Voodoos and Obeahs

Voodoos and Obeahs

Voodoos and Obeahs

Joseph J Williams

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VAMzzz Publishing
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Antologías (no poéticas)
21,57 €
IVA incluido

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Sorcery & Witchcraft in the CaribbeanVoodoos and Obeahs: Phases of West India Witchcraft by the Jesuit anthropologist Joseph J. Williams (1875-1940) offers a careful documentation of the history and ethnography of Voodoo and reveals the connection of both Haitian Voodoo and Jamaican Obeah to snake worship (ophioletreia). In Jamaica, Obeah is the general term to denote those Africans who in the island practice witchcraft or sorcery. Williams includes numerous quotations from rare documents and books on the topic.This work goes into great depth concerning the New World-African connection and is highly recommended if you want a deep understanding of the dramatic historical background of Haitian and Jamaican magic and witchcraft, and the profound influence of imperialism, slavery and racism on its development.Williams is best known for his anthropological writings about African and Caribbean people, which include Whispering of the Caribbean, Whence the “Black Irish” of Jamaica?, Psychic Phenomena in Jamaica and Africa’s God.Read more about Williams in the Post Scriptum of Voodoos and Obeahs. Preview on www.vamzzz.com

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