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  • Mapping the American West 1540-1857
    Carl I. Wheat / Carl IWheat
    2018 Reprint of 1954 Edition. Full facsimile of the original edition, not reproduced with Optical Recognition software.  Wheat’s preliminary study precedes his monumental Mapping the Transmississippi West and serves as an introduction to the cartography of the American West.  In is and short, accessible and affordable introduction to the later work.  Originally published in the...

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  • Mapping the Transmississippi West 1540-1861
    Carl I. Wheat / Carl IWheat
    2017 Reprint of Volumes Four, Volume Five [Part One], and Volume Five [Part Two] of the original edition in One Volume.  Volumes One through Three are published separately, also in one volume, under ISBN 978-1684221417.  Originally Published in Six Volumes from 1957 to 1963.  PUBLISHER DISCLAIMER:  This Single Volume contains all the printed material and single page illustratio...

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  • Mapping and the Citizen Sensor
    Maps are a fundamental resource in a diverse array of applications ranging from everyday activities, such as route planning through the legal demarcation of space to scientific studies, such as those seeking to understand biodiversity and inform the design of nature reserves for species conservation. For a map to have value, it should provide an accurate and timely representati...

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  • Mapping the Transmississippi West 1540-1861
    Carl I. Wheat / Carl IWheat
    2017 Reprint of Volumes One through Three bound into One volume. Volume Four, Volume Five [Part One], and Volume Five [Part Two] are published separately in one volume under ISBN  978-1684221530 and available from Martino Fine Books.  Originally Published in Six Volumes from 1957 to 1963.  PUBLISHER DISCLAIMER:  This Edition contains all the printed material and single page ill...

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  • Cartography
    Tucker Nichollas
    Cartography concerns itself with the study and application of making maps. It is an important practice in the fields of transportation and circumnavigation, military and research-related purposes. The book aims to shed light on some of the fundamentals concepts of cartography. It is specifically designed for the students to learn details about this field. This book is a valuabl...

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  • Placing Names

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  • European Handbook of Crowdsourced Geographic Information
    This book focuses on the study of the remarkable new source of geographic information that has become available in the form of usergenerated content accessible over the Internet through mobile and Web applications. The exploitation, integration and application of these sources, termed volunteered geographic information (VGI) or crowdsourced geographic information (CGI), offer s...

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  • Handbook of Cartography
    Marina De Lima
    The space where natural systems and social systems interact is called terrestrial space. Cartography is a means to understand these intricate systems, their interaction and evolution. Hence, cartography has acquired a significant place in the modern scenario. This book provides an overview of the activities which state the significance of cartography in the perception and organ...

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  • Mapping Yellowstone
    Bruce H. Blevins / Bruce HBlevins
    Blevin’s work is the first devoted entirely to the mapping of Yellowstone National Park. 'Mapping Yellowstone' covers the period from the discovery of America through to the 1920s with maps covering the period from 1796 to 1986. Emphasis is on initial exploration of the park, and continuing through to the period of extensive U.S. government cartography from 1814 to 1883. Aspe...

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  • Map Projections
    John P. Snyder / John PSnyder
    After decades of using only one map projection, the Polyconic, for its mapping program, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) now uses several of the more common projections for its published maps. For larger scale maps, including topographic quadrangles and the State Base Map Series, conformal projections such as the Transverse Mercator and the Lambert Conformal Conic are used. Eq...

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  • Map Reading and Navigation
    U.S. Army Department
    The purpose of this field manual is to provide a standardized source document for Armywide reference on map reading and land navigation. This manual applies to every soldier in the Army regardless of service branch, MOS, or rank. This manual also contains both doctrine and training guidance on these subjects. Part One addresses map reading and Part Two, land navigation. The app...

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  • Topographic Mapping
    John N. Hatzopoulos / John NHatzopoulos
    This book is addressed to students and professionals and it is aimed to cover as much as possible the wider region of topographic mapping as it has been evolved into a modern field called geospatial information science and technology. More emphasis is given to the use of scientific methods and tools that are materialised in algorithms and software and produce practical results....

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  • Curso de Topología General
    Francisco Díaz Díaz / Jose Manuel García Calcines
    Este libro recoge los principios básicos de la Topología General, y está enfocado como guía introductoria para un primer curso de esta materia. En aras de obtener una mayor claridad, no se ha realizado un estudio exhaustivo de todas las propiedades topológicas, se pretende conseguir un primer contacto al tema. 10 ...

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  • Maps And History In South-West England
    This volume of essays considers the practical and political purposes for which maps were used, the symbolic and ideological roles of maps in the history of South-Western England and the ways in which map evidence can be used to recover facts about the past for use in the writing of history. It is accompanied by 43 pages of maps and illustrations. ...

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