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  • Finding Freedom
    Neil R Oliver / Neil R. Oliver
    You don’t have to keep suffering, living in defeat and darkness because you are unequipped with the truth needed to eliminate all the lies, deception, and fear you’re experiencing due to the unexpected events in life, unwanted situations, and times when your circumstances seem to be spiraling rapidly out of your control. Don’t do it. Don’t believe there is no way out. You can e...

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  • Can You Hear Me Now?
    Angela McCrimmon
    Angela McCrimmon - Nominated for Health Champion Hero Award 2016The thoughts and feelings I should have felt safe enough to entrust  in the hands of a Professional are now finding their way from the entrapment of my head to the healing I am finding in my writing. Revealing that although I've battled Self-Harm on the outside, the real harm was often done by Mental Health Pro...

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  • A Voice in the Tide
    Nancy Shappell
    A New England woman, fighting muted incest memories with toxic self-injury, is on a mission for the mother who denies sacrificing her, to validate the family truth before one of them dies. After decades of self-blame and illness Nancy realizes, the very things she had fought against, detoxing her own fear and anger, living her truth, and loving herself, were the only real sourc...

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  • 30day BootCamp to Eliminate Fears & Phobias
    Kristen L. Baker / Kristen LBaker
    This interactive book will help you to overcome your fears and phobias by helping you change your thought process, gain self-confidence and believe in yourself. Each day in this 30day bootcamp will cover a topic that will help you permanently eliminate your fears and phobias.After reading this book, you will feel comfortable, but challenged. You will look forward to each new da...

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  • Where the Sky has No Stars
    Wesley Burton
    Matrika Press is delighted and proud to honor Wesley Burton’s gift he brings to the world with his incredibly insightful poetry by publishing his first collection of poems.Wesley’s poetry reflects his deep appreciation for Nature and keen intuitions on the human experience. Contemplative and imaginative, his poetry entices readers to face moments of transition.  His work explor...

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  • An Inconvenient Posting - An Expat Wife's Memoir of Lost Identity
    Laura J. Stephens
    British psychotherapist, Laura J Stephens, already had the living abroad tee-shirt, and believed that another intercontinental move, this time to a country where they spoke the same language, would be child's play. How wrong she was! This always candid and often humorous memoir demonstrates that things don't always go as expected - particularly with three kids in tow an...

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  • Relief from Anxiety and Panic
    Tess Graham
    Relief from Anxiety and Panic  by Tess Graham ANXIETY – A NEW UNDERSTANDING, A PRACTICAL SOLUTIONThere is a fast and natural way to get lasting relief from anxiety, but you may not have heard of it. Few people realise that the key is to correct the underlying disturbance in their physiology – that is, body function and blood chemistry, by learning to breathe correctly. And that...

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  • Kissing the Tarmac
    James Hansen
    Kissing The Tarmac is unlike most Vietnam War memoirs. James Hansen’s story is focused on both the development and resolution of Post Traumatic Stress Order. The story is told in a unique manner, describing his war experiences along with passages from his daily journal and the author’s letters he wrote home during his tour of duty. This style creates a window into the author’s ...

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  • Storiez A Do It Yourself Guide
    Meagan Corrado
    Storiez: A Do It Yourself Guide is a tool for children, teenagers, and adults between the ages of 7 and 107. Storiez: A Do It Yourself Guide will help you create, voice, and honor your life story. It begins by helping you name your supports. It helps you find ways to express feelings. To put a lid on your feelings and experiences when you need to. It helps you create a timeline...

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  • The Migratory Moment
    Marnie Holt Swenson
    Migratory Moment by Marnie Holt Swenson is a hybrid book of poetry, dialogue, and paintings that examines an anguished speaker’s view of her origins through memories.Vernacular and fractured lines sift truth from fiction, creating a moving, erratic portrait of fragility and loss that spirals into “a puzzle I cannot solve.” Whether the titular moment refers to the speaker’s sens...

