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  • Flowers for the Soul
    Narad Richard M. Eggenberger
    Within the pages of this book are the inspired utterances of writers and poets, philosophers and teachers, seers, sages, saints and mystics, of gardeners and those who simply love and admire the beauty of flowers and the deeper meaning of their presence on earth. May the light contained in the poetry, sayings and observations of these sensitive, often enlightened souls, fill yo...

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  • The Waste-Wise Gardener
    Jean B MacLeod
    A garden is a labor of love, but that doesn’t mean it must always be labor intensive. Discover how to save time and money while creating an organic, sustainable garden.In The Waste-Wise Gardener, MacLeod shares scores of easily implemented tips and techniques designed to take some of the labor out of your labor of love. As you read through her alphabetically organized advice, y...

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  • Eu, Uma Orquídea!
    Wilson Roberto Paulino
    Neste livro, escrito em linguagem clara e acessível, descrevemos uma conversa informal, obviamente fictícia, entre uma pessoa e uma orquídea. Nele, a orquídea aborda alguns aspectos das plantas em geral, que julgamos interessantes, curiosos e capazes de despertar a atenção de muitas pessoas, embora tais aspectos sejam amplamente divulgados e reconhecidos pelo mundo científico.M...

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  • A Woman’s Hardy Garden
    Helena Rutherfurd Ely
    Love of flowers and all things green and growing is with many men and women a passion so strong that it often seems to be a sort of primal instinct, coming down through generation after generation, from the first man who was put into a garden 'to dress it and to keep it.' People whose lives, and those of their parents before them, have been spent in dingy tenements, and whose o...

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  • Raised Bed And Container Gardening For Beginners
    Christabel Austin / Morgan Jerry
    Book Description 'Discover the beauty and bounty of raised bed and container gardening with this captivating 5.5x8.5-inch guidebook. Delve into the world of cultivating vegetables, herbs, fruits, and flowers, regardless of your gardening experience.Why you’ll love this book  Each page is filled with expert tips, practical advice, and creative ideas to help you create your own v...

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  • Home Vegetable Gardening
    Frederick Frye Rockwell
    With some, the home vegetable garden is a hobby; with others, especially in these days of high prices, a great help. There are many in both classes whose experience in gardening has been restricted within very narrow bounds, and whose present spare time for gardening is limited. It is as 'first aid' to such persons, who want to do practical, efficient gardening, and do it with ...

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  • O Livro De Ervas Dos Povos Negros E Do Hoodoo
    Kefron Primeiro
    Quando decidi colocar esse nome O Livro de Ervas dos Povos Negros e do Hoodoo, a primeira coisa que me fez pensar nisso era, deixar bem claro que a nossa botânica oculta de ervas, plantas, madeiras, resinas... ervas brasileiras... era diferente das outras botânicas ocultas, que são uma espécie de copie e cole de livros Europeus... todas as ervas e matérias verdes que disponibi...

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  • Dehydrating Food - Dehydrating For Backpacking And Camping
    Dehydrating Food - Dehydrating For Backpacking And Camping is a comprehensive guide that offers practical tips and techniques for dehydrating food to make it suitable for backpacking and camping trips. The book covers a wide range of topics, including the basics of dehydrating, essential equipment needed, and selecting the best foods to dehydrate. It also provides mouthwatering...

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  • Alchimie des Semences
    Emily Rose
    Découvrez les secrets de la conservation des semences et créez un jardin prospère et autonome grâce à ce guide ultime !Vous êtes un jardinier en herbe ou vous avez déjà la main verte et vous cherchez à améliorer la diversité génétique de vos plantes, à économiser de l’argent et à promouvoir le développement durable ?Vous avez envie d’autosuffisance et d’être prêt à protéger vot...

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  • Green Angels: Nurturing Your Home’s Plants
    Freddy Raymond
    Immerse yourself in the lush world of indoor gardening with ’Green Angels: Nurturing Your Home’s Plants.’ This comprehensive guide is your passport to nurturing vegetation within the cozy walls of your home. From the moment you open its pages, you will embark on a captivating journey, unlocking the secrets to creating an indoor oasis that thrives with life and beauty.In this bo...

