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  • Miracle
    Jason Pinter
    An inspiring, funny, and heartwarming story for everyone who has dreamed of having their own Miracle. When rabbits Merle and Pearl meet on one beautiful day, they know that they have found true joy. Yet while they couldn’t be happier with each other, there’s one teeny, tiny thing missing...a child of their own  Merle and Pearl dream of expanding their nest by bringing a baby bu...

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  • Mommy’s Having a Baby
    Braylen Jefferson / Kiffany Taylor
    Braylen is very excited to become a big brother! Sit back and enjoy the documented journey, Braylen and his mom take us on throughout the anticipated arrival of his baby brother in, Mommy’s Having a Baby! ...

    11,43 €

  • Things That Happen By Chance - Spanish
    Gail Daldy
    Things That Happen By ChanceTo say that "a picture is worth 1000 words" may often seem so cliche` but at the same time it is appropriate in pointing out Things That Happen By Chance. This delightful children's book examines the world of one real little boy, coincidentally named Chance, learning some simple life lessons. In a growing visual interactive experience Things That...

    19,62 €

  • Fuzzy Eyes
    Ryan Grafenreed
    Come along as a young boy goes through his everyday activities experiencing blurry vision. He shares with his mother that he is having difficulty seeing clearly and she takes him for an eye exam. After some tests, he learns that glasses could correct his vision. ...

    9,44 €

  • It'll Be Ok, Lucy
    Starla Criser
    Lucy is a hedgehog who loves her small family and her home on the beach. She has never thought she needed more or anything different. Suddenly everything is changing and she is worried. They are moving far away to a new place. Her family is growing with two people she has never met, and with another family pet: Sophia, a guinea pig. Will everything be okay? Will these new peopl...

    9,64 €

  • The Sergeant Family
    Alma C Ramnanan
    Five-year-old Little Sergeant experiences a lot of happy and sad moments when Mommy and Daddy Sergeant must leave to conquer the Dragon King. You will be with Little Sergeant throughout her adventures and know that you are not alone either when your mommy and daddy have to go. We must read, believe and be prepared for the greatest adventure of them all. ...

    13,92 €

  • The Lesson
    K. Lee / Klee
    This book is a valuable resource for today’s youth, providing guidance on self-discovery, career exploration, financial empowerment, and life application. The Lesson series is a collection of books aimed at pre-teens and teenagers to help them overcome challenges, navigate life, and achieve success.Both the youth and their instructors, parents, or mentors can use this book to g...

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  • La mare i el pare somien amb una cuca de llum
    Judit Franch / Marina Roig
    Un conte de reproducció assistida. Per explicar als nens nascuts gràcies a la donació de semen, òvuls o l' adopció d'embrions com van ser estimats per la mare i el pare molt abans de néixer i com es converteixin en un nadó. Una cuca de llum molt insistent que vol convertir-se en un nadó es fica dins el somni de la mare i el pare.Podrà aconsegui-ho? ...

    27,44 €

  • Te amo porque
    Maribel Garcia Valls
    Gratitud significa, “sentirse agradecido”. Hay muchas maneras de mostrar su gratitud con palabras amables y acciones. Compartir su gratitud con los demás, les demuestra lo mucho que los aprecias y amas. Hacer un hábito diario el expresar su gratitud los ayudará a sentirse felices.    El lado izquierdo del libro es para papá. El lado derecho del libro es para su hija o hijo. Use...

    13,48 €

  • My Young Adventures
    Jeannelle Effie Brew
    'Meet Mya & Family,' is the first of 'My Young Adventures' twelve book children's book series that introduces you to our protagonist, Mya, and her amazing family. Throughout 'Meet Mya & Family,' Mya guides us through a personal account of what she does and doesn't understand from observing her family members. 'Meet Mya & Family,' introduc...

    13,46 €

  • Becoming a Big Brother
    Himanshu J Suthar
    With a unique approach, Becoming a Big Brother is a learning experience book for children that is geared to help them understand the long process of their mother carrying a baby inside them and the excitement of becoming an older sibling. ...

