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  • The Morning Surprise
    Iris Gray Dowling
    The Morning Surprise emphasizes these Educational Aims:To learn the Black Swallowtail Butterfly’s stages: egg, larva, pupa, adult.To motivate interest in the Metamorphosis cycles of all Butterfly species.To learn to pronounce a Butterfly’s scientific words using phonetics.To learn there is Biblical proof God created the beautiful butterflies.To learn in the world of butterflies...

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  • Bird Watching for KIds
    Georgetee Baker
    A great beginner, bird watching guide for children. Bilingual, Spanish and English, it is a short, easy reader.The photos by Ishrani Annamunthodoo, are clear, vibrant, large and detailed. There are repetative sentences for the emerging reader and interesting information to enhance knowledge and learning. ...

    16,35 €

  • I Want A Leopard Gecko
    Jacquelyn Elnor Johnson / Tristan Pulsifer
    New 2020 Edition - Now the Top-Selling leopard gecko care book for kids!Is your child begging for an unusual pet? Do the children in your class long for a tank pet that’s interesting, fun and easy to care for?Little leos are cute, gentle, fun and fascinating to get to know! They don’t need a lot of attention or care. Kids as young as eight or nine can learn to give good care to...

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  • Daisy and the Dirty Dozen
    Brian Wallace
    Daisy and the Dirty Dozen is the heartwarming and fun story of a female mallard duck and her 12 ducklings that take up residence in a suburban family’s swimming pool.The Wallace family take the 13 ducks “under their wing” and are able to watch a mother duck care for her ducklings right from their kitchen window.The ducks also provide the Wallace family with the opportunity to l...

    21,34 €

  • Furry Tails
    Carolina Hart
    Furry Tails is a heartwarming love story from beginning to end. Children of all ages will be captivated by the colorful illustrations and touching pictures woven into the story of this furry tale. It's every word born from the joy of discovering two perfect little furry friends. This is one fun-filled adventure sure to deliver a greater love and appreciation for our furry f...

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  • Farewell Doby
    Dr. Lakhbir K. Jassal
    Explaining the matters of death, grief and loss to a child is a difficult topic in and of itself. When the death of a pet occurs individuals experience the same intense emotions as they would when a special person passes away. As the saying goes, a person may love you with all their heart and when you go away the person may grieve with all their heart. Farewell Doby is a intera...

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  • Songs of the Wild
    Tony Ridgway
    n the words of the iconic lyricist Cole Porter, “birds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it. . .”Creatures of allsorts fall in love. And, after all. what is love without a song? A song could be romantic, upbeat, downbeat, heart-wrenching, sad, happy, content. . .   Humans aren’t the only “creatures” who sing songs. Many, many, MANY animals in the wild sing songs too!Her...

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  • Granny Butterfly’s Birthday
    Jean French
    This is the second in a series of illustrated children’s books about Granny Butterfly (a Red Admiral) and her butterfly friends and family.In book one, Bertrum (a Clouded Yellow) decided it was time to leave the safety of Honeysuckle Meadow and ventured out into the unknown with mishaps along the way!In this SECOND book Bertrum decides to take his friend Boris on an adventure, ...

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  • Hammerhead Sharks
    Victoria Blakemore
    An interesting and informative look into the life and behavior of hammerhead sharks for young readers.This book covers the physical characteristics, habitat, family life, behavior, and conservation of hammerhead sharks. ...

    14,98 €

  • It'll Be Ok, Lucy
    Starla Criser
    Lucy is a hedgehog who loves her small family and her home on the beach. She has never thought she needed more or anything different. Suddenly everything is changing and she is worried. They are moving far away to a new place. Her family is growing with two people she has never met, and with another family pet: Sophia, a guinea pig. Will everything be okay? Will these new peopl...

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  • Fading Colors ABC's
    Joey Redler / Megan Real
    Join, Kono, a wolf pup, on his journey through an alphabet of endangered species. This full-color children’s non-fiction ABC book includes vivid hand-drawn images of each animal as well as interesting facts about the animals’ habitat and activities. Additional text gives readers a glimpse of the animals’ endangered status, conservation tips and a glossary of related terms. It w...

    16,00 €

  • Corn
    Victoria Blakemore
    An interesting and informative read for young readers about corn.This book covers the history, life cycle, growing, harvesting, parts, and uses of corn. Also covered are the health benefits and nutrition. ...

    8,16 €

  • Why crocodiles smile
    Anthony Buirchell
    Look closely at a crocodile, not too closely, and you will see that it has a cheeky but menacing smile. What is this smile all about? Find out in the entertaining tale Why Crocodiles Smile. You will also discover that nature is wonderful and intriguing.The story is another children's picture book in the Cric Croc series. Cric goes to visit his grandfather and sees nature in...

    19,33 €

  • A to Sea
    Kirsti M Scott
    Teach little ones their letters through the beauty of sea glass with  letters, sea animals, and coastal images created with surf-tumbled pieces of beach glass. Each letter in the alphabet is represented by a sea glass art mosaic of an ocean animal or beach image, and letters created with sea glass. ...

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  • Autumntime in the Forest
    Edward Alan Kurtz
    There has been no rain in the forest for a long time and it is starting to be a problem.  Rivers like Big River and Raging River are drying up and the forest animals don’t know what to do.They ask the advice of Olivia the Owl, the wisest animal in the forest.  They all go to the nearby village and ask the people there for help.  As the animals and the people are talking, lightn...

