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  • Color Historic Jacksonville
    Anne Brooke Hawkins
    Living in Jacksonville, Oregon for 24 years gives me a special vision of the many facets of this historic community. Driving into town, a traffic sign reduces your speed from 45 mph to 25. You see the town in the distance as you put your foot on the brake and with a sigh you think, God’s in his heaven, all’s right with the world!Coloring books have enjoyed a surge in popularity...

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  • Galveston Architecture
    Galveston Historical Foundation / Pino Shah
    Galveston Architecture: A Visual Journey’ is a photographic journey of the architecture and history of select 100 buildings in Galveston, Texas with photographs by World Heritage Photographer, Pino Shah and narratives by Galveston Historical Foundation (GHF). ...

    75,50 €

  • Architecture of the Lower Rio Grande Valley
    Pino Shah / Stephen Fox
    Through photographs, 'Architecture of the Lower Rio Grande Valley: An Introduction,' celebrates the architecture of the Texas-Mexico border region, its craftsmen, its cultures and its climate. The architectural images by Pino Shah provide a journey through 160 years of history and heritage, revealing the border’s built environment as filtered through diverse cultures: M...

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  • Power and Piety
    Graham Hobster / Günter Endres
    This series of books is intended to provide a unique fully illustrated record of monastic houses in the British Isles, with gazetteer, description and photographs of the most interesting and elaborate architectural remains, and brief historic coverage of significant events. Coverage ranges from the most impressive survivals to a single fragment of wall languishing unheralded in...

    58,31 €

  • Rose-tinted Memory
    Michael S Fryer
    “Those who deny Auschwitz would be ready to remake it”.  ~ Primo Levi, Holocaust survivor and author Seventy years after the mass murder of the Jews of Europe, Holocaust denial and Holocaust revisionism are creeping into our overall perception of what actually happened.Christendom has not ‘denied’ Holocaust, but it has attempted to create a memory of Holocaust which suggests th...

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  • Architettura e Potere in una terra di confine
    Daniele Ferdani
    Local architectural heritage is an expression of a long-lasting circle of traditions and oral knowledge fostered from one generation to another and revealed through simple or complex architectural realities. It is also a manifestation of economic and social impact on the landscape. Given this assumption, this volume, by means of new building archaeology research approaches, deb...

    105,38 €

  • Sylvia's Book Smuggler
    Jura Reilly
    After a traumatic break up with her boyfriend in Chicago, Sylvia is persuaded to go on a trip to Lithuania, the land of her ancestors. She doesn’t expect to find new friends who take her to some of the most beautiful places in the country. Nor does she expect to fall for an Olympic rower or meet a bossy ghost who’s determined to give her history lessons at every opportunity. Ho...

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  • The Shaping of Northern Ireland
    Alan R. Acheson
    The riots that erupted in Northern Ireland in 1969 and thirty years of ensuing violence ensured worldwide interest in Britain’s Irish province. That interest drove a sustained quest into Ulster’s past, shared by artists, historians and the media. It provoked questions: why had Northern Ireland been excluded, and Ireland thereby partitioned, when the Irish Free State attained Do...

    41,30 €

  • Ode to the Void
    Carlos Teixeira
    Written between 1999 and 2015, the texts in this book were previously published in the Vitruvius online journal. This republication, however, is not a simple collection, but a compilation of essays that seeks to provide synergy to texts once isolated and that here  define a more coherent and articulated narrative.The more incisive of them is “The true Nature of Brasília”, a pra...

    14,97 €

  • Gran Canaria
    Kennedy Sam
    Gran Canaria. Travel and tourism. The beautiful island of Gran Canaria has a lot to offer the tourist and a wealth of places to visit. From the north to the south, east to west, it’s all here for you to discover. Whether you are with your loved one, in a group of friends or on a family holiday, you are sure to find what you’re looking for to make your holiday experience memorab...

    25,26 €

  • Alfred the Great
    Jacob Abbott
    Jacob Abbott was a prolific author, writing juvenile fiction, brief histories, biographies, religious books for the general reader, and a few works in popular science. Check out the following list of books to take and exciting, informative, and easy to understand stroll through history               Alexander the Great, Alfred the Great, Charles I, Charles II, Cleopatra, Cyrus ...

