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  • From Logos to Bios
    Wynand de Beer

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  • L’età dell’oro dei cacciatori
    Alberto Peruffo
    L'universo, il pianeta Terra, l'uomo. L'avventura della specie umana si dipana lentamente dall'essere unicellulare fino all'uomo dei giorni nostri che, tra mille travagli, ha raggiunto la condizione di assoluta supremazia.La presenza nell'uomo moderno dei geni del DNA dell'uomo di Neanderthal ha chiarito che, questi antichi uomini, facevano parte, a ...

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  • The Evolution of Pet Keeping
    Rayan Musk
    'The Evolution of Pet Keeping: A Journey through Human-Animal Coexistence' is a captivating exploration that traces the historical, cultural, and emotional threads woven into the fabric of our relationship with pets. This insightful narrative embarks on a fascinating journey, unraveling the evolving dynamics of human-animal coexistence and shedding light on the intricate ways i...

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  • Animal Behavior
    Rafeal Mechlore
    'Animal Behavior: An Evolutionary Approach' is an insightful exploration that unveils the fascinating world of animal behavior through the lens of evolution. This comprehensive and engaging narrative delves into the intricate patterns, instincts, and adaptations that have evolved over time, shaping the diverse behaviors observed in the animal kingdom.The book takes readers on a...

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  • On the Origin of Artificial Species
    David R. Wood
    Charles Darwin’s natural theory of evolution is one of the greatest ideas in history. His theory enabled mankind to partially perceive the patterns in nature. However, the greater pattern has remained undiscovered until now. With the decoding of ancient Greek mythology and philosophy, the pattern of evolution has been fully revealed. In his book On the Origins of Artificial Spe...

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  • The Social Direction of Evolution - An Outline of the Science of Eugenics
    William E. Kellicott
    This small volume is based upon three lectures on Eugenics delivered at Oberlin College in April, 1910. In preparing them for publication manyextensions and a few additions have been made in order to present the subject more adequately and to include some very recent results of eugenic investigation.Few subjects have come into deserved prominence more rapidly than has Eugenics....

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  • Levels Of Living
    Henry Frederick Cope
    Under the title of 'A Sermon For To-day' these short essays, on the art of every-day living in the light of eternal life, were published by The Chicago Sunday Tribune, through a series of years, and were regularly printed in the Sunday editions of a group of the great dailies. The short sentences were also published with the Sermons under the head of 'Sentence Sermons.' The cou...

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  • The Ambient Christ
    Joseph C. Masterleo / Joseph CMasterleo
    There is a unified field in the cosmos that holds everything together, and every discipline is a portal to it. Science calls it a field of fundamental forces and elementary particles. Religion calls it God and accepts it by faith as an impenetrable mystery. How can their unbending perspectives be reconciled? In The Ambient Christ, the author proposes a novel paradigm that expla...

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  • The Cosmic E.G.G.G
    Richard Bruce Wallace
    Many are the mysteries concerning the universe and the life that is found within it. This is also true regarding the theories (laws) that govern it. In this book we examine the most popular ones, past and present, in search of the common constant that binds life, laws, and the universe. It exposes the views of the early hominids of Africa and those of the ancient Egyptians. It ...

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  • Evolution, Classification & Diversity
    Sterling Education
    Essential self-teaching guide on evolution, classification and diversity. From the foundations of a living cell to the complex mechanisms of gene expression, Essential Biology Self-Teaching Guides are a comprehensive compendium of clearly explained texts to learn and master multifaceted biology topics. These guides provide a detailed review of fundamental biological processes o...

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  • Creación Y Evolución...
    Herbert Spencer
    En este ensayo polémico, Herbert Spencer establece los principios de su filosofía evolutiva, esbozando la idea de que toda la naturaleza evoluciona en una dirección positiva hacia la perfección. Con su estilo claro y su enfoque científico, Spencer desafía las creencias religiosas de su época y argumenta que la evolución es una ley natural que rige el mundo entero.This work has ...

