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  • Getting to the Other Side of Victory
    Donna Hopkins
       Donna J. Hopkins was the picture of health. As a competitive athlete, with a growing broadcasting career, life truly felt good. After a monthly self-Breast exam revealed a lump, her hopes and dreams were covered with the thick fog of pending survival, as the loneliness of “why me” began to take its toll.As if the road to survival was not enough the first time, Donna was not ...

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    Marsha Therese Danzig
    Yes! You can practice yoga as an amputee! This book will show you how. DISCOVER powerful yoga practices to build your balance, strength, confidence and body awareness. LEARN how to adapt your yoga to your individual level of limb loss. REDUCE pain and stress due to limb loss. IGNITE your life with inner and outer transformation. MOTIVATE your amputee clients to better health an...

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  • Getting Undressed
    David Cooks / Eric Wolffersdorff
    2018 Winner of the Midwest Book Awards in the category InspirationAt the age of 15, high school sophomore and basketball player David Cooks experienced a spinal aneurism, leaving him a T-6 paraplegic. Refusing to let the wheelchair determine the man, he made the decision to persevere from the very beginning–and he never let go of his passion for the game. In Getting Undressed, ...

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  • The Dream Stone
    Anna-Marie McLachlan / Meriel P
    Charity Book- All Royalties for MAP Nemaline Fund (MDUK) A fictional tale about Sam, the Dream Stone and his best friend, Meriel from Oxfordshire. Inspired by real events during Meriel’s Dream Stone Triathlon and her other valued personal experiences while living with the Nemaline Myopathy condition. Meriel and her team organised and accomplished their Dream Stone Triathlon Cha...

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  • Wheelchairs, Perjury and the London Marathon
    Tim Marshall
    The top wheelchair athletes of today enjoy the same high-profile exposure and admiration as their able-bodied counterparts. This has come about partly through wheelchair participation in mass fun-running events such as the Great North Run. Wheelchairs, Perjury and the London Marathon charts disability sports pioneer Tim Marshall MBE’s journey from the rock-climbing accident whi...

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  • Dive-abled
    Eric Douglas / Leo Morales
    If you ask Leo Morales, nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it. And he should know. After he lost his right leg to cancer, Leo struggled with life. But he decided his disability would not define him. When friends suggested scuba diving as part of his physical therapy, he was hooked. He quickly progressed from diver to dive instructor and technical diver. Leo has set t...

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  • PAS
    Alexandra Allred
    At last!  A Fitness program designed to encourage, inspire, and energize everyone! πᾶς Fitness comes from the Greek word, PAS, meaning for all or everyone, and that is exactly why this program was designed.  With more than 650 million people worldwide living with some kind of disability, it is time for ALL to join fitness fun.PAS FITNESS realy does include everyone.Working both...

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