Beneath the Scar

Beneath the Scar

Beneath the Scar

Dr. Samone Brown

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Samone Publishing
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Citas, relaciones, convivencia y matrimonio
16,23 €
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                                           The Inspiration for the Beneath the Scar Movie!Samantha Nicole Allen is the beautiful Mississippi debutante and daughter of one of the town's most notable preachers. Who would ever think that she would find herself entangled in a trap that has the potential to cause her to lose her confidence, beauty, and more tragically, her life?Samantha's journey is reflective of the life of so many individuals who find themselves incapable of escaping the acts of domestic abuse. In the midst of her own trials, Samantha is awakened by the despair, tragedies, and strength of others who endured abuse. Samantha's story is told through her personal lens and demonstrates how quickly abuse can escalate from unnoticeably subtle to extremely severe.'Due to the nature and difficult subject-matter Dr. Samone shares within these precious pages, this task was not an easy one; so I applaud her for taking this bold step. I also commend her for using a compassionate and compelling voice to bring creativity and light to a tough topic that no one likes to talk about. My prayer is that Beneath the Scar: Rise to Healing will not only be a blessing, but also an instrument of healing for the masses. Also, I hope that it will open up a dialogue that can be had in various forums from church groups to shelters to workshops across the country.' ---Angie Ransome-Jones, Best-selling author of 'Path to Peace''A powerful and gripping must read that sheds light on the reality of domestic abuse, and provides hope for those struggling within those dark walls!' ---Kyna Grigsby Eberhardt, Former News Anchor 'An excellent read! Holding true to the pains of abuse; displaying consistent spiritual strength!' ---Paulette Moore Jones, creator of Cooking Chemistry, Gourmet Soule' Chef and Owner'An eye-opening look at diverse forms of domestic abuse that will indubitably lead to dialogues on procedures to help victims as well as abusers.' ---Jai Nix, EducatorPremises and Reflections within the book were written to challenge others to consider the impact that domestic violence has on its victim, the victim's family and friends, as well as complete strangers.The sincere hope is that Beneath the Scar: Rise to Healing will spur groups of individuals to meet and discuss the epidemic of domestic violence and work to develop viable solutions to save lives and give victims another chance. 3

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