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  • Die Urzelle, Nebst Dem Beweis Dass Granit, Gneiss, Serpentin, Talk, Gewisse Sandsteine, Auch Basalt, Endlich Meteorstein Und Meteoreisen Aud Pflanzen Bestehen
    Otto Hahn
    In diesem Werk begründet der Autor durch zahlreiche Thatsachen die Entwicklungslehre. Er zeigt auf, dass Granit, Gneiss, Serpentin, Talk, gewisse Sandsteine, Basalt, Meteorstein und Meteoreisen in gewisser Form auch in Pflanzen vorhanden sind und dass demnach die Urzelle auch in Pflanzen zu finden ist.This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important, and is...

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  • Studien Zur Descendenz-Theorie
    August Weismann
    Eine bahnbrechende Studie von August Weismann über den Saisondimorphismus bei Schmetterlingen. Dieses Buch hat signifikante Beiträge zur Abstammungstheorie geleistet und wird auch heute noch von Wissenschaftlern wie Forschern genutzt.This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important, and is part of the knowledge base of civilization as we know it.This work i...

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  • The Evolution of Man; a Popular Exposition of the Principal Points of Human Ontogney Phylogeny; Volume 2
    Ernst Heinrich Philipp August Haecker
    First published in 1874, The Evolution of Man is a seminal work in the field of evolutionary biology. Written by Ernst Haeckel, a prominent German biologist, the book provides an overview of the key concepts of evolution and traces the development of mankind from its origins to the modern era. While some of the theories presented in the book have been revised or disproven, The ...

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  • Controverses Transformistes
    Alfred Mathieu Giard
    Une collection d’articles de l’entomologiste français Alfred Mathieu Giard sur la théorie de l’évolution et son impact sur la biologie.This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important, and is part of the knowledge base of civilization as we know it.This work is in the 'public domain in the United States of America, and possibly other nations. Within the Uni...

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  • The Most Ancient Skeletal Remains of Man
    Ales Hrdlicka
    An overview of the earliest known human remains, exploring their significance for our understanding of human evolution and prehistory.This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important, and is part of the knowledge base of civilization as we know it.This work is in the 'public domain in the United States of America, and possibly other nations. Within the Unit...

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  • Úber die Richtung der Haare Bei Den Affenembryonen
    G. Schwalbe
    Dieser Text ist eine Pionierarbeit der Embryologie. Schwalbe untersuchte die Haarbildung bei verschiedenen Primaten-Arten, um Rückschlüsse auf ihre Verwandtschaftsbeziehungen zu ziehen. Seine Erkenntnisse haben auch heute noch Bedeutung für die biologische Systematik und die Phylogenie der Säugetiere.This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important, and is ...

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  • Discourses; Biological & Geological
    This book is a collection of essays on biology and geology. The essays cover a wide range of topics such as evolution, natural selection, geology, and paleontology. The authors provide engaging and informative insights into these complex subjects. This book is a must-read for anyone interested in biology and geology.This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally im...

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  • Evolution
    Frank B. Jevons
    This seminal work on evolutionary theory is a must-read for anyone interested in the origins of life and the development of species. Jevons provides a clear and concise overview of the principles of evolution, from natural selection to genetic mutation, and offers a powerful defense of Darwin’s theory against its critics. But this book is more than just a scientific treatise; i...

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  • Ch. Darwin’s gesammelte Werke.
    Charles Darwin
    Dieses Buch ist eine Sammlung der wichtigsten Werke des bedeutenden Wissenschaftlers Charles Darwin. Darwin revolutionierte mit seinen Theorien die Weltanschauung und legte den Grundstein für die moderne Evolutionsbiologie. Diese Sammlung bietet dem Leser die Möglichkeit, sich umfassend mit dem Werk Darwins auseinanderzusetzen und ist ein Muss für alle, die sich für die Wissens...

