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  • God-Awful
    Rote Writer
    Misery loves company and the Magus is miserable.His demise, compromises all those around him or attached to him. He drags them all down by his own death sentence. It’s his alone; yet, but by the sheer weight of his height held in the Order, all below will end beyond mend. His sentence fences in all who stray his way.He makes you sign your soul away.Back in the day, every member...

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  • Segredos da Magia e Bruxaria
    Pierre Macedo
    Transforme Sua Vida com Feitiços, Rituais e Outras Práticas Ensinadas Neste LivroA palavra-chave deste livro é praticidade. Ele é destinado a quem quer praticar magia de forma rápida, sem a necessidade de ler longos livros teóricos. Com Segredos da Magia e Bruxaria, você aprende enquanto pratica. Ele contém uma variedade de feitiços e rituais exclusivos, como amor, dinheiro, be...

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  • History of Genii and Familiar Spirits
    John Beaumont
    John Beaumont, born c. 1650, died 1731, was a physician and antiquarian who lived in Somerset, in the southwest of England. Through his fossil collecting, as well as papers documenting new mining techniques, Beaumont became a fellow of the Royal Society. However, Beaumont also had a secret, one which he would expose first in his  “History of Genii and Familiar Spirits” and late...

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  • Finding God in the World
    Catherine Noble Beyer
    The world of the Renaissance occult philosophers was ultimately composed of two substances, one spiritual and the other material. It was understood that all things in the universe, whether corporeal or angelic, existed through a combination of both.  However, occult studies were principally directed toward communion with and understanding of God, while research tended to focus ...

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  • ARS ALCHEMICA - Foundations of Practical Alchemy
    Gary St Michael Nottingham / Gary StMichael Nottingham
    To be an alchemist, traditionally one must gain access to the Philosophers’ Garden - but to advance into the garden one must be an alchemist.  ARS ALCHEMICA: Foundations of Practical Alchemy provides essential instruction to assist the student to gain ingress into this sacred realm.This work teaches the practical laboratory alchemy of the past masters and for the first time rev...

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  • ARS ALCHEMICA - Foundations of Practical Alchemy
    Gary St Michael Nottingham / Gary StMichael Nottingham
    To be an alchemist, traditionally one must gain access to the Philosophers’ Garden - but to advance into the garden one must be an alchemist.  ARS ALCHEMICA: Foundations of Practical Alchemy provides essential instruction to assist the student to gain ingress into this sacred realm.This work teaches the practical laboratory alchemy of the past masters and for the first time rev...

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  • The Ascendant Vol 1
    The Ascendant, the official journal of the Association for Young Astrologers (AYA). The first issue, released in 2014, welcomed previously unpublished work around the topic of ‘New Frontiers for Astrology’ and featured work by emerging astrologers and culminating veterans of the celestial art. ...

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  • Spiritual Satanist Prayer Book
    Venus Satanas
    Live Mindfully through Satanism!Spiritual Satanist Prayer Book: Infernal Reflections is a book of Satanic prayers, poetry and artwork for Spiritual and religious Satanists.The Spiritual Satanist Prayer Book takes you on a spiritual journey through Satan's realm with prayers, poetry and infernally inspired artwork. Use this pocket-sized book to live through Satanism mindfull...

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  • Epoch
    Peter Carroll
    ' This really is a pantheon for the present day: up-to-date technowizardartwork, a commentary which soars over millennia of tradition, picking outwhat is useful and relevant at the present, and icons which sum up whatdeities from the whole span of Western and not-so-Western culture havecumulatively come to mean. This is a book to which goddesses and gods,historically so sensiti...

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  • Money Magick Secrets
    Doug Sterling
    Are you fed up with poverty, money scarcity, the high cost of living, financial limitations, and a bleak future? Are you a practicing occultist into witchcraft, Wicca, shamanism, sorcery, hoodoo, paganism, Daoism, folk magick, wizardry, Brujeria, or other similar spiritual system? Do you want to learn to use magick for success and prosperity? Are you ready to be rich? What y...

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  • Mr. Big’s Magickal Guide to Gambling
    Georgia Liberty / Wayne Clingman
    This book is about utilizing magick in gambling. There are many methods and ceremonies dating back to the beginning of human history that show a connection between psychic energy and real life results. Many people are still using lucky charms and observing superstitions to this day. Read about the origins of those talismans and customs and why it’s a really good idea to start u...

