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  • Le mura di Bergamo e l’esercito veneto fra 500 e 600
    Luca Stefano Cristini
    Correva l'Anno del Signore 1590. Così scriveva un soddisfatto e pago Alvise Grimani, l'allora comandante veneto della piazza di Bergamo, al termine dei lavori di realizzazione degli oltre cinque chilometri di mura porte e bastioni : 'La città è tutta serrata con baluardi e i suoi membri quasi tutti terrapienati, compite le piazze, i parapetti e le traverse per coprirsi ...

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  • Psychology of Revolution
    Gustave Lebon
    The present age is not merely an epoch of discovery; it is also a period of revision of the various elements of knowledge. Having recognised that there are no phenomena of which the first cause is still accessible, science has resumed the examination of her ancient certitudes, and has proved their fragility. To-day she sees her ancient principles vanishing one by one. ...

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  • Growing Up in Beloit
    Robert Burdick
    Robert Burdick’s Growing Up in Beloit, serves as both an homage to coming of age in a gentler era, and as a poignant love letter to his beloved Midwestern hometown.  In a lively narrative, Burdick brings to life the universal exuberance and industry of youth, from comic adventures, pranks, and pratfalls, to the more serious business of navigating academics at school and experie...

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  • Uniforms of Russian Army during the years 1825-1855. Vol. 3
    Aleksandr Vasilevich Viskovatov / Mark Conrad
    This volume is related to the Russian Army during the zar Nicolas Ist era, and are about the uniforms cavalry in use from 1825 to 1855. Compiled at Saint Petersburg during the year from 1837 and 1851, the Historical Description of the Clothing and Arms of the Russian Army has had an enormous impact and great importance for the study on the history of Russian costume and uniform...

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  • The life of Sir Richard Fanshawe, 1608 - 1666
    H C Fanshawe
    Sir Richard Fanshawe (1608-1666), was a diplomat, poet and linguist. As Ambassador to Spain and Portugal he negotiated the marriage of Charles II and Catherine of Braganza. He was also acclaimed for his poetry and his translations of Latin and European works such as the Lusiads by Luis de Camoes and Il Pastor Fido (the Faithful Shepherd) by Giovanni Battista Guarini. Sir Richar...

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  • The J. Abrams Book
    Jacob Abrams / Ruth Murphy
    Selections from articles and memoirs by and about Jacob Abrams, who in 1918 with four friends was charged and convicted of inciting resistance to the war effort, sentenced to 20 years in prison, and ultimately deported to Russia after losing an appeal to the United States Supreme Court. Originally published as J. Abrams-Buch, edited by El Centro Cultural Israelita de México and...

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  • Decryption of the Lipstick Killer Wall Code
    Loren L Swearingen
    DECRYPTION OF THE LIPSTICK KILLER WALL MESSAGE - The most important clue in the infamous murder of Chicago's Frances Brown is the lipstick writing on the living room wall of Miss Brown's apartment, which read: 'For heavens [sic] sake catch me before I kill more I cannot control myself'. This book will show that this message is encrypted. It will be decrypted and analyzed. The...

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  • Gringo Lessons
    Bill Whaley
    Gringo Lessons: Twenty Years of Terror in Taos is a tale of modern adventure about a young man, who experienced the local culture from 1966 to 1987. There he met the community: skiers, La Gente, los vato locos, Chicano activists and their Spanish contemporaries, the artists, drug dealers, fellow soldiers, tempting sirens, the occasional movie star, and a host of con artists. Fi...

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  • Luoghi e Architetture della Transizione
    Maria Antonietta Breda
    I sistemi difensivi di confine e la protezione antiaerea nelle città. Storia conservazione riuso / Border defense system and air raid protection in the cities. History conservation reuseThis book collects the papers presented at the Second International Congress on Conoscenza e valorizzazione delle opere militari moderne - Knowledge and development of modern military structures...

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  • A Damn Close-Run Thing (Large Print)
    Russell Phillips
    In 1982, the average Briton didn't know the Falkland Islands existed, let alone their status as a disputed British territory just off the coast of Argentina. That changed when the Argentinians invaded the islands and overwhelmed the small defending force. Both nations claimed the islands were theirs, but now Argentina thought the British would give them up without a fight.T...

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  • The Third Dimension
    Jon Mathieu / Katherine Brun
    A pioneering examination of the three-dimensionality of the earth from the perspective of history and thehumanities.This book considers the variegated world of mountains and their development during the last 500 years. It takes as its starting point the United Nations environmental conference of 1992 in Rio de Janeiro, where the mountains were officially recognised as a topic o...

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  • Archaeology and Entomology in the Eastern Mediterranean
    Eva Panagiotakopulu

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  • Lost Mines and Buried Treasures of Arkansas
    W.C. Jameson
    Arkansas has long been a land rich in history and lore, and few of the events associated with The Natural State are more compelling and provocative than those associated with lost mines and buried treasures. Within these pages, award-winning author W.C. Jameson has captured and interpreted the most complete collection of these rich and varied stories of lost treasure. ...

