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  • World of Warcraft Guide
    Joseph Joyner
    This Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) has been one of the most played and liked online games since the mid 2000’s. The game is part of the Warcraft Universe Series with expansive 3D environment and characters. Created by Blizzard Entertainment, the game allows players to create custom characters ranging from many races and classes such as humans, elves, d...

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  • Hey! Listen!
    Andrew S. Latham / Matthew Wilhelm Kapell
    How does analyzing video games as hypertexts expand the landscape of research for video game rhetoricians and games studies scholars? This is the first book to focus on how hypertext rhetoric impacts the five canons of rhetoric, and to apply that hypertext rhetoric to the study of video games. It also explores how ludonarrative agency is seized by players seeking to express ...

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  • Beyond the Screen
    Book Description: Beyond the Screen: Navigating the World of Mobile TechnologyIn the enthralling pages of 'Beyond the Screen,' readers embark on a captivating exploration of the ever-evolving realm of mobile technology. This literary voyage transcends the glossy exteriors of our beloved devices, delving into the intricate tapestry that weaves the past, present, and future of th...

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  • Minha Infância E Os Videogames
    Leonardo Daniel
    Videogames são mais que uma distração do cotidiano, eles são uma metáfora e um simulacro da vida. Neles podemos reviver papéis de múltiplas realidades. Neles, podemos viver e reviver inúmeros sonhos. Tanto do bem; quanto do mal.E revivendo assim, podemos aprender sobre a vida e a morte. Sobre o inefável e sobre o nefando. Pois, os jogos de videogames nos permitem isso, e, é uma...

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  • The Legend of Zelda
    Darnell Hudak
    The legend of zelda: skyward sword hd is an action-adventure game. Players navigate the floating island of skyloft and the land below it, finishing quests and solving environmental and dungeon-primarily based puzzles. The original mechanics and fight, the latter that specializes in attacking and blocking off with sword and guard.This guide will give you tips, tricks, and tactic...

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  • Literary Gaming
    Astrid Ensslin

    34,14 €

  • Game Fu
    Carl 'Perfect Legend' White
    Get ready to become a master of your favorite fighting games with Game Fu: Way of the Digital Fist, the comprehensive fighting game strategy guide. Written by the legendary Carl 'Perfect Legend' White - four-time world champion and a seasoned player with years of experience in the competitive gaming world.Inside, you’ll find a wealth of practical advice, step-by-step instructio...

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  • ADVENTURE PERILOUS The Role-Playing Game
    Dirk Stanley
    Do you have what it takes to survive Adventure Perilous? To do so, you will need to be brave, smart, cunning, strong, wise, and a good bit of luck wouldn’t hurt, either. You see, monsters and dangers lurk at every dungeon door. Grab your friends, and your dice, and get ready because glory, riches and fame await you, if you’re successful, and death awaits if you’re not. Go n...

    59,83 €

  • Exergaming Intervention for Children, Adolescents, and Elderly People
    As our dependence on technology increases, technology has imbibed itself even in our everyday routines, from checking our heart rate to keeping tabs on our diets. We are dependent on this technology, but when it comes to gaming, it is always considered to be something that one must avoid so that one can utilize that time for something productive. However, when one adds gamifica...

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  • Exergaming Intervention for Children, Adolescents, and Elderly People
    As our dependence on technology increases, technology has imbibed itself even in our everyday routines, from checking our heart rate to keeping tabs on our diets. We are dependent on this technology, but when it comes to gaming, it is always considered to be something that one must avoid so that one can utilize that time for something productive. However, when one adds gamifica...

    281,91 €

  • The Digital Role-Playing Game and Technical Communication
    Daniel Reardon / David Wright
    With annual gross sales surpassing 100 billion U.S. dollars each of the last two years, the digital games industry may one day challenge theatrical-release movies as the highest-grossing entertainment media in the world. In their examination of the tremendous cultural influence of digital games, Daniel Reardon and David Wright analyze three companies that have shaped the indust...

    50,63 €

  • The Minds Behind PlayStation Games
    Patrick Hickey
    Featuring interviews with the creators of 43 popular video games--including Spyro the Dragon, Syphon Filter, NFL GameDay 98 and Final Fantasy VII--this book gives a behind-the-scenes look at some of the most influential (and sometimes forgotten) titles of the original PlayStation era. Interviewees recall the painstaking development, challenges of working with mega publishers...

    58,77 €

  • Women in Classical Video Games
    Despite the prevalence of video games set in or inspired by classical antiquity, the medium has to date remained markedly understudied in the disciplines of classics and ancient history, with the role of women in these video games especially neglected. Women in Classical Video Games seeks to address this imbalance as the first book-length work of scholarship to examine the depi...

    167,20 €

  • Video Game Audio
    Christopher Hopkins
    From the one-bit beeps of Pong to the 3D audio of PlayStation 5, this book examines historical trends in video game sound and music. A range of game systems sold in North America, Europe and Japan are evaluated by their audio capabilities and industry competition. Technical fine points are explored, including synthesized v. sampled sound, pre-recorded v. dynamic audio, backw...

