loïc Wacquant’s ‘Body and Soul’: the construction of a ‘carnal sociology’ that constitutes an explorati...

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  • An ethnography of English football fans
    Geoff Pearson
    Ethnographic account of English football fans who travel home and away following their team, based on sixteen years’ participant observation ...

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  • Frozen in Time
    William S. Marshall
    Until now much of the early history of ice hockey in Scotland has been neglected or forgotten - metaphorically frozen in time, lying buried under the ice. Here, for the first time, is a comprehensive and social history of both the Club and International game in the country from the late 19th century up to 1940. It aims to restore Scottish ice hockey to its right and proper pla...

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  • First, I’d Like to Thank God
    Simon Desmarais-Zalob
    Do you ever wonder why athletes always seem to thank God, first and foremost, in post-game interviews? Or why they point to the heavens following a home run or a touchdown? This book takes a look at the relationship between top athletes and religiosity (or spirituality) in a number of different ways. It aims to address the issues of when sport and religion began to merge, whet...

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  • First, I’d Like to Thank God
    Simon Desmarais-Zalob
    Do you ever wonder why athletes always seem to thank God, first and foremost, in post-game interviews? Or why they point to the heavens following a home run or a touchdown? This book takes a look at the relationship between top athletes and religiosity (or spirituality) in a number of different ways. It aims to address the issues of when sport and religion began to merge, whet...

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  • Gaming the World
    Andrei S. Markovits / Andrei SMarkovits / Lars Rensmann
    The globalizing influence of professional sportsProfessional sports today have truly become a global force, a common language that anyone, regardless of their nationality, can understand. Yet sports also remain distinctly local, with regional teams and the fiercely loyal local fans that follow them. This book examines the twenty-first-century phenomenon of global sports, in whi...

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  • Fighting Scholars
    ’Fighting Scholars’ offers the first book-length overview of the ethnographic study of martial arts and combat sports. The book’s main claim is that such activities represent privileged grounds to access different social dimensions, such as emotion, violence, pain, gender, ethnicity and religion. In order to explore these dimensions, the concept of ’habitus’ is presented promin...

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