Embedded Cooling of Electronic Devices

Embedded Cooling of Electronic Devices


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World Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd
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182,29 €
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This book is a comprehensive guide on emerging cooling technologies for processors in microelectronics. It covers various topics such as chip-embedded two-phase cooling, monolithic microfluidic cooling, numerical modeling, and advances in materials engineering for conduction-limited direct contact cooling, with a goal to remedy high heat flux issues.The book also discusses the co-design of thermal and electromagnetic properties for the development of light and ultra-high efficiency electric motors. It provides an in-depth analysis of the scaling limits, challenges, and opportunities in embedded cooling, including high power RF amplifiers and self-emissive and liquid crystal displays. Its analysis of emerging cooling technologies provides a roadmap for the future of cooling technology in microelectronics.This book is a good starting point for the electrical and thermal engineers, as well as MS and PhD students, interested in understanding and collaboratively tackling the complex and multidisciplinary field of microelectronics device (embedded) cooling. A basic knowledge of heat conduction and convection is required.

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