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  • Revise SQE Dispute Resolution 2nd ed
    David Sixsmith
    Updated for the 2023 SQE1 specification, Revise SQE Dispute Resolution is written for anyone preparing for the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE1) assessment. The book covers the life of a civil claim including the different options of dispute resolution available, commencing civil proceedings, responding to a claim, making interim applications, case management, evidential...

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  • Die Civilprocess-Ordnung
    Moses Bloch
    Dieses Buch ist eine unverzichtbare Quelle für Juristen und jeden, der sich für das deutsche Zivilverfahrensrecht interessiert. Der Autor beschreibt die wichtigsten Vorschriften der Civilprocess-Ordnung und erklärt ihre Bedeutung und Anwendung in der Praxis. Ein Standardwerk, das in keiner juristischen Bibliothek fehlen darf.This work has been selected by scholars as being cult...

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  • Des Exceptions De Procédure En Matière Civile Et Commerciale...
    A. Joccoton
    Cet ouvrage présente une étude approfondie des différentes exceptions de procédure dans les procédures civiles et commerciales, avec un accent particulier sur la jurisprudence. Il aborde également les questions liées à la recevabilité des exceptions, leur nature et leur portée.This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important, and is part of the knowledge ba...

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  • Código De Procedimiento Civil Anotado Con Todas Las Leyes, Decretos Y Acuerdos Del Tribunal Superior De Justicia Dictados Hasta El 31 De Diciembre De 1902, Que Reforman, Interpretan Y Complementan Su
    Uruguay / Uruguay. Tribunal superior de justicia
    Este libro es una guía completa del Código de Procedimiento Civil de Uruguay, que incluye todas las leyes, decretos y acuerdos dictados por el Tribunal Superior de Justicia hasta el año 1902. Una obra útil para estudiantes de derecho y abogados. This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important, and is part of the knowledge base of civilization as we know it...

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  • Coleccion De Formularios Arreglados A La Ley De Enjuiciamiento Civil
    Baldomero Blanco / Santos Hidalgo
    Este libro presenta una colección de formularios judiciales adecuados a la legislación española de la época. Los autores, Baldomero Blanco y Santos Hidalgo, proporcionan una guía exhaustiva para todos aquellos involucrados en casos legales, desde jueces y abogados hasta ciudadanos comunes que deban comparecer ante tribunales. Esta obra representa una valiosa herramienta para co...

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  • Manuale Delle Prove in Materia Civile
    Carlo Lessona
    Il Manuale delle prove in materia civile di Carlo Lessona rappresenta un corposo e dettagliato saggio sulla materia processuale civile. L’opera offre una panoramica sui vari aspetti delle prove in giudizio, analizzando norme, giurisprudenza e dottrina.This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important, and is part of the knowledge base of civilization as we k...

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  • L’exceptio Rei Iudicatae Nelle Azioni Popolari
    Vittorio Scialoja
    Questo libro affronta in modo puntuale e articolato il tema dell’eccezione di cosa giudicata, ovvero della possibilità di impugnare giudicati in presenza di nuovi elementi di prova. In particolare, Scialoja esamina la materia nel contesto delle azioni popolari, fornendo un punto di vista originale e inedito.This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important, ...

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  • Forms of Procedure in the Courts of Pennsylvania
    P Frazer 1808-1882 Smith
    This book is a reference guide for lawyers and court officials in Pennsylvania. It provides a comprehensive collection of legal forms for use in various types of court proceedings, including civil and criminal cases, adoptions, and estate administration. The author, P. Frazer Smith, was a prominent lawyer and legal scholar in Pennsylvania and his expertise is evident in the cla...

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  • Forms Of Common Law Declarations For Use In State And Federal Courts
    George Craghead Gregory
    This book contains a comprehensive collection of common law declarations that can be used in state and federal courts. Written by George Craghead Gregory, a respected attorney and legal scholar, the book is an essential resource for any lawyer involved in civil litigation.This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important, and is part of the knowledge base of...