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  • Operation Barbarossa
    Nigel Askey
    In June 1941 the German Wehrmacht launched Operation Barbarossa: the attack on the USSR and the largest land invasion in recorded history. The titanic battles that followed led to the greatest loss of life ever experienced in a military campaign. Since the end of WWII there has been intense discourse about the key operational and strategic decisions made by the German and Sovie...

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  • March Forward with the Word!
    Andrew V. Ste. Marie / Andrew VSteMarie / Mike Atnip
    In the midst of tall castles, warring pikemen, dreadful plagues, church decay, and the superstition and darkness of sixteenth-century Europe, the Anabaptist revival burst into flames. One of the first leaders was a partying university dropout who met Christ and was transformed into a fiery preacher, confronting and challenging the greatest reformers of the day. He became co-fou...

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  • The Great Exhibition in Colour
    Heritage Hunter
    This book brings together more than 75 colour illustrations of the Great Exhibition of 1851, produced by several contemporary Victorian artists, for the first time in one volume. The images are reproduced in full colour, making this the most complete visual account of the exhibition available.Originally published across three different volumes, the images in this book give mode...

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  • Did Beatniks Kill John F. Kennedy?
    Rob Johnson
    For forty years, George 'Bongo Joe' Coleman beat his oil barrel drums and improvised songs to the delight of sidewalk audiences in Houston, Galveston, Fort Worth, and San Antonio.  On the morning of November 22, 1963, he was playing at the infamous beatnik nightclub 'The Cellar' in Fort Worth, and his music became part of the soundtrack of the Kennedy assassination.  Rob Johnso...

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  • Crossing the Borders of Time
    Leslie Maitland

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  • Sacred Mysteries Among the Mayas and the Quiches, 11 500 Years Ago
    Augustus Le Plongeon
    The forests of Yucatan and Central America are to-day, for the majority of the people of the United States, even those who call themselves scientific and well informed, as much a terra incognita, as America was to the inhabitants of Europe before its discovery by Cristobal Colon in 1498, when for the first time he came in sight of the northern coast of South America, and naviga...

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  • Discoverers and Explorers
    Edward R. Shaw
    The practice of beginning the study of geography with the locality in which the pupil lives, in order that his first ideas of geographical conceptions may be gained from observation directed upon the real conditions existing about him, has been steadily gaining adherence during the past few years as a rational method of entering upon the study of geography.After the pupil has f...

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  • The Threads of Time
    Anika Malhotra
    Time is the thread that weaves the complex tapestry of history, a tapestry that captures the deep patterns of human experience and not just a collection of facts and dates. This allegory encourages us to view history as a complex web, where many 'threads' stand for different people or events and come together to provide a full and fascinating picture of the past.The metaphor of...

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  • 失落的世界:新兴国家发展的陷阱与教训

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  • A Short History of the World
    H. G. Wells
    In 'A Short History of the World,' the renowned historian takes readers on an exhilarating journey through time, unraveling the complex tapestry of human civilization. With clarity and depth, the author skillfully condenses thousands of years of history into a captivating narrative that highlights key events, influential figures, and pivotal moments that have shaped our world.F...

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  • A Historical Perspective on Crime and Injustice in India
    Elio Endless
    OverviewDiscover the compelling narrative of India’s battle against corruption and injustice in 'A Historical Perspective on Crime and Injustice in India, 1947-2010.' This meticulously researched and thought-provoking book offers an in-depth exploration of the pervasive issue of corruption in India, spanning over six decades. Delve into the intricate web of bribery, bureaucracy...

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  • The Republican Hero
    Michael Lusztig
    Explores the question of whether heroes matter in the modern republic. ...

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  • The River-Names of Europe
    Robert Ferguson
    The River-Names of Europe, a classical and rare book that has been considered essential throughout human history, so that this work is never forgotten, we at Alpha Editions have made efforts in its preservation by republishing this book in a modern format for present and future generations. This whole book has been reformatted, retyped and designed. These books are not made of ...

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  • A progressive education?
    Laura Tisdall
    A Progressive Education? argues that the period after WWII witnessed a fundamental transformation in concepts of childhood and adolescence in England and Wales. ...

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  • Pitiless Bronze
    Ruth J Heflin
    Archeologists, historians, anthropologists, literary analysts, and others tend to assume that, if a man was leading an ancient culture, it must already have been a patriarchy.However, we now know that most cultures began as gynocentric cultures, valuing women above men in spiritual and social structures because of women’s natural ties to the cosmos through menstruation and chil...

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  • A Curious Childhood?
    Fran Levy
    Born of one 'off the wall' parent and the other not, how would you have grappled with the first 10 years of childhood, growing up in the late 1940s and ’50s?My mother, having a narcissistic personality, was able to plunge herself, together with her three young girls, into a life under canvas in order to escape her unhappy marriage.I did survive, surprisingly well (I think, thou...

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  • Jerusalem in the Seleukid Empire
    Ariam Yemane
    Step back in time to the complex era of the Seleukid Empire, and explore the enigmatic power structure of the Jerusalem Temple prior to the Maccabean revolt. 'Jerusalem in the Seleukid Empire' is a compelling investigation that unravels the temple’s significance within the region of Judea and its role in the vast Seleukid Empire.To piece together a comprehensive picture of this...

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