    15,86 €

  • My Maddy, My Daddy - Spanish Edition
    Rodo Sofranac
    En los episodios de este libro, Maddy y su papá se ayudan a trabajar y jugar, aprender y enseñar, reír y llorar, porque así es la manera en cómo se comparte el amor a cada quien. Los niños son invaluables, y el primer hombre en la vida de cualquier niña puede ser valioso también.(English translation: In this book’s episodes, Maddy and her daddy help each other work and play, le...

    8,82 €

  • ¿Qué hace Super Jonny cuando su mamá se enferma?
    Simone Colwill
    Jonny es un pequeño superhéroe con un GRAN problema. Su mamá está enferma. ¿Cómo puede ayudar? ÚNETE a Jonny y a Oso en la visita que hacen al hospital para investigar.  APRENDE quiénes son las personas que trabajan en el hospital y lo que hacen.¡DESCUBRE el arma secreta de Jonny!Incluye dos páginas con información adicional:Una página con preguntas para educadores vinculadas a...

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  • But Aren’t I Lucky That
    Deanna Beech
    'But Aren’t I Lucky That...' is a fantastically illustrated children’s book that helps kids learn to find and celebrate the positive as they work through everyday challenges. As we follow Tiger through his day we learn how to see the positive in difficult situations (cognitive reframing), that giving an act of kindness helps both the giver and the receiver (acts of kindness), h...

    14,74 €

  • Mum and Dad dream about a Little Lightning Bug
    Judit Franch
    It’s been a long road... but your child is here.You want them to grow up healthy, strong and happy. Without anyone or anything hurting them.  You are alert and on guard so that nothing perturbs that miraculous opening up to life of that wonderful little person.You want to protect them from everything, though you also know that is impossible and it's not good for them either...

    30,05 €

  • Fellowship Farm 4
    Melanie Lotfali
    In books ten to twelve, contained in the fourth volume of stories about Leezah, Skye-Maree and Olingah Fitzgerald of Fellowship Farm they prepare for the annual Naw Ruz Mahta River Boat Race. There are some unexpected hitches.  Skye-Maree and Olingah learn about loyalty and sacrifice as they work out how to respond to the challenges they face.  Soon after Naw Ruz winter sets in...

    10,00 €

  • I’m Proud of My Dad
    Hope Syndreamz
    I’m Proud of My Dad is a wonderful heartfelt story about a little boy, who tries to relate to his dad. He spends much time missing his dad, who always seems to be working; and he wonders what he does at work and why he is not around more.  The big question comes when the little boy invites his father to the school for “show and tell” and the father continues to decline the invi...

    19,52 €

  • I Don’t Know If I Want a Puppy/Yo no sé si quiero un perrito
    Jo Meserve Mach / Vera Lynne Stroup-Rentier
    It seems like all boys want a puppy.  But not Ethan!  He’s happy playing with his cars.  His older brothers have a different idea. They talk Mom and Dad into getting them a puppy.  It’s a good thing that Ethan is around when they discover their idea didn’t work out the way they thought it would.By sharing his story, we celebrate Ethan’s many strengths and abilities. Ethan was b...

    10,09 €

  • Boys Are Sooo Annoying
    Kiera Clarke
    THE BOOK GIRLS WANT EVERY BOY TO READ! An eight-year-old girl’s advice for annoying boys such as: Lose the weirdness. Don’t mess with a girl’s candy. Excuses! Stop making them. ...

    10,87 €

  • Patitas al cuidado
    Regenürate LLC
    ¿Sabías que los gatos son grandes maestros del autocuidado,la higiene y el afecto? Roma, la gata carey de tres colores, será tu compañera en una aventura para descubrir la importancia de amar tu cuerpo, crear hábitos de higiene, fortalecer tu autonomía, cuidar de tu intimidad, y expresar de qué formas te gusta dar y recibir afecto. En esta aventura, jugarás, conocerás historias...

