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  • Indian Art & Culture
    Della Kew / P.E. Goddard
    Art and Culture of the Northwest Coast Indians. The Northwest Coast is the land whose aboriginal inhabitants are distinguished by their large rectangular wooden houses, totems and dug-out canoes, and their dependence upon the products of the sea for their food. They placed great value upon the purity of family descent and the virtue of benevolence in the disposition of property...

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  • Close-Up Micro Photos and Effects - Mark Xiornik Rozen Pettinelli
    Mark Rozen Pettinelli
    These are close up micro photos - that is, photos that are taken at close range. Close to the actual object that is being photographed. There are also modifications of those photos done with various effects. ...

    10,87 €

  • Ochumaré Takes On the Black Snake
    Dr. Kat Williams
    Part current events and part myth, this storybook was inspired by the 2016 protest of the Dakota Access Pipeline at the Standing Rock Reservation. It imagines the unseen forces at play in that historic gathering; portraying the mythical beings that come to the aid of the Water Protectors in their fight against the Black Snake. Ochumaré the Rainbow Serpent, the two-spirit orisha...

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  • Book of Jupiter
    Leo Valenzuela
    Book of Jupiter: Gone to Uranus is a work of imagination and fantasy by Leo Valenzuela. Explore a variety of unique creatures with interesting dialogue which included a few step tutorials on how to draw his style of work. 3 ...

    24,25 €

  • Glimpses of God’s Handiwork
    Ralph Weatherstone
    I, Ralph Weatherstone, am only the photographer. God is  the Master artist.     God has given me opportunities, being at the right place at the righttime, to experience His masterpieceof creation through my lens. Throughout this book are but a few moments of time captured.     My desire is that you, too, will feel the magnitude of His design and enjoy the beauty of the worldGod...

    58,22 €

  • For the Love of Dahlias
    Linda C Kister
    Relax, revel, and color yourself a garden of dahlias. This beautiful adult coloring book with 20 original drawings gives the gift of creative stress relief. Meditate as you transform these flowers with vibrant color. Unravel the stresses of your day with artistic expression. 3 ...

    9,93 €

  • For the Love of Dahlias
    Linda C Kister
    Return again to your garden of dahlias and relax, revel, and color. This beautiful adult coloring book with 20 original drawings gives the gift of creative stress relief. Meditate as you transform these flowers with vibrant color. Unravel the stresses of your day with artistic expression. 3 ...

    9,93 €

    Jan-Willem Dikkers
    Conversations unfold between cover star My Friend Dahmer’s Ross Lynch and Derf Backderf, as well as Brandi Carlile and TORRES’ Mackenzie Scott. Director Jessica M. Thompson discusses her new film The Light of The Moon with lead actor Stephanie Beatriz. Winfried Bullinger details his photobook At The Edges of Power. Collaborators Alex Cameron and Roy Malloy answer questions from...

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  • Bunnies! 2018 Calendar
    Sea Wall
    Beautiful art calendar featuring full-color photos and illustrations throughout Monthly calendars note US national holidays Ample space provided for writing down appointments and special occasions ...

    20,75 €

  • Mindfulness colouring with affirmations for kids and adults
    Kylie Johnson
    Mindfulness colouring with affirmations for kids and adults is a unique resource that can be used by health practitioners, educators, parents and carers to help unwind, distress and be in the moment with children.   Colouring brings about a peaceful state of mind which is a proven way to to decrease stress and anxiety whilst improving memory, focus and general well being.  The ...

    23,63 €

  • Slow Down
    Todd Webb
    Color everything and color nothing on your path to mindfulness with this playful coloring book!Packed with just enough to keep you entertained in the present moment, SLOW DOWN is sure to become your go-to meditation guide as you color your way to a calmer, less stressful life. With simple illustrations and inspirational text it makes a great gift! "Art's purpose is to sober...

    12,17 €

    Laura Garrard
    MINIMAL ART AND ARTISTSIN THE 1960s AND AFTER By Laura Garrard  All of the main practitioners and theoreticians of the still-influential 1960s Minimal art movement and style are studied here: Donald Judd, Robert Morris, Carl Andre, Frank Stella, Robert Ryman, Robert Smithson, Brice Marden, Dan Flavin, Eva Hesse, Sol LeWitt, and many land artists.  Minimal artists studied in thi...

    40,04 €

  • We've Been Trumped!
    Katherine Tomlinson / Pat Anne Sirs / TL Snow
    Twenty-one short stories - sometimes satirical, sometimes, frightening, and mostly humorous, imagining of life under President Donald Trump! Including stories by... JoAnne Lucas, Paul Alan Fahey, Michael Guillebeau, Kaye George, Craig Faustus Buck, John M, Floyd, Diane A. Hadac, and many others! 3 ...

    9,15 €

  • The Art of Math and Science
    Jayanti Tambe
    The Art of Math and Science guides teachers to introduce masterpiece art to young children, so they can tell you about “paints with hidden floats” and ask questions like, “When painting the Sistine Chapel, do you think Michelangelo had many headaches?”This book helps parents and educators look at the subject through the prism of mathematical and scientific experiences. This boo...

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  • Projective Processes and Neuroscience in Art and Design
    Rachel Zuanon
    Recent advances in neuroscience suggest that the human brain is particularly well-suited to design things: concepts, tools, languages and places. Current research even indicates that the human brain may indeed have evolved to be creative, to imagine new ideas, to put them into practice, and to critically analyze their results. Projective Processes and Neuroscience in Art and De...

