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  • China Through American Eyes
    Wenxian Zhang
    Cultural understanding between the United States and China has been a long and complex process. The period from the mid-nineteenth century to the early twentieth century is not only a critical era in modern Chinese history, but also the peak time of illustrated news reporting in the United States. Besides images from newspapers and journals, this collection also contains pictur...

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  • Global Perspectives on Media Events in Contemporary Society
    Andrew Fox
    Media events have been described as broadcasts that involve an engaged audience viewing the same event simultaneously; though this definition is still relevant, the way media outlets interact with and react to their audiences has greatly changed. This is in part due to the emergence of social media platforms which allow a participatory audience, something that genre-specific te...

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  • Impact of Communication and the Media on Ethnic Conflict
    Throughout the world, cultural and racial clashes remain a major hurdle to development and progress. Though some areas are experiencing successful intercultural communications which pave the way for peaceful negotiations, there are still many regions experiencing severe turmoil. Impact of Communication and the Media on Ethnic Conflict focuses on both the positive and negative o...

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  • Digital Activism in Asia Reader
    The digital turn might as well be marked as an Asian turn. From flash-mobs in Taiwan to feminist mobilisations in India, from hybrid media strategies of Syrian activists to cultural protests in Thailand, we see the emergence of political acts that transform the citizen from being a beneficiary of change to becoming an agent of change. In co-shaping these changes, what the digit...

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  • Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing Informatics
    Andrew Chasin
    Because of the constant advances and dynamics within the nascent field of nursing informatics, many nurses struggle in practice as they continue to try and apply habitual communication practices in the new environment without any critical reflection on, and adaptation of, those practices. Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing Informatics: Concepts and Applications serves as a valu...

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  • The Game to Show the Games
    Morgan Wick
    ESPN collects hundreds of millions of dollars in rights fees from cable subscribers, before selling a single advertisement. In The Game to Show the Games, Morgan Wick exposes how this lucrative revenue stream and the competition between media conglomerates has become a billion-dollar boon for sports leagues across the nation and the world, and how this has shaken up the rest o...

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  • Brandscaping
    Andrew M. Davis
    In this groundbreaking book, media and marketing strategist Andrew Davis shows you how to partner with other brands and undiscovered talent to create content that drives demand for the products and services you sell. Brandscaping is a big, infectious idea-a new marketing methodology that begins with one simple observation: a rising tide lifts all ships. Davis dishes up dozens o...

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  • Exploring the Benefits of Creativity in Education, Media, and the Arts
    The use of imagination can lead to greater outcomes in problem solving, innovation, and critical thinking. By providing access to creative outlets, productivity increases in schools, businesses, and other professional settings. Exploring the Benefits of Creativity in Education, Media, and the Arts is a pivotal reference source for the latest scholarly research on the stimulatio...

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  • Dirty South
    James A Crank
    The Dirty South examines the shifting significances of the South as a constructed, fantasized region in the American psyche, particularly its frequent association with tropes of dirt that emphasize soil, garbage, trash, grit, litter, mud, swamp water, slime, and pollution. Beginning with iconic works from the 1970s such as Deliverance and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, James A. C...

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  • Translating the Bible into Media
    Andreas Ernst
    Multimedia and technology has become increasingly important in reaching ministry audiences worldwide. Many ministry organizations emphasize the creation and dissemination of polished audiovisual products, but often without considering if the products fit the needs and media habits of the target audience. In this book, Ernst examines the strategic implications and advantages of ...

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  • Following the Ticker
    Ian G. Anson
    Traces the influence of the stock market on Americans’ beliefs about politics. ...

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  • Yiddish Cinema
    Jonah Corne / Monika Vrečar
    Offers a bold new reading of Yiddish cinema by exploring the early diasporic cinema’s fascination with media and communication. ...

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  • Digital Transformations of Illicit Drug Markets
    Nigel South
    The digital revolution has transformed the selling and buying of illicit substances, upending how the market is policed and regulated, as explored in this book. ...

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  • Hybrid Media Events
    Dr Minttu Tikka / Professor Johanna Sumiala / Professor Katja Valaskivi
    What are hybrid media events? And how do these events shape our lives in the present digital age? This book addresses these questions by explaining how terrorist violence makes global events. The empirical analyses are based on the case of Charlie Hebdo attacks in 2015 and the global circulation of solidarities and anger connected with the attacks. ...

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  • Social Currency
    Rebekah Buege
    An invaluable guide for anyone seeking purpose and clarity, Social Currency addresses underlying social anxiety as it examines the importance of mindfulness and attention. ...