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  • Wonderful Strength of fruits and vegetables
    Thomas Menzie
    If you want ATHLETIC STRENGTH, MUSCULAR BUILD, BEAUTY, GOOD HEALTH, and other benefits, THE WONDERFUL STRENGTH OF FRUITS AND VEGETABLES has you covered. This book is a guide to understanding the nutrients in fruits and vegetables and how they may help us live a better and healthier life if we know what fruits and vegetables can do for our bodies. ...

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  • Hydroponic Gardening
    Carl Jennings
    Are you ready to embark on a journey of growing fresh and healthy plants, regardless of the space you have? Look no further because hydroponics is the answer you’ve been searching for.In this comprehensive step-by-step guide, you will discover the secrets of successful hydroponic gardening, even if you have zero experience. Whether you want to create an indoor oasis or utilize ...

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  • The Backyard Homestead
    Hubert Payne
    Explore a journey towards a sustainable lifestyle through easy farming techniques that have a significant impact on your well-being and the environment. Discover the secrets to cultivating homegrown goodness effortlessly. ...

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  • Backyard Big
    Jeffrey S McLain
    Master how to start a garden, transform your backyard into a miniature farm, and enjoy toxin-free, flavor-packed produce!Gardening is one of the most fulfilling endeavors anyone can undertake. You go out in nature, help new life emerge through the earth, and watch your hard work blossom from mere seedlings into fully-fledged plants. You get to enjoy both the journey and the end...

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  • My Eclectic Garden
    Toni Ghazal
    You are reading this summary because you are considering having a vegetable garden. Where do you start? Not by buying seeds or plants. You start by looking at what is under your feet - your soil. Soil is the first chapter and it is written in a straightforward smooth essay explaining soil, its makeup, its purpose and most importantly how it relates to you. Chapters that follow ...

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  • NYC Historic Floral District
    James Francois-Pijuan
    SPECIAL EDITIONNYC Historic Floral District will be the first of its kind in all United States history.This book provides a captivating account of the history of the Floral District in New York City, from its humble beginnings to its present-day vibrancy. To inspire the general population to help preserve this amazing community of Artist and businesses that add vibrance and lif...

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  • NYC Historic Floral District
    James Francois-Pijuan
    SPECIAL EDITIONNYC Historic Floral District will be the first of its kind in all United States history.This book provides a captivating account of the history of the Floral District in New York City, from its humble beginnings to its present-day vibrancy. To inspire the general population to help preserve this amazing community of Artist and businesses that add vibrance and lif...

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  • A Bouquet of Words
    Mary Kelava
    The Language of FlowersIt’s well-known that a red rose symbolises love, but what’s not as well-known is that all flowers have special meanings. Flowers can express everything from thank you and I’m thinking of you to welcome and good luck. There are flowers with celebratory meanings and those that are more fitting for comfort during sorrowful times. Using flowers to create and ...

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  • Árnyéktűrő paradicsomfajták
    Daniel Keleman
    Egy nagyon tiszta és világos emlék hasít belém néhány évtizeddel ezelőttről: hat éves vagyok, Erdélyben, a nagyszüleim falujában. Egy napsütéses reggelen a hátsó udvarba igyekszem, ahol a méhkaptárok voltak és mindenféle zöldséget és gyümölcsöt termesztettek. Végül odatalálok, letépek egy hatalmas, érett paradicsomot, kizárom az időt, elfelejtek mindent. belenyomom az arcomat é...

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  • Dig Into Vegetable Gardening for Beginners
    Sarah Jenkins
    ���� Cultivate Your Green Thumb with 'Dig Into Vegetable Gardening for Beginners'! ����Are you ready to embark on a journey that brings fresh, vibrant produce from your garden to your plate? Look no further - 'Dig Into Vegetable Gardening for Beginners' is your ultimate guide to transforming your outdoor space into a thriving vegetable haven. Whether you’re taking your first st...

