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  • Rags to Witches
    Colleen Cross
    Win, lose, or draw… A Westwick Witches Cozy Mystery Cendrine West can’t catch a break. She’s close to landing a new job, and things are getting cozy with sexy sheriff Tyler Gates. All that changes when she is kidnapped by renegade witch Aunt Pearl, who is hell bent on avenging a friend’s untimely death. It's Las Vegas or bust…for all the wrong reasons. Rocco Racatelli is a ...

    17,76 €

  • Teoría del Juego
    Colleen Cross / Cinta García de la Rosa
    Lo que el dinero no puede comprar, lo consigue el asesinato.Alguien está desviando fondos desde el fondo de cobertura de divisas del billonario Zachary Barron. Empeñado en procesar al ladrón con todo el peso de la ley, contrata a Katerina “Kat” Carter, la mejor contable forense en su especialidad, para seguir el rastro del dinero. Ambos se ven sorprendidos cuando lleva al padre...

    19,65 €

  • A Stroll Down Memory Pain
    Todd Templeman
    Jamie Breyer hasn't worked since the day he scattered all the law books from his shelves and replaced them with the literature he once loved. The firm which leases him the little office is afraid to kick him out, or so Jamie thinks. So he shows up from time to time, ignoring the glare from the receptionist. But today she's gone too far. There's a client, an old man ...

    12,05 €

  • The West Bluff
    Jon Bunn
    The West Bluff and surrounding swamps along the Sabine River between Texas and Louisiana have provided a modest but comfortable shelter and satisfactory sustenance for Robert Andrew (“Dick”) Jackson and his Cajun sweetheart, Penny, for many years since the loss of both his parents—his dad through divorce when he was young, and his mother years later in a horrendous explosion an...

    16,09 €

  • The Last Notes From the Dispatch-box of John H. Watson M.D.
    Hugh Ashton
    The first of these, “The Case of the Russian Bear”, involves the British Government, as represented by Mycroft Holmes. The circumstances surrounding it are mentioned in “The Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax”, where Holmes mentions to Watson that it would be impossible for him to leave London while “old Abrahams” is in such danger. We are not told any more about Abrahams in ...

    7,29 €

  • Desecration
    J. F. Penn / JFPenn
    Her daughter is dying ... and a killer with a fetish for body parts stalks London.As Detective Sergeant Jamie Brooke copes with the daily pain of watching her daughter suffer through her last days, she is assigned to a macabre murder case. The mutilated body of a young heiress is found within the London Royal College of Surgeons surrounded by medical specimen jars.An antique An...

    16,96 €

  • Death of the Snake Catcher
    Ak Welsapar / Lois Kapila / Youssef Azemoun
    This book features people from one of the most closed countries of today's world, where the passage of time resembles the passage of a caravan through the waterless desert. This world has been recreated by a true-born son of that mysterious country, a Turkmen who, at the will of fate, has now  been living for a quarter of a century in snowy Scandinavia. Is that not why two ...

    27,68 €

  • The Shanghai Spy
    Howard Turk
    Shanghai, 1932The city is booming. It's the Paris of Asia—wealthy, sophisticated, and fun—the most international city in the Far East. But beneath the surface fear of war is mounting. With spies and counterspies on every side and their masters pressing hard for information, violence is increasing. Jake Greenberg feels the tension growing in the city. Jake, an American expat...

    23,64 €

  • A Pattern for Murder (The Bait & Stitch Cozy Mystery Series, Book 1)
    Ann Yost
    "Yost provides an entertaining combination of mystery and romance with a dose of Finnish tradition." ~Kirkus ReviewWhen an Upper Michigan Finnish-American Community is Shocked by Murder, Local Knitter Hatti Lehtinen Searches for Answers in A PATTERN FOR MURDER, the First Installment in the BAIT & STITCH COZY MYSTERY SERIES by Ann Yost—Red Jacket, Michigan, On the Keweenaw Penin...