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  • Victory Over Depression With and Without Medicines
    Bergina Isbell
    Dr. Isbell provides a unique personal and professional perspective on identifying and treating depression. From learning about how depression can take root to implementing permanent methods to restore wholeness, she helps her readers make informed decisions as they journey along their unique path to healing emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Included is a discussion of n...

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  • Self Help Books
    Brian Michael Good
    'There is no better gift to yourself or another person than the gift of knowledge and understanding derived from wisdom.' - Brian Michael GoodRecharge your life with over 400 quotes organized in seventy chapters that deal with self-esteem, self-worth, abuse, feelings, emotions, challenges, hardships, and obstacles. 'Quotes Of Wisdom To Live By' can reduce depression, anxiety, s...

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  • Split Second
    Jeff Garland
    Split Second provides a rare, confronting and honest account of front line policing behind the ’thin blue line’.For nearly 16 years, Jeff Garland served as a proud member of the NSW Police Force, risking his life to uphold the law and protect the community. His career, moulded on the streets of inner city Redfern and the infamous ’Block’, was flooded with a multitude of violent...

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  • Heal.A 61-Day Journey of Embracing Hope and Finding Peace in the Midst of Anxiety and Depression
    Claritza Rausch Peralta
    'Heal: Embracing Hope and Finding Peace in the Midst of Anxiety and Depression' is a beacon of light in the midst of darkness. It is a reminder that there is always hope, even in the most trying times. Allow this book to be your companion on this journey towards healing, and may it lead you to a place of profound peace and restoration. ...

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  • Combatiendo la Depresión
    Leonardo Tavares / realleotavares
    'Combatiendo la Depresión' no es solo un libro; es un viaje compartido entre autor y lector, entre aquellos que luchan y aquellos que se unen para apoyar. Está moldeado por la experiencia humana, por los altibajos y por la búsqueda incesante de la luz al final del túnel. A lo largo de las páginas de este libro, nos sumergiremos en estrategias de autocuidado, en el poder de las ...

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  • I Didn’t Want to Die, I Just Wanted the Pain to End
    Shane Kelton
    The conversation around mental health changes now.Shane Kelton knows what it’s like to suffer. He knows what it’s like to be at war with his own mind. He knows what it’s like to lose that fight. But he also knows what it’s like to turn it all around.After surviving a suicide attempt at age 21, Shane made it his life’s mission to find a better way to overcome the pain and suffe...

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  • All the Light and Dark Things
    Nathalie Jackson
    All the Light and Dark Things is a transformational fictional book, weaving a story of six unique characters. It combines ancient and mystical teachings as seen through the eyes of regular people, and their own journey of transformation. It introduces readers to the multi-faceted, rich and complex nature of the mind, with new understandings to support their own transformation. ...

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  • Descent into Madness (and how I found myself again)
    Joan M Kopczynski
    Descent into Madness (and how I found myself again) is a work of non-fiction in the memoir, self-help, and inspirational writing subgenres. It is best suited to mature readers owing to the frank discussion of sexual situations. This candid and compelling memoir penned by author Joan Kopczynski chronicles the author’s most challenging years when mental illness had her in its gri...

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    Dr. T- Bob
    People who talk to themselves are crazy, right? Wrong. During periods of loneliness, face-to-face conversations are limited. Yet, random conversations often occur in the minds of those living through unexpected 'me time.' This self-talk isn’t always the dose of encouragement needed to elevate from loneliness to aloneness. Therefore, you must talk to yourself. But most important...

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  • The Triangle Concept
    Randall Venson
    The Triangle Concept is a self-help book that expounds on the four triangles of life; the life triangle, the physical needs triangle, the emotional needs triangle, and the personal needs triangle. As a social worker, I’ve worked with individuals who for various reasons, struggle to live productive meaningful lives. It was overwhelmingly clear that there was a deficiency at some...

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  • Juntos na escuridão
    Diana Gruver / Claudia Santana Martins
    Ao longo da história da tradição judaico-cristã, a depressão e outras doenças mentais foram bastante incompreendidas, talvez pelo fato de que as diversas manifestações psíquicas só começaram a ser estudadas com mais afinco no final do século 19. Até lá, a depressão foi errônea, apressada e injustamente relacionada ao pecado e à influência demoníaca.Embora nos últimos anos a dep...

