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  • Sueños Verticales
    Hernan De Lahitte
    Nunca se sabe dónde aparecerá algo que cambie todo lo conocido. Una aventura en la naturaleza a un lugar remoto o tal vez las palabras justas en el momento preciso, pueden cambiar el curso de tu vida. Estos son los relatos sobre mis viajes al reino de lo vertical. Mis primeras escapadas en solitario a lugares lejanos y que inesperadamente me llevaron a participar en varias de l...

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  • The Hard Truth
    Kris Hampton
    A hard truth is still a truth.Becoming a better climber isn’t only about adding more weight to your max hang on a fingerboard or being able to deadlift 2x bodyweight. Frankly, what’s more important is that you understand your motivations, your approach, and that you’re honest with yourself about the amount of effort you put in - both on and off the wall.This collection of essay...

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  • How To Airsoft
    If you want to learn how to airsoft like a pro, then get the "How to Airsoft" guide.In this step-by-step guide, you will discover the best airsoft tips and secrets.- You will learn strategies and techniques to improve your airsoft skills.- You will amaze and shock your friends as being the best airsoft player.- Your airsoft team will respect and look up to you as an airsoft lea...

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  • Extreme Ironing 101
    HowExpert / Marie Claire Medina
    The world of extreme sports is evolving every day. Many of us are reinventing the parameters of tradition and creating new ways to do things. In 2016, skateboarding was among several new sports added to the 2020 Olympic line up. Quite impressive if you think about the startup days of skateboarding. In the late 40’s surfers wanted a way to “ride the waves” when there weren’t any...

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  • Kickboxing para todos
    Jose Velásquez
    El título de esta obra, Kickboxing para todos, revela la intención de llevar al lector a la posibilidad de conocer de primera mano los fundamentos históricos que han llevado a la experiencia del autor, y los componentes técnicos básicos que le permiten adentrarse en la práctica de este arte marcial de una manera sencilla y segura.Como con todos los fenómenos observables, se hac...

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  • Survival Fitness
    Sam Fury
    Your Ultimate Functional Fitness Program!Survival Fitness is self-training in the 5 most useful activities for escaping danger.Teach yourself parkour, climbing, swimming, riding, and hiking. It also has a simple daily routine to keep your mind and body in optimal health with minimal effort.Start training in Survival Fitness today, because you’ll get fit while learning life-savi...

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  • Essential Parkour Training
    Sam Fury
    Teach Yourself Parkour!This is a beginner’s parkour training manual like no other.Essential parkour techniques are those which are safe to use on a whim. Like if you were running away from someone in an unfamiliar area.There are no fancy free-running movements in these parkour lessons.It starts with beginner parkour movement and parkour strength training. Then it progresses to ...

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  • Emergency Roping and Bouldering
    Sam Fury
    These Climbing Skills Will Save Your Life!This is not your usual rock-climbing book.Inside you will discover climbing self-rescue and bouldering techniques for survival.It is a 3-part manual:Knots. Discover how to tie 10 of the most useful knots there are.Emergency Roping. Learn how to use a rope to climb and rappel without any special equipment.Bouldering. Bouldering is climbi...

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  • Practical Arnis Stick Fighting
    Sam Fury
    Teach Yourself Stick Fighting for Self-Defense!Discover a stick fighting method that actually works in the streets of today.This training manual focuses on the most practical stick fighting techniques for self-defense.It combines stick fighting techniques from a variety of Kali Arnis grandmasters. Although highly effective, the training and techniques are easy to learn.Now you ...

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  • Practical Escrima Knife Defense
    Sam Fury
    Teach Yourself Knife Defense!Discover how to use the 'block/grab' knife defense system developed by GM Larry Alquezar.This training manual is packed with knife-flow drills and other exercises.Develop your Filipino knife defense skills, because these techniques are generations old.Get it now.IMPORTANT: Trying to disarm a knife wielding attacker is extremely dangerous. The techni...

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  • Complete Vortex Control Self-Defense
    Sam Fury
    Your 3-in-1 Self-Defense Training Manual!Discover an effective and easy to learn method of self-defense.Complete Vortex Control Self-Defense combines the best techniques from a wide range of martial arts to create the ultimate street-effective fighting method.This self-defense system will teach you hand-to-hand combat, knife defense, and stick fighting.Discover the skills you n...

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  • Basic Parkour
    Sam Fury
    For the upgraded version of this training manual please search for: Essential Parkour Training by Sam Fury.Teach Yourself Basic Parkour!Parkour is not as hard as it looks.All you need to do is learn a few beginner parkour exercises and practice.Sam Fury’s Basic Parkour will teach you all the basics you need to learn parkour.Discover how to teach yourself basic parkour, because ...

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  • How to Win a Street Fight
    Sam Fury
    For the upgraded version of this training manual please search for: The Self-Defense Handbook by Sam Fury.US Link: Link: Yourself to Street Fight!Discover how to inflict maximum damage with minimal e...

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  • Manual del cazador caza menor y caza mayor
    C. Brighenti / CBrighenti / M. Mundet / MMundet
    Perros de caza, técnicas y modalidades, armas y municiones, terrenos libres, cotos, reservas, con la legislación vigente sobre práctica de la caza y la propiedad de armas. ...

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  • Preparación para los deportes de aventura
    Alain Walther / Jack Savoldelli
    Libro de referencia que formará parte de la guantera del coche o de la mochila de todos los practicantes de deportes extremos. Se presentan todos los aspectos de la preparación física y mental de los atletas para los deportes extremos. Planes de entrenamiento. Consejos de salud. Preparación mental. Alimentación. Material y equipo. ...

