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  • Up the Strait
    Wayne J Lutz
    Boating, hiking, and survival off the grid in coastal British Columbia, where mountains drop into the sea and people practice self-reliance and a different sense of purpose. Destinations on the Strait of Georgia that can be reached by boat, bicycle, all-terrain vehicle, and sea kayak. Contrarian views of the people and places of coastal British Columbia. A travelogue memoir bas...

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  • Boats Bring Out My Nauti Side
    Holly Placate
    If BOATS Bring Out Your Nauti Side get this Boat Logbook!Featuring 8x10 inch 110 pages of boating and maintenance logsWith this BOAT LOG you’ll be able to keep track of all your important boating and maintenance activities for a simple, fun and safe boating time! Keep an 'offline' boat log is helpful for times when you don’t want to get your electronics wet. Having a central bo...

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  • Learning To Swim When You’re Scared
    Katie Smith

    10,93 €

  • A Woman’s Guide to TA Woman’s Guide to Triathlon
    Eva Mauer
    Turn your triathlon dreams  into reality. Have all your questions answered and get started training for your first tri!A Woman’s Guide to Triathlon - The Things Men Will Never Tell You About the Sport is written specifically for women wanting to get into the sport (really all 3 sports). It combines knowledge from seasoned pros and presents everything you need to ...

    19,15 €

  • Ελεύθερη Κατάδυση
    Στις πρωταθλητικές ελεύθερες καταδύσεις σε βάθη ρεκόρ οι δύτες αντιμετωπίζουν την νάρκωση των αερίων όπως το άζωτο, που εκδηλώνεται στο με τα δικά της συμπτώματα στην ελεύθερη στη φάση κατάδυσης ή στο μέγιστο βάθος και με τρόπο ανάλογο όσων γνωρίζαμε μέχρι σήμερα για την αυτόνομη κατάδυση.Στο βιβλίο αυτό διατυπώνεται για πρώτη φορά μία νέα θεωρία από τον συγγραφέα: η θεωρία της...

    30,25 €

  • How To Dryland Train For Swimming
    If you want to train swimming without dipping into the water and without getting expose to sunlight, then you need to grab a copy of this "How To Dryland Train For Swimming" guide.In this step-by-step guide you will be able to reap the following benefits:- Learn how to swim easily and quickly at the comfort of your own home.- Practice swimming without getting wet and sunburns.-...

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  • Spring Splash
    Denise Weimer
    The heart of a champion may surprise you.When an injury sidelines college swimmer Anna Callaway, her dreams are crushed. She pours herself into her sports marketing practicum, helping a local special needs organization promote their athletic event. What she doesn’t expect is a swim team ripe for the Special Olympics—and their handsome but stubborn coach.Craig Holt has dealt wit...

    13,44 €

  • Practical Boat Bits and Tips
    Judith Binder
    Judith Binder has forty years of experience finishing and maintaining vessels, furniture, and houses. She is also an accomplished sailor with 150,000 miles under sail, so she knows what stands the test of time. Living afloat continuously for thirteen years, raising and educating her two sons while they sailed to over eighty countries, she learnt how to organize, victual, and ma...

    19,42 €

  • Freediving 101
    HowExpert / Julie Shoults
    Have you ever wanted to connect with the ocean? Are you curious about holding your breath? Are you seeking a way to calm your mind? Freediving may be for you! This is when people explore the underwater world while holding their breath. Imagine you’re swimming over a colorful coral reef, with no SCUBA gear, just complete freedom. The fish are calm, the water is clear, and your l...

    37,04 €

  • The Forgotten Shipwreck
    Nick Lyon
    The Forgotten Shipwreck is the tragic true story of a Cornish pleasure boat which sank without trace or sensation, relegated in news columns by England’s football World Cup triumph the day before. It spans so many facets, from a village numbed with whole families wiped out, to angry exchanges in the House of Commons and law courts. There is intrigue, chicanery, deceit, incompet...

