Misticismo, magia y rituales

Salud y desarrollo personal / Mente, cuerpo y espíritu / Misticismo, magia y rituales (1748)

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  • God-Awful
    Rote Writer
    Misery loves company and the Magus is miserable.His demise, compromises all those around him or attached to him. He drags them all down by his own death sentence. It’s his alone; yet, but by the sheer weight of his height held in the Order, all below will end beyond mend. His sentence fences in all who stray his way.He makes you sign your soul away.Back in the day, every member...

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  • Segredos da Magia e Bruxaria
    Pierre Macedo
    Transforme Sua Vida com Feitiços, Rituais e Outras Práticas Ensinadas Neste LivroA palavra-chave deste livro é praticidade. Ele é destinado a quem quer praticar magia de forma rápida, sem a necessidade de ler longos livros teóricos. Com Segredos da Magia e Bruxaria, você aprende enquanto pratica. Ele contém uma variedade de feitiços e rituais exclusivos, como amor, dinheiro, be...

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  • History of Genii and Familiar Spirits
    John Beaumont
    John Beaumont, born c. 1650, died 1731, was a physician and antiquarian who lived in Somerset, in the southwest of England. Through his fossil collecting, as well as papers documenting new mining techniques, Beaumont became a fellow of the Royal Society. However, Beaumont also had a secret, one which he would expose first in his  “History of Genii and Familiar Spirits” and late...

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  • Finding God in the World
    Catherine Noble Beyer
    The world of the Renaissance occult philosophers was ultimately composed of two substances, one spiritual and the other material. It was understood that all things in the universe, whether corporeal or angelic, existed through a combination of both.  However, occult studies were principally directed toward communion with and understanding of God, while research tended to focus ...

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  • ARS ALCHEMICA - Foundations of Practical Alchemy
    Gary St Michael Nottingham / Gary StMichael Nottingham
    To be an alchemist, traditionally one must gain access to the Philosophers’ Garden - but to advance into the garden one must be an alchemist.  ARS ALCHEMICA: Foundations of Practical Alchemy provides essential instruction to assist the student to gain ingress into this sacred realm.This work teaches the practical laboratory alchemy of the past masters and for the first time rev...

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  • ARS ALCHEMICA - Foundations of Practical Alchemy
    Gary St Michael Nottingham / Gary StMichael Nottingham
    To be an alchemist, traditionally one must gain access to the Philosophers’ Garden - but to advance into the garden one must be an alchemist.  ARS ALCHEMICA: Foundations of Practical Alchemy provides essential instruction to assist the student to gain ingress into this sacred realm.This work teaches the practical laboratory alchemy of the past masters and for the first time rev...

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  • Voodoos and Obeahs
    Joseph J Williams
    Sorcery & Witchcraft in the CaribbeanVoodoos and Obeahs: Phases of West India Witchcraft by the Jesuit anthropologist Joseph J. Williams (1875-1940) offers a careful documentation of the history and ethnography of Voodoo and reveals the connection of both Haitian Voodoo and Jamaican Obeah to snake worship (ophioletreia). In Jamaica, Obeah is the general term to denote those Afr...

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  • Star Nation Speaks
    Velma Rodriguez
    In this book you will learn about • different realms • sacred people and places • concepts and ideas to learn and think beyond ourselves • to recognize the great strength of love and bonding of ancient elders from the Star Nation • hidden dreams and the love-light of truth, and believing once again • a spark to consider in ourselves and in those souls yet to come • positive tho...

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  • Entheosonic Whistling Vessels
    Denis Casarsa / Timothy Robbins
    Entheosonic Whistling Vessels are transformation tools using the inherent power of sound to unlock our creative powers. The universal and sacred language of sounds produced by the vessels are used as a doorway to synchronize acoustic resonance with Gaia, our mother Earth. The vessels produce 'phantom tones' or 'beat frequencies' inducing shamanic sound ecstasy to tune our manif...

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  • The Ascendant Vol 1
    The Ascendant, the official journal of the Association for Young Astrologers (AYA). The first issue, released in 2014, welcomed previously unpublished work around the topic of ‘New Frontiers for Astrology’ and featured work by emerging astrologers and culminating veterans of the celestial art. ...

