Violencia en la sociedad

Sociedad y ciencias sociales / Sociedad y cultura: general / Cuestiones y procesos sociales / Violencia en la sociedad (1962)

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  • Beneath the Scar
    Dr. Samone Brown
                                               The Inspiration for the Beneath the Scar Movie!Samantha Nicole Allen is the beautiful Mississippi debutante and daughter of one of the town's most notable preachers. Who would ever think that she would find herself entangled in a trap that has the potential to cause her to lose her confidence, beauty, and more tragically, her life?...

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    Mahmut ARSLAN
    İstanbul Aydın Üniversitesi, Fen Edebiyat Fakültesi Psikoloji ve Sosyoloji bölümlerinin birlikte çıkarttığı dergimizin beşinci sayısında buluşmak, bizim için yine büyük bir gurur ve mutluluk... Birbirinden yarar sağlayarak gelişen farklı disiplinleri ortak bir zeminde birleştirmek ve bu iki değerli alana katkıda bulunmak dileğiyle dört makaleden oluşan yeni sayımızı sizlere sun...

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  • Forgiving Murder - The Voice of Reason
    Anita Lambert
    This thought provoking and inspirational story is the true account of how Anita’s nephew’s brutal murder forced her to experience forgiveness in the rawest form. It is a testament to the strength of the human spirit’s ability to heal after crippling devastation which would forever alter the lives of all those effected, negatively or positively. Anita gives a very personal accou...

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  • From Misery to Mastery
    Ruth Cyster-Stuettgen
    Have you ever felt lost, helpless or scared of what your life has become? Have you ever felt that there was more out there, that there was a deeper purpose for you? If so, then this is the book for you. From her dark past filled with violence, oppression, and fear, to her brightest, fearless days of the present, let Ruth guide you on your journey of self-discovery, forgiveness...

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  • Stand Your Ground
    Katherine Mayfield
    Dysfunctional family dynamics can ruin a person's life, health, career, and self-esteem.  Making positive life changes and rebuilding self-esteem can only be accomplished by clearly seeing the family's negative patterns, and learning how to move beyond them.Stand Your Ground reveals how deeply dysfunctional family dynamics can affect us, offers advice on the best ways t...

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  • Global Perspectives on Youth Gang Behavior, Violence, and Weapons Use
    Youth violence has become a concern as gangs become a popular option for urban children and teenagers and weapons use among young populations becomes more prevalent. Exploring the psychological motivations and foundations upon which such violence is developed and cultivated can assist in better understanding the modern dilemma of violence, weapons use, and gang behavior among c...

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  • Going Home
    Heather J. Cuthbertson / Heather JCuthbertson
    Going Home is a workbook for children entering the foster care system. The book will help them understand what is and will be happening to them in a simple and fun way through activities. Going Home will help ease the transition into foster care for children and caregivers alike. The author, Heather J. Cuthbertson was a caseworker for the Oregon Department of Human Services,...

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  • It`s Just Your Imagination
    Revital Shiri-Horowtiz / Shira Atik
     Did you always sense something is wrong but could not exactly point out what it is?Were you raised by a manipulative, liar mom who had her main priority set on her?Were you constantly told that “It`s only your imagination?”If the answer is yes, then this is the book you want to read. There is nothing more powerful than a mother’s love.” “Your mother will always love you, no ma...

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  • Unveiling the Silent Cries
    Sherry B Moss
    Unveiling the Silent Cries documents the events suffered by Sherry Bevill Moss at the hands of her husband.  Unthinkable abuse plagued Sherry during a nineteen year period while she endured eleven pregnancies, three of which ended in miscarriages.  The book details the types of abuse she suffered.  Sherry thought she alone suffered sexual abuse but discovered differently from o...

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  • No Mercy
    Jaye Cheríe
    No Mercy follows the growing conflict between rich music producer, Byron Mercy, and his troubled, twenty-one year-old daughter, Erica. Their rift has deepened over the years due to her promiscuous behavior and the persistent rumors about her. The family tension reaches a boiling point when Erica becomes pregnant from a man she refuses to identify. Byron finally gives her an ult...