    35,22 €

  • Surf’s Up
    ‘An inspiring book, not only for young girls but for any woman with an itch to hang ten' – Australian Book Review‘Louise Southerden has put together an awesome and very friendly guide to becoming a true surfer … you can really get a sense of the wonderful connection between women and the beautiful energy of the ocean’ – Stephanie Gilmore, ASP pro surfer and seven-time world...

    28,82 €

  • Survival Swimming
    Sam Fury
    These Swimming Skills Will Save Your Life!Discover everything you need to escape your enemies and survive in the water.Inside this three-part training manual you will learn:Efficient Swimming. Swimming lessons to swim faster and longer, including while swimming underwater.Water Safety and Survival. Learn the dangers of open water and how to survive in it.Water Rescue. Essential...

    22,74 €

  • Juegos en el agua para niños
    ¿Eres padre o monitor de natación? ¿Te quieres ocupar de un grupo de niños en la playa, en un lago o, incluso, en la piscina, durante los largos días de verano? Esta guía te proporcionará numerosas ideas sobre juegos que gustarán tanto a los niños como a los mayores. Adaptadas a cada franja de edad (de tres a cinco años, de seis a ocho, de nueve a doce) y respetando todas las n...

    33,23 €

  • Cómo organizar fiestas para ninos
    M. Lironi / MLironi / T. Ferroni / TFerroni
    ¿Sus hijos quieren invitar a sus amigos a casa? ¿Tiene que organizar una fiesta de cumpleaños? Para ayudarles a que esta fiesta, y todas las que vendrán después, sean un acontecimiento inolvidable, los autores de esta obra le proponen numerosos consejos sobre la decoración de la casa, la preparación de la merienda, la elección de los juegos, etc.. Sean cuales sean los niños que...

    15,55 €

  • Adults Guide To Better Swimming
    Katie Smith

    10,93 €

  • Golden Glow
    Dan D'Addona / Dan D’Addona / Kaitlin Sandeno
    Swimmer Kaitlin Sandeno was a force in the pool, winning gold, silver, and two bronze medals in the 2000 and 2004 Olympics. This book not only recounts her successes in the pool but also how she overcame struggles with injuries, a car crash, pressure, and doubt, and how since retiring she has found new meaning through helping and inspiring others. ...

    42,31 €

  • Sea Capabilities of the U.S. Navy SEALs
    Thomas Hawkins
    SEAL is an acronym for Sea, Air, and Land; the environments where U.S. Navy SEALs train and operate. This book explores the sea capabilities of our nation’s foremost special operations commandos, and is the second of a three-volume trilogy published by Phoca Press. The first, Air Capabilities of the U.S. Navy SEALs, by Captain (SEAL) Norm Olson and Commander (SEAL) Tom Hawkins ...

    48,18 €

  • A Mermaid’s Guide
    Lang Michelle
    What does learning to swim have to do with your child excelling at school? Or, for a toddler, being able to put on a pair of shoes when they don't want to? Or overcoming the fear of taking a new karate class? How do we teach our children to solve problems, never give up, and be kind, strong and brave?We teach them to swim.In water...and in life.A MERMAID’S GUIDE is your new...

    18,48 €

  • Ελεύθερη Κατάδυση
    Το βιβλίο αποτελεί συνέχεια του 1ου επιπέδου της τεχνικής της ελεύθερης κατάδυσης και είναι το 5ο βιβλίο της σειράς 'Ελεύθερη Κατάδυση' του συγγραφέα.Είναι ένα πρακτικό μάνουαλ εκπαίδευσης του Advanced Freediver όπως λέγεται το 2ο επίπεδο στην εκπαίδευση της ελεύθερης κατάδυσης. Μέσα από σειρές δεκάδων φωτογραφιών από πραγματική εκπαίδευση ο συγγραφέας περιγράφει βήμα προς βήμα...

