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  • Next Generation Search Engines
    Recent technological progress in computer science, Web technologies, and the constantly evolving information available on the Internet has drastically changed the landscape of search and access to information. Current search engines employ advanced techniques involving machine learning, social networks, and semantic analysis. Next Generation Search Engines: Advanced Models for ...

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  • Efficient Query Processing for Scalable Web Search
    Craig Macdonald / Iadh Ounis / Nicola Tonellotto
    Every day, millions of users rely on search engines to satisfy the information needs required for performing many routine tasks. The effectiveness and efficiency of a search engine are two prime goals that form a natural trade-off. Meanwhile, search engines continue to rapidly evolve, with larger indexes, more complex retrieval strategies and growing query volumes. Hence, there...

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  • En las redes o enredados
    Ester Torres Chiscano
    En las redes o enredados es algo más que una sería de capítulos sueltos. Como milenial he de reconocer que vivimos inmersos en las redes sociales, rodeados de nuevas tecnologías que nos hacen la vida más fácil y nos permiten saber y conocer cualquier parte del mundo.Sin embargo, las prisas por vivir nos hacer olvidar que lo importante no está en el mundo que vemos detrás de las...

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  • Hands-On Artificial Intelligence for Search
    Devangini Patel

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  • Python Web Scraping Cookbook
    Michael Heydt
    Untangle your web scraping complexities and access web data with ease using Python scriptsKey FeaturesHands-on recipes for advancing your web scraping skills to expert levelOne-stop solution guide to address complex and challenging web scraping tasks using PythonUnderstand web page structures and collect data from a website with easeBook DescriptionPython Web Scraping Cookbook ...

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  • Hands-On Chatbots and Conversational UI Development
    Srini Janarthanam
    Build over 8 chatbots and conversational user interfaces with leading tools such as Chatfuel, Dialogflow, Microsoft Bot Framework, Twilio, Alexa Skills, and Google Actions and deploying them on channels like Facebook Messenger, Amazon Alexa and Google Home Key Features:Understand the different use cases of Conversational UIs with this project-based guideBuild feature-rich Chatb...

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  • Website Insight
    Sam Hussain
    Website Insight - A guide to understanding Google Analytics for every small business. For Business Owners who want to take control of their website, make informed decisions and achieve online success. Data is everywhere in today’s world & identifying what is important to your business can be overwhelming. Many people solely rely on their website builders to monitor website ac...

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  • The Simple Manifesto
    Wes Towers
    What if the business guru’s were wrong?You get told you need complex marketing systems, elaborate sales pitches, social media “relationships.” That you must have employee manuals, hiring procedures, and organisational flow charts. But what if everything you have heard about small business was wrong?These conventional, complicated strategies might work for some. But you feel tha...

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  • SEO Help
    David Amerland
    Search has changed. Search marketing now works differently.Semantic search is disrupting many of the practices associated with traditional search engine optimization techniques. David Amerland takes the complex subject of semantic search optimization and reduces it into twenty manageable steps anyone can apply. Using some of the most advanced semantic SEO techniques, in plain E...

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  • Administrating Solr
    Surendra Mohan

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  • Seo Help
    David Amerland
    A completely revised and updated edition of the Amazon SEO best-seller on practical SEO practices and techniques that help you rank your website on Google’s first search engine results page (SERPs).Completely new chapters that now include how to deal with Google’s search query intent approach to delivering search results. It covers semantic search SEO practices and how to best ...

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  • Semantic Web
    Semantic web continues to be an increasingly important system for allowing end-users to share and communicate information online. Semantic Web: Ontology and Knowledge Base Enabled Tools, Services and Application focuses on the information systems discipline and the tools and techniques utilized for the emerging use of semantic web. Covering topics on semantic search, ontologies...

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  • Cases on Open-Linked Data and Semantic Web Applications
    Ordonez De Pablos
    With the purpose of building upon standard web technologies, open linked data serves as a useful way to connect previously unrelated data and to publish structured data on the web. The application of these elements leads to the creation of data commons called semantic web. Cases on Open-Linked Data and Semantic Web Applications brings together new theories, research findings an...

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  • Advancing Information Management through Semantic Web Concepts and Ontologies
    Ordonez De Pablos
    Although the majority of information that is published by the current web is aimed at human consumption, the browsers which contain this information are only able to interpret HTML mark-up to visualize this content. Semantic web intends to address the stability between human and machine. Advancing Information Management through Semantic Web Concepts and Ontologies provides an a...

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