With Love from Poland

With Love from Poland

With Love from Poland

Linda Lee Keenan

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Linda Lee Keenan
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Relatos románticos y de relaciones interpersonales (infantil/juvenil)
16,79 €
IVA incluido

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'With Love from Poland' begins in 1920 Cracow, then a prosperous textile town brimming with life. That was the year that the beautiful, fair-haired Helena Pawlowski met the brash, young Jan Jasinski quite by accident. From that moment on, their lives became intertwined. Their strong bond would later become the backbone of an underground movement to save their family and friends from capture by the Nazis in September of 1939. That was the beginning of the Second World War. It hit Poland first and it hit hard. Hitler quickly set up his General Government in Cracow's beloved Wawel Castle. What ensues is a human drama filled with adventure and intrigue, peppered with humor, emotion and surprising twists of fate - all against the backdrop of proud Polish culture and tradition.

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