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  • The Lagoon Princess
    Jana Meador
    When Princess the goose makes the lagoon her home and befriends a beaver, moose, and the ducks, she is the delight of all who come to the pond. Once winter arrives and Princess hasn’t flown south, though, she finds herself in trouble—but fortunately, thanks to her antics, she’s unwittingly made new friends who will come toher rescue.The evocative text of Jana Meador and colorfu...

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  • I Love to Share
    KidKiddos Books / S.APublishing / Shelley Admont
    Russian English Bilingual Book. Perfect for kids studying English or Russian as their second language. Jimmy and his bunny brothers love to play, and today is Jimmy’s birthday, so he has lots of toys. However, he doesn’t always want to share, and because of that, he may miss out on having fun. Let’s find out what it means to share, and why it makes us feel better! ...

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  • Thank You, Bugs!
    Dawn V Pape
    Even though some bugs are hairy and scary, this book teaches us that insects are important pollinators and help make the food we eat. Not only is Thank You, Bugs! fun to read, it is full of beautiful photographs featuring adorable children with expressive faces. This book is also great for teaching about feelings and facial expressions. It's sure be a favorite in any family...

    10,96 €

  • Jo, My Sad Hippo- A book about Sadness
    Doctor Harmony
    When adults are not comfortable talking about and facing uncomfortable feelings, such as sadness, it is then difficult for their children to learn how to deal with these feelings constructively. 'Bottled' emotions increase the risk of physical and emotional health problems. Some people turn to drugs and alcohol, comfort-eating, gambling or domestic violence. It also fractures r...

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  • The Christmas Gift
    Brenda Anderson
    What is your favorite Christmas tradition?Christmas is a special time of year to celebrate the birth of our Savior.The time of year to enjoy our family and friends.The Christmas Gift is the nativity story of Jesus Birth.  Grandma Cookie the goat on the cover tells the story of why we celebrate Christmas.  Nativity story of when Jesus was born. Family traditions are important....

    19,32 €

  • There’s a Tiger in My House
    Michael M. Sharpe / Michael MSharpe
    Kayin is certain that his family is in danger-because he just knows he saw a tiger lurking somewhere in the house but he can’t find him anywhere. Will Kayin be able to find the tiger and if so where could it be? ...

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  • A Devilish Tale
    Alice Mary Hansen
    Follow the journey of Nevil the Devil through Tasmania's wilderness in this children's book aimed at raising awareness and funds for the Tasmanian Devil Facial Tumour Disease. ...

    11,33 €

  • I Love Birds
    Barbara Miller
    Learning to identify birds when you are very young can develop into a pleasurable lifelong hobby. i love Birds is a book of colorful birds with brief descriptions for toddlers for identifying birds and encouraging their interest in them. 'What is that bird, Grammy?' On a cold and sunny winter day while babysitting my grandchildren, we watched birds flocking to feeders in the y...

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    Clare Turlay Newberry
    Like the classic original, with its portrayal of affectionate patience for pets by both children and their parents, this new edition of Newberry’s PANDORA has been lovingly reissued by her daughter, Felicia N. Trujíllo, and features three innovations for Newberry fans and students.The story will ring true for anyone who has ever known and loved a cat. Newberry was pleased to ad...

    25,30 €

  • Chickin Fishin
    M.C. Grant
    Thomas loved the animals on the farm and would visit them when he went on his daily walk. This story is about one day when Thomas went for his walk. The animals sensed Thomas was a kind, gentle soul and never feared to greet him while he walked among them. 3 ...

    10,97 €

  • Lo raro está en todos lados
    Deborah R Katz
    Lo raro está en todos lados lleva al lector a través de un viaje por el reinoanimal, revelando, por ejemplo, cómo un saltamontes puede ser de colorrosa, cómo un tigre puede ser blanco, y cómo una langosta puede ser azul.Mostrando once increíbles animales a través de vibrantes ilustraciones yuna poesía un tanto juguetona, este libro transmite a los niños los valoresde la diversi...

    15,32 €

  • Rabbits and Rats, Birds and Seeds, Cactus and Trees
    Paul Dayton
    Often when we look at a desert landscape, we see only today’s 'snapshot' of the plants and animals that live there. But what would we see if we took a much longer look — long enough to see the dramatic changes that happen over time in this dynamic ecosystem?This friendly little book tells the fascinating story of life in the desert as seen through the eyes of Renaldo, a Sonoran...

    7,54 €

  • OSCAR, the dog gone dog
    Bill F Korver
    A heart-warming, true story of a dog adopted from a shelter by a family. It was later lost for two months before finally being found. The book details life lessons and biblical truths its owners learned along the way. ...

    15,91 €

  • Doggy’s Minnesota Winter
    Jayne Flaagan
    Ella the doggy loves the season of winter – especially because she lives in Minnesota!In states that get cold like Minnesota does, people have to dress up to stay warm outside, but not Ella! Ella is a dog called a Husky and Huskies can play outside for a long time without getting cold because their fur keeps them warm.In “Doggy’s Minnesota Winter,” ('Ella the Doggy' book series...

    9,99 €

  • Panda’s Alphabet Adventure
    Robin Wiesneth
    Andy Panda wants to go to his friend Zack's house for tea and cookies but he has to find a way to get there. He uses the alphabet to discover the many ways a panda can travel from one point to another. Filled with silly rhyming fun and bright illustrations, this one is sure to be a favorite! 3 ...

    20,22 €