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  • The Jericho River
    David W. Tollen / David WTollen
    A tool for history teachers and for homeschooling and an adventure for readers ...Winner of the Next Generation Indie Book Awards and the London Book Festival. Bronze Medalist in the Readers' Favorite Book Reviews & Awards Contest.History isn't names and dates -- it's an adventure. And so is THE JERICHO RIVER.Teachers and parents use this YA historical fantasy novel...

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  • The Baker’s Dozen
    Aaron Shepard
    Why not give more?Van Amsterdam the baker was well known for his honesty as well as for his fine Saint Nicholas cookies. He always gave his customers exactly what they paid for -- not more and not less. So, he was not about to give in when a mysterious old woman comes to him on Saint Nicholas Day and insists that a dozen is thirteen! The woman’s curse puts an end to the baker’s...

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  • In the Days of Queen Victoria
    Eva March Tappan
    In The Days of Queen Victoria is the story of Queen Victoria, the woman who became queen at eighteen and for nearly 64 years wore the crown of Great Britain.Eva March Tappan was a teacher and American author born in Blackstone, Massachusetts, she graduated from Vassar College in 1875 receiving graduate degrees in English Literature from the University of Pennsylvania. ...

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  • The Invisible War
    Ailsa Wild / Briony Barr
    The Invisible War is about the bacteriophage (bacteria-eating virus) which lives in human mucus and fights dysentery (caused by the Shiga / Shigella bacterium). The story takes place on two different physical scales; the macro-scale, from the point of view of a Australian nurse serving in the trenches of France, and the micro-level, from the point of view of the microbes which ...

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  • The Baker’s Dozen
    Aaron Shepard
    Why not give more?Van Amsterdam the baker was well known for his honesty as well as for his fine Saint Nicholas cookies. He always gave his customers exactly what they paid for -- not more and not less. So, he was not about to give in when a mysterious old woman comes to him on Saint Nicholas Day and insists that a dozen is thirteen! The woman’s curse puts an end to the baker’s...

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  • Narrowboat Natalie
    Shaun Clements
    Now a grown up, Evee-Rose returns to Great Britain with her parents, and as there are dark clouds of war looming over her beloved homeland, the country's people are making preparations for the dire struggle ahead. In order to help her country she joins the Women's Land Army and finds work on the beautiful Irisdale Farm, and Narrowboat Natalie becomes her home. Evee real...

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  • Silver and Stone
    Felicity Banks
    Getting into prison is easy.Getting out is hard.Getting away is nearly impossible.Getting the power to control your own destiny might cost everything you have.Emmeline, Matilda, and Patrick are sworn to rescue Patrick's mother from the infamous Female Factory prison, but when a vengeful police officer tracks down their hideout, things get worse fast. Soon they're framed...

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  • The Sergeant Family
    Alma C Ramnanan
    Five-year-old Little Sergeant experiences a lot of happy and sad moments when Mommy and Daddy Sergeant must leave to conquer the Dragon King. You will be with Little Sergeant throughout her adventures and know that you are not alone either when your mommy and daddy have to go. We must read, believe and be prepared for the greatest adventure of them all. ...

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  • Pharaoh’s Arrow
    George Neeb
    'A gorgeously illustrated tale of a young girl’s life in Ancient Egypt' - Readers’ FavoriteAkia lives in an oasis far from the Nile River. She loves climbing trees to pick dates while her father tends to his goats. When tragedy strikes, Akia must leave the safety of the oasis and travel alone across the desert to seek answers. Will she be brave enough to confront the Almighty P...

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  • The Ride on the Butterfield Trail
    Bill Alcorn
    Brothers Ed and Jimmy are traveling with their family to a new homestead in Texas. Along the way, they come across a big surprise—a stagecoach carved out of rocks! Dad explains to the boys that the carving is a monument to the Butterfield Trail, a former mail route which ran from the Midwest to California. After settling into their new homestead and helping Mom and Dad with cho...

