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  • A Gift Of His Mercy
    Katherine Hether
    It's winter in Utah and a snowstorm is creating blizzard conditions.  Stephen wonders who could be knocking at his front door.  It's a young child with no coat and no other adults accompanying her.  Joanna charms her way into Stephen's home and the miracles that occur over the next 72 hours transform his life.Stephen is a single father who lost the love of his life;...

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  • Close to Forever
    Victoria D. Loggins / Victoria DLoggins
    Alexis had known since she was a young girl that if she wanted something she would have to work for it.  Not born with a silver spoon in her mouth, she knew the road to success and having it all would be a challenging and sometimes difficult path to take.  What Alexis didn't see coming was Oliver, the man who would take her heart almost from the second she met him.  Almost ...

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  • Getting to the Other Side of Victory
    Donna Hopkins
       Donna J. Hopkins was the picture of health. As a competitive athlete, with a growing broadcasting career, life truly felt good. After a monthly self-Breast exam revealed a lump, her hopes and dreams were covered with the thick fog of pending survival, as the loneliness of “why me” began to take its toll.As if the road to survival was not enough the first time, Donna was not ...

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  • The ADHD Lifestyle Series, Volume 1
    Dr. Dawn Kamilah Brown MD
    Have you been searching for proven strategies to manage your child’s ADHD symptoms? If so, The ADHD Lifestyle Series, Volume 1 by Dawn Kamilah Brown, MD, contains vital information to help your child champion their ADHD and function at their optimal level. After uncovering key factors while seeking ways to manage her own ADHD, Dr. Dawn now exposes food myths, replaces them with...

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  • Addiction is Addiction Workbook
    Sue Newton
    Addiction is a primary, chronic brain disease. Primary means that it is not caused by anything else and chronic means that it lasts a lifetime. Genetic factors account for more than half the likelihood that an individual will develop Addiction but environment also plays a significant role in its expression. Our goal in writing this workbook is to help you appreciate the princip...

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  • Second Wind
    Dann Wonser
    "Don't you ever get tired of being so positive?" my niece blurted out one day.The question shocked me, five years into my fight with lung cancer.  Was my enthusiasm about remaining treatment options so disheartening that even someone normally upbeat struggled to see the hope in my situation? Was the way I was thinking that foreign to how other people think?Over the next yea...

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  • Bridge Over The River Why
    David Cooper / Deborah Cooper
    'In Bridge Over the River Why, the Coopers have succeeded in a dual task documenting their own journey through the grief of losing their son Eli by suicide, while at the same time providing a valuable resource for anyone who has had to face the same terrible tragedy. They start with the premise that 'doing and feeling' are the key components of moving forward and have a core me...

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  • The 4-Minute Miracle
    Linda J. Curry / Linda JCurry
    “The 4-Minute Miracle” releases excess weight, intensifies confidence, and reclaims your sexy! Lifelong health and vitality awaits you.Change your mindset around food. Depriving yourself will no longer be a strategy and any guilt associated with eating will be a thing of the past.Learn a common-sense approach to food. Choosing the right foods for your body is key as one-size do...

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    Lillian Nejad
    LIFEBLOCKERS are the obstacles that prevent you from living the life you want for yourself. LIFEBLOCKERS include emotions, thoughts, behaviors, relationships and circumstances that interfere with pursuing your true goals and desires.LIFEBLOCKERS: The Sleep Edition is the first book in the LIFEBLOCKERS series and aims to help you address your difficulties related to insomnia. In...

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  • Confessions of an English Opium-Eater
    Thomas De Quincey
    Confessions of an English Opium-Eater (1821) is an autobiographical account written by Thomas De Quincey, about his laudanum (opium and alcohol) addiction and its effect on his life. The Confessions was 'the first major work De Quincey published and the one which won him fame almost overnight. ...