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  • The Practical Magician’s Guide
    Christopher Austin
    Learn how to cut off someone’s nose without hurting him and how to double your pocket money. Make an egg dance and a penny walk, produce feathers and candy from a silk handkerchief, and change a bowl of ink into clear water with swimming goldfish. With a little time, practice, and the help of this guide, aspiring magicians can astonish their friends and family with these and ot...

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  • Den hemmelige brannen
    Bernardo de Worms
    'Alkymistenes hemmelige ild: På jakt etter eliksiret av åndelig forvandling'   Alkymi, den mystiske kunsten som dateres til antikken, går langt utover den enkle omdanningen av metaller til gull. I hjertet av den alkymistiske søken er en dypt esoterisk hemmelighet, ofte referert til som 'Secret Fire.'   Alkymi har sine røtter i en tid da grensen mellom vitenskap og mystikk ikke ...

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  • Rituels de Magie Viking
    Thor P.
    Avec les mots de ces sorts vikings, puissiez-vous invoquer les esprits d’autrefois, vous frayer un chemin à travers les défis qui vous attendent et embrasser la magie qui résonne à travers les âges. Que les Nornes tissent des fils de fortune en votre faveur, et que les échos du tonnerre de Thor résonnent dans votre cœur alors que vous vous lancez dans ce voyage mystique dans le...

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  • Things my Hierophant should have told me
    Nick Farrell
    Occult advice for those on the Magical Path The magical path is full of pitfalls, blind alleys, and many monsters that will get in your way. Occult, philosophical teachers and books provided short aphorisms for students to help them guide their way and prevent them from being eaten by too many metaphorical dragons. These books have fallen by the wayside, along with the collecti...

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  • Pesci Previsioni e Rituali 2024
    Alina A Rubi / Angeline Rubi
    In questo libro troverai tutte le previsioni per il tuo segno zodiacale e i rituali per ogni mese dell’anno 2024. Stai pensando di iniziare un corso di formazione o avviare una nuova attività? Sei motivato a trovare l’amore? Queste previsioni per il 2024 hanno tutto! L’amore, la carriera, l’istruzione, il matrimonio, le finanze e la salute. Pratica i rituali che offriamo in que...

    23,20 €

  • Vrajitoare- Magia Cigana
    Asamod ka
    Feitiços originais romani, mais de 160 feitiços em 162 páginas. Grupos de espíritos ciganos e como invocá-los consoante o propósito: amor, sexo, dinheiro, sorte, proteção, saúde, vidência. Oferendas.São 160 feitiços 100 % ciganos para amor, proteção, defesa contra bruxarias, sexo, vidência, trabalho, saúde, bem-estar.Amuletos ciganos e astrologia cigana (signos), dois métodos d...

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  • Обезьяна Гороскоп 2024
    Alina A Rubi / Angeline A. Rubi
    Все прогнозы для вашего китайского знака зодиака на 2024 год. Ваша совместимость и конкретные функции в зависимости от вашего элемента. Отношения со знаками западного зодиака, ваша удача в деньгах, любви и здоровье на этот 2024 год. Обуздайте силу Деревянного дракона в этом году. В этой книге у вас есть все инструменты, необходимые для того, чтобы улучшить свою жизнь и воплотит...

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  • Ochse Chinesisches Horoskop 2024
    Alina A Rubi / Angeline Rubi
    Alle Vorhersagen für Ihr chinesisches Sternzeichen 2024. Ihre Kompatibilität und spezifische Funktionen je nach Element. Beziehung zu den Zeichen des westlichen Tierkreises, Ihr Glück in Geld, Liebe und Gesundheit für dieses Jahr 2024. Nutze dieses Jahr die Kraft des Walddrachen. In diesem Buch haben Sie alle Werkzeuge, die Sie brauchen, um Ihr Leben zu verbessern und Ihre Träu...

    27,06 €

  • Boi Horóscopo Chinês 2024
    Alina A Rubi / Angeline Rubi
    Todas as previsões para o seu signo do zodíaco chinês 2024. Sua compatibilidade e características específicas dependendo do elemento. Relação com os signos do zodíaco ocidental, sua sorte em dinheiro, amor e saúde para este ano de 2024. Este ano, aproveite o poder do Dragão. Neste livro, você terá todas as ferramentas necessárias para melhorar sua vida e realizar seus sonhos. S...

