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  • Miracle
    Jason Pinter
    An inspiring, funny, and heartwarming story for everyone who has dreamed of having their own Miracle. When rabbits Merle and Pearl meet on one beautiful day, they know that they have found true joy. Yet while they couldn’t be happier with each other, there’s one teeny, tiny thing missing...a child of their own  Merle and Pearl dream of expanding their nest by bringing a baby bu...

    19,25 €

  • BLU
    Cindy Mackey
    Old Blu was once the brightest fish in the sea. But as time passed, his color began to fade away.  Everyone tries to  help Blu be his old self again: the cleaner fishes clean him, the nurse fishes nurse him and the eels bring him nutritious food to eat.  But nothing seems to work until a fish named “Puffer” tries a new approach.“Blu” is a commentary on the importance of happine...

    7,96 €

  • Mommy's Having a Baby
    Braylen Jefferson / Kiffany Taylor
    Braylen is very excited to become a big brother! Sit back and enjoy the documented journey, Braylen and his mom take us on throughout the anticipated arrival of his baby brother in, Mommy’s Having a Baby! 3 ...

    10,33 €

  • Keep Your Daughter Safe
    Richard Hart
    EXTREEEEMLY comprehensive, yet easy to read book on women's safety. 3rd Printing updated with new information and tips..Keep Your Daughter Safe is an award winning book that was written for girls between the ages of 12 and 22 - - the age group most dramatically impacted by rape and sexual assault. Very easy to slip into a backpack or purse and the girls ACTUALLY READ THE BO...

    11,99 €

  • Help, I’m Being Bullied!
    Stephanie S Johnson
    Jeremy Jackson had a problem, a problem so severe that he didn’t quite know what to do about it. A boy in his school was picking on him every day, making fun of him, taking his things and otherwise making his life miserable. Jeremy had not complained to anyone about this—not to his parents and not to his teacher—because he didn’t want them to think he was a scaredy cat. But the...

    24,69 €

  • Things That Happen By Chance - Spanish
    Gail Daldy
    Things That Happen By ChanceTo say that "a picture is worth 1000 words" may often seem so cliche` but at the same time it is appropriate in pointing out Things That Happen By Chance. This delightful children's book examines the world of one real little boy, coincidentally named Chance, learning some simple life lessons. In a growing visual interactive experience Things That...

    19,62 €

  • Mi Árbol Doblado
    Kathy Brodsky
    Hardcover, in rhyme with hand-painted illustrations, this is a delightful story about diversity, friendship, social action and conservation.  A little girl discovers a tree that is less than perfect and a special friendship evolves.  Life-skill discussion questions pertaining to disabilities, social action and conservation are included.  Teachers as well as parents, grandparent...

    19,49 €

  • Fuzzy Eyes
    Ryan Grafenreed
    Come along as a young boy goes through his everyday activities experiencing blurry vision. He shares with his mother that he is having difficulty seeing clearly and she takes him for an eye exam. After some tests, he learns that glasses could correct his vision. ...

    9,44 €

  • Something to Say about Stuttering
    Eden Molineux
    Alex loves dirt biking, soccer, and helping his mom with his little sister. He also happens to stutter. Alex shares what it is like for him when he stutters, as well as ways to help make communication a little easier.The Something to Say Collection promotes self-advocacy, understanding of speech and language differences, and conversation about embracing diversity. Written by a ...

    10,37 €

  • It'll Be Ok, Lucy
    Starla Criser
    Lucy is a hedgehog who loves her small family and her home on the beach. She has never thought she needed more or anything different. Suddenly everything is changing and she is worried. They are moving far away to a new place. Her family is growing with two people she has never met, and with another family pet: Sophia, a guinea pig. Will everything be okay? Will these new peopl...

    9,64 €

  • The Sergeant Family
    Alma C Ramnanan
    Five-year-old Little Sergeant experiences a lot of happy and sad moments when Mommy and Daddy Sergeant must leave to conquer the Dragon King. You will be with Little Sergeant throughout her adventures and know that you are not alone either when your mommy and daddy have to go. We must read, believe and be prepared for the greatest adventure of them all. ...