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  • Sameness and Repetition in Contemporary Media Culture
    Susana Tosca

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  • A Book Of Calumny
    Henry Louis Mencken
    A biting and erudite critique of the human tendency to slander and defame others, with examples drawn from politics, literature, and academic circles.This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important, and is part of the knowledge base of civilization as we know it.This work is in the 'public domain in the United States of America, and possibly other nations....

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  • Cultural Theory in the Films of Alfred Hitchcock
    Gary McCarron
    This book considers several aspects of Alfred Hitchcock’s filmmaking from philosophical and social scientific points of view. Its principal aim is to place Hitchcock’s films in the context of debates in various philosophical and cultural traditions. ...

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  • Algorithmic Authenticity
    Anthony Glyn Burton / Wendy Hui Kyong Chun
    What makes information feel true or compelling in our contemporary digital societies? This book brings together different disciplinary understandings of 'authenticity' in order to find alternative ways to approach mis- and disinformation that go beyond contemporary fact-checking and its search for the 'authentic' truth. Patterned under the algorithmic flows of digital capitalis...

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  • Worrier state
    Nicky Falkof
    This book investigates how different cultures of fear manifest in South African social and mainstream media, arguing that fear and other emotions are a critical lens for understanding contemporary life. It discusses the myth of ’white genocide’; so-called ’Satanist’ murders; township urban legends; and white suburban anxieties. ...

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  • Digital Memory in Brazil
    Leda Balbino
    Digital Memory in Brazil draws on the results of three case studies to determine the strategies and practices applied by the Brazilian far-right government of Bolsonaro (2019-2023) to construct a negationist digital memory of the Brazilian dictatorship. ...

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  • Turkish Drama Serials
    Miriam Berg
    Examines the reach and reception of Turkish drama serials in the Middle East and Latin America, exploring what it is that makes Turkish television so successful as entertainment in places as diverse as Qatar, Chile and Israel. ...

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  • Media, Practice and Theory
    Nicole De Brabandere
    This volume gathers research at the intersection of art and the interdisciplinary humanities to develop an understanding of media assemblages that insist on the generativity of their situatedness within ecologies of practice. These contributions propose media assemblages that enlarge the time and space for co-compositions between media and bodies that reshape subjective, percep...

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  • The Rise of YouTube
    B. Vincent
    'The Rise of YouTube: A Cultural Revolution' explores the transformative journey of YouTube, the world’s most influential video-sharing platform. From its humble beginnings to becoming a global phenomenon, this book delves into the profound impact YouTube has had on entertainment, media, communication, and society at large.Step into the captivating world of YouTube and witness ...

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  • Social Media Surveillance and Experiences of Authoritarianism
    Göran Bolin / Rita Figueiras / Veronika Kalmus
    What are the attitudes of online media users to the vast collection of personal data held by commercial platform companies? Do previous experiences of state surveillance have an impact on these attitudes? Do they differ for those brought up in the surveillance regime of Estonia during the Soviet Union era, or who experienced the surveillance apparatus in Portugal under authorit...

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  • Gamification in the RhetComp Curriculum
    Chris McGunnigle
    Gamification is an up and coming popular trend in all levels and types of education, including public and private schools, higher education, the military, the private sector, and elsewhere. Gamification introduces aspects of game design like teamwork, competition, rewards and prizes, storytelling, and more into lesson plan units. In many cases, actual games, whether it be Scrab...

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  • Fandom Culture and The Archers
    Fandom Culture and The Archers looks beyond the popular success of the Archers to explore how the program, and the themes it discusses, are used in teaching, learning, research and professional settings, and how the Academic Archers fandom helps shape these real life impacts. ...

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  • Digital Politics, Digital Histories, Digital Futures
    Digital politics is rarely explored holistically and interdisciplinary beyond a focus on digital activism, digital warfare or Internet governance. Digital Politics, Digital Histories, Digital Futures addresses this gap, initiating conversations about digital politics to a range of disciplines, developing new pedagogy for the field. ...

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  • The Future of Rock and Roll
    Robin James
    In 1983, an Ohio radio station called WOXY launched a sonic disruption to both corporate rock and to its conservative home region, programming an omnivorous range of genres and artists while being staunchly committed to local independent art and media. In the 1990s, as alternative rock went mainstream and radio grew increasingly homogeneous, WOXY gained international renown as ...

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  • The Future of Rock and Roll
    Robin James
    In 1983, an Ohio radio station called WOXY launched a sonic disruption to both corporate rock and to its conservative home region, programming an omnivorous range of genres and artists while being staunchly committed to local independent art and media. In the 1990s, as alternative rock went mainstream and radio grew increasingly homogeneous, WOXY gained international renown as ...

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