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  • Andi y la Mina de Oro
    Georgette L Baker
    In the 1960's, young Andy, age 10 was visiting Randsburg, then a struggling tourist attraction where his mother had a summer curio shop. Bored and seeking amusement he sets off for the gold mines. As he searches for something to do,  he encounters an elusive tarantula, a rattlesnake in an abandoned  mine  and a group of miners who teach him how to extract gold from quartz. ...

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  • Davenport House 4
    Marie Silk
    More to the story is revealed in this fourth book to Davenport House. Nellie Whitmore is accustomed to life as a carefree heiress, but her claim to the family fortune is at risk because of a new heir. Nellie is sent to Britain to be married before word spreads of her changing circumstances. What begins as a luxurious voyage becomes a fight for survival when the ship is caught i...

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  • Will’s War in Exile
    Nisse Visser
    In this sequel to Will’s War in Brighton (which covered the Brighton Blitz during the summer of 1940) the story focuses on the evacuee experience through the eyes of thirteen-year-old Will Maskall and nine-year-old Brenda Rodmelle. Both of them are evacuated to the Sussex Weald where they will have to adjust to an entire different way of life in strange and sometimes very odd s...

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  • Greg's Second Adventure In Time
    C. M. Huddleston
    Greg is BACK! Back in Time in Greg’s Second Adventure in Time. As Greg once more time travels, he journeys to our nation’s colonial period where he explores our country’s new frontier, encounters hostile Indians, meets famous Americans, and helps win the American Revolution! The Adventure in Time series for middle-grade readers strives to interest children in our nation’s histo...

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  • The Falconer’s Quarry
    Julia Edwards
    The key that unlocks Lucy’s world has a dangerous power.It’s Easter Saturday, and Joe Hopkins is out riding with his brother. When his horse throws him off, he lands, quite literally, in Tudor England. Joe has learned about the Tudors at school. But if he thinks that will help him, he soon discovers that he knows both too little and too much. He doesn’t realise that by giving L...

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  • Mercury’s Flight
    Annie Wedekind

    9,66 €

    Natalie Bright
    A missing horse.An innocent teacher accused of the crime.Her only hope depends on two kids to solve the mystery and stop the madness. In 1887, Silver Belle and Jeremiah watch their teacher stand trial for stealing a horse. Because of the number of witnesses who saw Miss Libby ride through the Texas town of Justice, the Anti-Horse Thief Committee has no choice but to find her gu...

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  • Grandpa's 1 to 10 and Back Again
    Tony Hunter
    An educational picture book which takes children on an exciting adventure while teaching basic counting. Grandpa retells the story of his thrilling exploits on D-Day in Normandy while teaching Harvey how to count up to ten and back again. World War 2 vehicles from both sides feature in stunning illustrations which tell an incredible tale of heroism. Surrounded and under fire, c...

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  • Robyn Hood
    John Reynolds
    Robyn Howard is a teenage schoolgirl. She lives with her father and her workaholic mother who always seems too busy for her. Robyn dreams of making a difference and wonders why there are so few famous women in history.After her mother lets her down yet again, she finds herself having a really bad day at school, including quarelling with William, her boyfriend. There is a sudden...

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  • Dirty South
    Wanda M. Coppedge / Wanda MCoppedge
    A seventeen-year-old boy, Tiger, risks his life and ventures to the other side that divides black and white. Maybelle, pubescent and fair, tornadoes into his life; both throw caution aside and surrender blindly to a forbidden love that the South has fought for years in an effort to keep whites separate and untainted. The two meeting forces others to drag their murky past forwar...

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  • Eyes of Pharaoh
    Chris Eboch
    The Eyes of Pharaoh, 1177 BC: During the reign of Pharaoh Ramses the Third, Seshta, a 13-year-old dancer in the Temple of Hathor, dreams of becoming a famous entertainer. Horus, the brother of her heart, is content as a toymaker’s apprentice. Reya, at 16, has joined Egypt’s army with hopes of becoming a hero. Despite their different paths, nothing can break the bonds of their f...