    13,92 €

  • What Can You Do?
    Kimberley Parkinson
    Have you ever wanted to change the world, but didn't know where to begin? Have you ever felt too insignificant to make a difference? Meet Ally, a girl who feels the same way. Join her on a journey of self-discovery and witness the small changes that she makes within her own life that ultimately changes the world around her! ...

    26,51 €

  • The Shy Monster
    Shamirrah Hill
    The Shy Monster is a story about a little girl who struggles to overcome her shyness. Her shyness is depicted as a mean monster who bullies her, making her scared to speak up and go after her dreams. Thankfully, her mom puts her in an acting class, which helps her to become much more confident and brave. With her newfound courage, she is able to defeat the 'shy monster' and ach...

    14,04 €

  • Fading Colors ABC's
    Joey Redler / Megan Real
    Join, Kono, a wolf pup, on his journey through an alphabet of endangered species. This full-color children’s non-fiction ABC book includes vivid hand-drawn images of each animal as well as interesting facts about the animals’ habitat and activities. Additional text gives readers a glimpse of the animals’ endangered status, conservation tips and a glossary of related terms. It w...

    16,00 €

  • The Day My Fart Followed Me To The Dentist
    Ben Jackson / Sam Lawrence
    Timmy and his best friend the Little Fart are back again in The Day My Fart Followed Me To The Dentist! In this beautifully illustrated children’s book you’ll experience Timmy’s first visit to the dentist, losing a tooth, and a visit from the Tooth Fairy.No child loves the thought of a visit to the dentist. In The Day My Fart Followed Me To The Dentist, Timmy takes a trip to th...

    21,53 €

  • 考慮對方的感受
    Washington Yu Ying PCS
    A short story about social emotional behavior and multicultural learning, specifically on “how to be considerate”, written in Traditional Chinese targeted at second language learners.Reach | Connect | Grow provides leveled books that are accessible and relevant to American audience learning Chinese as a second language. These books are part of Level Chinese reading curriculum f...

    16,47 €

  • Looking For Our Families/Kuangalia Familia Zetu
    Mary Birdsell / Vera Lynne Stroup-Rentier
    This beautifully photographed concept book teaches matching skills and highlights different activities animal families like to do together.All animals have families.  Monkey, hippo, elephant, buffalo, and zebra families look very different. Do you think you can find their families? You can learn to name them in English and Swahili, too. Grade Interest: Pre-K-2GRL:C ...

    16,57 €

  • Colors On Our Papers/Rangi Za Makaratasi Yetu
    Mary Birdsell / Vera Lynne Stroup-Rentier
    This beautifully photographed concept book teaches colors and Swahili by sharing the coloring pages of young children in Tanzania.Are colors the same all around the world? See what colors kindergarteners in Tanzania are choosing as they color their school papers. It’s fun to learn the name in English and Swahili.Grade Interest: Pre-K-1GRL:B ...

    16,56 €

  • Just Like Me
    J. Tillman
    Playing princesses with her twin daughters one day, Author J. Tillman noticed that her daughters chose dolls and images that did not reflect their features. Ms. Tillman felt that she needed to create a source of empowerment and acceptance for her children and other children of color because society and the media has established a standard of beauty that is not consistent with t...

    9,63 €

  • MyaGrace Wants to Get Ready/MyaGrace quiere alistarse
    Jo Meserve Mach / Vera Lynne Stroup-Rentier
    'This is an awesome and colorful book showing how children with disabilities can do things just like their peers. The book encourages making decisions and choices in real world situations. The photographs were awesome as well.' - VS, Verified Purchaser In MyaGrace Wants to Get Ready, a young girl with disabilities delights us with her enthusiasm as she gets ready to attend her ...

    10,87 €

  • The Lesson
    K. Lee / Klee
    This book is a valuable resource for today’s youth, providing guidance on self-discovery, career exploration, financial empowerment, and life application. The Lesson series is a collection of books aimed at pre-teens and teenagers to help them overcome challenges, navigate life, and achieve success.Both the youth and their instructors, parents, or mentors can use this book to g...

