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  • Awe in Action
    Kevin Mr Long
    This message is concerned with approaches to pupil engagement and learning that stem from connected and relevant use of Outdoor Adventurous learning interventions. First and foremost, this collection of essays is concerned with values, specifically encouraging prosocial and humanitarian values in learning. By enabling students to find a greater connection we allow them to embra...

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  • Engaging Adolescent Students in Contemporary Classrooms
    Prathiba Nagabhushan
    Preparation for university study and integration into the workforce is the academic goal in the final years of secondary education. This preparedness can only be achieved through the motivation and involvement of students in secondary education programs which will lead to successful outcomes. Engaging Adolescent Students in Contemporary Classrooms: Emerging Research and Opportu...

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     This pioneering text contributes to the theory and practice of teaching and learning. The purpose is to unlock how key stakeholders of the spectrum of pre-universities in Singapore make sense of "knowledge" and "knowledge work", and endeavour to determine how their understanding of "knowledge" shapes their understanding of "knowledge work" and the conditions that affect their ...

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  • Differentiated Instructional Design for Multicultural Environments
    Diane Stottlemyer
    Modern technology is creating new challenges for teachers to keep up with today’s education and advancing teaching styles. The development of a differentiated curriculum is necessary and needed particularly for a diversified group of students. Differentiated Instructional Design for Multicultural Environments: Emerging Research and Opportunities provides emerging research on mo...

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  • Curriculum Integration in Contemporary Teaching Practice
    Rina Bousalis / Susannah Brown
    Teaching and learning practices that are interconnected and value all subject areas benefit K-12 students by supporting creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration. Curriculum Integration in Contemporary Teaching Practice: Emerging Research and Opportunities is an essential scholarly resource that presents detailed information on the benefits and implementat...

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  • Handbook of Research on Program Development and Assessment Methodologies in K-20 Education
    As the educational system continues to evolve, it is essential that educators of today devise innovative and strategic approaches to program development and assessment. The Handbook of Research on Program Development and Assessment Methodologies in K-20 Education is an essential reference source for the latest terminology and concepts related to program development. Featuring e...

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  • Exploration of Textual Interactions in CALL Learning Communities
    Jonathan R. White / Jonathan RWhite
    Computer-assisted language learning (CALL) has greatly enhanced the realm of online social interaction and behavior. In language classrooms, it allows the opportunity for students to enhance their learning experiences. Exploration of Textual Interactions in CALL Learning Communities: Emerging Research and Opportunities is an ideal source of academic research on the pedagogical ...

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  • Increasing Productivity and Efficiency in Online Teaching
    Distance learning has become very popular in recent years, making evident some of the problems inherent to online classes as they are today. High attrition rates, driven in part by student isolation and low satisfaction, have plagued online courses. For an online class to succeed, it must be built upon engaging media and meaningful interaction. Increasing Productivity and Effic...

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  • PRAXIS Social Studies Practice!
    Complete Test Preparation Inc.
    PRAXIS Social Studies Practice Test Questions Prepared by our Dedicated Team of Experts! Includes FREE eBook Version!  Suitable for any tablet or smart phone! Practice Test Questions for:  World History US History Geography Economics Civics and Government Practice Tests are a great way to study and prepare for a test!      You want to do everything you can to pass ...

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  • The Spinning Heart Comparative Workbook HL17
    Amy Farrell
    The Spinning Hear Comparative Workbook 2017 is designed to be used when studying The Spinning Heart, by Donal Ryan, for the Comparative Study component of the Leaving Certificate Higher Level English examination in 2017. This A4 workbook contains 132 questions, covering the modes of Theme/Issue (Relationships), Literary Genre and General Vision and Viewpoint. The workbook is i...

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  • Handbook of Research on Active Learning and the Flipped Classroom Model in the Digital Age
    The notion of a flipped classroom draws on such concepts as active learning, student engagement, hybrid course design, and course podcasting. The value of a flipped class is in the repurposing of class time into a workshop where students can inquire about lecture content, test their skills in applying knowledge, and interact with one another in hands-on activities. The Handbook...

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  • Picturing Chinese
    ThunderStone Books
    Many Chinese characters are pictographic and therefore look like the objects they represent. These characters are among some of the oldest and most common characters in Chinese and can often be used together with other characters to form new characters. Whether you are learning to write Chinese or simply want a better understanding of Chinese characters, Picturing Chinese is a ...

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  • Engaging Language Learners through Technology Integration
    Po Li / Shuai Li
    Web 2.0 technologies, open source software platforms, and mobile applications have transformed teaching and learning of second and foreign languages. Language teaching has transitioned from a teacher-centered approach to a student-centered approach through the use of Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) and new teaching approaches. Engaging Language Learners through Techn...

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  • Educational Technology Use and Design for Improved Learning Opportunities
    Khosrow-Pour / Mehdi Khosrow-Pour
    The rise of technology within educational settings has allowed for a substantial shift in the way in which educators teach learners of all ages. In order to implement these new learning tools, school administrators and teachers alike must seek new research outlining the latest innovations in the field. Educational Technology Use and Design for Improved Learning Opportunities pr...