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  • Adventure Expedition One
    Aaron Linsdau / Terry M. Williams
    #1 Bestseller on Amazon (Feb 2019 in Mountaineering Guides)“Explorers must be self-contained and prepared for anything.”Expedition—An adventure into the extreme unknown where you will be tested to the limit.How do you set off on your first epic expedition? Where should you even start? This book has practical advice to help you begin planning your first trek. Dreaming, planning,...

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  • Adventure Expedition One
    Aaron Linsdau / Terry M. Williams
    #1 Bestseller on Amazon (Feb 2019 in Mountaineering Guides)“Explorers must be self-contained and prepared for anything.”Expedition—An adventure into the extreme unknown where you will be tested to the limit.How do you set off on your first epic expedition? Where should you even start? This book has practical advice to help you begin planning your first trek. Dreaming, planning,...

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  • Upside Down in the Yukon River
    Steve Cannon
    Adventure sports changed his life. The Race to the Midnight Sun nearly ended it.Upside Down in the Yukon River is an inspiring true story of an ordinary guy from Iowa who attempts the world’s longest kayak race, and ends up fighting for his very survival deep in the wilderness of Canada’s Yukon Territory. Full of anticipation and fear, successes and failures, doubt and hope, St...

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  • Sledding with the Snow Dogs
    Nina Olsson
    Nina Olsson lives happily on the Wirral Peninsula with her two cats, her children long ago having left to lead their own interesting lives. A lover of travel and adventure, the Arts and live music. Always involved in some project or other and ever ready for the next one.The telling of a sledding trip with five huskies as part of a team taking part in a Charity Challenge over No...

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  • Follow the Dragons
    Kyle V Robinson
    After surviving a traumatic childhood, multiple arrests, six years in high school, and time in drug rehab, Kyle Robinson manages to become a lawyer and business owner. But when he becomes disillusioned with society’s version of success, Kyle throws out the old rule book to happiness and blazes his own path to true fulfillment by doing what any reasonable man in his late thirtie...

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  • Rock Climbing Technique
    John Kettle
    If you have ever wanted to move effortlessly and get the most from your hard-won climbing fitness, this is the guide you’ve been waiting for.Getting better at rock climbing doesn’t have to be about strength, endurance, flexibility or hours spent on repetitive training. It doesn’t need to be a balancing act between losing fitness and getting injured overtraining. Climbing is fun...

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  • On The Edge
    Simon King
    Extreme life can be experiencing the harshest personal challenges produced by nature’s arsenal, and testing one’s endurance to prevail over these elements without going ‘over the edge’.Wingsuiting from a mountain top, hang gliding across the countryside, kiteboarding the waves, whitewater kayaking of rapids and waterfalls, free diving beneath the ocean, polar swimming, snowboar...

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  • Curso de vela
    Gabriele Botta
    Este libro no es sólo una escuela de vela, sino también de vida; enfrentarse al mar en barco de vela es una experiencia muy formativa y divertida, que requiere una importante preparación psicofísica, ya que este deporte es fundamentalmente percepción y sensibilidad. ...

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  • Saws-Season Adjusted Wins Above Replacement Score
    Bob Glidewell
    The crux of this book is to introduce a new mathematical formula and ranking of Baseball Hall of Fame members to complement WAR (Wins Above Replacement) and JAWS (Jaffe Wins Above Replacement Score). It judges all players by the same standard162 nine inning gamesand normalizes for short or long careers. 3 ...

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  • Sarah Donohue
    Donohue Sarah
    This is the action packed story of a female racing driver and stuntwoman who lives life on the edge and enjoys every extreme moment of it… A thrill-seeker by day and glamorous showgirl by night, Sarah Donohue believes in living out her dreams and living life to the full bringing colour and laughter to the lives of everyone around her.Even after a high-speed powerboat crash putt...

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  • Broken Before Battle
    Suzette Howe
    Mixed martial arts (MMA) has been called 'the world's fastest-growing sport' with a huge fan base . . . It's often identified with violence and greed, but is that an accurate portrayal?Many MMA fighters grew up having to overcome bullying, gang activity, drugs, and violence. For them, success as a fighter is not their financial ticket to lifetime security, but  an oppor...

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  • What are Extreme Sports? Sports Book Age 8-10 | Children’s Sports & Outdoors
    Baby Professor
    There are sports events that require special skills, a lot of training and maybe an ambulance on standby. These are called extreme sports, and this book will introduce you to some of them. You will find some of these sports fun but don’t try them without an adult’s guidance. For now, enjoy your newly found knowledge. Get a copy today! ...

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  • Dudeville
    J.D. Kleinke / J.DKleinke
    Imagine Huck Finn “lighting out for the territories” 150 years later, this time as a late-30s corporate dropout turned backcountry snowboarder and mountain climber. Dudeville is a coming-of-middle-age adventure story, set in and all around small-town Colorado during the outdoor sports explosion of the 1990s. Inspired by a wide and wild range of influences -- from Thoreau, Whitm...

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  • Cycling to the South Pole
    Maria Leijerstam
    It had been proved impossible, but on December 27, 2013, Maria Leijerstam from Great Britain became the first person in the world to cycle to the South Pole. For four years, Maria fought against every obstacle. How was she going to fund this mission? What was the best cycle for the job? Would this ordinary woman be fit and strong enough to fulfil her dream, especially with stro...

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  • A Guide to Running Your First Marathon
    Doug Limbrick
    For many novice and even some experienced runners completing the 42.2 kilometres (26 miles) involved in running a marathon seems daunting and too difficult to contemplate. For those who have run a half marathon the thought of running two half marathons back to back may seem impossible. However this short book has been written to demonstrate that most runners can complete a mara...

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