The Entrepreneur’s Garden

The Entrepreneur’s Garden

The Entrepreneur's Garden

Divya Parekh

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The Nine Relationships to Building a Six or Seven-Figure BusinessIs your business sucking the life out of you? Does it now feel like drudgery, all work, and no play? Perhaps you don’t have the time to go out to dinner or treat your family to something fun anymore. Do you catch yourself talking about nothing else in your life but your business? If your entrepreneurial passion and drive have shriveled up like a prune, it’s time to nourish it back to life. That’s where The Entrepreneur’s Garden comes in. Divya Parekh, an award-winning authority builder and business strategist, presents her proven and precisely structured process for empowering entrepreneurs to design and build a profitable, sustainable, and scalable business. She regularly contributes her advice to renowned publications such as Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes, Addicted to Success, CEO World Magazine, BBN Times, Forbes, Grit Daily, and more.Through a fun, engaging narrative, this powerful little book can help budding entrepreneurs like you learn how a business made simple really can fulfill your dreams. The Entrepreneur’s Garden will show you...The secrets to growing your income and impact with ease and freedom of time.How relationships are the key to cultivating entrepreneurial success.The 9 Relationships Framework you can use to grow as a successful entrepreneur and live the life you want.Why it’s important to care about nourishing yourself and others in the growth of your business.Key charts, strategies, and words of wisdom to eliminate the stress of confusing and overcomplicated business systems!How to reflect on your past, examine the present, and prepare your business for the future.Strategies designed to take what you’re learning...into focused actionAnd a TON more.This foolproof system is a must-have for you if you desire to understand the power within you, see possibilities where none exist, dream of running your own business, and make a difference in the world.It’s time to get your life back and make entrepreneurship meaningful again! So, take action NOW and pick up your own copy of The Entrepreneur’s Garden today!

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