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  • Oppositional Defiant Disorder
    Val Salvatore
    'A Parenting Guide to Understand & Manage ODD Children' is a beacon of support and knowledge for parents navigating the intricate journey of raising children with Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD). This comprehensive guide offers a wealth of insights, practical strategies, and empathetic guidance to empower parents in nurturing their children’s growth and well-being.Within th...

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  • Oppositional Defiant Disorder 101
    Erin Cobbler
    'The Ultimate In-Depth Guide for Parents' is a comprehensive and indispensable resource that takes parents on an enlightening journey through the multifaceted world of raising children. This guide is a treasure trove of knowledge, insights, and practical advice, offering a comprehensive roadmap to navigate every facet of parenthood with unwavering confidence.From the moment a c...

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  • What If There’s Nothing Wrong With You
    Charlina Byrne
    'What If There’s Nothing Wrong With You: Embracing Self-Acceptance and Authenticity'Amidst a world often marked by self-doubt and societal expectations, the phrase 'What If There’s Nothing Wrong With You' emerges as a profound invitation to embark on a journey of self-discovery and acceptance. This empowering description unveils a narrative that challenges the notion of inadequ...

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  • Emo Reality
    Jerold Daniels
    When Lina’s idyllic childhood descends into mental chaos in her teenage years, she resorts to recording her thoughts to make sense of her anguish. Through Lina’s heart-wrenching words, the reader steps into her broken inner world to experience first-hand the obsessions, irrationality, angst and ruthlessness of teenage borderline personality disorder. Emo Reality shines a light ...

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  • Estrategias sencillas y eficaces para proteger tu salud mental
    Grete / Grete Garrido / Lara Miralles
    Quieres mejorar tu salud mental y aprender a manejar tus emociones de manera más saludable? Entonces este es el libro perfecto para ti.Este libro te ofrece una guía completa y accesible sobre cómo mantener una mente sana. A través de consejos prácticos, aprenderás todas las acciones que puedes llevar a cabo para conseguir una salud mental fuerte y en calma.Con un enfoque claro ...

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  • Wie Man Aufhört, Zu Viel Zu Denken
    Adam Tusco
    WAS DU MIT DIESEM BUCH LERNEN WIRST, WIRD DICH FÜR IMMER VERÄNDERN Wie Hört Man Auf, Zu Viel Zu Denken: das Buch, das imstande ist, aufdringliche Gedanken abzubremsen!Wie oft ist es vorgekommen, dass du nach einem langen Arbeitstag endlich ins Bett gehen kannst, aber der Schlaf will nicht kommen, weil dein Gehirn überlastet, voller Gedanken ist? Dies ist eine der frustrierenden...

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  • Comment Arrêter De Trop Penser
    Adam Tusco
    CE QUE VOUS ALLEZ APPRENDRE POURRAIT VOUS CHANGER POUR TOUJOURS Comment arrêter de trop penser : le livre qui met un frein à la pensée envahissante ! Comment pouvez-vous apaiser le bourdonnement incessant, contrôler vos pensées et vous mettre sur le chemin que vous souhaitez parcourir ?Combien de fois avez-vous eu l’occasion, après une longue journée, de vous mettre au lit et d...

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  • Lifting Depression
    hugh macnab
    If you want to reduce the effects of depression in your life, this book will help in several ways. First, you will learn what is causing not just the label (depression), but the symptoms. Each and every one of them will be explained. Once you understand this, it will become obvious what you need to do in order to reduce their effect and recover. This book includes a three-week ...

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  • Next Year You May Die. Mortal Echo
    Roger J. Mansell
    "Next Year You May Die. Mortal Echo: Live Your Life As If Next Year You Are Not Here Because One Day, That Will Be The Truth" is an inspiring journey confronting the reality of death and celebrating the vitality of life. If you’ve ever questioned your purpose, grappled with life’s adversities, or sought to infuse each day with gratitude and positivity, this book is your guiding...

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