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  • Multi-Sided Platforms (MSPs) and Sharing Strategies in the Digital Economy
    Sergey Yablonsky
    Rapid technological advancements have the ability to positively or negatively impact corporate growth and success. Professional leaders and decision makers must consider such advancements when designing and implementing new policies in preparation for the sustainable future of the business environment. Multi-Sided Platforms (MSPs) and Sharing Strategies in the Digital Economy: ...

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  • Optimizing Current Practices in E-Services and Mobile Applications
    In the modern world of mobile applications, the expansion of e-services, self-services, and mobile communication constantly allows for new multidisciplinary developments in academia and industry. Optimizing Current Practices in E-Services and Mobile Applications is a critical scholarly resource that examines issues in the production management, delivery, and consumption of e-se...

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  • Strategic E-Commerce Systems and Tools for Competing in the Digital Marketplace
    Mehdi Khosrow-Pour
    As financial systems migrate to a pervasive, online environment, business leaders and layman investors alike must adapt to changes in the market brought about by this new age of business. Strategic E-Commerce Systems and Tools for Competing in the Digital Marketplace advances the body of knowledge on electronic business and commerce with an in-depth look at the opportunities an...

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  • Modern Entrepreneurship and E-Business Innovations
    Süphan Nasır
    Technology has emerged as an important component in businesses and organizations by allowing for modern innovations through the internet and other information and communication technologies. Modern Entrepreneurship and E-Business Innovations provides advanced knowledge of e-entrepreneurship and innovation as well as emerging theories, applications and challenges. This book is a...

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  • Innovations in SMEs and Conducting E-Business
    Electronic business (E-Business) plays a central goal in the economy, facilitating the exchange of information, goods, services, and payments. E-Business is not exclusive for large enterprises. It propels productivity and competitiveness and is accessible to all enterprises, and sophisticated systems like E-Marketplaces act as business integrators, potentiating business opportu...

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  • Electronic Business Interoperability
    Ejub Kajan
    Interoperability is a topic of considerable interest for business entities, as the exchange and use of data is important to their success and sustainability. Electronic Business Interoperability: Concepts, Opportunities and Challenges analyzes obstacles, provides critical assessment of existing approaches, and reviews recent research efforts to overcome interoperability problem...

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  • Web Services Security Development and Architecture
    Carlos Gutierrez
    Despite solid advances, numerous challenges have yet to be resolved by Web services-enabled service-oriented architecture systems. Web Services Security Development and Architecture: Theoretical and Practical Issues explores a global approach to methodical development in constructing safety architectures for online systems. Addressing security concerns during the full developme...

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  • E-Commerce Adoption and Small Business in the Global Marketplace
    Brychan Thomas / Geoff Simmons
    Small businesses with an international intention tend to adopt a proactive approach to e-commerce in order to benefit from this medium, taking advantage of electronic developments in the global marketplace. E-Commerce Adoption and Small Business in the Global Marketplace: Tools for Optimization focuses on the adoption of e-commerce applications that optimize potential opportuni...

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  • Comparison-Shopping Services and Agent Designs
    Yun Wan
    Popular among online shoppers, comparison-shopping provides a new sales channel for small to medium enterprises to contend with brand name vendors. Comparison-Shopping Services and Agent Designs provides a collection of comprehensive research articles on the rising demand for more informative consumer services. This Premier Reference Source provides e-commerce and agent technol...

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  • Trust in E-Services
    Ronggong Song

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  • Advances in Electronic Business, Volume I

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  • Cryptographic Solutions for Secure Online Banking and Commerce
    Technological advancements have led to many beneficial developments in the electronic world, especially in relation to online commerce. Unfortunately, these advancements have also created a prime hunting ground for hackers to obtain financially sensitive information and deterring these breaches in security has been difficult. Cryptographic Solutions for Secure Online Banking an...

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  • Engineering Service Oriented Systems
    Bill Karakostas / Yannis Zorgios
    Despite pressures of economic slowdown and the e-commerce bubble burst, moving towards e-services is a compelling necessity for today’s organizations. Companies that are reluctant to adopt a service oriented architecture in their IT systems will be missing out on unprecedented opportunities to create business value with relatively small IT investments. Engineering Service Orien...

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  • Securing Transactions and Payment Systems for M-Commerce
    Mobile commerce, or M-commerce, is booming as many utilize their mobile devices to complete transactions ranging from personal shopping to managing and organizing business operations. The emergence of new technologies such as money sharing and transactional applications have revolutionized the way we do business. Wholeheartedly adopted by both the business world and consumers, ...

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  • Research and Development in E-Business through Service-Oriented Solutions
    As businesses are continuously developing new services, procedures, and standards, electronic business has emerged into an important aspect of the science field by providing various applications through efficiently and rapidly processing information among business partners. Research and Development in E-Business through Service-Oriented Solutions highlights the main concepts of...

