Autumntime in the Forest

Autumntime in the Forest

Edward Alan Kurtz

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Stergiou Books Limited
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Flora y fauna (infantil/juvenil)
15,23 €
IVA incluido

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There has been no rain in the forest for a long time and it is starting to be a problem.  Rivers like Big River and Raging River are drying up and the forest animals don’t know what to do.They ask the advice of Olivia the Owl, the wisest animal in the forest.  They all go to the nearby village and ask the people there for help.  As the animals and the people are talking, lightning suddenly strikes the heart of the forest, and the result is both shocking and dangerous.Join Wendy the Warbler, Sebastian the Squirrel, Wally the Woodlark, William the Woodpecker, and Olivia the Owl as they join forces with the people from the village to save the forest and the old pine tree!

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