Unleashing Creative Genius

Unleashing Creative Genius

Unleashing Creative Genius

David Reid / Mandi Sonnenberg

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STEAM Studio
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Educación pedagogía

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How can we better prepare our current generations of learners to enjoy fulfilling, creative 21st century careers?STEAM Studio was developed to offer students an alternative form of learning that would function as an overlay to traditional classroom education. We bring students into a professional architecture studio that applies STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics) skills every day, introduce them to the Design Thinking process, and give them hands-on STEAM projects where there are few limits and lots of room for experimentation, failure, and ultimately success.Join us on a learning expedition that begins by creating a culture of problem solving, resourcefulness and choice, and extends as far as the students' imaginations can take them. Includes: Program profiles Educational outcomes Secret ingredients for impactful learning Tips for starting your own STEAM program Access to useful resources And so much more really good stuff...All proceeds from the book go to STEAM Studio.  3

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