    33,92 €

  • Immersion
    Karen Throsby
    Drawing on extensive (auto)ethnographic data, Immersion explores the embodied and social processes of becoming a marathon swimmer and investigates how social belonging is produced and policed ...

    37,10 €

  • Cómo hacer los nudos
    Alessandro Salmeri
    Cuántos nudos existen, cuántos son verdaderamente útiles, cuáles nos serán de utilidad en casa, o para ir en barca, hacer alpinismo, salir a pescar, etc.Nudos para unir, colgar, enlazar, regular, etc.Gazas, ayustes, ligadas, accesorios, guías, sujeciones, sistemas de enganche, herramientas, etc.Un libro ilustrado: en cada secuencia de los dibujos y de las fotografías veremos «n...

    29,07 €

  • Doberman 2019 Dog Calendar
    Over the Wall Dogs
    Twelve magnificent, full-color dog pics with bone backgrounded monthly grid calendars Lists US national holidays Plenty of space for writing down appointments and special occasions 11 x 17 in. when open ...

    13,22 €

  • Lighthouses 2019 Mini Wall Calendar (UK Edition)
    Wall Publishing
    Art calendar featuring full-color photos Monthly grid calendars indicate UK national holidays Weeks are shown beginning on Monday and ending on Sunday Ample space for writing down appointments and special occasions 21.6 cm square when closed ...

    18,90 €

  • Lighthouses 2019 Mini Wall Calendar
    Wall Craft Calendars
    Art calendar featuring full-color photos Monthly grid calendars indicate US national holidays Ample space for writing down appointments and special occasions 8.5 in square when closed ...

    18,90 €

    Cynthia Zvanut Hovey / Winston A. Hovey / Winston AHovey
    We wanted more out of life after forty. This is our story - a baby-boomer couple who abandoned our San Diego corporate lifestyle, and all our "stuff," for a life in the Caribbean. At times, we lowered our expectations to the depths of our souls. Spanning twenty-five years, the transition from minimum wage at a pirate bar living in a grass hut to handling millionaire yacht owner...

    18,08 €

  • Lighthouses 2019 Calendar
    Wall Craft Calendars
    Art calendar featuring full-color photos Monthly grid calendars indicate US national holidays Ample space for writing down appointments and special occasions 11x17' when open ...

    20,05 €

  • Spirit of a Dream
    Dave Rearick
    On October 2, 2013, Dave Rearick began an epic solo voyage around the world. Onboard his specifically built Class 40 racing sloop appropriately named “Bodacious Dream,” Dave sailed from Newport, Rhode Island. He sailed the length of the Atlantic Ocean to Cape Town, South Africa, a distance of 8,000 miles. From Cape Town, Dave sailed to Wellington, New Zealand where “Bo” was ori...

    20,73 €

  • Rigging Modern Anchors
    Drew Frye
    Rigging Modern Anchors demystifies anchoring with today’s modern anchors. Through years of systematic testing, Drew Frye has produced a new benchmark of understanding based on empirical data instead of anecdotal wisdom, passed down from one sailor to the next without proof or deep understanding of the fundamental concepts involved. In Rigging Modern Anchors, we dig deeply into ...

    20,02 €

  • Paddle ’Til Dark
    Raimonds Zvirbulis
    This solo wilderness, kayaking journey began many years ago, years before I even knew anything about kayaks and paddling down remote, legendary rivers. Poring over maps of those places revealed very little. The blank spaces spread far and wide. At last, after decades of dreaming, I stood on the shore of Lake Atlin in British Columbia, where the headwaters of the Yukon River are...

    39,37 €

  • Waterman 2.0
    Kelly Starrett
    The goal of any waterman or woman is to surf, paddle or row as often as they can, as well as they can, for the rest of their life. The trouble is that few understand how to get the most from their body and when they can’t, what to do about it outside of the usual layoffs, surgeries and cortisone injections. As one veteran paddler recently put it: “Ibuprofen is my second religio...

    66,14 €

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