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  • Research Perspectives and Best Practices in Educational Technology Integration
    Jared Keengwe
    With advancements in technology continuing to influence all areas of society, students in current classrooms have a different understanding and perspective of learning than the educational system has been designed to teach. Research Perspectives and Best Practices in Educational Technology Integration highlights the emerging digital age, its complex transformation of the curren...

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  • Learning with Mobile Technologies, Handheld Devices, and Smart Phones
    Mobile Learning is a new trend in pedagogical communities. It matches the speed of fast moving methodologies in pedagogical world. The theories of activity-based learning, problem-based learning, work-based learning, and opinion-based learning, learner-centered learning, and so forth, can be integrated with these tiny handheld devices. Students and teachers communicate effectiv...

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  • Instructional Technology Research, Design and Development
    Design and development research, which has considerable implications for instructional design, focuses on designing and exploring products, artifacts and models, as well as programs, activity, and curricula. Instructional Technology Research, Design and Development: Lessons from the Field is a practical text on design and development research in the field of instructional techn...

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  • Virginal Mothers, Groovy Chicks & Blokey Blokes
    Donna Pendergast
    There is an expectation that teachers are, and will be, transformers of society as they prepare young people to deal with an ever-changing world. While the importance of this role has never been greater, the status and respect once enjoyed by teachers has declined over recent years. Diminishing status and negative stereotypes have in turn contributed to a growing teacher shorta...

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  • Diversity in Information Technology Education
    Goran Trajkovski

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  • School Environment Sensory Checklist
    Debbie Hopper
    Do you have children in your class with autism, learning difficulties or reduced concentration?Then the School Environment Sensory Checklist is your entry into transforming your classroom!?    Quickly and easily evaluate your classroom from a sensory perspective to enhance learning needs of ALL children, including children with autism and learning difficulties?    Have LESS DIS...

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  • Handbook of Research on Effective Communication in Culturally Diverse Classrooms
    Meaningful interaction between teachers and students is crucial to any educational environment, and particularly so in intercultural settings. When educators take steps to incorporate culturally responsive teaching into their classrooms, student learning is enriched and improved. The Handbook of Research on Effective Communication in Culturally Diverse Classrooms focuses on the...

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  • Gaming for Classroom-Based Learning
    In order to effectively use games in the classroom, teachers and parents need to agree on games’ positive functions toward students’ learning, decide and select good educational games relevant to content and tasks in the classroom, and disseminate their acquired knowledge into the teaching field. As part of an international dialogue between researchers in educational technology...

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  • 93 Untranslatable Russian Words
    Natalia Gogolitsyna

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  • Legendary Teacher Stories
    Nicholas I. Clement / Nicholas I Clement
    Legendary Teacher Stories is a heartfelt tribute to the Teachers and adults that impacted Nic both as a young student and later on as a school administrator. His storytelling is fun yet factual. From page one, the reader is invited into Nic's story of life with an all access pass. In an effort to finish big, Nic currently awards his net royalties back to the very Teachers t...

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  • Meta-Communication for Reflective Online Conversations
    One of the ways in which distance education is capable of reaching online learners is the basis and method of meta-communication. Therefore, it is important to understand how to design reflective online conversations and how to implement a diverse milieu for prospective online learners so that they are able to transfer their information, knowledge, and learning from theoretical...

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  • Resource Development
    Eurydice Moore
    The book is comprised of three divisions which are as follows: Division I - Not-for-Profit Business (NFP) Division II - Resource Development Division III- Funding and Grant WritingThe Not-for-Profit division gives information regarding how to set up a Not-for-Profit such as incorporation, the 501c3 determination status, and focus on the business side of the Not-for-Profit. The ...

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  • Enhancing Education and Training Initiatives Through Serious Games
    John Denholm / Linda Lee-Davies
    Games have become popular tools to enhance learning in both educational and business environments. Analyzing the link between games and their results on students can help provide advances for learning initiatives in the future. Enhancing Education and Training Initiatives Through Serious Games is an essential reference source that examines the impact that games and simulations ...

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  • Gopen’s Reader Expectation Approach to the English Language
    George D. Gopen / George DGopen
    For as long as writing has been taught, the subject has always been approached from the perspective of polite society. The central questions were all writer-based: What can, must, ought the writer to do? What cannot, must not, ought not the writer to do? Mistakes were corrected; awkwardness was chastised; bloat was deflated. We were urged to avoid (the passive) and contain (the...

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  • We Need To Do Better
    Paul Miller
    There are no job descriptions for saving or improving lives. Kids who graduate high school have better lives than kids who drop out. Making sure our kids in urban areas succeed is much more than instruction, tests, and homework. It takes a mindset that creates partnerships between communities, parents, schools, and students. WE ALL HAVE TO DO BETTER! ...

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  • Teachers’ conceptions of contextualization and interdisciplinarity
    Ramon Gomes / Rodolfo Lima / Rodrigo Bentes
    This paper presents an investigation into the conceptions of natural science teachers from public schools in the municipality of Barcarena-Pará, with regard to the use of guiding curricular axes: contextualization and interdisciplinarity, which are pre-established by teachers in their didactic activities in the classroom. The research was carried out using a structured question...

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