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  • Highways and Backstreets
    Klaus Komenda
    Klaus Komenda had achieved what he had fantasized about for years. He had moved to the United States, worked for a prestigious company in Silicon Valley, was able to afford the luxury German car and the one bedroom apartment in a gated complex with swimming pool, gym and manicured lawn.Yet something was missing.A chain of events turned his life upside down and made him question...

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  • Adventures on the Pan American Highway of South America
    Earl Roe Donnell / Lucretia Ayers Donnell
    What happens when an intrepid and resourceful sixty-something woman decides in 1953 that a long driving trip, touring the newly opened Pan American Highway in South America, would be just the thing her ailing husband needs? Follow the Donnells in this page turning, true yarn as recorded by Lucretia Donnell in her letters. Robbed, stuck in the mud, marooned with car troubles, wi...

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  • Andros Island, Travel Guide, and Environmental Information
    Thomson Michael
    Andros Island, Travel Guide and Environmental Information. History, Vacation, Holiday, Environment. Andros, the second-largest island of the Cyclades, has a long and proud seafaring tradition and, conversely, is a walker’s paradise. Its wild mountains are cleaved by fecund valleys with bubbling streams and ancient stone mills. A lush island, springs tend to be a feature of each...

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  • Ruins of Rome I
    Laine Cunningham
    At over 2,500 years old, Rome is more than the capital of Italy. It is the center of artistic creativity and a cultural complex that arguably outstrips any other location on earth. Ancient monuments like the Colosseum continue to capture our attention while institutions like the Vatican Museums spur intellectual interest.The heartbeat of Rome is found in every traveler’s soul. ...

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  • The Terlingua Chili Cookbook
    Tiffany Harelik
    The Terlingua Chili Cookbook features the sparse desert community of Terlingua, known for their infamous annual chili cook-off. Complete with recipes so good they could charm a snake, this non-traditional cookbook takes you on the road trip of a lifetime culminating in the Woodstock of all chili-fests: The Terlingua chili cook-off. Starting in Study Butte and Big Bend Park, you...

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  • South East Asian Railway Journeys
    Mike Sharrocks
    This book describes the first of a series of long distance journeys through South East Asia. It covers the trip from Bangkok, through the southern 'elephant trunk' of Thailand via Penang and Kuala Lumpur, to Singapore (and the former station of Tanjong Pagar, that closed in 2011).The purpose of the journey was to look at railway travel as a more leisurely means of touri...

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  • End to End
    Alistair McGuinness
    When three friends set off on a 900-mile trip to explore Britain, using an out of date map to guide them, the scene is set for a wayward adventure. Along the way they visited numerous country pubs, went in search of the remaining Beatles, discovered an ancient hideaway used by Scottish clans, and survived a storm in the Highlands. Each time they got lost they were helped by a v...

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  • So You Want to Volunteer
    Heidi van 't Riet
    Planning a volunteer trip can seem daunting since you have to sort through mountains of information to find a great project. Where do you start?   So You Want to Volunteer is a practical guide that helps you structure your research and plan your adventure. It is based on the experience of many volunteers and covers various aspects of the trip from packing lists to organizing ...

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  • Flying 7 Continents Solo
    Harry R. Anderson / Harry RAnderson
    FLYING 7 CONTINENTS SOLO is the fascinating account of a pilot flying alone around the world in a small single-engine plane, across oceans and through foreign countries, to achieve the rare goal of landing on all seven continents. This book will be of direct interest to pilots, of course, but also to those interested in international travel from an entirely different perspectiv...

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  • A Pink Suitcase
    Janna Graber
    A Pink Suitcase brings together a talented group of daring women as they journey across the globe on adventures that are as unforgettable as they are moving. These intrepid explorers take on the world with wide eyes, an open heart and a woman’s point of view. They tackle Mother Nature, dive into other cultures and try new things. And in the process, they learn not only about ne...

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  • Just Go Grand Canyon
    Eric Henze
    This travel guide completely covers the Grand Canyon National Park and the 25 parks surrounding it.  This guide does much of the planning research for you so you can spend more time in the enjoyment of not working and having fun! You see, nearly every one of us wants to GO on a vacation, we just don’t want to PLAN a vacation. This travel guide solves that dilemma by taking a tr...

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  • Being in the Shadow
    Kate Russo
    A total solar eclipse is considered to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. But why would an astronomical event be of interest to you? Being in the Shadow describes what it is like to experience one of nature’s most spectacular events, using personal stories from people just like you. By being in the right place at the right time, these individuals shuddered with fear and antici...

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  • Secrets of Catoctin Mountain
    James Rada Jr.
    Catoctin Mountain runs from northern Frederick County, Md., to northern Loudoun County, Va., crossing the Potomac River as it does. Its natural history dates back to prehistoric times. Its history during the era of man is more recent and more fascinating filled with crimes, secrets, monsters, and drama. Hunt the snallygaster and dwayyo, legendary monsters that roam the mount...

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  • Off the Beaten Trail
    Jake Heilbrunn
    An extraordinary journey that began with one simple question: What if the life I’m living isn’t for me at all? At 18, Jake set out on the path that had been prescribed for him and countless other teenagers around the country: college. But a health issue and an internal conflict surfaced the profound questions that would radically change his life: Why am I here? What is my purp...

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  • Dream Road Bike Tour of the Alps
    Jerry Nilson
    Inspiration to plan and execute your own bike tour through the beautiful mountains of the Alps.This book offers information on what you need to know to make the most out of a longer tour through the mountains. How to plan the tour, what to think about when on the road and tips on equipment.Most importantly the book contains a full “dream tour” plan with all the details and thin...