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  • Domestic Violence in Lebanon
    Maysar Sarieddine
    Lebanese women face discrimination and injustice shaped by their society’s overall values, beliefs, and identities. The purpose of this qualitative critical ethnography was to explore the Lebanese cultural unconscious, including cultural memory and communicative memory; and second, to inspire community transformation and social change to respond to the needs of women who have b...

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  • Just The Word
    Avron Levine White
    Lifestyle, Cosmopolitan, Poetic Verse, challenging the fundamental elements of key stages in Family and Social Life. Provocative, motivational, analytical insight into sociological, philosophical, and psychological dimensions of individual lifestyle. Just the Word,  is a volume of poems that focuses on highlights of major life-changing events.  Along with the book is an origina...

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  • Dealing With Bad In-Laws
    Ken McDonald
    Are you having trouble in your home due to “In-Laws”? Do you not know where or how to draw the line? Maybe you thought that families were to get along and you feel troubled about having bad feelings towards them. This study on “Dealing With Bad In-Laws” answers those questions and more. It takes you through the example of Laban, who was Jacob’s father in-law, and shows how to d...

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  • Adult Coloring Books Swear words
    Adult Coloring Books / Adult Colouring Books / Swear Word Coloring Book
    Sometimes you just need to chill the f* out. New intricate and meditative zentagle designs that feature classic and delightfully unique sweary words and mantras to help you relax, calm down and let go of all your stress and anxiety.   TAGS: adult coloring books; adult coloring book; coloring books for adults relaxation; coloring books for adults; adult coloring books best selle...

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  • Gendered urban violence among Brazilians
    Cathy McIlwaine / Miriam Krenzinger Azambuja / Paul Heritage
    Understanding and theorising the translocational, multiscalar, intersectional nature of urban gendered violence and resistance to it in Rio de Janeiro and London. ...

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  • Rise from the Shadows
    Emma Grace Taylor
    Rise from the Shadows: A Journey to Freedom is a heart-wrenching and inspiring memoir that chronicles the author’s harrowing experiences with domestic violence and her courageous journey to reclaim her life. From a childhood marred by a violent father, the author recounts terrifying nights and the lasting scars left on her psyche. As she grows older, the pattern of abuse contin...

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  • The Devil Taught Me How To Love
    Lara Lee Murphy
    When your reality is nothing like what others experience, how do you live your life like everyone else? Driven by a manic episode, Lara finds herself far from home in unfamiliar territory and distraught by the schizoid delusions being whispered to her by her old friends. In an effort to make them leave her in peace for even a few minutes, Lara makes a snap decision that sends h...

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  • Maze Aflame
    M. L. Stark
    In the second instalment of the tumultuous story, based on actual events, we will experience how Mary’s life will continue to plunge her deeper into the abyss of Dr Bates’ deceit and treachery. The things between Paul and Mary’s once tender marriage turns sour, leaving their innocent children caught in the crossfire. Bates’ malevolent schemes have ensnared Mary as divorce looms...

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  • A Parade of Grief
    Robert Fraga
    Fraga '... traces America’s history ... from the days of Bleeding Kansas to the long tradition of political assassination; exploring the ways that American gun culture has become more radical over time. Related issues of racism; police violence; mental health; and suicide are discussed; as are the numerous ways that efforts to legislate gun control have been stymied at all leve...

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  • Agency and Ownership in Reconciliation
    Caitlin Mollica
    Drawing on the cases of South Africa, East Timor, Sierra Leone, and the Solomon Islands, examines how Truth and Reconciliation Commissions (TRCs) have engaged with youth in ways that represent their stories and reflect their substantive participatory capacity as political stakeholders. ...

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  • The Wish List
    Dominika Caddick
    Lucy Blackbird is thrown into a world of mystery and secrets when she discovers the unusual inheritance left to her by her late mother - Maya. Embarking on a journey to unravel the mysteries left behind, Lucy finds herself in unfamiliar territory as she must convince an uncooperative recluse, John Harris, to keep the promise he made to her mother.As secrets of Maya’s past come ...