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  • Heredity, Disease and Human Evolution;
    Cedar Paul / Eden / Hugo Ribbert
    An exploration of the complex interplay between genetics and human evolution, and how diseases may have influenced our evolutionary history.This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important, and is part of the knowledge base of civilization as we know it.This work is in the 'public domain in the United States of America, and possibly other nations. Within th...

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  • A Refutation Of The Darwinian Conception Of The Origin Of Mankind
    John C. Stallcup
    In this thought-provoking work, John Calhoun Stallcup challenges the popular Darwinian theory of human origins and presents his own argument for how mankind came to be.This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important, and is part of the knowledge base of civilization as we know it.This work is in the 'public domain in the United States of America, and possi...

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  • La Nouvelle Science
    Céline Renooz
    Ce livre explore les dernières recherches en matière d’évolution humaine et animale, et offre une perspective unique sur notre place dans la nature. Grâce à une écriture accessible et captivante, Renooz parvient à rendre tangible les concepts scientifiques complexes, et à présenter une histoire cohérente et complète de l’évolution depuis les origines de la vie. Ce livre est un ...

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  • Le Darwinisme...
    Émile Ferrière
    Ce livre fascinant explore la théorie de l’évolution de Charles Darwin et ses implications pour la science moderne. Ferrière explique les concepts clés de la théorie darwinienne, tels que la sélection naturelle et la survie du plus apte, en utilisant des exemples concrets et facilement compréhensibles.This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important, and is...

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  • A Monograph of the British Fossil Sponges. Sponges of Palæozoic and Jurassic Strata
    George Jennings Hinde
    Fossil sponges are an important and often overlooked component of the fossil record, providing valuable insights into the evolution and diversification of early life on Earth. In this comprehensive monograph, George Jennings Hinde provides a detailed overview of the fossil sponges of the British Isles, with a particular focus on the Palaeozoic and Jurassic periods. With numerou...

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  • Enwicklungseschichte
    Emil Selenka
    Emil Selenka war ein deutscher Zoologe und Anthropologe des späten 19. Jahrhunderts. In diesem Buch beschreibt er die Evolution und Entwicklungsgeschichte verschiedener Tierarten, mit einem Schwerpunkt auf den Primaten und dem Homo sapiens. Das Werk ist somit ein wichtiger Beitrag zur Geschichte der Biologie und Anthropologie.This work has been selected by scholars as being cul...

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  • Human Animals
    Frank Hamel
    What makes human beings different from other animals? This thought-provoking book challenges readers to examine their assumptions about human nature and the animal kingdom. With a lively and accessible style, the author explores everything from evolutionary biology to philosophy, offering a compelling vision of what it means to be human.This work has been selected by scholars a...

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  • The Coal Measures Amphibia of North America
    Roy Lee Moodie / The Carnege Institution of Washington
    A scientific examination of fossilized amphibians from the Coal Measures of North America. The book provides a detailed look at the anatomy and biology of these ancient animals and sheds light on their place in the evolutionary history of the planet. This book is a valuable resource for anyone interested in paleontology or the evolution of life on earth.This work has been selec...

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  • Creative Evolution, Volume 66; ; Volume 918
    This book is a volume from the series Creative Evolution, which explores new theories of evolutionary biology. This volume includes articles on genetics, ecology, and biodiversity. It is aimed at scientists and researchers working in the field of evolutionary biology.This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important, and is part of the knowledge base of civi...

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  • Mechanisch-Physiologische Theorie Der Abstammungslehre
    Carl Nägeli
    Die Abstammungslehre ist eine der grundlegendsten Theorien der Biologie. In diesem Buch stellt der Autor Carl Nägeli eine mechanisch-physiologische Theorie der Abstammungslehre vor. Er beschreibt die physiologischen Prozesse, die zur Vererbung von Eigenschaften führen, und liefert neue Einsichten in die Mechanismen der Evolution. Das Buch ist ein wichtiger Beitrag zur Biologie-...

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