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  • Craft Spirit Tasting Journal
    Diane H Topkis
    A Journal for the Craft Spirit EnthusiastNew distilleries seem to pop up every day. Have you been to one? No? What are you waiting for?There’s a whole new breed of artisan distillers ready to ignite your love of spirits and cocktails.This journal will help you:•Understand the craft spirit movement•Learn flavors & aromas of whiskey, gin, vodka, rum•Understand the essentials of s...

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  • Let’s Take the Kids to London
    David Stewart White / Deb Hosey White
    Not everyone travels the same way. Traveling with children? That definitely requires a unique perspective. Overseas travel presents different challenges than a family trip to the beach, but the experiences can be more rewarding.Let’s Take the Kids to London helps readers plan a successful family trip to London. This in-depth guide is full of sightseeing and hands-on experiences...

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  • Seven Days In The Valle
    William S Koenig
    Seven Days In The Valle: Baja California's Wine Country Cuisine documents the lives, cuisine and restaurants of seven of Baja California’s most talented culinary artists working in the Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico’s main wine-producing region. Through a series of photos and a number of intimate interviews with the chefs, this book captures their thoughts on Baja California cu...

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  • Gran Canaria
    Kennedy Sam
    Gran Canaria. Travel and tourism. The beautiful island of Gran Canaria has a lot to offer the tourist and a wealth of places to visit. From the north to the south, east to west, it’s all here for you to discover. Whether you are with your loved one, in a group of friends or on a family holiday, you are sure to find what you’re looking for to make your holiday experience memorab...

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  • The Road to Sedona
    Robert Louis DeMayo
    Jobless in the wake of 9/11, this adventurous story follows a young family who sets out to discover a new home in America.  They cross North America six times in their quest, peripatetically wandering the country from Maine to Alaska to Baja and the southwest. On the road, they discover that home is something you take with you, despite the money running out and plans crumbling ...

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  • The Wayward Traveler
    Robert Louis DeMayo
    A young man searches the pre-internet world for meaning while traveling on an extreme budget in this real-life, coming-of-age story. The Wayward Traveler follows the adventures of Louis, an American who, in 1985, is determined to travel the world. The story takes place in forty countries and spans ten years: from the deck of a felucca on the Nile to the scorched dunes of India’...

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  • Heart of a Hunter
    Robert Halbritter
    From hunting backyard bucks to pursuing dangerous game in faraway exotic lands, you will share the heartache, hardships, danger, success, and failure that so often accompany a hunter in his quest. You will be transported to lands where life and death make no apologies and the hunter can very easily become the hunted. You will travel to lands yet unspoiled by modern technologies...

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  • Ancients of Assisi I
    Laine Cunningham
    For centuries, Assisi, Italy has been the focus of spiritual activity. The ancient city might be best known as the birthplace of Saint Francis, yet the tangled streets offer much more than a pilgrimage. Situated in the Province of Perugia, the compact city perches in Monte Subasio National Park on the Apennine Mountains. The views from nearly anywhere in the ancient city are sp...

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  • Beat Transnationalism
    John Tytell
    Allen Ginsberg told John Tytell that he would not understand the Beat Generation without first experiencing life in Mexico, and so, while writing Naked Angels, the first book to explore the development of Beat literature, Tytell headed south to Oaxaca.In this volume, Tytell examines the importance of Mexico to the Beat Generation, while recounting – via letters from that period...

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  • The Sea Book
    John Kelly
    The Sea Book describes journeys to the polar regions observing and documenting the environment through the help of entries both past and present. The sea plays a prominent part in our life whether viewed from the shore or experienced at first hand within the expanses of the ocean. John Kelly describes these moments and those of our imagination as he travels at sea and along the...

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  • Pretty Good Number One
    Matthew Amster-Burton
    Everyone knows how to live the good life in Paris, Provence, or Tuscany. Now, Matthew Amster-Burton makes you fall in love with Tokyo. Experience this exciting and misunderstood city through the eyes of three Americans vacationing in a tiny Tokyo apartment. Follow 8-year-old Iris on a solo errand to the world's greatest supermarket, picnic on the bullet train, and eat a stagger...

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  • Fields of Conflict
    Proceedings of a conference held in the Department of Archaeology, University of Glasgow, April 2000.The 25 papers published in these proceedings are the outcome of a conference held at Glasgow University in 2000. The objective of the event was to emphasise the unique contribution archaeology can make towards explaining actions (individual and corporate) and reactions to a rang...

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    Sherry Martin Peters
    '... An impeccable guide that makes planning an adventure elopement not just approachable, but utterly irresistible....'- Nick Edmundson, Founder, Wandering Weddings'Sherry’s step-by-step guide enables couples to navigate every aspect of elopement planning with confidence and ease ... inspiring a totally different version of the perfect wedding day....' -Cat Ekkelboom-White, Fo...

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  • Unravelling Croatia’s hidden treasures
    Jay Chandarana
    Journey Through Croatia: A Tapestry of History, Culture, and Natural Wonders Unlock the secrets of Croatia, a land where history intertwines with breathtaking landscapes and vibrant traditions. This comprehensive guide is your gateway to exploring one of Europe’s most captivating countries, offering a perfect blend of travel tips, cultural insights, and stunning photography. Di...

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  • Congados, Marujos, Moçambiques E Catupés
    Tarcísio Luiz Cândido E Anderson Pereira Portuguez
    Este livro faz parte de um conjunto de obras referentes ao estudo do fenômeno turístico como estratégia de desenvolvimento de base local na cidade de Ituiutaba, MG.Foi produzida pela Editora Barlavento, que vem contribuindo, em larga escala, para a disseminação do conhecimento científico nas áreas de Educação, Direito, Saúde, Arte, Religião, Turismo e Ciências Humanas.A tradici...

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