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  • Africa at Crossroads
    Welsh journalist and explorer Henry Morton Stanley described Africa as the Dark Continent on account of its mysterious interiors, native traditions that defied understanding by western minds and mostly imagined savagery that explorers expected to encounter. This picture of Africa was despite hundreds of years of mapping and documenting of the continent by colonial powers that a...

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  • طوبى للغرباء الآخر بين التدليس والافتراءات النساء مثال
    Maha Saied
    يناقش الكتاب مفهوم الاستنباط والتأويل فيما يتعلق بفكرة القبول والإيمان، التعريفات متوفرة على الانترنت لذلك لن تكون موضوع الكتاب، كيف تم تطبيق التعريف هو الموضوع، عبر الكتاب نناقش تلك المفاهيم بطرح مشكلات حياتية لتوضيح مشكلات التطبيق بالأمثال وليس بالتعريف، كيف خالف التطبيق النظرية الأساسية التي يقوم عليها، قضايا النساء بين زواج وطلاق وتمييز مثال رئيسي يوضح فشل التطبيق ومخالفته ...

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  • طوبى للغرباء
    Maha Saied
    هذا الكتاب 'طوبى للغرباء الآخر بين التدليس والافتراءات- النساء مثال' ناقش الكتاب مفهوم الاستنباط والتأويل فيما يتعلق بفكرة القبول والإيمان، التعريفات متوفرة على الانترنت، لذلك لن تكون موضوع الكتاب، كيف تم تطبيق التعريف هو الموضوع، عبر الكتاب نناقش تلك المفاهيم بطرح مشكلات حياتية وقضايا راهنة لتوضيح مشكلات التطبيق بالأمثال وليس بالتعريف، كيف خالف التطبيق النظرية الأساسية التي يق...

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  • Valentine’s Energy Vampire Detox
    David Lloyd Strauss
    'Valentine’s Energy Vampire Detox' is your ultimate laugh-out-loud guide to shaking off those pesky relationship leeches and stepping into the sunshine of self-love and giggles. Imagine flipping through pages filled with uproarious advice on dodging Narcissists, Drama Queens, sidestepping Controllers, and giving Blamers the slip, all while snickering at the absurdity of past en...

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  • The Wait
    K. Vantassell / Katrina Vantassell
    After experiencing hardships encountered as a single teenaged parent, suffering the loss of a child to a Hit-and-Run, dysfunctional marriages, much adversity and ridicule, Katrina Vantassell found her life to be in dire straits. Alcohol binges became her temporary source of comfort. But, God used those storms to catapult her into the ministry that she was chosen to do.'THE WA...

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  • The Punitive Turn in American Life
    Michael S. Sherry
    In 1965, President Lyndon Johnson insisted that 'the policeman is the frontline soldier in our war against crime,' and police forces, arms makers, policy makers, and crime experts heeded this call to arms, bringing weapons and practices from the arena of war back home. The Punitive Turn in American Life offers a political and cultural history of the ways in which punishment and...

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  • The Journal Effect
    Kelly Simmerman
    In the evocative and stirring novel 'The Journal Effect' by Kelly Simmerman, readers are invited into a world where the past and present intertwine through the pages of forgotten journals. The story delves deep into the realms of family secrets, personal discovery, and the unyielding power of memory.At the heart of the narrative is Chelsea, a character whose life is irrevocably...

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  • Secrets Within
    Sha’Lawn D. Williams
    First, I must give God all the Glory for carrying me from the age of four until nineteen. I’m grateful he taught me to forgive. Sexual abuse wants to rob your peace, your joy, and destroy relationships. In this book, I’m inviting you on my journey of learning how to confront pain that no child should have to carry alone. I remember being told that there can be no healing until ...

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  • O livro de Marielle Franco - Uma fotobiografia
    Marielle Franco
    O livro Marielle Franco - Uma Fotobiografia é um documento essencial não apenas para entender as principais questões sociais atuais no Brasil, mas também a luta mais ampla pelos direitos humanos, para os negros e para as pessoas LGBTQIAP+. Marielle Franco (1979-2018) foi uma das mais importantes políticas brasileiras contemporâneas. Nascida no Complexo da Maré, uma grande comun...

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