    45,76 €

  • Berrinche - Guia práctica para educar a tu hijo.
    Hilda Mar La Chica
    Esta guía muy fácil de digerir y aplicar, definitivamente ofrecealternativasysolucionesconcretas,quete permiten comprender la causa de los berrinches, aplicar las herramientas y manejaresa conducta del niño o niña, evitando que se prolongue en el tiempo. Estas emociones de rabia, llanto, deben ser manejadas a tiempo, ya que podrían desencadenar en la autoagresión del propio niñ...

    10,40 €

  • Autismo y asperger para padres y educadores
    María Susana Mosquera
    En estas páginas, mis colaboradores y yo intentamos volcar la fascinación que implica asomarse día a día al mundo de las personas con condiciones del espectro autista, a través del contacto permanente con ellas y de las lecturas sobre el tema.No todo lo que se cree saber hoy será la verdad de mañana. La ciencia intenta dar respuestas, una y millones de veces, a los mismos inter...

    17,88 €

  • Quererme es Poder
    Adriana Peña Espinoza
    La autoestima es la base sobre la cual construimos el proyecto más importante de nuestra vida. ¡LA PERSONA QUE SEREMOS!Del autoconocimiento depende absolutamente nuestro bienestar, nuestra adaptación a los cambios y nuestra forma de relacionarnos, por eso el concepto que formamos de nosotros mismos durante la infancia es determinante, porque nos acompaña durante toda la vida.A ...

    13,52 €

  • Dos Papás Bajo el Árbol de Navidad
    Tobias Mile
    Dos Papás bajo el Árbol de Navidad no es solo un libro para niños. Es un libro para todos que habla de Adopción y Amor. Esta primera historia de la serie es el diario del primer año de vida de Jayden con sus dos papás. Página tras página este niño simpático y perspicaz intentará contar qué es la adopción y cómo, gracias a esta forma de puro Amor, la existencia de un niño puede ...

    20,46 €

  • The Corona Chronicles
    Lisa Burns
    In this poetic children’s book, author Lisa Burns walks us through the events of the Covid-19 pandemic in a lighthearted manner. She touches on the silliness of the toilet paper shortage, the 'superpowers' of essential workers, & the lifestyle changes that many of us experienced. 'The Corona Chronicles' reminds us that we can find joy & hope in the midst of uncertain times.So i...

    31,50 €

  • I Loved You Before I Met You
    Chandra A Clements
    When my friends tell me their mums have funny tummies,and that they worry about a new baby coming soon,I tell them just how much I love my little sister ...more than rainbows, fairies, sunshine, and the moon.A new baby entering a family can create all sorts of emotions for little people. Sharing toys and parents, and the concept of the unknown can raise lots of questions for th...

    9,19 €

  • My Time With Papa
    Shauntae Spaulding
    This is a loving story about a little girl who lost her Papa and finds a way to remember all the wonderful memories she had of him that she will cherish forever. Walk down memory lane and recapture the memories of lost loved ones from the imagination of a young girl. ...

    18,60 €

  • My Time With Papa
    Shauntae Spaulding
    This is a loving story about a little girl who lost her Papa and finds a way to remember all the wonderful memories she had of him that she will cherish forever. Walk down memory lane and recapture the memories of lost loved ones from the imagination of a young girl. ...

    19,74 €

  • The Star That Was You
    Cheramy Hassen
    This book introduces young children to the concept of adoption. It explores the idea of how they, and others like them, found just the right family. As an adoption social worker, Cheramy Hassen has had a part in bringing all kinds of families together for over 35 years. She herself is an adoptive mother who knows first hand the miracle of adoption. A mother of four and grandmot...

    15,00 €

  • Big Emotions, Stepping Stones
    Pam Bowers / Kim Bowers
    Big Emotions, Stepping Stones seeks to give both parents and kids the tools needed to successfully point the way through uncharted emotional territory. No matter the time or place, navigating emotions in early childhood can feel like an insurmountable obstacle. For kids, emotions bring powerful storms without knowledge of which way is up. For parents, watching your child wrest...

    18,34 €