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  • Modernización y Vanguardia en el diseño y la Arquitectura
    Summa no sólo es un ejemplo de la vanguardia moderna en el campo editorial de las revistas de Arquitectura y Diseño en la Argentina, sino sobre todo se constituye en vehículo de reflexiones y cuestionamientos que la transforman en un clásico a la vanguardia del diseño argentino. Este libro es el resultado de un proyecto de investigación financiado por la Universidad de Buenos A...

    16,64 €

  • Temple Lore
    R Srinivasan
    In the heart of Tamil Nadu, a famous temple dedicated to Sri Ranganatha houses a sanctum for a Mughal princess worshipped as the Lord’s consort. Do we know why? The description of the riches in the Arabian Nights was inspired by the loot from temples in South India. Do we know the combined wealth taken from three temples of South India accounted for 1200 tons in gold alone? The...

    44,17 €

  • Omar Khayyam’s Secret
    Mohammad H. Tamdgidi
    Omar Khayyam’s Secret: Hermeneutics of the Robaiyat in Quantum Sociological Imagination, by Mohammad H. Tamdgidi, is a 12-book series of which this book is the 7th volume, subtitled Khayyami Art: The Art of Poetic Secrecy for a Lasting Existence: Tracing the Robaiyat in Nowrooznameh, Isfahan’s North Dome, and Other Poems of Omar Khayyam, and Solving the Riddle of His Robaiyat A...

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  • Omar Khayyam’s Secret
    Mohammad H. Tamdgidi
    Omar Khayyam’s Secret: Hermeneutics of the Robaiyat in Quantum Sociological Imagination, by Mohammad H. Tamdgidi, is a 12-book series of which this book is the 7th volume, subtitled Khayyami Art: The Art of Poetic Secrecy for a Lasting Existence: Tracing the Robaiyat in Nowrooznameh, Isfahan’s North Dome, and Other Poems of Omar Khayyam, and Solving the Riddle of His Robaiyat A...

    110,27 €

  • El espacio arquitectónico de Roma a Bizancio
    Sergio Bettini
    A partir de 1930, por casi cincuenta años, el trabajo científico de Sergio Bettini se ha desarrollado con admirable coherencia en un arco de tiempo que transcurre desde la tarda romanidad hasta nuestros contemporáneos, profundizando especialmente en la cultura bizantina. Construyó una nueva perspectiva histórica de la cultura figurativa, demoliendo las posiciones que contraponí...

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    The Islamic Golden Age: Shipping and Trading Lessons from History' explores the advancements made by the Islamic civilization in shipping and trading during the 8th to 14th centuries. The book highlights the development of shipbuilding techniques, navigation methods, and fair trade practices, offering valuable lessons for contemporary business and economic growth. ...

    14,16 €

  • The Draftsman Chronicles
    Gilbert Correces
    The story of a young man named Guillermo Correces who was a self-supporting student at Philippine Union College and somehow finished his degree in teaching but due to Gods over arching plan for his life, he was led into a full-time career of drafting and building schools and institutions for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Philippines. He managed to start up with a draf...

    16,90 €

  • The Ebenezer Project
    Peter Ryder
    Ever since the Civil War the history of the Christian Church in England has been characterised by a threefold division, into the Anglicanism of the State, Roman Catholicism slowly being tolerated again and the fastest growing sector, Protestant Nonconformity. The great urban expansion of the 19th century saw the building of thousands of new chapels and meeting houses which form...

    43,20 €

  • Acerca de la arquitectura
    Alejandro Lapunzina
    Acerca de la Arquitectura Este libro titulado recoge, en forma escrita, el relato verbal de cuatro conferencias de Alejandro Lapunzina que fueron parte de un ciclo homónimo organizado por el Colegio de Arquitectos de la Provincia de Buenos Aires a través de la Casa Curutchet. Orientadas a un público heterogéneo, fundamentalmente compuesto por estudiantes y docentes de arquitect...

