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    Dr. Graham McLennan / Thomas W. Rogers
     Darwin’s Replacement is a culmination of 3 decades of research including significant input from 20 PhDs, 3 MDs, 9 DScs, 3 Mathematicians, 2 MScs., and 8 Independent Researchers.  What this book reveals:    The proven essentiality of a super-intelligent force for creating and sustaining living cell-parts, cells, and entities, including us.  Our Governments and the majority of...

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  • Exploring Microorganisms
    Antonio Mendez-Vilas
    Exploring Microorganisms: Recent Advances in Applied Microbiology, contains a selection of papers presented at the VII International Conference on Environmental, Industrial and Applied Microbiology - BioMicroWorld2017 (Madrid, Spain). This book offers the outcomes of completed and outgoing research works and experiences of several microbiology research groups across the world. ...

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  • Monoclonal Antibodies
    Christian Klein
    Monoclonal antibodies are established in clinical practice for the treatment of cancer, and autoimmune and infectious diseases. The first generation of antibodies has been dominated by classical IgG antibodies, however, in the last decade, the field has advanced, and, nowadays, a large proportion of antibodies in development have been engineered.  This Special Issue on "Monoclo...

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  • From Logos to Bios
    Wynand de Beer

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  • The Biology and Treatment of Myeloid Leukaemias
    There has been an observed decrease in the global mortality from cancer, mostly atributable to improved, particularly early, detection and prevention. For many carcinomas and leukaemias in adults, once the disease has reached a certain stage there are no therapies that are able to erradicate the cancer cells and cure patients. There has been progress in the treatment of acute m...

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  • Metal Metabolism in Animals
    Reinhard Dallinger
    Through evolution of life, animals have adapted to the ubiquitous presence of metals in the biosphere. They utilize the more frequent ones as essential constituents of their biochemical machinery. In fact, about 40% of all proteins present in animal cells are so-called metalloproteins. On the other hand, animals have invented regulatory and detoxifying mechanisms to protect the...

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  • Marine Polysaccharides Volume 1
    Paola Laurienzo
    The field of marine polysaccharides is constantly evolving, due to progress in the discovery and production of new marine polysaccharides. Seaweed remains the most abundant source of polysaccharides, but recent advances in biotechnology have allowed the production of large quantities of polysaccharides from a variety of micro-algae, by controlling growth conditions and tailorin...

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  • The Epithelialto- Mesenchymal Transition ( EMT ) in Cancer
    Joëlle Roche
    The epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition (EMT) is a highly dynamic process with multiple transitional states, by which epithelial cells can convert into a mesenchymal phenotype. This process involves loss of cellular adhesion and cellular polarity, and an improvement in migratory and invasive properties. It occurs during normal embryonic development, tissue regeneration, organ ...

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  • Fungal Pigments
    With the impact of globalization in research trends, the search for healthier life styles, the increasing public demand for natural, organic, and ‘clean labelled’ products, as well as the growing global market for natural colorants in economically fast-growing countries all over the world, filamentous fungi started to be investigated as readily available sources of chemically d...

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  • Biocomputing 2018
     The Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing (PSB) 2018 is an international, multidisciplinary conference for the presentation and discussion of current research in the theory and application of computational methods in problems of biological significance. Presentations are rigorously peer reviewed and are published in an archival proceedings volume. PSB 2018 will be held on January ...

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  • Brain Asymmetry of Structure and/or Function
    Lesley J. Rogers / Lesley JRogers
    This edited book brings together research reports on the asymmetry of brain function in various species, including humans, dogs, birds, lizards and bees. As shown in a wide range of species, and, as we now know, not solely in humans, the left and right sides of the brain process information in different ways and control different responses or patterns of behaviour. Since this d...

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  • Advances in Flavivirus Research
    The flaviviruses are composed almost entirely of arthropod-borne viruses, a subset of which are responsible for millions of cases of human disease each year. Among these viruses are dengue virus—a scourge throughout the tropical regions of Asia and the Americas; yellow fever virus—the “original” hemorrhagic fever virus; and the recently emerged Zika virus. While the flaviviruse...

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  • Beekeeping At The End Of The Earth
    Mark David Leech
    Beekeeping at the End of the Earth, an essential read for learning about beekeeping in a cool temperate climate with a focus on Tasmania our island home.  One hundred beekeepers one hundred different ways to keep bees.Beekeeping At The End Of The Earth is a practical insight into cool climate beekeeping with a focus on Tasmania, our island home.Richly illustrated with unique di...

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  • Wearable Electronics and Embedded Computing Systems for Biomedical Applications
    Wearable electronics and embedded computing systems have been receiving a great deal of interest over the last two decades in research and commercial fields, with a special focus on biomedical applications. The key benefits introduced by these systems include their small size, lightweight, low-power consumption, and, of course, wearability. Major human-centered applications are...

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  • Animaltown
    Urban space constitutes a place where people and animals live together in close proximity with each other, creating changing landscapes of co-existence, conflict, mutual dependencies and exploitation. The medieval animals found in the articles of Animaltown: Beasts in Medieval Urban Space, appear in text and image, as well as archaeological find materials in the form of butcher...

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  • Mr Menzies' Garden Legacy
    Clive Lionel Justice
    The information found in this history represents a life of interest in plants of the coastal region by the author. This interest undoubtedly relates to the author’s roots on a Gulf Island in the Strait of Georgia. There is a special afinity with the sea and the land that is developed when one grows up on these islands. There is also great appreciation for the conservation and l...