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  • Seven Druids
    Nelly Harper
    In a land of secret alliances, how do you know who can be trusted? Kariss is in increasing danger and the threat from rival Martaani will only grow as midsummer approaches.Forced back into hiding once more, Kariss learns that even those closest to her are capable of betrayal.Seven druids now hold the key to her survival but will she be able to find them all in time? ...

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  • Aradia
    Charles Godfrey Leland
    This wonderful book describes the creation according to Italian witch-lore. We also read about the witch-meeting or sabbath (treguenda) and it contains many original magical recipes, like spells for love and good fortune. Diana is further connected to the Moon and the fairy world.Where Leland’s Etruscan Magic and Occult Remedies deals with the entire pantheon of old Italian god...

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  • Yoruba 16 Oracle Geomancy
    Sixto J. Novaton
    Obtaining an oracle for divination from the coconut/cowrie/coin toss:This simple system is a summarized extract of accumulated knowledge from when I first began to toss obi (coconuts) at 16. Granted, it has been expanded with insights from the cowrie (dilogun) and Ifa systems of divination. It has been written for those who after having dedicated much time to spiritual enlighte...

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  • Walking Away From Idolatry
    Wes McAdams
    Can someone be a Christian and still struggle with idolatry? What does it mean to have idols in your life? And how can you walk away from idolatry? In this 7-part series, Wes McAdams demonstrates how idolatry wasn’t simply an ancient problem for Babylon, Rome, or Israel. Nor is it exclusively a part of other world religions; it can also plague Christians. As it’s been sai...

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  • Night Has a Naked Soul
    Alan Kilpatrick
    This exploration of the occult world of the Western Cherokee translates 40 shamanistic texts which deal with such esoteric matters as: divining the future; protecting oneself from enemies; destroying the power of witches; and purifying one's soul from all forms of supernatural harm. 3 ...

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  • Spiritual Satanist Prayer Book
    Venus Satanas
    Live Mindfully through Satanism!Spiritual Satanist Prayer Book: Infernal Reflections is a book of Satanic prayers, poetry and artwork for Spiritual and religious Satanists.The Spiritual Satanist Prayer Book takes you on a spiritual journey through Satan's realm with prayers, poetry and infernally inspired artwork. Use this pocket-sized book to live through Satanism mindfull...

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  • The Practical Magician’s Guide
    Christopher Austin
    Learn how to cut off someone’s nose without hurting him and how to double your pocket money. Make an egg dance and a penny walk, produce feathers and candy from a silk handkerchief, and change a bowl of ink into clear water with swimming goldfish. With a little time, practice, and the help of this guide, aspiring magicians can astonish their friends and family with these and ot...

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  • Ochse Chinesisches Horoskop 2024
    Alina A Rubi / Angeline Rubi
    Alle Vorhersagen für Ihr chinesisches Sternzeichen 2024. Ihre Kompatibilität und spezifische Funktionen je nach Element. Beziehung zu den Zeichen des westlichen Tierkreises, Ihr Glück in Geld, Liebe und Gesundheit für dieses Jahr 2024. Nutze dieses Jahr die Kraft des Walddrachen. In diesem Buch haben Sie alle Werkzeuge, die Sie brauchen, um Ihr Leben zu verbessern und Ihre Träu...

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  • Boi Horóscopo Chinês 2024
    Alina A Rubi / Angeline Rubi
    Todas as previsões para o seu signo do zodíaco chinês 2024. Sua compatibilidade e características específicas dependendo do elemento. Relação com os signos do zodíaco ocidental, sua sorte em dinheiro, amor e saúde para este ano de 2024. Este ano, aproveite o poder do Dragão. Neste livro, você terá todas as ferramentas necessárias para melhorar sua vida e realizar seus sonhos. S...

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  • Ratto Oroscopo Cinese 2024
    Alina A Rubi / Angeline Rubi
    Tutte le previsioni per il tuo segno zodiacale cinese 2024. La tua compatibilità e le tue caratteristiche specifiche a seconda del tuo elemento. Rapporto con i segni dello zodiaco occidentale, la tua fortuna in denaro, amore e salute per quest’anno 2024. Sfrutta il potere del Drago di Legno quest’anno. In questo libro hai tutti gli strumenti di cui hai bisogno per migliorare la...