    18,72 €

  • A Tour of the Goodspeed Opera House
    Janet Marie Mandrona Lemond
    Janet Lemond, Goodspeed tour guide, takes you on an exciting tour of an iconic Connecticut theater. The Goodspeed Opera House is a gem of a theater located on the east side of the Connecticut River in East Haddam, CT. Originally constructed in 1876 by William H. Goodspeed, it has withstood the test of time. The Goodspeed had a second chance at life when concerned local residen...

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  • In The Village
    Anthony Bailey
    Anthony Bailey’s intimate look at life in Stonington borough made waves when it was published. First appearing in 1971 as a serialized version in the New Yorker, a hard-cover version was published soon thereafter. In 1992, a second paperback edition was printed locally and soon sold out. Copies are still passed hand to hand and quickly scooped up on eBay or at the Niantic Book ...

    15,77 €

  • James Bond Route 9 and Me
    Frieda Toth
    Frieda Toth is an internationally recognized James Bond scholar, and arguably the world’s expert on Ian Fleming’s nine James Bond novel, The Spy who Loved Me. Like Bond, she’s an international traveler and a certified SCUBA diver. Frieda also has danced the Rat King in the Nutcracker and sung opera since she was 9, but chances are pretty good you know her from the library. ...

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  • Making of Chandigarh
    Arun Mirchandani / Sarbjit Bahga
    Chandigarh is a giant experiment in town planning and architecture in India and the world. Being one of the best cities planned and built afresh on virgin land, Chandigarh attracted the global community of architects, planners, and historians. Resultantly, copious works have been written on Chandigarh, and much literature exists on the subject.'Making of Chandigarh: A Vintage H...

    52,50 €

  • Tirso Camacho (1870-1937). Regionalismo andaluz en 1913. Tomo XIII.
    Govert Westerveld / Manuel Enrique Gutiérrez Camacho
    En medio de los registros y testimonios que componen la rica historia del Regionalismo andaluz, es sorprendente observar cómo ciertas figuras trascendentales, como Blas Infante y otros destacados personajes, han sido ampliamente reconocidos por sus contribuciones. Sin embargo, resulta innegable que la narrativa histórica ha omitido injustamente una figura de indiscutible releva...

    42,12 €

  • Two Months in Italy
    Paul Ostergaard
    Italy has perhaps the greatest concentration of important buildings in the history of western civilization. Follow a young architect on a journey to see these historic places after years of study at the university. Using a rail pass, the author traveled from the far north of Italy to the southern coast of Sicily, visiting many cities and towns known for remarkable buildings, ga...

    28,15 €

  • Pinceladas Italianas en Buenos Aires
    Ana Maria Elguero
    El presente libro pretende dar a conocer el legado de los Arquitectos italianos en la Ciudad de Buenos Aires. La propuesta es un texto de divulgación del patrimonio arquitectónico en clave poética. Es un recorrido por algunos barrios de Buenos Aires con una invitación a recorrerlos y descubrir los estilemas itálicos ...

    12,48 €

  • The Villa
    James S. Ackerman
    A classic account of the villa-from ancient Rome to the twentieth century-by 'the preeminent American scholar of Italian Renaissance architecture' (Architect’s Newspaper)In The Villa, James Ackerman explores villa building in the West from ancient Rome to twentieth-century France and America. In this wide-ranging book, he illuminates such topics as the early villas of the Medi...

    55,82 €

  • Billy the Kid’s Courthouse
    Billy Roberts / Tim Roberts
    Beyond a doubt, Billy the Kid is the most internationally recognizable character in American Western history. Countless authors and artists have spent their entire careers studying and memorializing this man who most likely died before his twenty-second birthday. At the epicenter of this international cult of personality stands the tiny town of Lincoln, New Mexico, and since Bi...

    31,77 €

  • The Homes of Forefathers
    Edwin Whitefield
    This book is a beautifully illustrated guide to the historic houses and buildings of New England. Edwin Whitefield, a landscape painter and illustrator, traveled throughout the region in the mid-19th century, sketching and documenting the architecture and landscapes of the area. His illustrations are accompanied by detailed descriptions of the buildings, their history, and thei...

    32,86 €