    242,75 €

  • Art and the Monad
    Keith Lincoln Cook
    Keith Lincoln Cook's essay centres on his diagram of the monad: a circular diagram, showing the relationship between external stimuli, the intellect and the emotions. Although everyone should be able to freely respond to the vast amount of external stimuli collected by the senses, many people will block off their responses, collecting the stimuli in the band of intellect an...

    5,54 €

  • Raising the Eyebrow
    Lauren Golden
    A lavish festschrift to John Onians with contributions by 28 distinguished academics. Any summary as to the direction of these contributions is, perhaps, best left to Martin Kemp and his affectionate preface, “Above all, he (John Onians) reminds us of the researchers’, writers’ and teachers’ true mission, that is the need to be radical in both asking and answering questions, an...

    182,20 €

  • Summer 2017
    Friend of The Artist
    Summer 2017 by Friend of the Artist is part of a quarterly print publication and online art space that showcases the work of artists from around the world. Artists represented in each publication are selected by a juror and must show immense facility and intellectual understanding of art history and the medium they use. FOA recognizes that existing as an artist outside an acade...

    17,65 €

  • Masters of Painting Art Book - volume I by Pedro Boaventura - Art Galaxie
    Art Galaxie / Pedro Boaventura /
    An extraordinary book for artists, galleries and art lovers 46 exceptional artists with over 300 amazing artworks An elegant hardcover book containing 198 pages that are guaranteed to inspire you! Creative writing that will help to better perceive the whole process of painting A powerful tool that will help you develop several techniques of observation An essential compe...

    58,08 €

  • Difficult Chickens
    Sarah Rosedahl
    Inspired by Sarah's book 'Chickens! Illustrated Chicken Breeds A to Z', Difficult Chickens adult coloring book features whimsical representations of 26 chicken breeds A to Z and a couple of difficult chicks. Images include Zentangle-inspired designs and decorative chickens for adult coloring enthusiasts. Coloring pages are printed on one side to prevent bleed-through. ...

    6,08 €

  • The Creative Landscape of Aging
    Judith Zausner
    The Creative Landscape of Aging, winner of the 2015 National Mature Media Award, presents compelling essays that explore the power and grace of creativity and aging from an intimate perspective. Includes a series of interviews with successful older visual artists such as Judith Leiber, Nelson Shanks, Isaiah Zagar (and many more) with accompanying full color gallery insert of ar...

    40,62 €

  • Notes From London
    Ilene Winn-Lederer
    Notes From London: Above & Below is an unusual 42 page collection of annotated illustrations culled from journals carried on the artist’s travels there between 2002 and 2009. These images are more than the straight reportage of Brits, bridges, buildings and double-decker buses that characterize travel brochures, posters and a myriad of merchandise. They are a synthesis of actua...

    35,82 €

  • All The Living Things
    Jim Holl
    Since the industrial revolution, humankind has been enlightened by scientific discoveries concerning the workings of the universe.  New postulations on commonplace phenomena have led science to the threshold of metaphysics. Many of the discoveries in physics parallel beliefs of ancient philosophies with uncanny accuracy.  In Jim Holl’s All the Living Things, text and paintings ...

    11,95 €

  • Quietus
    Andrew Ray Garvey
    In Quietus: The Color of Poetry, Volume II, poetry, allegory, and coloring collaborate to provide a new take on adult coloring books using three distinct and entertaining story creations to fill with the rainbows of your own choosing. The Squeaky Tree is a tale of thoughtlessness, loss, life, and wisdom in a timeless garden tended by an ageless gardener. The Dolphin Cult, a you...

    19,80 €

  • Colorful Artwork Photos by Mark Xiornik Rozen Pettinelli
    Mark Rozen Pettinelli
    Colorful Artwork Photos by Mark Xiornik Rozen Pettinelli has what the title of the book says, photos of artwork and colorful paintings of Mark Pettinelli. The colors are very bright however the paintings are classic. ...

    9,11 €

  • Briar & Bramble
    Eileen Binkley
    Suddenly, images of animals poured out of my hands.   Becoming a mother restored the innocent feeling of being a child, and I realized I could still make art. This body of work, created over four years and two pregnancies, is inspired by a childhood on a small South Dakotan farm and the imagination fostered by charmed images of vintage animal illustration. ...

    43,01 €

  • 13 Moon Synchronometer
    Vasumi Zjikaa
    Organise your life according to a more Cosmic Blueprint! This book is a Synchronometer, a daily planner based on Mayan Dreamspell cosmology of time, energy and consciousness. It carries basic teachings from the Galactic Maya, including codes for deciphering your personal Dreamspell signature, as well as a practical layout designed to help you STAY IN THE FLOW! ...

    21,83 €

  • 13 Moon Synchronometer
    Vasumi Zjikaa
    Welcome to YOUR Mayan Dreamspell Workbook! Your very own place of connection, wonder and discovery of the world of the harmonic matrix. Just as the Matrix movie asked us to choose the red or the blue pill... This is the red pill that introduces you to a world of harmony, gifting you back your free will... This is a daily planner based on the 13 Moons x 28 day calendar, based o...

    28,11 €

    Junko Chodos
    This is an autobiography, in which the author’s life story is told not only from deep within her soul, but also from a place outside the narrator and hovering above her. It is a historical novel, telling the story of Japan’s encounter with the West at the end of the 19th century, and through the years a er World War II.      This is a book of personal mythology and spirituality...

    32,44 €

  • The Painter
    Ewen MacDonald
    ‘He held the detached tooth in front of his face. It was white and cracked, with roots dangling beneath, festering in gore… then he placed the tooth back into his mouth and rolled it around, before swallowing it whole.’The Painter awakes naked and injured. Where are his clothes, what is his name, and, more importantly, why is the chair talking to him?So begins The Painter’s dis...

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