    13,60 €

  • Madness in Brewster Square
    Narielle Living
    Ava Maria Sophia Cecilia has been conned into her into helping her brother, Giuseppe, with one of his paranormal investigations. She really hates it when she gets dragged into his ghost-hunting gigs, especially since she probably doesn’t believe in ghosts.But on the night they investigate the old McAllister place, the one house Ava is convinced is truly haunted, a dead body tur...

    13,25 €

  • Con Morte
    Axel Howerton
    Arthur Ellis award nominee Axel Howerton weaves a dark tale of memory, family, murder-for-hire, coffee, and the cost of redemption.  A dark Noir fable that pulls you into a thrilling whirlpool of gangland violence, ghostly memories,  one boy's terrifying past, and the glimmer of hope inside an unknown future. "Jackie Nobody ain't like us."  That's because Jack sees ...

    11,53 €

  • Out of Focus
    Carol Ashe
    When Winnipeg Police Service (WPS) top sniper officer Margarite Hunter takes a position on the city’s crime unit, her goal is to save lives rather than take them.While searching for two missing young women, Mags and her partner Hank uncover an extensive trafficking and crime ring. Meanwhile, Charlie Mahone is brought out of retirement from the Canadian military to find a lost s...

    16,65 €

  • Sinister Shadows
    Colleen Gleason
    An uptight lawyer.A carefree palm-reader.A haunted antiques shop.And a very mortal villain...Welcome to Wicks Hollow: a cozy town near Lake Michigan filled with quaint houses, eccentric residents, and more than its share of ghosts, murders, and sexy romance.When Fiona Murphy inherits a small antiques shop from an old man she met only once, she’s filled with surprise, confusion ...

    15,50 €

  • Preordained
    David L Wallace
    Preordained is a supernatural mystery thriller about a cop in Murrell’s Inlet, SC who’s seeking to solve a serial murder case that has biblical undertones.Operating under his self-appointed moniker, the Star of David Killer taunts lead detective Art Somers, the Georgetown County Sherriff’s Office, and the FBI, who are all attempting to solve the serial case. In the killer’s min...

    15,86 €

  • The Blind Switch
    Kelley Sewell
    Ruby Sans’ world is turned upside down when she discovers she is the sole living heir of an estranged aunt. Overnight, Ruby inherits a rare green diamond and finds herself a co-owner of a racehorse with an intriguing trainer carrying a shadowy past. As Ruby digs deeper into her new horse’s stats and his trainer’s track record, she soon discovers that she is in a race jockeying ...

    11,49 €

    LOVE KNOWS NO BOUNDARIES, indeed, but what happens when passion is taken to its extreme? The chimes of wedding bells instantly turn into the booms of bullet when G’COREY reappears to seek vengeance on his rival and reclaim MINNIE until one lethal mistake offsets another, causing everything to go into a fatal tailspin. Meanwhile, GERRAN has been scorched by the pains of love aft...

    19,14 €

  • No Straight Thing
    F. Nelson Smith / FNelson Smith
    Depression Era Alberta is miserable and cruel, but WWI vet, Fergus Muir and his father are getting by. Plagued by guilt and memories of war, Fergus goes through life detached and cynical until he meets a young girl, Cat Perkins, who is the spitting image of his late wife.  Cat watches helplessly as her family disintegrates. Everyone she cares for is vanishing before her eyes, l...

    19,80 €

  • Fractal Despondency
    Trent Zelazny
    Was she an angel from above, or a walking time bomb of doom?His life having crumbled, Blake Gladstone returns to his hometown of Santa Fe, and tries to settle back into the unsatisfying life he’d had before he left for Florida.When he meets Denise, a pretty young blonde with a bag full of tricks, his sad routine breaks, and the more they get to know each other, the more Blake c...

    20,58 €

    Wilson Roberts
    As Anna Delinny, a central character in A Place in Paradise says, 'There are places of power on the earth. Some of great import to the entire world, others of local interest. Talk to someone who has been to Delphi. Ask what kinds of feelings the place engenders. Or Stonehenge. In such places the sense of power is so strong people regard it as evidence of the holy. In other plac...