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  • On Our Way Home
    Dwight Kiefert
    How do you handle the loss of a child? Where do you turn for answers? Death does not have to be a mystery. Join author and father, Dwight Kiefert as he shares his story: the tragic loss of a young son, Matthew, killed by a drunken school bus driver in 1987; and the direction and faith he and his family came to know after their darkest hour. More than 95% of marriages that su er...

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  • Peeking Over the Edge ... views from life's middle, 2nd Edition
    Cathy Marley
    Fifty … middle age … over the hill.  Is middle age a time that scares the living daylights out of you?  Or is it a time for celebration? Which are you?Cathy Marley reached her 50s and took a long look at where she had been and where she was going and discovered the long-buried passionate soul of a writer. But “everyone” said 50 is a hard time to change direction from technology...

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  • Is This Your First Funeral?
    Jimmy Huston
    A gentle guide through the uncertain moments of a child's first funeral experience. What to expect. How to find a way through the process of grief. How to accept the moments and share feelings. Charming illustrations. ...

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  • The Write Way to Grieve
    Terri Johnson
    The death of a child is one of the deepest traumas known. When a child commits suicide, the trauma strikes deeper because of the guilt, social stigma and unanswered questions associated with suicide. How did everyone miss the signs of this child’s emotional turmoil? Why did this happen?There is no right way to grieve the death of a loved one.The Write Way to Grieve tells the st...

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  • Almost a Mother
    Christy Wopat
    "After my infant twins died, I couldn’t find anything on the shelves at the bookstore that was actually honest."I found books about grief, sure. Books written by psychologists on the stages of grief and books that assured me that I would find my answers in prayer. This isn’t meant to replace those. Those books are necessary, but in the raw, emotional weeks and months after losi...

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  • Shadow Work
    Tavius Dyer
    Tavius Dyer looks at the parts of himself he hasn't wanted to look at--those hiding in the shadows--and brings them into the open for re-integration. The poems move from darkness to recovery by creatively exploring a self sometimes reluctant to step into the light. Near-death experiences, incarceration, divorce, and the loss of an only child are motivations to finding the o...

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  • Almost a Mother
    Christy Wopat
    "After my infant twins died, I couldn’t find anything on the shelves at the bookstore that was actually honest."I found books about grief, sure. Books written by psychologists on the stages of grief and books that assured me that I would find my answers in prayer. This isn’t meant to replace those. Those books are necessary, but in the raw, emotional weeks and months after losi...

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  • The Brightest Star in the Sky
    Anne Dupré
    Poignant and poetic recollections of a mother after the death of her son. These vivid and fondest memories evoke a living presence and offer hope and consolation and inspiration to all who have lost loved ones. Anne Dupré writes, “These treasured memories tear down the cruel wall of mortality, and like the bright stars that illuminate a dark sky, their glow lights up my world.”...

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  • It's Positively Cancer
    Andy Smith / Tracy Lynn Hamilton
    She was a young wife. Her and her husband, Jesse, owned two businesses- a trendy new bar in the rising community of East Nashville, as well as a bartending service for major events around Nashville. They just welcomed their first child, a boy named Charlie, into their world.Life was was full of hope for Tracy Lynn Hamilton.Then she found lumps under her arm.This began a two yea...

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  • Caregiving 101
    Dave Leffmann
    This personal yet clinically relevant guide stands out as a must read for anyone faced with caregiving. These pages, penned from the heart and soul of a physical therapist turned caregiver, offers simple yet well thought through and medically accurate essays, external links, even video, to help you with most everything you will face on your journey. The links are written out so...

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  • On the Yellow Brick Road
    Karen Kaplan
    We are all on some type of search to find home, a place we feel supports our uniqueness, our curiosities, our passions; acknowledges our contributions; helps us feel connected; and, most of all, offers us safety, love, and a sense of well-being.In this book, Karen Kaplan takes us on her search to find her own home through her dedication to children with autism, to give hope to ...