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  • Aromagick
    Diti J Morgan
    Ever since I was little, I had a strong desire to smell everything around me. My fascination with scents and aromas led me to study aromatherapy. As a diligent learner, I quickly became acquainted with the volatile pure essences. As I continued to experiment with both single and blended essences, I observed that the fragrances I used had a noticeable impact on my overall mood, ...

    26,31 €

  • Ratto Oroscopo Cinese 2024
    Alina A Rubi / Angeline Rubi
    Tutte le previsioni per il tuo segno zodiacale cinese 2024. La tua compatibilità e le tue caratteristiche specifiche a seconda del tuo elemento. Rapporto con i segni dello zodiaco occidentale, la tua fortuna in denaro, amore e salute per quest’anno 2024. Sfrutta il potere del Drago di Legno quest’anno. In questo libro hai tutti gli strumenti di cui hai bisogno per migliorare la...

    26,60 €

  • Wild Witchcraft
    Marian Green
    There was a time when people’s lives were dictated by the seasons,by dawn and dusk and the weather. But today, with electric lights,central heating and air conditioning, we can ignore the weatherand the time of day. We have lost our connection with the naturalworld and with it our sense of wonder. Modern life seems to havelost its magic.In Wild Witchcraft, Marian Green revives ...

    22,11 €

  • Proteína para a sua mente
    Rubi Astrólogas
    Este livro é uma coletânea de artigos sobre diferentes temas esotéricos, metafísicos, astrológicos e místicos. Aqui você pode encontrar os mapas astrais de diferentes personalidades, escritos sobre sonhos, energias, cores, inveja, viagem astral, intuição, clarividência, mente, viagem no tempo, números, hipnose, rituais, amor, almas gêmeas, memória, velas, ciúme, erros, maus háb...

    59,43 €

  • Witch
    Valerie Love
    Kindle the Flame of Your Primordial PowerThe witch is an ancient archetype, alive and thriving in the deep unconscious of all. She is the phoenix, proof that what was once burned was never lost, only reborn from the ashes. Join Christian Witch Valerie Love as she unveils the magick of the witch. Unearth the witch’s apothecary, delve into the witch’s code, attain knowledge of an...

    22,59 €

    Luna Charles
    God is not responsible for our prosperity or protection. They gave us the power and the mind to control these things. They are only accountable for justice when things are beyond our control. Even then, we must ask for help, THESE ARE SOME WAYS TO ASK FOR HELP. ...

    13,83 €

  • MAGUS Vuur en Aarde
    Benjamin Adamah
    Magische rituelen werken vanuit onze binnenwereld in de buitenwereld. Maar hoe dan precies? Deze opvolger van MAGUS Leer & Ritueel richt zich expliciet op de kernprocessen van magie zelf en verwijdert allereerst een collectieve blinde vlek, waardoor je begrip van tijd, ruimte, bewustzijn, energie en bezieling radicaal verandert. Het continuüm van tijd-ruimte-energie-bewustzijn ...

    31,06 €

  • Das mächtige Buch der Schutzzauber
    Layla Moon
    Schütze dich selbst, dein Zuhause und deine Lieben mit einer mächtigen Sammlung von Schutzzaubern  Kein lebender Mensch ist vor den äußeren Einflüssen sicher. Ständig geschehen Dinge, die sich unserer Kontrolle entziehen, aber das bedeutet nicht, dass wir aufgeben oder nachgeben oder alles einfach so hinnehmen müssen, wie es ist. Hexerei und Zauberei können dein Leben verändern...

    14,45 €

  • Amor y Magia. La guía definitiva para atraer el amor
    Eve Stars
    ¿Estás cansad@ de vivir en soledad? ¿Deseas que el amor llegue a tu vida pero por más que lo intentas no lo consigues? ¿Tienes la sensación de que hay algo externo a ti que te impide obtener lo que quieres? ¿Necesitas que todas las energías interiores y exteriores trabajen a tu favor y que el poder creativo del Universo te guíe felizmente hacia la persona destinada a ti? Entonc...

    15,60 €

  • Posvátná geometrie a magické symboly
    Iva Kenaz
    Tato kniha je jednoduchou příručkou k poznání skryté řeči magických symbolů skrze jejich základní geometrické tvary a díky hlubším mytologickým souvislostem. Všechny symboly vzešly ze základních geometrických těles, které dávají tvar našemu světu, mikro i makro kosmu. Posvátná geometrie je pradávné učení, které se soustřeďuje na geometrické proporce a vzorce přírody. Její znalo...

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