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  • Entwurf eines Gesetzbuchs über das gerichtliche Verfahren in bürgerlichen Rechtssachen.
    Nikolaus Thaddäus Gönner
    Dieses Buch ist der zweite Band eines Entwurfs für ein Gesetzbuch über das gerichtliche Verfahren in bürgerlichen Rechtssachen von Nikolaus Thaddäus Gönner. Der Entwurf ist ein wichtiger Beitrag zur rechtlichen Entwicklung im 19. Jahrhundert und bietet wertvolle Einblicke in die damalige Gesetzgebung.This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important, and is ...

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  • The Law and Practice Appertaining to Originating Summons
    George Nichols b. 1844 Marcy / J. Theodore (John Theodore) 18... Dodd
    This book is a comprehensive guide to the law and practice surrounding originating summons, complete with forms. It is an essential resource for lawyers and legal professionals seeking to understand the intricacies of this area of law.This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important, and is part of the knowledge base of civilization as we know it.This work ...

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  • Das Deutsche Civilprozeßrecht, zweite Abtheilung
    Wilhelm Endemann
    Die zweite Abteilung dieses Lehrbuchs zum Deutschen Civilprozeßrecht behandelt Themen wie die Vorbereitung des Verfahrens, die Mündliche Verhandlung und das Urteil, und vieles mehr. Dieses Buch ist eine unverzichtbare Ressource für jeden Juristen, der eine gründliche Kenntnis des deutschen Zivilprozessrechts erwerben möchte.This work has been selected by scholars as being cultu...

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  • Des Restrictions Au Droit De Plaider En Matière Civile
    Ferdinand Roy
    Ce livre est une analyse approfondie des restrictions imposées au droit de plaider en matière civile. L’auteur examine les différents obstacles juridiques qui peuvent empêcher une personne de faire valoir ses droits en justice, et explore les moyens de surmonter ces obstacles. Cet ouvrage sera utile aux avocats, aux juges et à toute personne souhaitant approfondir ses connaissa...

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  • A Practical Guide to Clinical Negligence - Third Edition
    Geoffrey Simpson-Scott
    The right to compensation for injuries caused by another’s fault has been protected for over 3,700 years since The Code of Hammurabi. The expanded 3rd Edition of ’A Practical Approach to Clinical Negligence’ provides clear guidance for practitioners from funding through to trial and settlement using over 400 cases supported by legislative and other reference materials. New topi...

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  • A Practical Guide to Adding or Amending Parties or Causes of Action to a Claim in Civil Proceedings
    Ryan Hocking
    This book provides a practical, user-friendly guide to help navigate the various intricacies and potential pitfalls involved in amending statements of case or changing the composition of the parties. There are few factors in civil litigation of more fundamental importance than who is bringing it, who is defending it, and how they frame their respective cases. Whether due to ina...

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  • Common-Law Pleading [1897]
    Richard Ross Perry
    Intended for students, the core of this book is a synthesis of Joseph Chitty’s Treatise on Pleading and Parties to Actions (1809), Henry John Stephen’s Treatise on the Principles of Pleading in Civil Actions (1824), Albert Venn Dicey’s Treatise on the Rules for the Selection of the Parties to an Action (1870) and the third book of William Blackstone’s Commentaries on the Laws o...

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  • A Practical Guide to the Court of Protection
    Holly Chantler
    This practical guide introduces the Court of Protection, an explanation of the relevant legal framework and provides practical support with common applications to the court. The book contains various precedent documents and is the go-to resource for practitioners.ABOUT THE AUTHORHolly Chantler is an experienced older and vulnerable client solicitor with particular expertise in ...

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  • A Practical Guide to Dental Negligence Litigation
    Louisa Sherlock
    This Practical Guide to Dental Negligence Litigation provides helpful information for lawyers who are running dental negligence cases, be that for Claimant or Defendant.The book is aimed at students and practising lawyers and gives a gentle introduction to understanding dental records and also advice and tips for running dental negligence cases as separate from clinical neglige...

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  • A Practical Guide to Respirable Crystalline Silica Dust Claims
    Helen Pagett
    The HSE has identified silica as the greatest risk to construction workers after asbestos. Despite not only the risks of respiratory crystalline silica being well known, but also clear evidence that it is attributable to hundreds of deaths per year in the UK, to date, there has not been the level of litigation that may be suspected given the size of the problem.Recently the wor...