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  • Onwards We Go
    Stephen Mohan
    I lost my left eye to cancer at the age of two. I haven't let this deter me from working as a steamroller driver, ski racing coach, coffee bean delivery man, wooden boat shipwright, bicycle mechanic, whale watching skipper, fish farmer, vineyard worker, tall ship boatswain, and snow gun operator. I’ve illegally driven across a parade route, lost control of my sailing dinghy...

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  • 97 Organic Juice and Meal Recipes For People Who Suffer From Heart Disease
    Joe Correa
    97 Organic Juice and Meal Recipes For People Who Suffer From Heart Disease: Give Your Heart the Tools It Needs to Get Stronger!By Joe Correa CSN Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the world. A wide range of conditions that affect the heart can become a serious problem for middle-aged as well as older people. Once the disease is diagnosed, it lasts for life which ...

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  • 47 Alzheimer's Preventing Juice Recipes
    Joe Correa
    47 Alzheimer’s Preventing Juice Recipes: Naturally Lower the Risk of Alzheimer’s disease without the use of PillsBy Joe Correa CSN Alzheimer's disease is a disease that gradually destroys nerve cells and links between them. The greatest risk factor for this disease comes with age, the majority of people with Alzheimer’s are 65 and older. However, I have to point out that it...

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  • 104 Recetas de Comidas y Jugos Para la Diabetes
    Joe Correa
    104 Recetas de Comidas y Jugos Para la Diabetes: Controle Su Condición Naturalmente Usando Ingredientes Ricos En NutrientesPor Joe Correa CSN En este libro, encontrará recetas deliciosas y consejos que puede seguir al cocinar alimentos beneficiosos para los diabéticos. Para ayudarlo a iniciar en este estilo de cocina, una lista de recetas de jugos y comidas le será brindada.Bás...

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  • 100 Recetas de Comidas y Jugos para la Artritis
    Joe Correa
    100 Recetas de Comidas y Jugos para la Artritis: Reduzca el Dolor y Disconformidad NaturalmentePor Joe Correa CSNLos síntomas varían de un momento al otro. Pero si no se los trata, se vuelven progresivos, resultando en una deformación completa de las articulaciones. La artritis no es algo que debería tratar por su cuenta. Un médico determinará qué tipo posee y le prescribirá me...

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  • Diabetic’s Journey
    Ernest Quansah
    Ernest Quansah is Lifestyle Strategist and internationally sought-after Keynote speaker on diabetes. He almost lost his life to type 2 diabetes. With the help of doctors and through research, he was able to reverse the diabetes. He authored  Diabetics Journey, an autobiographical book to educate diabetics and the overweight on how to regain their good health. The method he used...

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  • 92 Homeopathic Juice and Meal Recipes to Lower High Blood Pressure
    Joe Correa
    92 Homeopathic Juice and Meal Recipes to Lower High Blood Pressure: The Solution to Hypertension Problems without Recurring to Pills or MedicineBy Joe Correa CSN Having high blood pressure is becoming more common due to unhealthy eating habits and undue stress. Reducing stress and learning to eat healthier will dramatically reduce your blood pressure.These juice and meal recipe...

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  • Sleeping For Pilots & Cabin Crew
    James C Nixon
    THE BOOK THAT LIFTS THE SHEETS ON HOW TO SLEEP WHENEVER YOU WANT ... AND MOREThis may turn out to be the most important book you've ever read.Being able to sleep when you want, for as long as you want, is the key to a successful airline career. No other shift-workers suffer the same type of rosters as flight crew: early start one day, fly to a new time zone, try to sleep in...

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  • Save Your Life with Stupendous Spices
    Blythe Ayne
    Turmeric has undergone thousands of biomedical studies, resulting in the discovery of over six-hundred medical applications. Its active ingredient is an antioxidant compound more effective than vitamin e. Turmeric protects DNA strands from breakage. It is anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial, and anti-microbial, used to treat cancers, Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, liv...

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