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  • Witch
    Valerie Love
    Kindle the Flame of Your Primordial PowerThe witch is an ancient archetype, alive and thriving in the deep unconscious of all. She is the phoenix, proof that what was once burned was never lost, only reborn from the ashes. Join Christian Witch Valerie Love as she unveils the magick of the witch. Unearth the witch’s apothecary, delve into the witch’s code, attain knowledge of an...

    22,59 €

    Luna Charles
    God is not responsible for our prosperity or protection. They gave us the power and the mind to control these things. They are only accountable for justice when things are beyond our control. Even then, we must ask for help, THESE ARE SOME WAYS TO ASK FOR HELP. ...

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  • Psychic Empath Abilities
    Phineas Bradley
    n the intricate tapestry of human existence, there exist those whose senses extend beyond the tangible realm, who perceive the subtle currents of emotion and energy that course through our lives. 'Harmonizing Energies: Unveiling Psychic Empath Abilities' is an enchanting exploration of the unique and profound psychic empath abilities-an innate gift that bridges the gap between ...

    102,55 €

  • Das mächtige Buch der Schutzzauber
    Layla Moon
    Schütze dich selbst, dein Zuhause und deine Lieben mit einer mächtigen Sammlung von Schutzzaubern  Kein lebender Mensch ist vor den äußeren Einflüssen sicher. Ständig geschehen Dinge, die sich unserer Kontrolle entziehen, aber das bedeutet nicht, dass wir aufgeben oder nachgeben oder alles einfach so hinnehmen müssen, wie es ist. Hexerei und Zauberei können dein Leben verändern...

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  • Amor y Magia. La guía definitiva para atraer el amor
    Eve Stars
    ¿Estás cansad@ de vivir en soledad? ¿Deseas que el amor llegue a tu vida pero por más que lo intentas no lo consigues? ¿Tienes la sensación de que hay algo externo a ti que te impide obtener lo que quieres? ¿Necesitas que todas las energías interiores y exteriores trabajen a tu favor y que el poder creativo del Universo te guíe felizmente hacia la persona destinada a ti? Entonc...

    15,60 €

    Aleister Crowley
    Understand Ritual and Ceremonial Magick in the Modern Era'MAGICK is the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will.'-Aleister Crowley, from the IntroductionMagick in Theory and Practice is Part 3 of Aleister Crowley’s four-part masterwork Magick: Liber ABA, Book Four, a foundational resource of modern magick, occultism, and hermeticism. Crowley’s unparal...

    18,47 €

  • The Pendulum Power Guide
    "The Pendulum Power Guide: Unleash Magic, Healing, and Divination in Your Life" is a profound exploration of the captivating world of pendulum work. Within the pages of this comprehensive book, readers are introduced to the fascinating history and mystical allure of pendulums, shedding light on their unique abilities to connect with unseen energies.Designed for both beginners a...

    13,27 €

  • Posvátná geometrie a magické symboly
    Iva Kenaz
    Tato kniha je jednoduchou příručkou k poznání skryté řeči magických symbolů skrze jejich základní geometrické tvary a díky hlubším mytologickým souvislostem. Všechny symboly vzešly ze základních geometrických těles, které dávají tvar našemu světu, mikro i makro kosmu. Posvátná geometrie je pradávné učení, které se soustřeďuje na geometrické proporce a vzorce přírody. Její znalo...

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  • RED - Al di là delle realtà
    Daniele Er
    Esplorate i misteri del mentalismo al di là dei confini delle realtà!Siete pronti per intraprendere un viaggio fantastico?Migliorate le vostre interazioni e imparate a conoscervi meglio!Utilizzate il mentalismo reale nella vita di tutti i giorni!Vi guiderò in un affascinante viaggio nel mondo del mentalismo, svelando i suoi segreti e le sue potenzialità. RED è un manuale pratic...

    38,32 €

  • The History of Magic
    Eliphas Levi / Arthur Edward Waite
    The History of Magic (1913) is an extensive work on the origins of ceremonial magic throughout the world’s many cultures and religions. Written by mystic and occultist Éliphas Lévi and translated by British scholar A.E. Waite, this is a foundational book for any student of the occult.French occultist Alphonse Louis Constant (1810-1875) was born in Paris to a shoemaker father. A...

    19,19 €