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  • Dream Road Bike Tour of the Alps
    Jerry Nilson
    Inspiration to plan and execute your own bike tour through the beautiful mountains of the Alps.This book offers information on what you need to know to make the most out of a longer tour through the mountains. How to plan the tour, what to think about when on the road and tips on equipment.Most importantly the book contains a full “dream tour” plan with all the details and thin...

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  • Cicloturismo
    Eliana Britto Garcia E Rodrigo Telles
    Se no significado do dicionário, Ciclismo é a arte de andar de bicicleta, nesta obra o Cicloturismo é tratado como arte, filosofia e técnica. Arte porque se trata de uma atividade feita com paixão, com dedicação integral, com sensibilidade. Filosofia porque o modo de se praticar é determinante, tanto para quem pratica, quanto para o ambiente, as pessoas e os locais de destino d...

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  • Bicicleta Entre Pedras
    Clênio F. Salviano
    passeio em Pedra Azulestradas, pedras, fazendas caminhos da infânciaUm passeio de bicicleta por estradas de terra da cidade onde passei a infância e a adolescência. Um desejo realizado entre pedras. Poucos quilômetros e muitas emoções, fotografias e filmagens. Como descrever? Na primeira tentativa fiz um texto de apenas três páginas. Enquanto isso, ao olhar as fotografias e fil...

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  • Antologia Do Futebol E Outros Esportes
    Joaquim B. De Souza
    Neste livro, o autor reuniu dos de seus livros sobre futebol:A História do Futebol Amador e Outros EsporteseCopa do Mundo do Outro Lado da Telinha , numa edição especial.Primeiramente, reverencio o maior ídolo do futebol mundial. Eu não poderia escrever sobre futebol sem antes destacar o atleta mais notável da história desse esporte. Jamais poderia esquecer-se daquele que criou...

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  • Ultraman
    Marcos Dantas E Iúri Totti
    Lenda do triathlon no Brasil, esporte que cresceu com ele no país, Alexandre Ribeiro teve sua carreira esportiva marcada pelo Ironman e o Ultraman. Triatleta dos mais respeitados, ele é admirado como um dos homens mais resistentes do planeta. Mas não é só por isso. Atleta ético e generoso nas competições, fora do mar, da bike e da pista de corrida, é um pai amoroso e dedicado a...

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  • Loyal Lieutenant, The
    George Hincapie

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  • Pedaleando hacia el éxito
    Igor González de Galdeano
    En estas apasionantes páginas, el lector descubrirá la trayectoria y extraordinaria evolución de uno de los grandes deportistas de nuestro país, que le llevó a alcanzar su sueño.González de Galdeano, maillot amarillo del Tour de Francia y ganador de dos etapas de la Vuelta a España, en estas páginas nos explica paso a paso el camino hacia el éxito, pero no solamente el éxito de...

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  • Cycling Log Book For Women
    Patricia Larson
     How to use this Cycling Log Book:8 X 10 Inches110 PagesThis useful cycling log book is a must-have for anyone that needs to record their bike riding adventures! You will love this easy to use journal to track and record all your cycling activities.Each interior page includes space to record & track the following: Date - Write down the date the start date of the cycling practic...

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  • Best Mountain Bike Trails in Ontario
    Dan Roitner
    Start planning your next great MTB adventure today!Finally, a mountain bike trail guide to help you locate Ontario’s elusive sweet singletrack. This quick, informative read will get you out riding new trail by next weekend.  Features:Top 55 MTB locations in Ontario145 pages, large format, full colourAdvice for everyone from beginners to expert ridersDetailed reviews, topo trail...

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  • Endless Perfect Circles
    Ian Walker
    A professional psychologist spent his entire life believing he had no ability or interest in sport. Then, in his forties, he became a champion ultradistance athlete before breaking the world record for the fastest bicycle crossing of Europe.This journey - made entirely alone and without any support crew - went from the northernmost point in the Arctic down to the very southernm...

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  • Cycling End to End, the Wrong Way
    Matthew Arnold
    8 days of torrential rain, battling the prevailing winds, wild camping, solo, self-supported, cycling 80 miles with one leg - all made for one of the hardest challenges I’ve attempted; a true test of mental and physical strength.Land’s End to John O’Groats is a, renowned and iconic, long-distance cycle ride which traverses the length of mainland Britain. The route traditionally...

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    Gareth Cartman
    If you won the Tour de France, how would you feel if people said you didn't deserve it? WALKO is the story of how Roger Walkowiak raced 5000km, beat over 100 riders and apparently didn't deserve his victory. Spoiler: he did.The 1956 Tour de France was the first post-war Tour not to feature a previous winner. Louison Bobet was injured, so the French team was riding witho...

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  • Ride and shine
    Izabela Ruprik
    Ride and Shine is a must read handbook for any budding Indoor Cycling Instructor.Izabela Ruprik grew up in Poland and enjoyed cycling like most young people. When she moved to the United Kingdom in 2000 she discovered and became obsessed with Salsa dancing. Some years later Izabela qualified as a Level Three Personal Trainer and started attending Indoor Cycling classes led by a...

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  • How To Mountain Bike
    If you want to learn the basics about mountain biking by an everyday expert, then get this step-by-step guide.In this no-fluff, short, and straight-to-the-point step-by-step guide, you will discover the tips and tricks on how to mountain bike the right way.- How to mountain bike the right way.- Mountain biking jumping secrets revealed.- Bunny hop mountain bike tricks.- Wheelie ...

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  • Great Glen Way
    Jacquetta Megarry / Sandra Bardwell
    This guidebook (fully updated in 2020) contains all you need to plan and enjoy a holiday walking or cycling along Scotland's historic Great Glen (77 miles/124 km). The Way runs between Fort William and Inverness, passing beside Scotland's highest mountain, along its historic Caledonian Canal and alongside beautiful lochs, including Loch Ness with its famous monster lege...