    36,76 €

  • Lead With Your Left
    Ed Lacy
    It was a few minutes before eleven when I unlocked our door. The dumb lamp we had in the two-by-four 'foyer' was on. The lamp looked like a drippy flower and cost fifty-seven bucks strictly because it was imported from Denmark. If all their lamps are like this job they must be blind over there. I could just about make out the couch opened as a bed, was surprised Mary was in the...

    28,09 €

  • Homicide Johnny
    Steve Fisher
    Homicide Johnny West has been called in to solve the murder of Harry Waters whose newspaper columns have ruined many men. But the web of violence grows, and murder follows murder, until Johnny and his co-worker, Penny Lane, find out they are next in line. ...

    20,33 €

  • Nightfall
    David Goodis
    He could remember the gun in his hand, the man in front of him, the shock of the explosion, and then the blood. He could remember the flight though the woods, and the satchel with the money, and now the gang of killers, closing in.But what he couldn’t figure was the woman. She had been there, once, when the killers caught him, and beat him half to death. And he had found her o...

    20,34 €

  • Go for the Body
    Ed Lacy
    It was my first day in Paris but the feeling was still with me: like I was getting ready to explode, as if my guts were a lit fuse racing up to my brain.Being cooped up gets me that way, although I was camped in a big room in this swank hotel. Twelve bucks a night and it was the best hotel room I’d ever been in. I’d docked at Le Havre the afternoon before, came straight to this...

    28,05 €

  • Nothing in Her Way
    Charles Williams
    Welcome to the roller-coaster world of professional con men-and the one wild beauty who can out-swindle and outwit them all. Utterly beautiful, smart as a whip, here is the most fascinating confidence woman in modern suspense fiction. Her name is Cathy Dunbar-all soft and warm and ready for the taking, until one by one her men find out who is really being taken. ...

    28,05 €

  • Murder Doll
    Milton Ozaki
    The Golden Spoon was strictly for suckers. Located a block north of the river in a renovated three-story building, it sported a white-and-red striped canopy which stretched from plate-glass door to curb, a huge tri-colored neon sign which flashed Follies Parisienne-Twenty Beautiful Girls-No Cover Charge, and a sharp-eyed doorman with the build of a heavyweight pug and more bras...

    20,35 €

  • Never Say No to a Killer
    Clifton Adams
    The rock was about the size of a man’s head. A beautiful rock, about twenty pounds of it, and somehow I had to get over to it. The minute I saw it I knew that rock was just the thing I needed. This is going to take some doing, I thought, but I have to get my hands on that rock. Gorgan yelled, 'Get the lead out, Surratt! This ain’t no goddamn picnic!' Gorgan was one of the priso...

    20,30 €

  • 42 Days for Murder
    Roger Torrey

    20,29 €

  • Miss Callaghan Comes to Grief
    James Hadley Chase
    Originally banned in the UK, this is the story of Miss Callaghan. Not of any particular Miss Callaghan, but of the hundreds of Miss Callaghans who disappear from their homes suddenly and mysteriously and are seen no more by those who knew and loved them.This is also the story of Raven, who played with clockwork trains, the leader of the White Slave Ring in East St. Louis, who w...

    28,02 €

  • The Accused
    Harold R. Daniels / Harold RDaniels
    He stands before the court. The crime: Murder in the First Degree. The victime: his wife. They said he killed her. They didn’t say why. ...

    20,26 €

  • The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
    Arthur Conan Doyle
    The miracle of Sherlock Holmes is that for twenty-five pounds in 1887, Conan Doyle created a truly universal and immortal literary figure. Sherlock Holmes is a household word in virtually every country in the world. A few of Shakespeare’s characters are nearly that well known, probably Hamlet and McBeth. Other possible rivals include Robinson Crusoe, Dracula, Tarzan, and James ...

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