Valmiki’s Astropalmistry

Valmiki’s Astropalmistry

Valmiki's Astropalmistry

Sulabh Jain

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The Ramayana was written by Valmiki, a famous monk, astrologer and palmist. He wrote a system of astropalmistry into his classic, and kept the details of his system hidden in plain sight using mythic symbols. This leads to many questions about the characters in the Ramayana that cannot be answered, but become obvious once the code of astrology and palmistry is uncovered. Why did Kumbhakarna sleep for six months at a time? Because this is the period of time that Jupiter stays retrograde. Why was Sugriva the son of Surya (the Sun god)? Because Sugriva’s character is a metaphor for the way in which the Sun interacts with other planets in your birth chart and on your hands. The answers to these questions, and many more, are in the pages of this book.You will also learn how to use Valmik’s system of astropalmistry to make predictions for yourself and others. It is unique to the other systems of classical Vedic astrology and palmistry and has something new for even the experts in this field. Valmiki’s Astropalmistry is a vital book for those interested in Mythology, Astrology or Palmistry.

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