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  • Uphill, Against the Wind
    Douglas Reid
    We were seeing France as few tourists see it, from the back roads and in the small villages which only French tourists see, if tourists see it at all.  No trains stop in these villages, but we’d see occasional bus stops. We rode through villages in which no tourist car ever stops, only weary bicyclists. We were living for a few hours or a few days in villages with no Eiffel Tow...

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  • The Guide to Truly Effective Cycling
    Pav Bryan
    “[Pav] captures the essence of training from the rudimentary to advanced. I recommend this book for cyclists seeking more insight into this great sport.” — Kevin Livingston, Former Tour de France Cyclist and CoachBike cycling has become a truly revolutionary exercise. Not only does it increase cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, and flexibility, but it prevents and manages...

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  • John Muir Way
    Jacquetta Megarry / Sandra Bardwell
    The John Muir Way is one of Scotland’s Great Trails. It runs for 134 miles (215 km) coast-to-coast across central Scotland, from Helensburgh on the Clyde to Dunbar on the North Sea. The route is as suitable for cyclists as for walkers, and it can be completed as a coast-to-coast expedition or tackled in sections – typically ten for walkers or five for cyclists. Our  2020 lightw...

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  • Bicycle 2020 Calendar
    Wall Publishing
    Full-color photographs and backgrounds throughout Monthly grid calendars indicate US national holidays Ample space for writing down appointments and special occasions 11 x 17 in. when open ...

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  • Feet and Wheels to Chimborazo
    Mark Horrell
    His cheeks are as tender as raw meat on a butcher’s block. And those are just the cheeks of his face. As he slumps in the saddle, watching the road disappear into the distance, he aches in parts of his body that he’s only just discovering he has…When Mark travels to Ecuador to go hiking and climbing, he discovers a land of dramatic volcanoes rising through the clouds and wide-o...

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  • Bicycle 2020 Mini Wall Calendar
    Wall Publishing
    Full-color photographs and backgrounds throughout Monthly grid calendars indicate US national holidays Ample space for writing down appointments and special occasions 8.5 in. square when closed ...

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  • Solo de movimiento fue su alma
    Gabriel Zapata Bello
    En el sureste mexicano, con más precisión, en Yucatán, la bicicleta ha sido y es un elemento esencial en su evolución socio urbana, ya que a partir de su arribo a finales del siglo XIX y durante muchas décadas siglo del XX, fue un objeto de movilidad básico en una sociedad que se transformó, de una eminentemente rural a una preponderantemente urbana.Esta es una crónica de la bi...

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  • The Story of the Tour de France, Volume 1
    Bill McGann / Carol McGann
    At the dawn of the 20th century, French newspapers used bicycle races as promotions to build readership. Until 1903 these were one-day events. Looking to deliver a coup de grâce in a vicious circulation war, Henri Desgrange—editor of the Parisian sports magazine L’Auto—took the suggestion of one of his writers to organize a race that would last several days longer than anything...

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  • Let’s Mountain Bike!
    Paul Molenberg
    Everything you need to be your best on the trails. This book contains extensive advice and tips that cover all aspects of mountain biking.The information is presented with clear and understandable language and visuals, making it easy to digest and apply. Riders of all ages, from the complete beginner to the more advanced will benefit from the information revealed in Let’s Mount...

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  • The Story of the Tour de France, Volume 2
    Bill McGann / Carol McGann
    Volume 1 of The Story of the Tour de France concluded with Bernard Thévenet’s dramatic victory over Eddy Merckx in the 1975 Tour. Volume two opens with super-climber Lucien van Impe’s taking advantage of a course made for the riders with wings. His win was followed by the dominating presence of Bernard Hinault, who became the third rider to win the Tour five times.Unable to ful...

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  • Uphill
    Geoffrey Bott
    Uphill is a compelling addition to anyone’s book collection. It is an inconceivable story based on real-life experiences. No one’s imagination can make this up. Geoffrey has intelligently crafted a story that draws the reader into his life and the horrifying events that unfold. It is a remarkable study of human love, betrayal, suffering, courage, hope and strength.Geoffrey pick...

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  • Uphill
    Geoffrey Bott
    Uphill is a compelling addition to anyone’s book collection. It is an inconceivable story based on real-life experiences. No one’s imagination can make this up. Geoffrey has intelligently crafted a story that draws the reader into his life and the horrifying events that unfold. It is a remarkable study of human love, betrayal, suffering, courage, hope and strength.Geoffrey pick...

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    Kevin Andrew
    Great Rivalries is the story of Gino Bartali, Fausto Coppi and the champion Italian cyclists who preceded them. It is about the place of cycling in a nation emerging from division, its agrarian past, widespread impoverishment, and competing visions about creating a modern state. It is interwoven with the story of Italy itself, which began a century earlier – and continues to pl...

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  • We Rode All Day
    Cartman Gareth
    “Don’t look up Firmin, just ride. Fight the pain, but don’t look up.”Under grey skies and through the ruins of war, two veterans battled for the Tour’s first yellow jersey. Firmin Lambot and Eugene Christophe had raced each other into the ground; the race had come down to what some riders were calling the hunger stage – 420km from Metz to Dunkirk.We Rode All Day is the story of...

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  • Summer of ’76
    Kirk Kneeland
    It was the summer of 1976. As a young teacher I had requested a year’s personal leave from my assignment, crated up my ten-speed, and flew from Eugene, Oregon, to the east coast. The challenge I had issued myself was to spend the summer bicycling the back roads of the U.S. in hopes of resolving two nagging questions: Could I actually make it from the Atlantic Ocean in Virginia ...

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