Invisible Treason in America

Invisible Treason in America

John D. Trudel / Paul E. Vallely / Thomas McInerney

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15,90 €
IVA incluido

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Admiral Lyon’s Warning: CIA developed Hammer and Scorecard (a surveillance supercomputer) after 9/11. They used it to alter election results, and to spy on judges, Senate computers, and high-profile Americans. Lyons spoke with General McInerney two days before he passed away in December 2018. 'Tom, HAMMER is key to the coup.'Hillary’s Nightmare: Hammer assured her win. But CIA’s spying on Americans and fixing elections was illegal. So, Hammer was transferred, first to the FBI, and later to, well, others. They didn’t flip enough votes. Hillary sent an email to Donna Brazile 10/17/2016 warning, 'If that (explicative deleted) Bastard Wins, we all hang from nooses....'General McInerney’s Warning: On Nov 2, 2020, McInerney went on the Steve Bannon War Room. He said Biden would win because Democrats were going to use a CIA Special Access Program (SAP) called Hammer and Scorecard to steal the election from President Trump.Read the book. Tell your friends.

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