Misterios históricos

Ficción y temas afines / Género policíaco y de misterio / Misterios históricos (1622)

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  • The Last Notes From the Dispatch-box of John H. Watson M.D.
    Hugh Ashton
    The first of these, “The Case of the Russian Bear”, involves the British Government, as represented by Mycroft Holmes. The circumstances surrounding it are mentioned in “The Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax”, where Holmes mentions to Watson that it would be impossible for him to leave London while “old Abrahams” is in such danger. We are not told any more about Abrahams in ...

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  • No Straight Thing
    F. Nelson Smith / FNelson Smith
    Depression Era Alberta is miserable and cruel, but WWI vet, Fergus Muir and his father are getting by. Plagued by guilt and memories of war, Fergus goes through life detached and cynical until he meets a young girl, Cat Perkins, who is the spitting image of his late wife.  Cat watches helplessly as her family disintegrates. Everyone she cares for is vanishing before her eyes, l...

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  • When Winter Returns
    Kathryn Miller Haines

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  • Murder by Misunderstanding
    Leighann Dobbs
    Mystery novelist Hazel Martin’s maid suspects foul play when her childhood friend Doris jumps from the third-story turret of Farnsworth Abbey. Unable to resist an investigation, especially one that’s staged to look like suicide, Hazel calls in help from her chauffeur, her cook, and even the mysterious butler her husband hired before his death. Hazel soon learns that Doris’s dea...

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  • Assassination
    Diana M Wilder
    An arrest in the shadow of Notre Dame Cathedral yields the hint of a growing menace. For Chief Inspector Paul Malet, acting Prefect of Police for Paris, the triumph of the arrest is overlaid by a sense of gathering danger. All becomes clear when Malet learns that Victoria, England's Heiress Apparent, will be traveling to Paris at Christmas for a state visit. Her assassinat...

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  • Hospital Hill
    Anderson Katherine
    After working in asylums for nearly three decades, Valerie Martin is set to retire but one phone call changes everything and she finds herself on a train bound for Northampton and the asylum where her career began on the wards in 1959. Finding herself inside the walls for the first time in over a decade, Valerie begins one final clerical task for the Department of Mental Health...

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  • Proof the Novel
    Ted D. Berner
    A controversial verse in the Bible sparks college graduate student Ty Larson’s curiosity causing him to stumble onto the faint trace of an ancient advanced civilization that’s been all but lost to the sands of time. It soon becomes apparent that he’s not the only one with an interest in this long-lost civilization, but the others who share this interest and what their intention...

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  • The Adventure of the Lichfield Murder
    Hugh Ashton
    Every good city deserves a good murder … and Lichfield is no exception. When Henry Taylor of Lichfield comes to 221B Baker Street with the news that his young wife has been murdered, apparently by his son from his first marriage, Sherlock Holmes takes the train from Euston to investigate. What he discovers comes as a surprise to everyone, except to (of course) Sherlock Holmes h...

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  • The Dagger Before Me
    Heather Haven
    Persephone ‘Percy’ Cole joins the ranks of other gumshoes such as Sam Spade, Lew Archer, and Phillip Marlowe. This five-foot eleven, full-figured gal has the same hard-boiled, take-no-prisoners attitude, but with a difference. She’s a shamus with a wicked sense of humor and the mother of an eight-year old son. Halloween, 1942, finds Percy Cole backstage during the previews of t...

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  • Titus
    Katheryn Maddox Haddad
    Other than the Apostle Paul mentioning Titus name on several occasions, there is nothing about Titus in the scriptures. The author deduced that Paul used him as an arbitrator among churches. This novel is based on that premise..Titus is a brilliant attorney who solves unsolvable mysteries. Then he meets the Apostle Paul and becomes a Christian.Corinth—full of wild sailors, temp...

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    Nancy Temple Rodrigue
    HIDDEN MICKEY ADVENTURES 3 The Mermaid's Tale 8th Hidden Mickey novel by Nancy Temple Rodrigue about Walt Disney and Disneyland written for Adults, Teens, & Tweens (age 9 to 90). If you like Kingdom Keepers by Ridley Pearson you will LOVE Hidden Mickey Adventures A FORGOTTEN TREASURE REVEALS A MISSING PUZZLE PIECE Going through family mementos in their grandmother s att...

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  • Death of a Kootch Show Girl
    Corey Recko
    It’s Halloween night 1953, the last night of the carnival in rural Ohio, and a stripper turns up dead. Tom Davis, the chief of police, orders the carnies to stay in town while he investigates, but there are no leads to Mary’s killer—no fingerprints on the murder weapon, no blood but Mary’s at the scene, no foreign hairs or fibers—no clues of any kind. Brian Stockton, a reporter...

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  • The Bell Tolled Twice
    Tony Brennan
    1944. King’s Cross. The red light district of Sydney is alive with noise, bright lights, American soldiers on leave – and vice. Nearby, Annie Watson is hoping for a few days’ vacation with her cousin, Monica Jeffrey. But when Annie intervenes to save an orphan girl, she is enmeshed in a murder conspiracy involving gangsters, drug addicts, thugs and prostitutes. Discovering the ...

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  • The Bleak and Empty Sea
    Jay Ruud
    When word comes to Camelot that Sir Tristram has died in Brittany of wounds suffered in a skirmish, and that his longtime mistress, La Belle Isolde, Queen of Cornwall, has subsequently died herself of a broken heart, Queen Guinevere and her trusted lady Rosemounde immediately suspect that there is more to the story of the lovers’ deaths than they are being told. It is up to Mer...