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  • Viral Replication Complexes
    Viruses are obligate intracellular parasites that need to co-opt a living cell’s machinery for replication. At the heart of the viral replication machinery are the nucleic acid polymerases, which are responsible for efficiently copying the viral genome. This process must often be coordinated with other viral processes, including protein translation and viral packaging. The poly...

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  • Public Health Genomics and International Wealth Creation
    E. William Ebomoyi / EWilliam Ebomoyi
    In 2003, the secrets of the human genome were cracked open, creating a flurry of anticipation (and more than a little commercial buzz) about the role that genetic modification would play in years to come. This burgeoning field stands poised to redefine old paradigms and reshape industries such as medicine, agriculture, pharmacology, and biotechnology. Public Health Genomics and...

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  • Biocomputing 2016
     The Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing (PSB) 2016 is an international, multidisciplinary conference for the presentation and discussion of current research in the theory and application of computational methods in problems of biological significance. Presentations are rigorously peer reviewed and are published in an archival proceedings volume. PSB 2016 will be held on January ...

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  • Systemic Approaches in Bioinformatics and Computational Systems Biology
    The convergence of biology and computer science was initially motivated by the need to organize and process a growing number of biological observations resulting from rapid advances in experimental techniques. Today, however, close collaboration between biologists, biochemists, medical researchers, and computer scientists has also generated remarkable benefits for the field of ...

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  • Bio-Invaders
    Sarah Johnson
    We are pleased to announce a new series ofenvironmental history readers, suitable for students.Comprising essays selected from our journals,Environment and History and Environmental Values,each inexpensive paperback volume will address animportant theme in environmental history, combiningunderlying theory and specific case-studies. The firstvolume, Bio-invaders, investigates th...

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  • Symmetrical Analysis Techniques for Genetic Systems and Bioinformatics
    Matthew He / Sergey Petoukhov
    Mathematical and symmetrical analysis of the structure of molecular systems of genetic code has essential meaning for the bioinformatics, biomathematics, and biotechnology fields. Symmetrical Analysis Techniques for Genetic Systems and Bioinformatics: Advanced Patterns and Applications adds unique and novel value to the literature in these areas, compiling studies that demonstr...

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  • L’età dell’oro dei cacciatori
    Alberto Peruffo
    L'universo, il pianeta Terra, l'uomo. L'avventura della specie umana si dipana lentamente dall'essere unicellulare fino all'uomo dei giorni nostri che, tra mille travagli, ha raggiunto la condizione di assoluta supremazia.La presenza nell'uomo moderno dei geni del DNA dell'uomo di Neanderthal ha chiarito che, questi antichi uomini, facevano parte, a ...

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  • Nutrient Cycling and Plant Nutrition in Forest Ecosystems
    Nutrient cycling is essential for maintaining nutrient supply to forest plants and for enhancing forest productivity. Nutrient cycling is also strongly linked to greenhouse gas emissions and thus to global climate change. Nutrient cycling and plant nutrition can be severely affected by anthropogenic and natural disturbance regimes. This Special Issue will provide an avenue to p...

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  • Hood
    Luke Timmerman
    NAMED A TOP INDIE BOOK IN 2017 BY KIRKUS REVIEWSLee Hood did that rarest of things. He enabled scientists to see things they couldn’t see before and do things they hadn’t dreamed of doing. Scientists can now sequence complete human genomes in a day, setting in motion a revolution that is personalizing medicine.Hood, a son of the American West, was an unlikely candidate to trans...

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  • The Story Book of Science
    Jean Henri Fabre
    Fabre had many scholarly achievements. He was a popular teacher, physicist, chemist and botanist. However, he is probably best known for his findings in the field of entomology, the study of insects, and is considered by many to be the father of modern entomology. Much of his enduring popularity is due to his marvelous teaching ability and his manner of writing about the lives ...

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  • Berry Antioxidants in Health and Disease
    Dorothy Klimis-Zacas
    During the last decade, a high volume of work has been published on the health-promoting effects of berries (e.g., blueberries, cranberries, blackberries, etc.) that are rich in antioxidant phytochemicals, polyphenols. Consuming a diet rich in polyphenols has been documented to attenuate the risk of chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, certain cancers, diabetes mel...

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  • Bog-Trotting for Orchids
    Grace Greylock Niles
    Grace Greylock Niles’ classic Bog-Trotting for Orchids opens a view into the world of a female student of nature, and her love for the flora and fauna of the Northeast. Focusing on her search for orchids in the bogs of Vermont, it offers a look back (over a century) at the history and natural history of this well-known region, and the earlier poetry and prose that influenced he...

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  • Carbohydrate Chemistry
    Raimo Alén
     This book presents a comprehensive approach to the versatile and fascinating field of carbohydrate chemistry. It covers, besides the colorful historical perspective within the utilization of carbohydrates and their derivatives, all modern aspects on their properties, nomenclature, uses, and natural occurrence as such or as residues in a variety of biologically active molecules...

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  • Checklist of Papuasian Orchids
    Paul Ormerod
    This is the most comprehensive account to date of all Papua New Guineas wild orchids and will no doubt prove to be the essential reference to PNG's orchids for all botanists, ecologists and orchid enthusiasts for decades to come. All types and relevant data including where published are listed and the herbariums where they are kept. All synonymous names, where published and...

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