Reliability in Power Electronics and Electrical Machines

Reliability in Power Electronics and Electrical Machines

Reliability in Power Electronics and Electrical Machines

Hashem Oraee / Shahriyar Kaboli

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334,82 €
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In modern industries, electrical energy conversion systems consist of two main parts: electrical machines and power electronic converters. With global electricity use at an all-time high, uninterrupted operation of electrical power converters is essential. Reliability in Power Electronics and Electrical Machines: Industrial Applications and Performance Models provides an in-depth analysis of reliability in electrical energy converters as well as strategies for designing dependable power electronic converters and electrical machines. Featuring a comprehensive discussion on the topics of reliability design and measurement, failure mechanisms, and specific issues pertaining to quality, efficiency, and durability, this timely reference source offers practical examples and research-based results for use by engineers, researchers, and advanced-level students.

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