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  • The Girls' Weekend Murder
    Lynn McPherson
    An oceanfront estate in the beautiful New England town of Twin Oaks is the ideal setting for Isabelle Walsh and her close-knit group of friends to celebrate their annual girls’ weekend in 1953.While off to a promising start, the weekend quickly goes awry as murder interrupts the fun and the hostess is accused of the shocking crime. Izzy quickly realizes it is up to her to save ...

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  • A Mass for the Dead
    Susan McDuffie
    Scotland 1373: Crispinus, the head of Oronsay Priory, is found dead, strangled and battered, his mouth stuffed with sand, in the middle of the tidal strand separating the holy island of Oronsay from the larger island of Colonsay. The Lord of the Isles, overlord of the islands, assigns the task of finding the killer to Muirteach, the Prior’s bastard son.            Since breakin...

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  • The Darlington Substitution
    Hugh Ashton
    The deed box of Dr. John Watson, entrusted by him over a century ago to Cox & Co. of Charing Cross, and which made its way to Hugh Ashton in Kamakura, Japan, continues to yield treasure.The box proved to have a false bottom, under which lay the manuscript of a full-length adventure of Sherlock Holmes, in which the great detective needs all his cunning and detective powers to un...

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  • Heed the Apocalypse
    Waights Taylor Jr.
    Heed the Apocalypse pushes the boundaries of reality to tell a gripping story of murder, committed and thwarted, as it marches with Martin Luther King Jr. and the 1963 protesters in Birmingham, Alabama, toward a startling conclusion. What if the events at the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, in the early morning hours of September 15, 1963, had turned out...

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  • The Romanov Dynasty ... What If
    Diana E. Linn / Diana ELinn
    What if ... The Romanov Dynasty is a novel written around Nicholas II and his family. It begins with the love story of Jacob Abram, who leaves Germany for Russia, running to escape the imminent death threats that he and many Jewish people experienced. He falls hopelessly in love. Little does he know that he will become indentured to Nicholas II to aid in the possible escape of ...

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  • One for the Money, Two for the Sluice
    Albert Noyer
    Fr. “Jake” Jakubowski, a 70-year-old Michigan priest temporarily assigned to a New Mexican village, helps Detective Sonia Mora investigate a fetus found in an irrigation sluice, which prompts reopening a cold case about the death of a wealthy rancher’s wife. The picketing of a soldier’s funeral that turns deadly; a brash anthropologist’s excavation for Civil ...

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  • O Enigma Dos Olhos
    J. Rocha Paixão
    Um homem aparentemente insensível, mas cujo coração secretamente se derrete, ao olhar nos olhos inebriantes de uma mulher elegante e selvagem... ...

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  • Contos & Crônicas
    Ana Monique Moura
    Compilação de contos e crônicas de Ana Monique Moura ...

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  • Espectros Citadinos
    Antonio Barreto
    Comparto devaneios prodigados em santificados descaminhos, quem sabe, razões, denotando alheio desarrimo entre os filhos do homem, esses mesmos, viciosos consigo nas verdadeiras mentiras de cada dia. ...

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  • Contos Impertinentes
    Caio B.
    Contos impertinentes são leves narrativas que que explora as incongruências e contradições das relações humanas. Os contos são narrados, por vezes, de formairreverente, sarcástica ou perspicaz, não tendo medo de mostrar os lados sombrios e luminosos da natureza humana.Temas como o amor, o ódio, a amizade, a família, o poder, a ambição, o taedium vitae e a sexualidademostram com...

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  • O Homem Que Um Dia Irei Matar
    Márcio Costa
    O HOMEM QUE UM DIA IREI MATAR é um trailer policial e psicológico. Aqui o conhecido jornalista outsider Karl Sirx luta para sobreviver à sua realidade caótica, num relato que escreve para ir além dos muros do hospital de saúde mental onde sem saber o motivo, percebeu-se hóspede.Curioso por entender sua jornada, tenta refazer os passos de seu cárcere, com ajuda de poucos que se ...

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  • Black7
    M. P. Demi
    Alfa é um ex-soldado assombrado por seus traumas do exército. É líder da temida facção Black7, quer deixar o crime e encontrar um substituto para seu posto, mas enfrenta um desafio inesperado quando seu território principal é tomado pela impiedosa facção inimiga, liderada por um novo inimigo, conhecido como Pinduca. Agora, ele se vê forçado a uma busca desesperada para recupera...

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  • O Destino Em Meu Olhar
    João Paulo Lopes Soares
    Numa noite enigmática, sob o véu de um céu estrelado, um grupo de almas errantes se encontra, por obra do destino ou mero acaso, nas sombras acolhedoras de um bar antigo, cujas paredes já ouviram mais segredos do que se pode contar. À primeira vista, nada além de estranhos compartilhando o mesmo refúgio contra a solidão da noite, mas o destino, sempre astuto em seus desígnios, ...

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  • O Bruxo Zion Clifford
    Vanessa Matos
    Zion Floyd Clifford é um bruxo por conta de sua mãe Ayla ser, em pouco tempo o jovem se torna um príncipe ao descobrir ser neto do rei do país, sofre bullying na escola por ser um príncipe só que diferente da pose de um, por simplesmente ser um jovem educado e quieto em seu canto, Zion esconde algo poderoso em seu ser e sua mãe teme pela criação dele em não ser o suficiente par...

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