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  • Dig Into Vegetable Gardening for Beginners
    Peter Bruce
    ���� Cultivate Your Green Thumb with 'Dig Into Vegetable Gardening for Beginners'! ����Unlock the joys of growing your own bountiful garden with the ultimate guide: 'Dig Into Vegetable Gardening for Beginners.' Whether you’re a city dweller with limited space or a suburbanite eager to reconnect with the Earth, this book is your essential companion to sowing, nurturing, and reap...

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  • Árvores & Cidades
    E. Langowski
    Este livro é uma preciosa ferramenta para profissionais que atuam na área de planejamento urbano e arborização urbana. Atende a arquitetos, urbanistas, engenheiros, biólogos, advogados e outros profissionais ligados a este setor. Aborda temas como segurança no trabalho, poda, plantio de árvores, manejo, inventário, árvores de risco, legislação, espécies indicadas, pragas e doen...

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  • Companion Planting Secrets
    John Hamillton
    ���� **Unveil the Hidden Magic of Gardens with 'Companion Planting Secrets'!** ����Dive into the enchanting world of gardening mastery with this captivating guide that unlocks the closely guarded secrets of companion planting. Whether you’re an aspiring green thumb or a seasoned horticulturalist, this book is your passport to cultivating a thriving, vibrant, and effortlessly fl...

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  • Raised Bed Gardening for Beginners
    Antonette Richardson
    ���� Elevate Your Gardening with 'Raised Bed Gardening for Beginners'! ����️Unleash the potential of your gardening space with the ultimate guide to cultivating a thriving oasis: 'Raised Bed Gardening for Beginners.' Whether you’re an urban dweller with limited space or a suburban gardener looking to maximize your yields, this book is your ticket to creating a lush, efficient, ...

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    Amanda Pressman
    ���� Discover the Secrets of Bountiful Raised Bed Gardens with 'Companion Planting in Raised Bed Gardens for Beginners'! ����Unlock the incredible potential of your garden with this essential guide that takes you on a journey into the world of companion planting in raised bed gardens. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting out, this book is your key to creating thr...

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  • Hydroponic Gardening at Home
    Lewis Milton
    ���� Elevate Your Home with 'Hydroponic Gardening at Home' ����Step into a world of flourishing greenery, regardless of your living space, with the transformative guide, 'Hydroponic Gardening at Home.' Unlock the secrets to cultivating vibrant plants, fresh herbs, and succulent produce using the power of hydroponics, right within the confines of your own living space.���� Thriv...

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  • Aquaponics for Beginners
    Jean Marshal
    ���� Dive into the Future of Sustainable Gardening with 'Aquaponics for Beginners'! ��������Are you ready to embark on a remarkable journey of self-sufficiency and eco-conscious living? Discover the revolutionary world of aquaponics with our comprehensive guide, 'Aquaponics for Beginners.' Whether you have a sprawling garden or just a small balcony, this book is your essential ...

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    Shalani Johnson
    Discover the ultimate guide to cultivating a bountiful and flourishing garden even in the smallest of spaces with 'GROW VEGETABLES IN POTS & CONTAINERS.' This transformative book is your key to unlocking the secret to successful gardening, no matter how limited your outdoor area may be.Are you yearning to grow your own fresh, organic produce but lack a sprawling garden? Fear no...

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  • Tomato Container Gardening Tips
    Luwela Jackson
    �������� Master the Art of Tomato Container Gardening with Expert Tips! ��������Unlock the secrets to growing plump, juicy tomatoes right at your doorstep with 'Tomato Container Gardening Tips.' Whether you have limited outdoor space or simply want to enjoy a fresh harvest on your balcony, this essential guide offers the know-how and insider tricks to cultivate mouthwatering to...

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  • Field and Garden Vegetables of the Late Nineteenth Century
    Fearing Burr
    This book offers a treasure trove of information about over a thousand varieties of vegetables cultivated in Europe and the United States during the nineteenth century. The descriptions of vegetable varieties, growing techniques, and even culinary advice are as relevant today as they would have been in their time. Aside from numerous varieties of well-known vegetables such as b...

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