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  • The Mad Clientist’s ABCs of Client Service
    Michael B. Rynowecer / Michael BRynowecer
    The Mad Clientist distilled 14,000 in-depth interviews with top executives into 26 pithy, pointed actions for you to start using today. Spend just 26 minutes with The Mad Clientist and his ABCs of Client Service and improve your client service immediately. An unconventional look at a serious topic, The Mad Clientist, a.k.a. Michael B. Rynowecer, shows you how to deliver superio...

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  • Analyzing the Cultural Diversity of Consumers in the Global Marketplace
    Esmeralda Crespo-Almendros / Juan Miguel Alcántara-Pilar / Salvador del Salvador del Barrio-Garcia
    The key to any marketing strategy is finding a way to reach and appeal to the consumer. In the case of a diverse consumer pool, marketers must strive to direct their promotional efforts to appeal to a global customer base. Analyzing the Cultural Diversity of Consumers in the Global Marketplace explores the strategies associated with promoting products and services to a cultural...

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  • Innovations in Services Marketing and Management
    Modern corporations face a variety of challenges and opportunities in the field of sustainable development. Properly managing assets and maintaining effective relationships with customers are crucial considerations in successful businesses. Innovations in Services Marketing and Management: Strategies for Emerging Economies presents insights into marketing strategies and tactica...

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  • Successful Customer Relationship Management Programs and Technologies
    Riyad Eid
    The field of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has broadened greatly in recent years as technological applications have expanded. Successful Customer Relationship Management Programs and Technologies: Issues and Trends offers the latest research and developments for researchers, practitioners, and academics alike. This volume contains case studies, methodologies, framework...

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  • E-Adoption and Socio-Economic Impacts
    The study of e-adoption focuses on the implementation and use of the Internet and Internet-based technologies for personal and business activities. This field has become increasingly relevant due to the increased reliance upon the Internet among individuals in both developed and developing countries. E-Adoption and Socio-Economic Impacts: Emerging Infrastructural Effects identi...

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  • Care
    Ivan Temes
    Imagine using tools already at your disposal to significantly enhance relationships at all levels of your life. Nothing new to learn-not really. The vignettes in ’Care’ from a Hall of Fame football quarterback to company CEOs to participants in homeless shelters renew our faith and lead to action in utilizing care factors in our lives starting right now.The intended audience is...

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  • Managing Customer Trust, Satisfaction, and Loyalty through Information Communication Technologies
    Riyad Eid
    Due to the growth of internet and mobile applications, relationship marketing continues to evolve as technology offers more collaborative and social communication opportunities. Managing Customer Trust, Satisfaction, and Loyalty through Information Communication highlights technology’s involvement with business processes in different sectors and industries while identifying mar...

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  • Customer Service Excellence
    Catherine Mattiske
    Customer Service Excellence is a mini-training program in a book designed for customer service professionals, customer service representatives, sales people and business professionals.Customer Service Excellence combines self-study with realistic workplace activities to build advanced knowledge of customer service principles.In a selling situation this Learning Short-take helps...

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  • Digital Innovations for Customer Engagement, Management, and Organizational Improvement
    Kamaljeet Sandhu
    Over the past several years, digital technologies have reestablished the ways in which corporations operate. On one hand, technology has allowed companies to build a stronger knowledge of its customer base, contributing to better consumer engagement strategies. On the other hand, these technologies have also integrated into the management and daily operations of companies, resu...

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  • Reopen with Confidence
    Merril Gilbert / Rhiannon Woo
    For the vast majority of operators there are a variety of downloadable guidelines from the CDC and individual states providing basic and broad directives for public safety. This book goes deeper with step-by-step details to make the process more effective for employees and customers to build a higher level of trust and confidence in your business practices.  Providing a safe en...

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  • Chief Cultural Officer
    Roberto Masiero
    This document argues that institutions can go a step farther and create more value with the Chief Cultural Officer (CCO). In addition to the person-centered sensitivity that values each of the workers at multiple levels, the CCO is tasked and skilled with managing the cultural nuances of the workers inside and outside the corporation. The goal is to create a suitable bridge for...

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  • Excellence
    Gary Williams
    Change your life in Hospitality forever.In this book, I will show you the way to change your service life forever. I will guide you through the 5 GOLDEN PILLARS of service excellence and beyond, to deliver the best service in the world, in fact it is beyond the best service; it is phenomenal service!I have witnessed countless front of house professionals literally change their ...

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  • Dealing with unhappy customers
    Parviz Dargi
    کتاب حاوی 5 فصل است. فصل اول، تعریفهایی دارد از مشتری کیست؟ مشتری شاکی چگونه رفتار می­کند؟ و چرا باید با افراد شاکی، ارتباط مؤثری برقرار کرد؟فصل دوم، حاوی 12 پرسشنامه است که پاسخنامه دارد. هر شخص علاقه­مند می­تواند این پرسشنامه­ها را تکمیل کند. پس از آن، با دیدن پاسخنامه، نمره­ی خودش را محاسبه کند. پرسشنامه­ها میزان مهارت فرد را نشان می­دهد که تا چه حد قدرت ارتباطی دارد، تا چه ...

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  • Keep Your Customers
    Ali Cudby
    Keep Your Customers combines leadership, strategies, and tactics to help companies keep and grow their customers by delivering actionable expertise. ...

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  • RedRock Leadership
    Jeff Ruby
    Today’s businesses don’t need bosses—they need leaders.Company success doesn’t come from telling people what to do. True sustainable success is created from within, and to get there you need to transform your company culture. Sales and Leadership Trainer and Coach Jeff Ruby has a process that works. The RedRock Leadership method shows business leaders—from small businesses to F...

