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  • The Last Notes From the Dispatch-box of John H. Watson M.D.
    Hugh Ashton
    The first of these, “The Case of the Russian Bear”, involves the British Government, as represented by Mycroft Holmes. The circumstances surrounding it are mentioned in “The Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax”, where Holmes mentions to Watson that it would be impossible for him to leave London while “old Abrahams” is in such danger. We are not told any more about Abrahams in ...

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  • The Shanghai Spy
    Howard Turk
    Shanghai, 1932The city is booming. It's the Paris of Asia—wealthy, sophisticated, and fun—the most international city in the Far East. But beneath the surface fear of war is mounting. With spies and counterspies on every side and their masters pressing hard for information, violence is increasing. Jake Greenberg feels the tension growing in the city. Jake, an American expat...

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  • The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
    Arthur Conan Doyle
    The miracle of Sherlock Holmes is that for twenty-five pounds in 1887, Conan Doyle created a truly universal and immortal literary figure. Sherlock Holmes is a household word in virtually every country in the world. A few of Shakespeare’s characters are nearly that well known, probably Hamlet and McBeth. Other possible rivals include Robinson Crusoe, Dracula, Tarzan, and James ...

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  • Sherlock Holmes
    Mark Twain
    A Double Barreled Detective Story by Mark Twain features Sherlock Holmes in the American west. Twain uses Sherlock Holmes to brilliantly parody the entire mystery genre. Holmes slavishly employs the scientific method to a ridiculous degree and to a widely incorrect conclusion while attempting to solve a crime. Holmes nephew, Fetlock Jones, provides us with Twain’s opinion of Ho...

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  • A Study in Scarlet
    Arthur Conan Doyle
    Doyle, unsuccessful in his medical practice, in need of money and a more satisfying career, had already sold a number of magazine stories when he wrote the novella, 'A Study in Scarlet,' the first Sherlock Holmes story, which, after many rejections, was published in Beeton’s Christmas Annual for 1887. Doyle got twenty-five pounds for all rights to the story. He never received a...

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  • Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes
    Arthur Conan Doyle
    Doyle felt that the Sherlock Holmes stories were taking time and public attention away from his more serious work. So, with great deliberation he killed off his detective in the 24th story in the series, the ominously entitled 'The Final Problem,' sending both Holmes and his arch-nemesis created for the occasion, the 'Napoleon of Crime,' Dr. Moriarty, over the Reichenbach Fall...

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  • Death by G-String
    C.C. Harrison / C.CHarrison
    A new cozy mystery by award-winning author C.C. Harrison!Viva Winter puts her sleuthing skills to the test in Death by G-String: A Coyote Canyon Ladies Ukulele Club Mystery. Can she find the truth before it’s too late?The Coyote Canyon Ladies Ukulele Club is gearing up for a ukulele competition when their flamboyant star player, Kiki Jacquenette, is found strangled to death wit...

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  • Too Clever By Half
    Will North
    The naked, maimed body found floating off the coast of Cornwall's English Channel presents a vexing puzzle for Detective Inspector Morgan Davies and her Scene of Crimes Manager, Calum West. Post-mortem confirms the dead man's wounds are evidence of torture, but without a name, a crime scene, or a motive, the detectives are stymied.Two days later, a woman reports her par...

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  • Killer Market
    Margaret Maron
    The first Deborah Knott mystery, Bootlegger’s Daughter, swept the top mystery awards in 1993 with a down-home judge dedicated to justice, driven by private demons, and prone to decide with her heart. From the first though, the books have given us an insider’s look at North Carolina—from its western mountains to its Crystal Coast. Now in the series’ fifth book, Judge Deborah inv...

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  • Parts Are Parts
    John A Wooden
    Once you have them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow. Cryogenic freezer units with body parts of some of Hollywood’s finest entertainers, the infamous Jet Pack Eight, are being shipped to federal buildings throughout the United States. A group, called the Code of Colors, are stealing weapons from the Department of Defense, and taking aim at grammar schools, chur...