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  • Judicial Review of Competition Cases
    This multi-jurisdictional guide explores the framework and practice in relation to judicial review of competition cases across leading jurisdictions. In a comparative study composed of seventeen essays, current and former judges, alongside notable academics and enforcers, provide global perspectives on universally relevant issues. Topics addressed include questions of fundament...

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  • A Practical Guide to Cross-Border Clinical Negligence Claims
    Dominique Smith
    In recent years, it has become increasingly common for consumers to travel abroad for cosmetic surgical and dental procedures. Consumers may be enticed to go abroad from seeing surgical packages advertised on social media, such as TikTok or Instagram, which may be cheaper than private treatment costs in the United Kingdom and may entail a stay at a luxury hotel. Unfortunately, ...

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  • Low Velocity Impacts in Road Traffic Accidents
    Jake Rowley
    In this book, Jake Rowley will provide a concise and practical consideration of the law and practice relating to ’low velocity impact’ (or 'LVI') road traffic accidents. Amongst other topics, the book will consider what is meant by the term ’LVI’; the tell-tale signs of a potential LVI claim; the key authorities setting out the the law in this area; the procedural steps which D...

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  • Federal Rules of Civil Procedure; 2023 Edition (Casebook Supplement)
    Michigan Legal Publishing Ltd.
    Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (2023 Edition) with the full Advisory Committee Notes, selected statutes (venue and jurisdiction of federal district courts, along with removal from state courts), and all official forms for civil suits in federal district courts.  ...

    41,24 €

  • Federal Rules of Civil Procedure; 2023 Edition
    Michigan Legal Publishing Ltd.
    A concise and comprehensive edition of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and related selected statutes for quick reference. Updated through January 1, 2023. Perfect for your briefcase or desk and a great format for the attorney or law school student who simply needs to refer to the rules. Supplement for all casebooks.Contents:Federal Rules of Civil ProcedureTitle I. Scope of...

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  • A Practical Guide to Parental Alienation in Private and Public Law Children Cases
    Frankie Shama / Sam King
    The existence and definition of parental alienation has been the subject of consistent debate over the years. It is now broadly summarised as a child’s resistance or hostility towards one parent, which is unjustified and the result of psychological manipulation by the other parent, and is a concept that private children practitioners over recent years have been grappling with i...

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  • Expansion rebellion
    Celeste Hicks
    This is a story of hope in the face of widespread consternation over the global climate crisis. Can the UK expand Heathrow airport, bringing in 700 extra planes a day, and still stay within ambitious carbon budgets? One legal case sought to answer this question. ...

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  • The Not Sweet 16
    Jonah Sanders
    The courts and black people in America have been back and forth with each other since the countries birth. The Black Panther Party spoke about educating the people therefore continuing that ideaolgy we educate the people. ...

    29,45 €

  • A Practical Guide to Injury Claims involving Cyclists
    Helen Waller / Patrick Kerr
    This book is designed to be a succinct overview of the key features of cycling litigation. It looks at cyclists as road users as well as group cycling, racing and professional cyclist claims. The book contains an essential overview of the key aspects of the new Highway code, introduced in January 2022. It also looks at the ins and outs of highways claims and considers the role ...

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  • A Practical Guide to the Law in relation to Menopause and Perimenopause in the Workplace
    Thomas Wood
    This book looks at the relationship between menopause/perimenopause and current employment law. In particular, it will consider the coverage of the Equality Act 2010, and whether those experiencing menopause/perimenopause enjoy its protection. Specifically, the law around direct discrimination, indirect discrimination, harassment, and disability discrimination (discrimination a...

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  • A Practical Guide to Mortgage Possession Proceedings
    Jacqueline Lean
    During the 2007/2008 financial crisis, figures compiled by the (then) Council of Mortgage Lenders reported a significant increase in possessions on the ground of mortgage arrears, with more claims for possession of mortgaged property than landlord and tenant possession claims during the third quarter of 2007. The recognition that something had to be done led to the introduction...

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