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  • My Suite A$$!
    Tammy Mayhew
    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.In the hospitality business since the age of ten, Tammy Mayhew lived by this vexing mantra. She served thousands of customers over her chaotic forty-year career: Naked Cowboys, Bird Brains, Creepy Cougars and Crazies…she has seen them all. She experienced a lifetime of insecurity after a devastating accident almost left her disfigured. While safely ...

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  • Independent Minds, Expert Ideas
    Christian Buchholz / Laura Baxter / Lindsay Adams
    We are living in an extraordinary moment in human history. We are expected to deal with an onslaught of information and be present and readily available at all times. Many established businesses are being challenged to find new ways of serving their customers, while keeping up with technological and structural changes.  Although change is inevitable and the future is unpredicta...

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  • Natural Business Development
    Isobel Rimmer
    Every organisation has people working directly with customers but who don’t think they’re ‘in sales’. These talented subject matter experts are highly trusted and are in the best position to spot opportunities, develop new business and grow revenue. They are your secret army who, with the right skills, can win more business and build even stronger relationships authentically an...

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  • Gánese a la clientela femenina
    Bridget Brennan
    Bridget Brennan, CEO of Female Factor, shows readers how to beat competitors and grow overall market share by applying the fundamentals of creating a customer experience that appeals to the most powerful consumer decision makers: women. ...

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  • Emotional, Sensory, and Social Dimensions of Consumer Buying Behavior
    Unprecedented changes in consumer shopping habits pose major challenges for retailers who need to consider the multidimensional nature of shopping in order to design and provide engaging consumer experiences. The intersection between in-store and online shopping is also fundamental to meet the fast-changing consumer behavior. Comprehending how environmental and sensory dimensio...

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  • Fast-Track Your Business
    Laura Patterson
    READY. SET. GROW!   Former football player and coach, Lou Holtz, once said: “In this world you’re either growing or you’re dying, so get in motion and grow.”   Most every company leader is in pursuit of growth. Growing companies are attractive. They’re attractive to partners, employees, and of course customers. If your company is not growing, then you and your shareholders are ...

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  • Lean Six Sigma
    James Edge
    If you want to increase profits, eliminate waste, improve efficiency, and develop a remarkable team, then keep reading...Organizations face rising costs and increasing competition every day. With Lean Six Sigma you can combat these problems and grow your business.Lean Six Sigma is an amazing methodology that’s geared to helping you boost the productivity of your organization wh...

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  • Gestión Ágil de Proyectos
    James Edge
    Si deseas tener un equipo más feliz y productivo, y más clientes satisfechos, sigue leyendo…No es un secreto que el sistema Ágil se ha convertido en una de las formas preferidas de gestionar proyectos en estos últimos años. En el futuro, se espera que se popularice aún más. La razón que explica esto es su efectividad comprobada. QSMA realizó un estudio que demostró que los equi...

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  • Lean Startup
    James Edge
    If you want to discover how to achieve more by doing and spending less, then keep reading...Lots of entrepreneurs are using the Lean Startup philosophy to streamline their business practices and make effective market launches without using up a lot of capital.You can be one of them.This book is going to teach you everything you need to know about Lean Startups, its specific phi...

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  • Agile
    James Edge
    If you want to produce faster while increasing the quality of your products, then keep reading...2 comprehensive manuscripts in 1 book Agile: A Guide to Agile Project Management with Scrum, Kanban, and Lean, Including Tips for Sprint Planning and How to Create a Hybrid Waterfall Agile Software Development Methodology Scrum: How to Use the Agile Framework Called Scrum to Prod...

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  • Kanban
    James Edge
    Si desea ahorrar tiempo, dinero y esfuerzo al mismo tiempo que aumenta el valor, la eficiencia, la calidad y la previsibilidad de su equipo, siga leyendo...Todos los días, las empresas están perdiendo enormes cantidades de dinero porque actúan de una manera que no satisface a sus clientes. Por ejemplo, New Voice Media emitió un informe en 2016 que informó que se perdieron 62 mi...

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  • Scrum
    James Edge
    If you want to learn about Scrum then keep reading...Are you having trouble getting products to market?Do you struggle with meeting the actual needs of your customers despite spending elaborate amounts of time planning out how you will meet the needs they outlined to you?Do not fear; you are not alone. But you also do not need to get comfortable here. Your company can also be o...

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  • Agile Project Management
    James Edge
    If you want a happier and more productive team along with more satisfied customers, then keep reading...It's no secret that the Agile process is fast becoming the preferred way to manage projects and in the year ahead, Agile is expected to become even more widely used. The reason for this is that this approach is proven to work. For example, QSMA did a study that showed tha...

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  • Agile
    James Edge
    If you want to save time, money and effort while simultaneously increasing your team’s value and getting more satisfied customers, then keep reading...2 comprehensive manuscripts in 1 book Agile Project Management: How to Make Your Customers Happier While Saving Money, Time, and Effort Kanban: The Ultimate Guide to Kanban Methodology for Agile Software Development Every da...

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  • Ciencia de Datos para Empresas
    Herbert Jones
    ¿Quiere aprender sobre la Ciencia de Datos, pero no está de humor para leer un libro de texto aburrido?Este libro de Ciencia de Datos podría ser la respuesta que está buscando...La Ciencia de Datos tiene un gran impacto en la forma en que las empresas hacen negocios, y aquellos que no aprenden sobre este campo revolucionario podrían quedarse atrás.Verá, la ciencia de los datos ...

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