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  • Mystery at Lynden Sands
    J. J. Connington / JJConnington
    Mr. Connington has written several detective stories of a high order and one-Murder in the Maze-which ranks with the best thrillers in recent years. Mystery at Lynden Sands is certainly on the same high level. The mysterious death of a caretaker; the burglary of the mansion left in his charge; a murder on the beach, which throws suspicion on one character after another; an appa...

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  • The Sweepstake Murders
    J. J. Connington / JJConnington
    Mr. Connington’s new detective story, The Sweepstake Murders, opens at the end of a bridge-party, when one of the players suggests the formation of a small syndicate to have a flutter in a coming sweepstake. Winnings are to be pooled and divided among the members. Most of the bridge-players join, on terms proposed and accepted on the spot of the moment. A syndicate tickets wins...

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  • Dead Man's Quarry
    Ianthe Jerrold
    “The murderer was also riding a bicycle... why, if we can trace it, we shall have the murderer!” On a cycling holiday in idyllic Herefordshire countryside, Nora and her friends make a gruesome discovery – the body of their missing comrade at the bottom of a quarry. But an apparently accidental fall turns out to have been murder – for the man was shot in the head. Fortunately ...

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  • It’s About Time
    Courtney Miller
    When will Frank catch a break?        When will Sam put his life back together?                When will someone put an end to Benny’s harassment? Franklin Roberts is a good man who does not deserve the outrageous misfortune that has left him homeless and destitute.  It’s about time he got a break.White Feather is convinced that his new friend has a rare case of Synathesia and ...

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  • Death in an English Cottage
    Sara Rosett
    It’s spring in England, and location scout Kate Sharp has returned to the quaint village of Nether Woodsmoor with its lush gardens, budding hedgerows, and mellow stone cottages to work on a Jane Austen television documentary. The unique opportunity also gives her the chance to explore a possible romance with Alex, the deliciously rumpled local scout. Rumors of recently discover...

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  • The Hunt for Ned October
    Bobby Legend
    The Hunt for Ned October is an advanced novel for children. The story is about a little six year old boy who lost his pet turtle. The pet turtle Ned seeks out his friends to help him find his way home and the little boys relies on help from his friends to help him find Ned. ...

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  • Murders at Bishop
    J. Lea Koretsky / JLea Koretsky
    This is author J. Lea Koretsky’s fifteenth book. The anthology contains three novellas about post office crimes. The first novella MURDERS AT BISHOP describes numerous truck rollovers on Interstate 50 and a series of heists of stamp coin on Highway 395. The second novella THE DEAD is about the murders of the Packard vehicle test group who evaluate structural efficacy of early c...

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    B.L. Faulkner / B.LFaulkner
    A fast-moving traditional British detective novel with an 'old school' Detective and his modern IT savvy Asian/English Sergeant pursue a serial killer in Poetic Justice who is targetting celebrities who went to the same Dramatic Art College when younger. Is it revenge, and if so revenge for what? The College has a dark secret that unfolds as the pace quickens. In A Kill...

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  • Southern Discomfort
    Margaret Maron
    Deborah Knott may have lost the district election, but a bigoted judge's sudden death--and some old-fashioned political horse trading--have won her a governor's appointment. True to Southern form, her swearing-in is followed by a raucous reception that brings out every elderly aunt and cousin in the county. Unfortunately, Lu Bingham, the force behind WomenAid, is at th...

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  • Thrill Girl
    Jack Curran
    June, 1951...It’s a tense summer in the City of Angels. A killer is on the loose. She’s blonde, she’s beautiful, and she murders bad guys.  On three different occasions, she thwarted a mugging in progress, saving the innocent, dispatching the guilty, and fading away like a whisper in the rain. She never waits around for thanks.  Apparently she doesn’t want any.Who is this woman...

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  • The Darlington Substitution
    Hugh Ashton
    The deed box of Dr. John Watson, entrusted by him over a century ago to Cox & Co. of Charing Cross, and which made its way to Hugh Ashton in Kamakura, Japan, continues to yield treasure.The box proved to have a false bottom, under which lay the manuscript of a full-length adventure of Sherlock Holmes, in which the great detective needs all his cunning and detective powers to un...