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  • With Love from Poland
    Linda Lee Keenan
    'With Love from Poland' begins in 1920 Cracow, then a prosperous textile town brimming with life. That was the year that the beautiful, fair-haired Helena Pawlowski met the brash, young Jan Jasinski quite by accident. From that moment on, their lives became intertwined. Their strong bond would later become the backbone of an underground movement to save their family and friends...

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  • North Mystic
    M.J. Evans
    Leprechauns in running shoes, trolls who are afraid of the sunlight and three children unwittingly prepared to lead a revolution... A small assemblage of Leprechauns makes their home in a land they name North Mystic. The tiny species are the descendants of immigrants who escaped from Ireland during the siege of Viking pirates in the 900’s by stealing away in one of the Vikings...

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  • Our Sweet Guillotine
    Mary Gray
    A young executioner falls for the daughter of a woman he had to kill...Tempeste has survived much choosing to live on Paris’ streets–scavenging for food, learning survival skills from a deserter whom she paid to attack her in her sleep, and living a life her mother would approve of, one devoid of luxury. But denying oneself of food and proper bedding can stir a madness in the b...

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  • The Demon in the Embers
    Julia Edwards
    If you know how the Great Fire of London starts, you can stop it from happening ... can’t you?Joe Hopkins has been visiting the Tower of London when he slips through time. He finds himself in a city which is dirty, dark and chaotic.Relieved to be welcomed once more into Lucy’s home, he is horrified to find the Great Plague has killed half her family. Worse still, another great ...

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  • Norse, of Course! Building of the Wall
    Kristin Valkenhaus / Nick & Kristin Valkenhaus
    Building of the Wall is Nordic lore for children and is part of the Freyja’s Schoolhouse Library collection. Read along as the wall of Asgard is rebuilt, a Jotun observes the Norse people, Loki’s bad judgment, and meet Sleipnir, Odin’s legendary horse. Visit for more titles.Norse, of Course! children’s books are for advanced readers and help improve reading ski...

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  • Tradiciones en salsa verde
    Manuel Ricardo Palma Soriano
    Libro pícaro, lleno de humor que por su atrevimiento hasta el mismo Ricardo Palma consideró que no debía publicarse en su tiempo. Por ese motivo, permaneció escondido, oculto al gran público durante casi setenta años. Aquí tienen este delicioso plato servido. Cuidado que pica. Y pica mucho. 10 ...

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  • Nefelim (Parte 1)
    Lázaro Juárez
    'Si el lector ha estado interesado en las películas futuristas, pero también ama los videojuegos y lee novelas de ciencia ficción, en Nefelim encontrará la unión perfecta de todos sus intereses en un relato breve.Yixina, la última sobreviviente de la especie slimer (seres abstractos y proteicos de habilidades extraordinarias) logra escapar de la destrucción de su planeta Slimo ...

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  • Les mil i una nits
    Enrique Gallud Jardiel
    Aquesta primorosa col·lecció de contes és un dels clàssics de la literatura mundial. En ella es recullen tradicions de la Xina, de lÍndia i, per descomptat, del món àrab, que serveix de marc a la història principal i proporciona els elements exòtics i màgics que fan que aquest llibre haja sigut un dels preferits dels joves de totes les èpoques: genis, catifes voladores, tresors...

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  • El tren que nunca llegó
    Mateo Massucco
    Estados Unidos, año 1899, un tren está listo para partir en un pequeño y viejo pueblo del Lejano Oeste. Un grupo de personas lo aborda, sin saber que ese viaje cambiará sus vidas para siempre.Un accidente. Un negocio ilegal. Un detective ambicioso que, junto a un joven oficial y una enigmática mujer, intentarán llegar a la verdad.Entrañables personajes que lucharán por subsisti...

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