Propulsion Systems for Space Applications

Propulsion Systems for Space Applications

Satyanarayana Goteti

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96,98 €
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'Propulsion Systems for Space Applications' offers a comprehensive exploration of the principles, technologies, and practicality behind propulsion for rocket launching and spacecraft travel. From the fundamentals of rocket science to the intricacies of orbital mechanics and spacecraft manoeuvring, this book provides a holistic understanding of propulsion systems.           The book delves into the traditional rocket propulsion systems, including solid, liquid, and hybrid engines, while also delving into the realm of cutting-edge technologies like electric propulsion. By presenting numerous examples and case studies, readers gain insight into the real-world applications of space propulsion and its profound impact on space exploration and research.           Geared towards students and researchers in aerospace and mechanical engineering, 'Propulsion Systems for Space Applications' promises to equip readers with a thorough understanding of propulsion principles and their significance in space travel. With its comprehensive approach and practical examples, this book serves as an invaluable resource for those embarking on the fascinating journey of space propulsion.Contents: 1.        Introduction to Space Propulsion2.        Basic Orbital Mechanics3.        Rocket Principle and Performance Parameters4.        Rocket Nozzles5.        Rocket Propellants6.        Solid Propellant Motors7.        Liquid Rocket Engines8.        Hybrid Rocket Engines9.        Thrust Chamber Cooling10.      Combustion instabilities11.      Spacecraft Orbital Maneuvers12.      Interplanetary Trajectories13.      Chemical Thrusters for SpaceCraft Manoeuvres14.      Electric Propulsion Systems

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