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    B.L. Faulkner / B.LFaulkner
    THE PALMER  CASES        Justin Palmer started off on the beat as a London policeman in 1964 and is now Detective Chief Superintendent Palmer running the Serial Murder Squad from New Scotland Yard.Not one to pull punches or give a hoot for political correctness if it hinders his inquiries Palmer has gone as far as he will go in the Met. and he knows it. Master of the one line p...

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  • Jack-in-the-Box
    J. J. Connington / JJConnington
    'Again Sir Clinton Driffield, an old favorite with Connington fans, gets into action with all his usual acumen, and the unraveling of another mystery proceeds under his suave direction to its inevitable outcome.'Jack-in-the-Box opens with the discovery of a Viking’s hoard of gold, stolen many centuries ago from a Norman abbey and accidentally unearthed during an archaeologist’s...

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  • The Complete Adventures of Romney Pringle
    John J. Pitcairn / John JPitcairn / R. Austin Freeman / RAustin Freeman
    Romney Pringle, poor literary agent and avid cyclist, is in truth a conman of the highest caliber. The complete twelve stories are included in this volume. This criminal rogue is a well-deserved member of 'Queen’s Quorum' of influential and important mystery and crime stories. ...

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  • The Wit, Whimsy, and Wisdom of G. K. Chesterton, Volume 3
    G. K. Chesterton / GKChesterton
    This volume includes two classic G. K. Chesterton novels, and his play, Magic. The Ball and the Cross is a religio-political fantasy, as a Catholic and an atheist try to keep ahead of the law in order to fight a duel. Manalive brings a man on trial, where nothing is as it seems. (It is a brilliant commentary on a man in search of himself and what he truly values.) Magic: A Fant...

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  • Vindicta
    Ángel Jiménez Redondo
    Una historia en la que se cruzan el amor, la pasión, el sexo y la venganza. Una chica del interior que viene a Barcelona con la idea de conseguir un trabajo que le permita ahorrar lo suficiente para casarse. Un ejecutivo amigo de la familia que la acoge. Unos acontecimientos que complican ese final feliz que ella preveía. Unos hermanos, una ruptura y un escarmiento son los elem...

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  • El asesino del 9
    Concepción Sánchez Labrador
    No disfruta matando, no las daña, no las hace sufrir. Ni siquiera las toca. Solo quiere enseñar a esas menores cómo deben comportarse.La subinspectora, Jana Balmes, recibe una llamada anónima. Un hombre con voz distorsionada la reta a que lo detenga antes del fi n de semana; solo así podrá evitar que aparezcan otras dos niñas muertas. Ella teme que sea el mismo asesino que, doc...

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  • Hermosa Rendición
    Vanesa Osorio
    ¿Se puede escapar de las garras del pasado? ¿Se puede huir del monstruo que rompió tu corazón y que intenta encontrarte solo para hacer cenizas los trozos que aún te quedan?Anastasia Evans conoce el dolor mejor que nadie: destruyeron su vida, acabaron con su inocencia, desmembraron su alma siendo solo una adolescente. Pero ya no quiere huir, está cansada de hacerlo, ahora quier...

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  • Brio Barle
    Luis Ropero
    La exclusiva agencia europea Brio, cuyas actividades de inteligencia y experimentación son indisociables, ha detectado una brecha en su delegación española. Brio España ha actualizado y dado un impulso definitivo a un antiguo producto en desuso, el Barle, que se aplica en modo loción facial y duplica el rendimiento físico y mental. La intrusión rusa en la red de Brio para usurp...

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  • La Fraternidad de los Ingenuos
    Luis J. Pérez Puig
    Una serie de crímenes terribles con idéntico patrón de ejecución y, sin embargo, considerable distancia en el tiempo, logran poner en jaque a la Policía de varios países. Solo un advenedizo en la materia, movido por la impotencia y la frustración que provoca la injusticia, se verá inmerso en un complejo submundo de mentiras y secretos guardados celosamente, cuyo único fin es el...

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