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  • Business to Business Electronic Commerce
    Merrill Warkentin

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  • Pi Network
    Pioneer Peter
    PINETWORK: Breaking Crypto Ground Synopsis:In "PINETWORK: Unleashing the Power of Decentralization," journey into the world of Pi Network and explore the revolutionary realm of decentralized finance. Discover how mobile-based mining, community-driven utilities, and the true spirit of pioneering shape the future of financial empowerment. Delve into the opportunities and challeng...

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  • The Sustainability of Financial Innovation in E-Payment Systems
    Deepa Jain / Manoj Kumar Dash
    The financial system is the heart of an economy and payment systems are the nerves. As we shift towards a cashless economy, it is essential to understand the perception of customers towards digital transactions to design effective and viable E-Payment Systems (EPSs). ...

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  • Technical Financial Innovation, Solving the Interoperability Problems of Europe
    Bardia Khorsand / John Soldatos / Martin Serrano Orozco
    This third and final part of the INFINITECH book series begins by providing a definition for FinTech, namely: the use of technology to underpin the delivery of financial services. The book further discusses why FinTech is the focus of industry nowadays, as the waves of digitization, and financial technology (FinTech) and insurance technology (InsuranceTech) are rapidly transfor...

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  • Concepts and Design Thinking Innovation Addressing the Global Financial Needs
    Bardia Khorsand / John Soldatos / Martin Serrano Orozco
    In this first part of the INFINITECH book series, which is a series of three books, the principles of the modern economy that lead to make the modern financial sector and the FinTech’s the most disruptive areas in today’s global economy are discussed. INFINITECH envision many opportunities emerging for activating new channels of innovation in the local and global scale while at...

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  • Drop Shipping From $0 To $10k A Month
    Solomon McDonald
    Discover the step-by-step path to creating a successful dropshipping business, starting from scratch and reaching the impressive milestone of $10,000 in monthly revenue. This guide will equip you with the strategies and insights needed to navigate the competitive e-commerce landscape and achieve financial success.Learn the fundamentals of dropshipping, a business model that all...

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  • Blockchain (The Real Democracy)
    suleyman ismail
    "Unlock the Potential of Blockchain" is your comprehensive guide to the transformative world of blockchain technology. This book unravels complex concepts, taking you on a journey from the fundamentals of blockchain to its applications in a multitude of sectors including finance, healthcare, supply chains, and media. With a balanced view on the challenges and benefits of this t...

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  • 跨境电商运营攻略
    Xiaowei Zhou

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  • The best ways to price your product
    Melanie Clemont
    Businesses that focus on the value they provide to customers, rather than the price they charge, have the freedom to set virtually any price they like. Business owners may learn how to break free from standard pricing practices and charge what they’re really worth in Pricing for Profit.Readers will be able to put a dollar amount on the worth of their products or services, diffe...

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  • The Best Strategies for Building Cash
    Matthew Wilson
    If you are ready to put in the effort, the online business field is full of opportunities.You can sell things, offer a service, or operate a blog that will benefit others. There are numerous options available to you to assist you create a steady income online.But, there are risks for those who are just starting out, and this book will dispel some of the myths and scams associat...

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  • Beyond the Pandemic?
    This book contains an Open Access chapter Beyond the Pandemic? is integral to the exploration of the sectoral consequences of the Internet for business managers, policymakers and researchers engaged in planning and study for the digital economy future and planning for future pandemics. ...

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  • Rechtsformwahl für Selbständige & Existenzgründer
    Alexander Goldwein
    Viele Selbständige und Existenzgründer unterschätzen radikal die Bedeutung der Rechtsformwahl für die Optimierung der Steuerbelastung und Altersvorsorge. Oft erkennen sie erst Jahre später, dass die GmbH als Rechtsform viele Steuern gespart hätte.In diesem Leitfaden werden die möglichen Rechtsformen vorgestellt und die Auswirkungen der Rechtsformwahl auf Haftungsbegrenzung, Ste...

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  • Invertir en Inteligencia Artificial Guía de Inversión Particular, en Bolsa (Acciones, ETFs y Fondos) y en la Blockchain (Criptomonedas y Otros Criptoactivos) Para Principiantes
    Antonio Robinhood
    La imprenta, el motor de combustión, el Internet y… en estos momentos… la Inteligencia Artificial (IA).Son cambios tecnológicos que han supuesto un antes y un después en la historia de la humanidad. Cada vez que uno ha aparecido ha supuesto una revolución con la consecuente transmisión de dinero de unos grupos a otros.En estos momentos estás a tiempo de aprovechar la última ola...

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  • There are pros and cons to Internet advertising with a focus on a few electrical items
    C. Miya
    The last decade of the twentieth century had one verysignificant development to offer, that was the massacceptance of, not so recent in origin, medium ofinformation and communications technology,particularly, the Internet.’The Net’, ’The Web’ etc are some of the phrases thatcaught the imagination of the masses, industry people& academics, alike. Whatever be the name used to ref...

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  • How small investors view post office savings plans
    C. Miya
    Economic development takes place when the economic welfare of the people of a country increases over a long period.’ Economic development is to a great extent depends on the rate of investment or capital formation2 which are necessary for fast development. Capital formation refers to an increase in the stock of real capital like machines, plants, tools, equipment, buildings and...

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