    32,14 €

  • Ik hou ervan om in mijn eigen bed te slapen
    KidKiddos Books / S.APublishing / Shelley Admont
    I Love to Sleep in My Own Bed -Dutch EditionThis fun children's picture book follows the story of cute little bunny, Jimmy. Jimmy doesn’t want to sleep in his own bed. Every night he sneaks into his parents’ room and falls asleep in their bed. Until one night something unexpected happened….Dit leuke prentenboek volgt het verhaal van het schattige kleine konijntje, Jimmy. Ji...

    35,70 €

  • I Love to Keep My Room Clean Me gusta tener mi habitación limpia
    KidKiddos Books / S.APublishing / Shelley Admont
    English Spanish Bilingual children's book. Perfect for kids studying English or Spanish as their second language. This children’s book will motivate the kids to take responsibility and keep their room organized. Follow along as little bunny Jimmy and his brothers learn their lesson in this picture book. They learn to work together, clean up their room, and organize their to...

    35,61 €

  • Thank You, Bugs!
    Dawn V Pape
    Even though some bugs are hairy and scary, this book teaches us that insects are important pollinators and help make the food we eat. Not only is Thank You, Bugs! fun to read, it is full of beautiful photographs featuring adorable children with expressive faces. This book is also great for teaching about feelings and facial expressions. It's sure be a favorite in any family...

    10,96 €

  • Anthony Ayuda la Tierra
    Sallie Daniels
    Un sábado, Anthony y su madre van de compras.  Anthony ayuda a su madre con las compras. Cuando Anthony y a su madre a casa de la tienda de comestibles, él mira para arriba en el cielo y observa las aves. Al llegar a casa de compras, corre a la ventana y mira para las aves en su patio trasero. Él no ve cualquier aves.  Su vecino le dice que los pájaros necesitan árboles.  Antho...

    8,02 €

  • Vinny the Fox has PTSD
    Jessie Shepherd
    Often when people are given a mental health disorder diagnosis the weaknesses are clear and overwhelmingly emphasized, while the strengths are ignored or forgotten. The mental health children's book series 'What Mental Disorder?' challenges the stigma against therapy and diagnosis. It enlists the reader to view the character as a whole being and not as a mental issu...

    21,98 €

  • La mare i el pare somien amb una cuca de llum
    Judit Franch / Marina Roig
    Un conte de reproducció assistida. Per explicar als nens nascuts gràcies a la donació de semen, òvuls o l' adopció d'embrions com van ser estimats per la mare i el pare molt abans de néixer i com es converteixin en un nadó. Una cuca de llum molt insistent que vol convertir-se en un nadó es fica dins el somni de la mare i el pare.Podrà aconsegui-ho? ...

    27,44 €

  • Edith And Little Bear Lend A Hand
    Dare Wright
    Mr. Bear thinks that he needs to take Edith ("The Lonely Doll") and Little Bear away from their beloved New York City to escape the dirty air and streets. But Edith and Little Bear don’t want to move to the country, so they take up the cause of cleaning up the city. They carry signs protesting the city's dirty condition as they march in front of City Hall. Later, they find ...

    24,37 €

  • La Valiente Nellie
    Sharalyn Morrison-Andrews
    Esta es la historia de una valiente perrita que pasó de vivir en las playas de la República Domicana a un hogar definitivo en Estados Unidos y de las valiosas lecciones que aprendió en el proceso. Parte de las ganancias de este libro se destinará a ayudar a los perros callejeros de la costa norte de la República Dominicana. 3 ...

    17,24 €

  • Playing with Anxiety
    Lynn Lyons / Reid Wilson
    Casey, the fourteen year old narrator, knows just what it's like to be miserable. It started slowly: backing away from birthday parties, avoiding the Fourth of July fireworks, leaving before the end of movies. By second grade, stomach aches and tantrums before school seemed as common as strawberry jelly on toast. Then, just before her fourth grade chorus concert-as her mom was ...

    10,99 €