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  • The Minds Behind Sega Genesis Games
    Patrick Hickey
    Prior to the arrival of the Sega Genesis, video games were still largely considered 'kid stuff,' but with a far more mature and eclectic range of titles, and an understanding of what gamers wanted, Sega and its Genesis/Mega Drive console began to shift the expectations for what gaming could be. Never scared to innovate, Sega’s impact on the industry continues to this day thr...

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  • Os Games Na Sala De Aula
    Cristiano N. Tonéis
    O livro Games na sala de aula nasce como fruto de inúmeras experiências, entre aulas, palestras e minicursos e minha pesquisa acadêmica em Educação Matemática e Jogos Digitais. Nesse sentido fui atravessado por questões ligadas a multidisciplinariedade dos games e passei a observar e jogar games que ultrapassam as fronteiras de minha formação, em matemática, vivenciando esses e...

    14,45 €

  • Atari to Zelda
    Mia Consalvo

    27,21 €

  • The New Man of the House
    Brian Gibson
    The modern-day suburb began, and began booming, in 19th-century Britain. As suburbia spread, the New Woman arose and fin-de-siecle concerns grew, suburban men felt more besieged. Anxieties about hygiene, pollution, purity, the home, class, gender roles, patrilineal power and the state of the Empire rippled through British fiction. The new man of the house was trying, often d...

    93,92 €

  • The 100 Greatest Amiga Games
    Tom Crossland
    It felt like a very big deal at the time to go from the Commodore 64 to the Amiga. There were some fantastic games on the C64 but the Amiga felt like a quantum leap and the full ’arcade at home’ experience. Sadly though, as we know, the Amiga era was not destined to be the longest or most stable slice of home gaming history. In the end the competition was too much and the Amiga...

    12,55 €

  • Brenda Laurel
    Carly A. Kocurek
    Brenda Laurel is best known for her work with Purple Moon, the pioneering game company she cofounded in the 1990s. Purple Moon’s games were based on years of research Laurel completed in an effort to understand why computer games seemed to be of so little interest to girls. Using diverse archival sources such as trade journals, newspapers, and recorded interviews, alongside Lau...

    42,23 €

  • Video Games, Violence, and the Ethics of Fantasy
    Christopher Bartel
    Is it ever morally wrong to enjoy fantasizing about immoral things? Many video games allow players to commit numerous violent and immoral acts. But, should players worry about the morality of their virtual actions? A common argument is that games offer merely the virtual representation of violence. No one is actually harmed by committing a violent act in a game. So, it cannot b...

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  • Esports Research and Its Integration in Education

    216,20 €

  • Being Dragonborn
    Mike Piero
    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one of the bestselling and most influential video games of the past decade. From the return of world-threatening dragons to an ongoing civil war, the province of Skyrim is rich with adventure, lore, magic, history, and stunning vistas. Beyond its visual spectacle alone, Skyrim is an exemplary gameworld that reproduces out-of-game realities, con...

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  • Handbook of Research on Pathways and Opportunities Into the Business of Esports
    Esports have attracted considerable attention over the past few years and become an industry that is projected to continue to increase rapidly. Intersecting with the esports industry are organizations and businesses that develop and support the esports game experience. Included is the entrepreneurial spirit of gamers, who are interested in creating their own career paths throug...

    498,14 €

  • Esports Research and Its Integration in Education
    The world of esports in education is booming, and the field needs empirical studies to help ground much of what is going on in the field. Over the last couple years, there appears to be a large amount of anecdotal evidence surrounding esports and its role in education, but researchers, teachers, coaches, and organizations need peer-reviewed, research-based evidence so they can ...

    282,05 €

  • Playing with the Guys
    Marc A. Ouellette
    A lot of work has been done talking about what masculinity is and what it does within video games, but less has been given to considering how and why this happens, and the processes involved. This book considers the array of daily relationships involved in producing masculinity and how those actions and relationships translate to video games. Moreover, it examines the ways t...

    79,35 €

  • Las llaves del juego
    Inés Moreno
    En el esfuerzo cotidiano por criar a Lucas, Agustina leyó libros, se asesoró, probó, se equivocó y acertó con tratamientos, medicaciones, modos de aprendizaje y formas de vincularse.¿Qué sabe la ciencia? ¿Qué sabe una madre? ¿Dónde chocan y de qué manera se pueden encontrar? El aprendizaje cotidiano, la investigación y el ejercicio de la imaginación van de la mano, guiados siem...

    23,91 €

  • Life And Times
    Colin Griffith
    A magazine containing movie reviews, works of fiction, poetry, photography, and prose documenting life during the second half of the Covid-19 pandemic. ...

    22,65 €

  • So You Want To Be A Game Developer
    Aaron Craig
    Get ready to become a game developer! We’ll be starting from the absolute basics, no prior experience with math, programming, or design is necessary. Along this journey, you’ll learn real game development skills, how to use GameMaker Studio, hear from a wide variety of other game developers and artists, all while learning the skills you need to create the game of your dreams. ...

    47,26 €

  • The Avengers in Video Games
    Blair Farrell
    For decades, Marvel Comics’ superhero group the Avengers have captured the imagination of millions, whether in comics, multi-billion dollar grossing films or video games. Similar to the chronology of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Avengers video games first started with titles driven by single characters, like Iron Man, the Hulk, Thor and Captain America. Over time, the ...

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